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Additional Mat Abdominals

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You will get deep into your abdominals with this quick Mat workout by Lisa Hubbard. She teaches controlled movements that will make you feel the burn in your core muscles. This is a quick class that is great by itself or as an addition to your favorite workout.
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Jun 20, 2017
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This is an additional abdominal workout. You can tack on to any workout and or alone. So we're going to lie down on our backs. Place your feet down, we're gonna sit nice and tall and then we're gonna slowly imprint our spine back down. Placing your hands down at your side, we're Just going to do single leg lift.

Kind of organizing our structure, getting into intention. Inhale here, exhale, take the right leg up, tap your toe for five. Keeping the pelvis and spine in neutral position, initiate from deep in your abdominal wall and let's do one more. Exhale as that knee comes up and float the leg down, keeping the two hip bones and pubic bone still exhale left side. Inhale to tap, exhale, draw up the pelvic floor, relax your shoulders.

Let's do three and two, softening the ribs, just connecting with your breath and lower. Right leg up, left leg up pressing the arms down and let's alternate. Keeping the abdominal scooping in and upward. Just breathe, connect, relax the shoulders and the neck. And one more time, take the feet in towards your chest.

Exhale just draw them in and rock it forward and back. So you should already be warmed up here. We're gonna take the hands up back behind our head, extend the legs up to the ceiling. I only want you to go as far as you can hold your neutral pelvis. Exhale, inhale, float it up.

Exhale reach the legs long. Inhale, lift. Let's do eight. Inhale lift and four, you're halfway there. Inhale, exhale reach the legs long keep those inner thighs connected.

Last three and two. One more time. Exhale lower. I already feel this, how about you? Bend your knees, lower your chest, take your feet down.

Good, let's go ahead and extend that left leg, lift your chest up off the mat. We're going to do single leg circles with the chest up. So cross the leg towards the midline and around. Whoa, that is hard. Exhale.

Think of an oval. Let's just do four and last two, breathing and reverse and around. Up and two. The pelvis will move slightly, three, which is okay and hold up, bend your knee, place the foot down, lower your chest. Switch side extend that right leg, bend your left knee, lift your chest, squared off extend, go towards the midline cross and around and two.

Let's keep it a little small. Three and four, hold it up the top, reverse, and swing it across and around. Working deeply, and three and four. Hold it, bend the knee, place the foot down and rest. Bend the knees in, lift your chest up, take your legs table top, extend.

Now we're gonna add full leg circles so we're gonna reach the legs down, open, and around and up. Let's do five. Two more. You've got it. And one more, lower.

And let's reverse. Open and exhale squeeze. Exhale. Make it a little smaller. One more and around, lift the legs up, bend your knees and rest.

Nice job for the reverse crunch. So we're gonna get into the low da-ma. So you can either keep your hands behind your head or down at your side, lift your legs up. So I'm gonna give you another option. Lift your chest.

So reverse curl, your shoulder blades are off the mat and you just want to lift and lower. This is deep and you're gonna feel it right away with that first one and two. What you want to try to do is peel that back off and not clunk it up and force it up. You really just want to lift and peel and three. Let's do two.

And one more. And hold, good. Lower the feet down. Another option, the hands are gonna press together, forearms pressed together. Let's cross that right leg over.

So we're gonna exhale as those knees come in towards the elbow and tap, and lower. So you're gonna lower all the way. Lift and lower, exhale, curl, and lower. And one more, we'll switch sides. Exhale and hold, uncross, cross the left leg over right.

Inhaling, pressing, and lift, and tap. Lengthening the abdominals, the torso as you lower. Last two. Curl, one more. And one, and uncross and release.

For the full V crunch, let's go and take the arms up. Take it, inhale and we're gonna exhale. We're gonna curl up and then down. Let's do four like this. Three.

So it's like a teaser prep and one. Now we're gonna extend the legs out and you're gonna come all the way. Draw it in and lift, and lower stretch the abs. Drag it in and lift, place it and release. And let's pull it in and lift, hold and down.

Two more. Hold, whoops, and reach. One more time. Arms, drag those knees in. Hold.

Good, let's find the teaser. Beautiful teaser pose. Hold, hold, hold reach. Bend your knees. Release and lower.

Let's do a little obliques. So let's take our knees into our chest, hands behind our head, for the crisscross we're gonna add a little reach to it. So lift your head neck and chest. Let's rotate. We'll just start here.

Nice rotation just before the rotation, exhaling as you rotate, inhale as you come to center. Squeeze those legs together and one more to the right and left and hold for crisscross. Rotate, one and one. Stay lifted, two. And two, three, rotate, rotate.

One more and reach the arm, hit and hit and two. And two, stay lifted and three. And one more. Hold it, lift a little higher and release. Stretch your arms and legs out.

Good. Arms down at your side. Let's go ahead and turn on to our side, pressing down in the elbow and forearm. Go ahead and take your legs into an external rotated position and now we're gonna inhale, exhale. You're gonna kick the leg up and down, up and down.

Exhale, inhale. You should feel this in your waist, obliques. You should feel stretching in your hamstrings and inner thighs. And let's do two more. So it comes out and then parallel.

One more, up and down. Inhale and spin around your transition is part of the exercise and let's go. Go up and down, and two and down and three and four. Four more. And up down, up down, keep pressing that elbow into the mat and hold.

Spin around onto your back, good. Hands on your shins, find your tabletop position. Let's go ahead and go into the backstroke. So elbows wide so we're going to take our arms and legs up. You're gonna go out, come up, and in.

Let's do four. Inhale, exhale, circle the arms and legs simultaneously lift and then pull it in. Again, inhale, exhale, reach. Bend it in and one more like this. Inhale up, exhale reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, and bend.

Good. Now we're going to reverse. We're gonna go out and around up and bend. You can lower your chest if you need to. Exhale, reach.

Take it out and around up, and back. Inhale, out around up and one more. Up and bend and release. Stretch your right arm and right leg, left arm left leg, just give yourself a little breather. One more time.

For our final exercise we're gonna go into the bicycle teasers. So let's go and take our right leg up and left leg up, reach your arms forward towards your knees, so we're gonna curl up and ride the bike into teaser. Let's just hold it here. Good, now you're gonna articulate reverse back down. One sacrum, low back, mid back.

Keep the shoulder blades off the floor, curl up. One, two, three, four and let's keep pedaling, keep pedaling, keep pedaling. Good, reverse and back and back. And back and back. Keep it, keep it, keep it and hold.

Roll forward. We're gonna do just one more. Oh, that's the hardest one, always that last one. And go back and back. Curl, oh god.

Oh god, oh god. Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good one.

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2 people like this.
I love it !
1 person likes this.
Great ab workout, love the bicycle!
Lisa Hubbard
1 person likes this.
Thanks for taking class with me. Happy you enjoyed it! Carole Liz Come back again!
2 people like this.
Wow! Enjoyed the class! The bicycle was intense.
1 person likes this.
That coordination move fired up my abs! I love it!
3 people like this.
Your reaction at the end is perfect! I was at that stage about 3 minutes in! Thank you
Carolan A
1 person likes this.
and i thought i was strong, as a teacher yes, but my own work..oh god..i need lisa as my own personal trainer...
1 person likes this.
Bicycle teaser - love it - so much fun & hard! Thank you, Lisa for always giving us great abs!
Tina A.
1 person likes this.
great quick ab workout!
Michele M
1 person likes this.
Thanks was the best 10 min today!! Thanks Lisa:)
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