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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


You will "work your butt off" in this Mat workout with John Garey! He teaches a full body workout, using the Magic Circle, Theraband, and your own body weight to challenge your glutes and abdominals. His positive energy will make you forget how hard you are working during his intense combinations like Jack Knife to Teaser, Side Kick Kneeling, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

About This Video


Welcome to Pilates Anytime. Today we are going to do a mat workout. So my name is John Garey, I'm joined today by Kelly and Jake. They're good friends of mine. They also work at my stu...


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Thank you for this fun and challenging class!
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Creative, upbeat and challenging. Don't think that "deliberate" means slow or that a lot of time is spent on explanation or set up. John keeps it MOVING! He's a multi tasker talking and exercising.
I love this man !!
I just love your positiv energi .
Love from norway
Loooooooved it!
John's classes are full of energy and challenges. I always look forward to them.
The "Jacknife-Teaser" combination felt great... as did the rest of the class:)
Love from Shanghai
'interesting' jack-knife/teaser combo-I didn't realise that was possible! Thanks John for a great workout, already looking forward to your next video. x
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Excellent workout! Loved the half-moon side-lying with the circle.
Thanks John!!! Great class, full of energy aaand yes it burned!!! :)
I always love the energy John Garey brings in his classes. This workout was fun and challenging at the same time!
Great class loved it and just what I needed this morning 😊
Enjoyed this challenging and fast-moving class! Thank you!
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