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Class #3270

Day 4: Concentration

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! What do you need for concentration? Today, Meredith invites you to think about what you can release so you can concentrate on your body, your breath, and your movement. She changes the choreography and tempo of certain exercises so you need to think about what you are doing rather than going on autopilot.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you so much for being here, and welcome to day four. You've already been one third of the way through. Wow. If you're still here, that shows a little bit of commitment. So that's exciting for me...


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I am loving the challenge so far! I like the way the days are building and I am trying to incorporate the notion of my feet stuck to the floor and the lateral breathing in every class. It is also so cool to see a new outfit every day! Thanks for a great holiday gift, Meredith.
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The class went by so fast! Variation or new choreography helps sharpen the concentration and embrace the change in our daily life. Thank you!
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That was really lovely. Will do this one again tonight, could not entirely switch my mind off. Better tonight.
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What inspires during my movement practice? How connected I can stay with my body sensations and notice when my mind is drifting away. Sometimes, I learn things that way.
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Awesome! Felt so good. Love the inspirational ideas thrown in too. "What could you be reaching for?" and "let go of any image of perfection and just enjoy"- Meredith, I just love you! :)
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Thank you so much. Loving this challenge! Working on my press ups but I tried!
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Felt great to move after sitting in a 2 hour movie.
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Challenging but lovely thanks Meredith. It dawned on me that whilst I use these videos to inspire my teaching of others, I don't always challenge myself to go further - this time I did and it felt good. Loved the spine roll variation with one hand in centre and stretch back. I actually bent my knees a little and used resistance against the knee to increase the stretch. Keep up the great work:)
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1/365: hopeful my spine becomes more supple and my hammies get more flexible.
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