Class #3189

Basic Mat Connections

40 min - Class


Take time to build your practice with this Mat workout by Karen Sanzo. She continues on from her Mat Fundamental Series with a class that focuses on creating relationships within your body that you can carry over to the advanced work. She takes basic exercises and finds connections with them so you can start to see the full system.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 19, 2017
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Loved this Karen, particularly the roll back with momentum. Roll back is a real challenge for me :)
Love your classes thanks Karen, particularly all of the small variations that you pack into your routine that bring a different dynamic; the roll back with bent arms, the leg circle variations etc. I also like the stretch holding the buttock at the end:) A small 'tweak' but a useful cue (I will have to get my class to come up with a creative name for that one). Thankyou!!
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Love your classes,the breakdowns and variations are terrific.
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Thanks Karen for a most unusual class. I love all the talking points and information.
Karen, I really love it, talk,movements, transition and all that new not necessary I you said Pilates movement but we need them so much in our life .Looking forward to bring them to my class. Thank you
Thank you Karen. Great level 1/2 class, your information and cueing were awesome as always! Look forward to adding some of those little gems to my mat class tomorrow morning.
That was pure loveliness. Your cueing is divine. Thank you.
Excellent class Karen. Greetings from Spain. Saludos desde España.

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