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Mat Workout

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Prepare yourself for your day with this quick Mat workout by Brett Howard. He teaches his morning routine which he uses to make sure he does a little movement each day. He calls this class his "medicine" as it keeps his joints and muscles feeling good and ready to go!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Brett Howard, and today I'm gonna share with you my morning mat workout. I do this for two things, one is that if I know I do this workout in the morning, I know if I ge...


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Hi ,really enjoyed this very comprehensive and flowing class. I feel it is certainly more accelerated than a moderate pace
Thank you for sharing your workout and your inner workings Brett! This was a perfect pace and your energy and humour is delicious x
Techical help please. Have rebooted, changed my video format option 3 times and STILL can't get this video to open. I have no problem accessing any other classes. Is there something specific to this one causing the difficulty? I probably got my heart rate as high as the class would have gotten it. LOL Maybe spent as long trying to resolve it too....
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No sooner did I write the message...and return to try "once more"... it opened. Thanks for listening. :)
Wonderful class! Look forward to doing it again! Great class to complement my ballet and jazz classes.
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I love this class! Thanks for sharing your morning workout! I will definitely use it as my guide too.
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It's good to hear the variations you do according to how you feel on the day you do the workout. It's a good teaching advice not only for students, but for teachers as well.

Thank you for sharing your morning "medicine"!
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I love all your classes Brett, hope you continue to add more!!
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Class is motivating, dynamic and precise. Thanks Brett; it will be one of my favorites !
Brett , this is great ! I love mat work ❤❤ thank you :)
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