Class #3333

Mat Warm Up

25 min - Class


Get your mind connected to your body with this Mat warm up by Monica Wilson. She teaches the movements she does when she needs something to get her body ready for an intense workout. This is the perfect class to add before any of the classes in her Revival 30-Day Challenge, or if you need something to help you start your day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, today I wanted to give you a nice warm app in case you need to ever stretch or get your body in the groove before just hitting the ground running with our 30 session challenge. Most of those class...


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Thank you for doing this class !! It's perfect for when I don't have much time, but want to get my body stretched and warmed up and ready for a busy day.......
So glad you’re enjoying this class! Hope it keeps your body singing all day long:)
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Very nice warm up Monica! Thank you
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Very nice warm up Monica! Thank you
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Thank you! That fe,t yummy 🎈❤️
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So informative and gentle. loved it!
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I did this after my workout and it also felt great😊. Thanks!
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This was great! And I can’t wait to start the challenge. it’s just trying to find time! I loved all the things we did in the beginning with the ball. I’m going to incorporate some of those into my cool downs after my weight training classes. Great little ab work at the end! Thank you!
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Loved this Monica. Now going to start 30 day challenge :)
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I want more of this short and effective class...thank you Monica Wilson
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