Class #2697

Mat Workout

70 min - Class


Find the balance within your body in this prenatal Mat workout with Courtney Miller. She focuses on physical and emotional balance and how we can apply that to every day life. She also includes many movements that will prepare you for labor and postpartum.

This class is great for all bodies, whether you are pregnant or not. Courtney encourages you to make the workout your own by adding modifications or challenges when they are needed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Baby Arc, Table Chair, Theraband


Hi guys, I am here today, and I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I've had an awesome pregnancy. If you're following along with me, I hope you have too. I'll be doing a mat class today. You'll be s...

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I am not pregnant and that was a fantastic class!!
Thank you!
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What a fun and well balanced class. Your baby is blessed to have such a happy and positive mom. Loved what you said at the end about fear and the unknown. Best wishes for you and your baby!
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Can't wait to try this one!
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Never dissapoints:)
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Another great class Courtney. Postpartum this felt amazing on my low back and hips. My 10 month old daughter loved crawling over me during the class and getting kisses during the first yoga inspired sequence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Pilates and now pregnancy with the pilates anytime community. Best wishes to you and your baby.
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Excellent class to do for postnatal as well!! Thank you for such a great class that really emphasizes the back body and posture!
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A very beautiful class, Courtney you have inspired me to add some more breath work and relaxation to my classes of pregnant ladies.. Thank you x
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Very challenging class but my back feels great after! Best of luck in all that's ahead and I look forward to some post natal classes next year!
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Precious! Strong, strong work. Love the final relaxation/opening and visualization! Beautiful balance: ready to share it with my lovely client expecting her first baby!💙
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Thank you for all your amazing classes. Will you be filming any postnatal classes?
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