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Massage your spine in part 5 of Monica Wilson's Beginning Mat Progression. She starts to add more rolling exercises so you can begin to feel your powerhouse more. She also introduces Pilates breathing to assist you in all exercises, especially the rolling movements.
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Okay. Today we're going to do number five in our beginners series and we are going to be adding a lot of rolling with a little emphasis on breathing. Breathing really is going to be you want to breathe to stay alive and just keep getting through the series. And once you're pretty proficient in politeness, you want to really get into your breathing. But we're just going to introduce it today because it's super important for rolling exercises. So starting with our Nice platas posture, we're going to look down at our feet and have a small slice of pizza between our feet or toes. So t hose apart, heels together. And then you want to draw your Peloton box, which is a straight line from one shoulder, the other shoulder, straight line from one hip to the other. And as I draw that line, I feel that my belly has to pull back a lot more behind that laser beam we've introduced and then those hips are right underneath the shoulder.

So we have our nice box, we have a long lower back, not our tailbone coming up towards the ceiling, shortening our lower back. But a nice long lower back weight is going to be a little more on the ball of your foot then on your heel. So just try to feel that weight shift a little bit. Finally, I want you to engage your outer thighs by imagining from each hipbone. The spiraling barbershop pulls all the way down to your ankle, so you're wrapping and squeezing. Good. It's a bomb bomb.

Bottom is engaged stomach in good and just feeling kind of light on your heels. We're going to go ahead and sit down anyway you can. Later on we are going to be learning how to sit, but go ahead ladies. Go ahead and sit on the mat. Lie Down with your knees bent and feet flat.

Good. All right, so you just have a little angle in your knees. Okay, so it's number five. So we're going to keep progressing and not go over too much detail, but we're going to start with our breathing little lesson. So we're going to make two ELLs with our hands and we're going to point the thumb back towards the back of your ribs. And you're going to lie your index finger right underneath your chest.

A little higher for me. DJ a little more good. And then rest all the fingers on your ribs. Good. And I want you to just take a big breath and exhale. Great. We're going to be breathing, taking a big breath. Yeah.

And exhale. So ideally you want to inhale into the mat, which was very difficult to do in with the air because usually exhale, we really lift up in our chest bone in our chest. When you take a breath in with the air and exhaling. So when you lift up your chest bone, you also pull up the Vertebra ripe between or below your shoulder blades and you lose that alignment, which leaves your spine in a very vulnerable state when you're doing Polonious exercises. So you want to inhale by opening your ribs out to the side.

Maybe imagine a fish with its gills and you've got gills on your side and you want to inhale and fill those skills up and exhale so your hands are there so you can feel, are you popping those ribs up couple inches towards the ceiling or are you able to inhale to the side rather than keeping that upper back super tense and tight, good. Exhaling. When you are able to really exhale and relax those ribs, you're also able to engage the upper part of your stomach. If you imagine your six pack, the upper set of your six pack, good. And now go ahead and just reach your arms long by your side. Good. When you exhale, I want you to think about really squeezing out all the air in your body and that's going to give you a lot of strength when you're doing rolling exercises to roll up. So if you tried to roll up while inhaling, it's like you've just spread your lungs open wide. It's very hard to contract. So you want to really contract when you're exhaling.

So inhaling, you want, imagine like life being shot through every little part of your body, reaching your little fingertips in your toes when you inhale, just surging with oxygen, filling up every muscle and when you exhale, squeezing out all that air. So we always inhale when we do a big stretch and we always exhale when we contract. So that's going to be real important for our rolling exercises. All right. Okay, so we're going to start off with a hundred, which is our first breathing exercise. And we're going to take, let's go ahead and put your hands one over the other behind your head. I know this is how we've been starting it out lately. So you're gonna take a big breath into the mat. Of course. Exhale, see if you can get your upper back back down on the mat when you exhale and inhaling this time as you exhale, see if you can feel your lower belly pull into the mat and kind of pull up as well behind your ribs.

And we're going to inhale one more time into the mat and exhale. Use your belly to round up your head and shoulders like a seesaw that we've talked about in. Stay up there. Take a breath, looking at your belly, and exhale. Try to get it deeper into the mat roundup. Just a little more. Awesome. Now reach your arms long and I want you to hold there and I want you to inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Squeeze out all that air in with the air. This time. As you exhale, bring the right knee into your chest, holding it there in with the air.

This time as you exhale, bring in the left knee. Hold the legs there. As you inhale, as you exhale, really squeeze all the air out in with the air. This time as you exhale, squeeze the air up, but lengthen your legs away. The app, turning them out. Good, yes, and in with the air. And as you exhale, pull the belly deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, good in with the air. And if your neck gets tired, just go ahead and lower it.

Good. You want to lower it? Go ahead and big breath and exhale, drawing the belly in. And in. And one more. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Beautiful. Squeeze. Now that they're, and hug in the knees to your chest. Great. We're going to do the rollback for a moment. Go ahead and sit up. Just to remind you, we're going to go into the full roll up today. So maybe DJ slide back a few inches. Good. And knees are together. Feet together. Maybe a one inch back, Bethany. Great. Okay.

Hands under your knees. Round your back like a sale of a sailboat. Okay. So we're talking breath today. So I want your back to be so round cause pull back those hip bones away from your thighs and that back is round and your belly is the wind that has just blown into it. And we're going to keep your feet on the mat while we do this and we're going to use that equal and opposite reaction that we've worked to. So your stable legs and we're going to roll back our lower back until your arms are straight. Take a breath and now exhale.

Squeeze out your air as you come forward. All the way. Good. Alright. So holding it here cause this is gonna be helpful for our rolling exercises. Okay, we're gonna try to roll back our lower set of our six pack. As you start going back, inhale, start rolling back and then exhale until your arms are straight.

Take a breath while you hold it. Exhale, squeeze out that air and come forward. Trying not to let your pelvis roll. Four. We're going to go down to your shoulder blades. Inhale to start pulling away from your thighs. And exhale, roll through each bone until the bottom of your shoulder blades. Take a breath and exhale. Squeeze out that air to come forward.

Palm and forward. Beautiful. Nice. Let's go down your head in how to start pulling away with your belly. Inhale and exhale the whole way down. Touching the head for a second. Inhale, lift the head up. Exhale, squeeze out that air as you come forward. Good. And now straighten your legs on the Mat. Reach for your ankles, stretch forward. Good. And we're gonna move your pelvis, your lower back first. We're going to inhale, start rolling back your pelvis, getting the waistband down first.

Exhaling the rest of the way down until your head touches. Inhale, lift your head up. Exhale, roll up and squeeze all that air out and use your hands and inhale, roll back. One more time like this. Exhale. Rawling through one bone at a time. Inhale, lift the head up and exhale. Very nice. Squeeze out there. They're great. Great, great, good. And Inhale, start rolling back and exhale. Whorl all the way down. And we're gonna stop right there for a second. Alright, so adding to the roll up today, I want you to feel, is your spine flat on the Mat? So you're really working on alignment. The roll up is rolling at one bone at a time, down and in a straight line. So are they on the mat? Every vertebra trying to get there.

We're going to lift your arms up to the ceiling, making like an imaginary window frame. Okay. And see if you can drop your ribs into the mat. May Be a little bit more beautiful. That's it. Nice. Good. You're going to be still having those barbershop poles wrapping and squeezing those legs together. Oh yeah. Good. It's a lot to think about. So we're going to keep your spine nice and flat.

Take a breath and see how long can you get your arms up to the ceiling. Reach them longer without dislocating your shoulders, and then exhale, reach them back if you can. Keep your bottom of your shoulder blades on the mat. Good. Inhale, bring the arms up with lot of energy, head lifts, and now exhale, squeeze and all your air out until you reach for your ankles in how? Roll back your waistband and you want to feel like you're pulling.

Go ahead and roll down. Usually like pulling a really heavy weight down. Pull me down, pulling me down. That's it. Good. Reach any arms up and back. Arms lift as you inhale, head lifts and exhale scooping in all that air. And Inhale, rolling back. Lower back, middle, upper and reaching back. One more arms left. Inhaling. Exhale, squeeze out all that air so you're really round. Chin to your chest, and inhale, rolling back to start and exhale. Get that waistband down first.

There you go. Nice job. Great effort. All right, and we're going to go ahead and get back onto the mat if you've slid back a little far slide onto your mat. Good. Good, good, good. And lie all the way down. All right, so that will up is super important to really reach up and back. And um, you can look at it in more detail. There's an exercise if you want, just look at the roll up. You can look at it specifically. I'm in another part of plot is anytime. So we're going to do single legs circles now and we're going to hug in your right knee to your chest. Good.

And we're going to straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Great job. And now as it's hard to keep your left leg straight on the mat, you can go ahead and bend your left leg. But both of you guys, uh, I'll every one over here. It looks really, really good. We're going to keep your arms down by your side and just do a little breathing with this. So we're going to reach your right leg down the middle of your body, and I want you to exhale, pulling your belly in to lift that leg. We're going to do it two more times, so you really feel it's not the quad that lifts that leg up. It's your belly scooping it in. Nice, Nice, Nice.

And one more long leg. And exhale, pulling it up. Pull it up to your nose, nose, and now quickly cross around. Exhale up, cross around, exhale up. Keep your hips, school, wear it on the mat. Good. And three you round up and send these two little inkers down. And one more. Ooh, I like that. Reverse. And we're going to go down, exhale up. So it's like a quick breath and then exhale. Yeah, there you go. And up.

And so your belly really sinks. Last one, hug in that knee. I like it. Nice job ladies. So we, you know, last time we went in, lot of details, wrapping and squeezing this and that, but we're working on breath here. So straighten that right leg. Hopefully you're still working all the right muscles hugging the left. You can bend it in and then straighten it and stretch it. Good. We're going to work on the breath here too, so press your arms down by your side and inhale, reach that leg long with energy. Exhale. Let that belly sink in.

Squeeze that air out and in with the air. Exhale. How high can you get that leg up? One more. You're pulling in your belly, squeezing out that air, and now hold it up and we're going to quickly go cross around up. Send those little anchors. Now we're talking around. Exhale. There you go. Two more. Sinking. Hold. Reverse down. Crossing up, down, scooping up.

Keep that scoop there. Two more. Reaching out of the hip a little bit more. There you go. And hug the knee into your chest. Nice job. Both legs are down on the mat and we're going to inhale as you lift the head up and exhale, roll up, squeezing all the air out of your body, and we're going to go over our transition that we learned last class. So you're gonna put your hands here. Shoulders. Stay away from your ears and you're going to use your belly to lift your bottom forward, keeping your pelvis tilted towards you. So we're not going to, we're going to keep our hands on our, um, our weight on our hands.

Bring your bottom almost to your heels for me, Bethany. There you go. Keep really pulling back your waistband. [inaudible] good DJ. Now we're gonna use our belly to whole. Bring up one foot and put it down and we're going to bring up another foot and down. Good. Now we're going to hold our pelvis like this. We're going to put one hand under, so we're trying to avoid doing this and we're going to bring our other hand under. And so we want to, if I took an ice cream scooper, I would have scoped out your belly and we're going to balance with one foot up and down and the other foot up so and down.

And we're going to pull up the right. Your belly pulls even in more as we add the left. So if I was to squeeze out, you guys just hold that balance. Work in your belly. Imagine. I'm like [inaudible] ear, so that's what's going to be like when you roll up, we're gonna rock back. There's a rock right here. You're going to inhale and exhale.

Hold that belly. All right in with the air roll back. Exhale, squeeze here. Yes in with their beautiful initiation, Bethany excess school wheezing, but that's it. You got hold it there in with you. That's where that lower Tommy really gets the benefit. One more.

Then we're going to advance it in with the air. Exhale schoolies out that air and switch the hands to the ankles now, so they're going to go right there. Your knees are going to open a little bit and your ears are going to try to dive between your knees and if that is, if the first version was impossible, stay there. If balancing was challenging, stay there, but if you want to get a little more challenge, here we are and we're going to inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Hold in with the Arrow back. Exhale, roll up.

Nice. One more in with the air head between your knees. Speaking of which, we're going to put one hand over the other behind your head now and we're gonna put your elbows on your knees and we're just gonna get a little more idea of how hard does our upper stomach have to work here. So we're going to inhale, roll back. Exhale. Keep those elbows on your knees. Hands also behind your head. I love how I have to add extra things. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, upper stomach. Come on. Good. One more lower belly in with the air XL.

Schoolies out that air. Very good. Rest of your feet down. Nice. Shove. Good. Okay, so we're now, let me get back where you are. So we're going to transition here. We will lift our working bottom, not slide it good. And we're going to, let's go ahead and just roll down onto your back and lie down. Great. Bend your knees, feet flat on the Mat. Great. All right.

And we're going to take a breath into the mat and exhale to hug your right knee into your chest and in, how's that foot goes down and exhale to bring in your left. So I'm just giving you an idea that you always have to, when you're pulling a knee into your chest, your legs squeeze in there at out. Inhale as it goes down. Exhale to pull it. But if you breathing like this for every leg and single leg stretch, she'd really hyperventilate. So inhale, put that foot down and exhale, bring in your left so that we're even, and now inhale, put that foot down and exhale, bring in your right and stay there. Slide your right hand down your right ankle and the left hand goes to the knee.

Take another breath into the mat and see if you can exhale, pulling your belly in and round up your head. Good. And really have that knee really pull in an Ri. The left leg goes to a 45 degree angle, wrapping those barbershop poles, and we're just gonna breathe to stay alive and switch left and right and left and right and left and right because as you get more [inaudible] Vance, you will be able to inhale into the mat as well. But we're just breathing to stay alive. Let's do two more sets, right? Pulling in the belly more and more and enough.

Grab both ankles and the double version. Inhale, reach your arms, legs. Exhale, pull it in, in with the air. Exhale, good in with the air. Keep your belly in and exhale. Inhale, get oxygen into every fiber in your body. Exhale. Inhale, keep looking at your belly. Beautiful. Exhale. Two more. Inhale every inch of your body as oxygen. Exhale all of it out. One more time and squeeze it all out. Nice job, restaurant. Next for justice. Sec. Good. Both legs go straight up.

This is another exercise that if you breed the whole time you would hyperventilates. You're not going to do that. You're going to inhale in the next l, lift your head up and crawl behind the right leg. Head to your chest, good crawl up behind your right, squeeze out all that air as you drop your left leg long and lean down the middle of your body and let's go ahead and switch quickly. Left and right and left and right. Just really nice and quickly. Try not to have your shoulders dislocate scooping in. Squeeze out that air out of your belly. That's it. Hold that center scoop. Ooh, I like it. Yes. And switch and switch. Yes, in three last one.

Both legs up, hands behind your head in how? Let your legs stretch away. Exhale, pull them back up. Don't go too low in with the air as they go down. Exhale, squeeze it out. Good and exhaling. Try to keep your head up, up, up. There you go in with the air and exhale, just an inch down. Doesn't have to be big. Beautiful, and exhale. One more time.

Inhale and exhale and Ben both knees in and rest your neck for another second. Very, very nice. Last exercises. The crisscross here, so hands behind your head and take a breath into the mat and exhale. Squeeze all the air out to lift up like you can get your elbows on your knees, right? You're squeezing it all out, all that air. Keep your elbows on. Use. Straighten your left leg forward, wrapping and squeezy and twist towards your right knee. Twist to three. Inhale to touch your elbows, to your knees.

Exhale to twist and squeeze all that era. Inhale to touch both knees, exhale to schoolies, all that air out, one last one in with the air and exhale and hug both knees in. Nice job. Go ahead and sit up. That is another one that when you do do it to tempo, you would be hyperventilating if you really breathe. But just an example of how to use breath to get stronger. So spine stretch forward as super breathing exercise.

You're going to sit up tall with your hipbones, right over your sit bones and then make sure you're not tipped forward, that your pelvis is nice and straight and each bone is on top of the next arm. Straight ahead. Take a big breath, filling up your lungs, the back of the lungs rather than lifting up this way, you want to spread those gills right? Taking a big breath and exhale. Head down in. Squeeze all that air. Oh and fill your lungs up with air as you sit up and then squeeze it all out again. Exhale, exhale.

Let's say Alex sail and roll up as you inhale and three more exhaling down. So the hundred is inhale, two, three, four, five and an exhale, two, three. So this would be exhale, two, three, four, five and then inhale two, three, four, five. And exhale. One more time down. Squeeze out all the air so your belly is pulling in more and more and more.

And then roll up with that breath and relax. Good. That's where you want to get to. A lot of times we have to end up adding a breath and we don't want to do that. We want to really keep moving with our breath so we get actually some cardio going on. So next is introduction to our open leg rocker. So I like to bring my legs together and pretend I'm doing a rollback.

So I'm going to start with this lovely area to pull in and roll back and I feel like more of my weight is here rather than going forward. Then I pretend that I have a string from my heels to my belly button and it's like the more I pull my belly button in, the more I can bring my feet to me. Nice and easily. Let's start with your hands underneath your knees and you have your box it square and your stomach is in not pushing out. Okay?

And you're going to easily just extend the right leg and then it comes down. And when you're going to extend the left and down. So when you extend the leg, nothing shifts. Yeah. In fact, your stomach pulls in deeper, deeper, deeper. And then you come down and then you extend the other and your belly pulls in deeper, deeper, deeper. And Dan. And now we're going to do both because you're pulled in your belly.

So you're going to pull your belly in and hold your Nice PyLadies box. And then you bring 'em down and scoop your belly in and bring 'em down. And now we're gonna add a little more choreography. We're going to scoop in as those legs go up, try to hold that balance. So our weight hasn't shifted. I'm going to bring our legs together. That's our preview to our teaser. And then apart and back down.

Let's try that again. So we're going to really pull the belly in as we extend the right. And we're going to keep it in even more. As the left goes up, it pulls in deeper as you extend both legs and then open and then down. So now we're going to try some rolling with this. So we're going to extend both legs up at the same time. Oh yeah.

Now if that's super easy for you, you can go up all the way to your ankles, but you might want to start rolling like this and we're going to roll back and exhale to come up. Super important. It's also really important to focus, and I am talking like I'm, no, I'm holding you, but you have to develop the stomach muscles here. You want to focus on something and stay looking at as you roll back and try to get right back up to it is a big secret in this exercise. So if you're just thinking back, you never come up. So you want to always think I'm coming up.

So look at whatever you're coming up to as you roll back and get right back up to it. That's it. And in with the air and exhale and in with the air. And exhale. One more time in with the air and exhale, hold. Come on, look at where were you looking at. That's it. Nice. Bring your legs together and try to roll down one bone at a time. Nice.

Just bend your knees in and hug for a moment. Really good. That sear, that rolling takes a while to get and we're just going to keep it. The breadth is super important. Always squeeze out that air to give you that effort and energy to come up. Okay, corkscrew. We're going to put your arms down by your side. Legs Up. We've got our mermaid tails. We got wrapping and spiraling and we're going to start off a little tech talk.

Let your legs fall to the right a little bit and use those obliques to bring them center and you're going to fall to the left and exhale as your legs come center and to the right, a little an exhale and to the, and exhale to bring them center. Now we're going to drop them a little down, just straight down and exhale the squeeze out there. Yeah, just a couple inches in with the air and exhale and hold them up, up, up. And we'll make a full circle to the right around all the way left. And exhale, center reverse to the left around and exhale center. Good to the right. As you get stronger, this range of motion will get bigger. And to the left around. See if you can keep the barbershop pulls going to the right around. Exhale, pull them center and to the left, your belly disappears as it come center and hugging those knees.

Nice job ladies. Go ahead and sit up the saws, the epitome of breathing. So you're gonna have your legs again, a little wider than your shoulders and we're going to have those hip bones over those sip phones, but it's really important, this part, the shoulder girdle muscle part when we breathe. So we're going to twist as you inhale and then you're going to keep letting your pinky go towards your baby toe. Exhale, squeeze teasing out your air. So I'm really pulling this rim into the back of my lung. Exhale, exhale. Inhale, stack up your spine like you did in short spine, twist to the left and exhale. Now I'm pulling my left rib into my left lung as a stretch and in with the air up. And to add to that breathing, I really reach as far forward as I can with my pinky and as far back with my opposite pinky and inhaling up, twist and exhale, stretch, exhale all that air and inhaling up twist.

And if you are exhaling and squeezing out all that air, that means your belly is nowhere near your thigh, right? Inhaling up and twists. So all of this is really pulling in to squeeze that area and rolling up and for lacks. Nice job ladies. All right, now we're going to do our teaser. So we're going to bring our legs together and come to the front of the Mat. Awesome. And Bend your knees.

Good and hands underneath each name maybe a little more distance. Yes, goods have really similar to the role back. You're going to have your hands underneath your knees and round your back like this sale of that sailboat. Yeah, there we go. And your belly is blowing into that sale. And we're going to take a breath to start. And then exhale, roll all the way down to your head. Ah, all the way down. Inhale, lift your head up and be prepared to exhale and squeeze all the air out of your body as you roll up. Beautiful. And inhale to start rolling back. Exhale the role each bone down in a straight line.

Inhale to lift your head up. Exhale does scoop in and roll each bone and hold it there. Maybe pull back a little bit back. Yep. Perfect. And excellent. Bethany. TJ, a little further back cause we're gonna Mimic teaser now. So now we're going to extend the right leg as if our thighs were gold.

The back of the inner thighs were glued together. Awesome. And they're going to stay there and we're going to inhale to start rolling back and exhale, roll all the way down. Inhale, lift your head up and exhale. Squeeze out all that air score. Reason again. Inhale to start. Beautiful Bethany. And exhale, that's it, DJ. Nice. Inhale to lift the head. Exhale, squeeze out that air. Awesome. Now hold it there and the legs switches. If it was easy as can be, and start the next one. Inhale to roll back.

It's hell the whole way in hell to lift the head. Exhale, squeeze out that or yes. Fantastic. Inhale to start rolling back. Exhale to roll all the way down and how? Fill the lungs with air and every muscle, and exhale, stay here and lift the other leg. Both are up. Beautiful, and start again. Inhale to roll away. Exhale all the way down. Inhale, lift the head up and squeeze out your air as you come all the way up.

Fantastic. Again, inhale, pulling away from the legs. Exhale in with your head up and squeeze out all that areas. You come up, squeeze it out, squeeze it out. One more time. Inhale, rolling a little away. Exhaling the whole way down. Inhale, lift the head up and exhale. Blow it all out and stay there for me. Stay there. So we're in our teaser and we're going to just use your belly to pull the heels towards you.

This time your arms will drop between or between your legs and under your ankles. Really Nice. We're going to have more and of the soles of the feet today we're just going to have kind of the ball of the foot looking at each other and the heel and they're about an inch off the floor in front of you. Make sure you have plenty of room behind you to roll. Okay? And here I want you to use some opposition. Both of everyone here did so good, but I don't want you to stay in this position forever, so just rest your feet down for a second.

When we learned how to do rolling like a ball or the roll back, really, we used our thighs to push that way for equal and opposite energy and we pulled our belly back in opposition and seal is very similar. You can use the ankles to kind of push into your hands to give you that same thing. So you want to try to do that. Okay. And then we're going to, it's just like open like rocker where like Ah, nothing in my frame. Nothing in my applies box is going to move. Just my flippers to three. You're going to clap. So I kinda think about my six pack. When I hold my balance, I'm holding that and I'm clapping to three.

Eventually you're going to hold it back there as well with your toes. Just an inch off the floor and you're gonna hold it with your six pack and it's going to clap two, three. So you really working on balance here. But breath of course is super important. Enrolling a big difference with rolling like a ball is you have to keep your feet close to your seat and they stay kind of, if I drew a line here on this side of the mat, go ahead and rest down your feet. Yeah. So rolling like a ball would be more with my feet here, whereas seal gets to be more free so the feet really get to go. Did my head touch?

That's an interesting question. Um, your neck, your head and your neck can touch if your weight remains on your shoulders. So you don't want to roll back, you're gonna be okay. Demonstrating. Okay, go ahead. And which 1:00 AM in the sealed with the touching? It's a great question. So here, so if you can let your feet be more free, c and your short weight is on your shoe back of your shoulder blades rather than yet. That's too high. That's too dangerous for the neck. Okay. So you have to have abdominal control, right? Powerhouse control.

Great question. So to get, yeah, I think so. It's just, it does it how's, yeah, cause they can't hear me. Um, does it have to touch the mat is harder than doing the reformer, right? We talked about this in our, I think in the third class and short spine massage that you do on the reformer is basically this exact thing. So we put the headpiece down on the reformer and you lift your bottom right up over your shoulders and you have your shoulder blades on the mat and the neck and the head on the mat. So you wouldn't attempt to do short spine massage at home with your head up. Right. And then try to get your seat over your head. Same. Same principle.

So, and it's a real lift of of the bottom [inaudible]. Yep. Yeah. Okay. So let, I don't need to demonstrate it again. I don't think. Let's put our arms there and use those ankles to push in so you can really scoop in and opposition. This is one of my favorite exercises and it's definitely a massage on your back. Okay. So let's clap two, three.

You're going to inhale to roll back and exhale all that air as you come up to three and in with the air. So if you're exhaling, you're keeping your back [inaudible] yes. And in with the air. And exhale all that. Hold two, three good in with the air. And now exhale all that air. Good. Start with the head to your chest. And I think that'll help you a lot in one more in with the air back and exhale all the way up. Fantastic.

Rest down your feet. Good. So that exercise with the breath one, the last one, we'll have you give you enough momentum and strength to then stand up, which is a super important thing to keep up as we get older. You want to really keep that balance of being able to lower and lift yourself from the mat without like grabbing a crutch and doing everything else. So exciting things that were leading to. Thanks so much ladies. That was great and really appreciate it.

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Nice imaging and breakdown
Monica Wilson
Niamh, thank you for being such a faithful follower! I love reading your comments and am so happy you following the beginner series. Feel free to ask any questions as well or let me know if there is anything you would like to see. Monica:)
How can I find your classes in sequential order?
Karen ~ You can find all of the classes in this progression here. I hope you enjoy them!
Thank you Gia Calhoun
Great way to breaking the exercise down. Thank you.
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