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Class #3269

Day 3: Balance

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 3! Today Meredith plays with balance in many forms so that you can create balance in your practice and in your life. She uses the principles of breath and awareness from the previous classes to help you maintain your precision of movement.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to day three. Here we are, all together. I hope you're still excited, I'm still excited. Today we're going to talk about balance. So what does balance mean? Balance can mean a lot of thi...


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fantastic class...
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Very good class. I have two questions regarding the supine twist (arms in a T position). 1) While the legs are up, is one hip always off the floor? 2) What piece of advice would you give to someone with hip osteoarthritis? It's hard to keep the knees together. Thank you in advance for your answer.
Thanks for being here ladies.
In the spine twist supine one hip is always up unless the body is in center. When doing the exercise you lift off one hip and onto the other, return to the center and repeat to other side.
If it is hard to keep the knees together you could put a pillow between your knees for adductor feedback or just try to keep the knees parallel. Hope that helps!
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Thankyou I am really enjoying the classes and the variations of different exercises each day
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Another 30 minutes of focus to look forward to. The yogic influence in the second half was fun. I had to look to the screen in a couple different instances to see what you were doing . . . this was the first time (during these first three days) that I couldn't know where you were taking us from just listening to your words. I'll just have to repeat Day 3 a few times in the future.
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Just a thought: a link to the other open sessions in this 10 class series at the top or bottom of each video page would be helpful.
Lovely class again Meredith thank you. I agree with Michelle that I couldn't always hear you in this video, but easy enough to check in visually. Lovely hip stretch post side-work. Also I didn't want to come up as quickly as you did from child's pose as the end (I easily get dizzy) so just did the 'salutations' sitting on my feet and then flexed and massaged my feet at the end! Whatever works!!
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that was amazing, feeling my entire core.
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Beautiful class x
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