Class #2643

Mat Workout

70 min - Class


Release the tension in your shoulders with this therapeutic Mat workout with Niedra Gabriel. She works on unraveling the holding patterns and posture that comes from our life sitting in front of computers. Most of the class includes therapeutic exercises to find your optimal alignment, then moves in to traditional Mat work so you can feel the difference in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball, Foam Roller


Good afternoon everybody. Today we're going to do a very popular class, judging by how many people turned up, which is about releasing tension in the shoulders. And unfortunately, our ...

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Really powerful! Thanks
Thank you Catherine , loved the powerful part.!
Excellent, wonderful, no words. thank you!!!
So important to get those tight shoulder and neck muscles open and relaxed before doing challenging work - really loved this class!
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Is there a similar class for hips etc.,
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My thoughts exactly...a class to release your hips would be fabulous!
Just amazing!!! loved this class
Thank you all for your enthusiasm and comments.
I just filmed a class with some prior release work for the hips so you should find it on the website sometime in the near future.
Excellent class ! More of these classes please. Thank you
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