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Why Transitions Matter

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Use your breath as a binding agent to find a seamless flow in this creative Mat workout by Rebekah Rotstein. She looks at transitions as the basis for integrated movement by creating awareness of how you are moving. Throughout the class, she finds ways to connect each exercise to the next as well as finding the connections within a single movement.
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Nov 04, 2019
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Hi, I'm Rebecca Rotstein and our class today is called why transitions matter. And I have the good fortune of my friend Elisa Hubbard joining me for this. I'm really interested in tran...


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Hi Rebecca, great class but I was surprised you do roll ups. As I believe you have osteoporosis I thought this is a no go exercise for you. Did this change, is this move now allowed for people with e.g. osteopenia but strong Core and body awareness? 
Lovely transitions!  Thank you! 
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I've really enjoyed the teaser. It seemed easier while the abs were still challenged. I've liked the idea to prepare the body to get used to curl up with the use of the mat. Thank you!
I loved this!  Thank you
Could I ask the same question about osteoporosis as Eva.I teach Pilates,have osteoporosis and really miss the roll up etc Judith
Could I ask the same question as Eva about osteoporosis.I teach Pilates but have osteoporosis .I really miss flexion. Judith
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What a flow....loved it....esp the side leg series transitions and the spirals...but did I miss the other side for the twisted mermaid/swan?
yes, I too would like to know the answer to Eva's question regarding osteoporosis. Thank you
Fantastic class! what a beautiful flow thanks to transitions and breath. Thank you, Rebecca! 
Fantastic class! what a beautiful flow thanks to transitions and breath. Thank you, Rebecca! 

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