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You will move your entire body with this flowing Mat workout by Amy Havens. Using the influences from all of her teachers, she shares creative variations that will allow your body to move with ease. She also includes deep breathing and fundamentals to help you open up your body and mind.
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Hi everyone, thanks for joining for mat workout today. Nice and eclectic, kind of bringing in some influences from all the teachers I have had the fortune to study with, so I'm kinda feeling in that place of gratitude for them, and for you for being here with me. So let's start with some breathing, always a good way to start a practice and a class and workout. Go ahead and put your hands on the side of your ribcage, and a little bit higher up than you might normally go, so that we can really feel the importance of laterally expanding. And again, not just at the lower spoke of ribcage so a little higher up near your underarms.

In doing so, just lower those shoulders down. So let's take about five nice deep breaths. Inhale through your nose. Feeling your ribs expand, and exhale you can go through the nose or the mouth. Either way, nice full breath.

Feeling as you exhale that you can remain tall in your spine, that you don't collapse under that exhale or brace down too hard in your abs. This is really just to start opening up, and giving you a chance feel where you are right now in your body. So eclectic meaning a little bit of this a little bit of that. It will be full body, no props today. Let's just have a little fun in doing our mat practice, and one more time deep breath in, and just feeling your exhale.

Alright, I'm gonna turn and lie on my back. And go ahead and do the same, let's do it start with some pelvic curl, and articulation but let's take our hands to this thighs. Plant your feet, get yourself nice and settled into your alignment. And from our neutral pelvis take a deep breath again, right in those upper, upper part of the ribcage. And the sides, and as we exhale take in that nice deep contraction, low abdominals.

So I have our hands on our legs this way so we can feel up the gap from our pelvis to our wrists, and not really worry so much about the ribcage opening so much but really getting the pelvis in that extended position. So you have your wrists for some feedback, make sure your shoulders stay back, take a breath, and let's start our roll down, ever lengthening through every part of our back and through the pelvis itself, reaching at the sitz bones toward the heels. We'll do five total here, take an exhale as we start to curl. I'm thinking about also narrowing my hip bones in the front, the pelvis in the front, to where the back gets wide. Using those hamstrings, get the hips up into those wrists.

Nice breath in, and exhaling as we roll down. Feeling that shoulder girdle nice and broad on your back, again, just like this one more. Then we'll have some variations of arms. Really pressing your pelvis into your wrists, or your forearms, and rolling down. Can you get your sit bones even closer to your heels?

Just an image. Alright the last two, we'll add a little bit of shoulder flexion, and upper back extension, or just getting more length. So holding your bridge position here, taking those arms all the way back. Setting the back of the hands on the floor or on your mat, palms facing up. And as we begin our roll down, let's go ahead and let the shoulder blades move up toward the hands, getting ever more length in that thoracic spine.

Reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. And, leveling your pelvis, just recognize your openness, and take your hands back to your thighs. Let's do that all one more time, and nice deep breath. And here we go, exhale. As if your narrowing your pelvis, in the front you're getting a little more contraction.

Keeping the hips up into those wrists, and then taking the arms back again. Same exact pattern, deep breath in. And rolling down thoracic spine. The lower thoracic spine, right where it meets the top of that lumbar, all the way down. I'm very happy that my arms stayed down.

(laughs) Yay, okay. Moving onto a little more shoulder girdle warmups, so just bend those elbows, interlace your hands, and place those right above your, your waist or your pelvis. So this is the ribcage arm. A great opportunity to keep those heavy bones back on your mat. Want you just to start raising your arms up.

And this will be a slow pathway. Our end place is the hands above the head again. And just checking in that you can move your arms without thrusting the ribcage, no movement there. When you encounter the, maybe a little bit of tension in your shoulders or your lats, just stop the arm movement, keep dropping the heaviness of your arm bones down into the mat. Again, but we're working at how can we keep the mid ribcage relatively still while we enjoy moving our arms?

And then the return trip, the same thing. As if the muscles and skin could almost just kinda drip off our bones. And you're just moving your bones. Okay, feel free to keep your hands that way, or flip your hands. It's a little different feeling in your shoulders.

For some people this may not feel the best, so go the other way. It's good to change the angles time to time or often. So we're really just testing in right now to see where our ribcage placement is. And if you know yourself to be a rib popper and archer, this is a great exercise to practice so you can keep those ribs down on the table, on your mat. Okay, so let's do one more, and you can pick which one is your, which what you'd like.

I'm gonna go back to the first one, that feels best for me today. I'm just really letting the bones be heavy. Easy breezy. So in all the other, any other mat exercise that we do and our arms have to be gestured over our head like this, this is your fundamental, you can keep checking in to see that this is how easy it can be. And bring that back in.

Teaser, double leg stretch, things like that. Okay? So then carrying on with a little bit of ribcage and arm, some shoulder blade slaps, so just kinda pick up the vigor now. I'm just slapping the shoulder blades. Both at the same time, and then as we slow it down, we'll go in to just some alternating.

As you pick one arm to reach high, allow your thoracic spine and ribs to rotate just a little bit, and then bring it down. Other arm. You could do this without rotation, but I want you to start moving those segments in your thoracic spine, giving them a little rotation. And notice what starts happening in the feet. One foot might start bearing a little more weight than the other one, which it would.

Then one side of your pelvis might start putting a little more-- getting a little more weight, and that's okay right now. We'll just do one more each side. Get a little bit of rotation in our spine. Very easy, the next pattern though will be a lot more rotation. Okay, and a little bit lower in the spine.

So taking your arms out to the T-position, bring your ankles and knees together, cross one leg over the other leg. So I've got my left over right, and go ahead and just let the knees drip over to the side, and see if you can focus on what's not moving in the upper body. Okay? So, I'm gonna use a little bit of rhythm in the breathing, you've heard this rhythm before, so little bit of the pulsing legs, I'm also emphasizing my hip movement and my pelvis movement. And so we'll take inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

Get loose in the hips, just loosen things up. And four, three, two, and one. And then come on back. Okay, and just switch legs. Nothing too fancy, letting the legs just drape over.

Shoulders are open, your chest is nice and broad. Just start some of that easy pulsing. I'm kinda thinking legs down toward the floor, or this hip up more to the ceiling or over the body a little bit. Here let's add the breathing. And, inhale, inhale, (heavy breathing) four, three, two, just letting things move, last two, okay.

Now, let's get in some abdominal work. Take your arms by your sides, shoulders are back, let's just do four basic chest lifts. A nice breath through the nose. Keeping a neutral pelvis, unweight your head, roll your head, neck, and shoulders forward I'm reaching in my fingers to the heels. And then taking it back.

Four times. Lifting the head, rolling the ears forward, rolling your spine forward. Having your eyes gaze right at your legs, mobilizing this part of your back. Two more. Think about it more about mobility than gripping in your stomach.

Let that spine move more freely. Okay, take one hand behind your head. The other arm stays down by your side. Same thing, curling up. Now this time I'll have it stay here, and just three movements of this straight arm raising the arm about the height of those knees, and pressing the arm down.

This is a place the ribcage may start to translate a little to the side, try to not let that happen. My feet are trying to unstick themselves from the mat, but I'm not gonna let them. I'm anchored down. Staying up there, switch sides. Other hand behind the head.

Ribcage is right in the middle of those pelvises, and arm comes up. (heavy breathing) Inhale the arm is reaching, my head is just being cradled in this hand. Last one I lift, lower that arm, and then place that hand behind your head. Let's come out of that chest lift for a moment, take a breath. Little variation, curling back up.

Whichever arm you released first, go ahead and release that again so it's right by your thigh. Now the one that's behind the head, let's reach it toward the other arm as it reaches up as well, so we're on the diagonal. There's that thoracic rotation again. The top arm reaches up to the ceiling. Remember the freedom we had earlier in the warmup, and exhale and twist.

So it's going for four. Here's the third one. Energy in both arms but they're in opposite directions. You'll feel your obliques. reaching easy around the collar, and diagonal, okay?

You can come down if you need to, but I'm just gonna flip over to the other side. So first set hand behind the head, one by the hip, breathing in here, and exhale it comes over the body in a diagonal reach, and comes back up to the ceiling. Easy, exhale and reach. There's the dynamic contraction, there. This one is a little softer.

Let the bones rest. And two more, reach. Pretty easy to feel that very direct side of the abdominal wall on that pattern. That was our fourth one, let's take both hands behind the head, and just relax everything back. Okay, breathing in here, I'm gonna have us take both legs the tabletop at the same time, hands in front of your thighs, flex your feet, let's focus on the lower abdominals.

Four repetitions, as you exhale push your knees into your hands, and allow your pelvis to posteriorly tilt a little bit. And just hold that integrity low. And then inhale, release, and soften your feet. Three more, exhale. I'm pressing my knees firm against hands.

Kinda pelvic tilt the pelvis, of course inhale, release. Last two here, exhale. Can you exhale a little deeper? Can you tighten the abdominals a little more? And release, and last one as we exhale.

Hold that feeling, hold that feeling, turn the legs out. Little bit of Pilate stance there. Point your toes slightly, pick up the head in your chest. Now let's go ahead and extend the leg, and pull them in. And reach.

Pull them in. Taking this 10 times, reach. So I have my knees at a little turn and I'm reaching through the feet, and try to hold that upper body position. Five more. (heavy breathing) Come on in, flex the feet, close the knees in parallel.

10 more here, and push. So start playing with the level of your legs in proportion to the floor, or relationship to the floor. If you're feeling like your abs are getting tired, put your legs higher. If you feel like you can handle more, go lower. Five more.

If you're going lower, ask for some help and some work from the back of your thighs. (heavy breathing) Last two, four. Last one, and five. Come all the way in. Lower your head, and just rock your pelvis a little bit.

Okay let's come on up to a roll up position. And just take your arms forward, they're a little bit taller than you think. Flex your feet, and let's take ourselves into, actually we'll point our feet, and just the round up position from your roll up. Take a nice, take a deep breath. Feel like you're trying to get those ribs here, here in the back of you, up your back as your stomach also comes up.

Okay, and we'll just hold that position, the integrity of it, and do a little pulsing again. (heavy breathing) And exhale, exhale. It's like a microscopic roll up happening. (laughs) You're good. And eight, seven, six, and five, four, three, two and one.

Alright, let's take ourselves all the way back. And on the way back, you can lower your arms by your sides. Bicycle both legs at the same time, up into a tabletop position. Now I happen to be up on the raised mat, so I kinda got a little help with the mat. If you have a raised mat, try what I'm doing, I've got my hands behind me holding on to the top of it.

You could also go corners, you can hold the stick if you're on one of those mats, or just you can do this perhaps okay? But I want us to work on just the very beginning of a roll over. Drop your feet and your shins, let your thighs come toward you here, and so your legs are almost like dead weight on top of your abdomen. So now we're gonna try to roll the hips up. Think a couple inches, we're not gonna go very high.

The arms can help with the pull. Three times, as we exhale. (heavy breathing) And down. So I am using my arms a little, it's okay. I'm rolling myself up and over.

That's what I wanted to achieve, is that sense of coming up off of the mat. And that's plenty for today. Take your legs down on the mat, arms out to a T-position, or a scaption position. I must raise a leg up for single leg circle. Three each way.

So this will challenge stability. Cross, down around, and up. Stay within the frame of your mat everybody, not too big of a circle today. That was our third, let's go the other way. Remember that ribcage arm fundamental at the beginning, and how easy our shoulders felt.

Just scissor your legs. Okay, so you're just easy in your shoulder girdle. Three circles. (heavy breathing) Give your arms some energy off of your back, three the other way. And two, and three, and then fold both legs in deeply towards you.

Hands behind your thighs, pick up your chest, get yourself in a fairly small ball. This is another opportunity to pick up that pelvis, and can you engage those lower abdominals to get your hips up a little bit higher? Okay, rock yourself up. Let's try our ball. Hands at the shins, or lower ankles today or lower shins.

Pick up your feet, let's go for five, just easy ball. Move through the pelvis, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, trying to hold the shape of that ball, last two, last one, place your feet down. Okay, move your hips back, and let's take ourself down we'll go into this series of five, but we'll do the first three of the five. Okay? So pick up your head and your chest, and I'd like you to take your hands under one shin, lift those elbows up, curl a little higher, and we'll do the double breathing.

So we're taking inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. I'm really enjoying pressing down on that shin, press down. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, both legs in without putting the head down, got my knees open, three times, arms back, remember that ribcage fundamental those shoulders were easy. Legs are extended, big circle, and catch those shins. Reach.

And catch those shins. Last one, start getting mentally ready for scissors, try to keep your head up today. Pick up one of your legs, hold onto your calf. Want you to think of pulling this leg up to the ceiling, and then over your head. Pull it up and back.

That will allow you a little more length in your hamstrings. And easy one on the other side. See if we can connect that with rhythm here we go. (heavy breathing) You can put your hand higher up here in your ankle. If you've got the range, let's go for some flexibility.

Eight more. (heavy breathing) Four, three, two, let's come all the way up tuck those knees, rock all the way up. Okay, spine stretch forward, and a little pattern to it. So opening the legs the width of your mat, flex your ankles, reach your arms straight in front of your shoulders, sit tall. Let's take a nice full here.

And using that exhale, around, keeping your weight even on your sitting bones, calibrate those shoulders if you need to check those there. Now, put your hands behind your head today everybody. Lightly press you head up into your hands. Put the weight back on those sit bones in case you accidentally came off of them, and just roll yourself up tall. So instead of stopping at sitting tall, keep the sternum coming up, gaze up to the ceiling just a little bit, but focus on your upper back.

Get ready for swan in a few minutes. Sit tall, open your arms palms up. And just take an easy trunk rotation to one side, and to the other, just easy. So we'll repeat that pattern two more times. Deep breath.

Easy flexion, slide your ribs up your back. Maybe that helps you get into more flexion. Hands behind, press your head into your hands, back yourself up onto the sit bones, and roll all the way up tall. Continue lifting the breast bone, kinda the ears and collar bone rolled back. Lifting, and open the arms palms up.

Same thing, just take a trunk rotation. You'll probably have more range with each one. One more pattern breathing in. Here we go. Squeezing air out.

Hands, back onto those sitz bones, rolling all the way up. Just nice, fluid transition into that seated extension. Arms, open, oh yeah, feels much different now. Yeah, we'll try some open leg rocker. But before we open leg rock, bring your legs together, move your hips up, and let's practice the extension of the legs before we roll.

So unweight your toes. I've got a fairly decent grip on my legs, lifting the chest up. So one leg first. The second leg, commenting on the creakiness of my knees on that one. Let's try that again, so challenge yourself, I will too to get on the back of the sit bones maybe a little bit more now, without collapsing into the thoracic like that.

So if I can test my balance, and go back on the back of the sit bones, there we go. So of course, that's more lower abdominal activation. Okay we're ready to try two legs at the same time a couple times. Check that your legs are in parallel here, and bring them back in. And up.

Bring them back in, I'd like to do it one more time, and just hold. Because I know myself, and I'm a hyper extender of those elbows, today, I want to bend them just a little bit that's all I'm doing. With my shoulders in place. Now, before we roll, bring your legs together. Pull them apart.

Bring them together. Pull them apart. Couple more like that, really nice balance everybody. I'm sure you're not falling off of there are ya? And last one, let's pull them together.

I can tell you're not, now let's go for five. Remember that feeling in the scissor we pulled our legs up and out of this a little? Try that here. Roll, pick up your legs. Whoa, pick up your torso.

Pick up your legs. Pick up your torso. Three, four, last one. Close the legs just like we warmed up with, and lets roll ourself back. Okay, hug those knees, place your feet down.

So I'm gonna move into a little baby cork screw. Take those knees up, hands by your side, and I'm just doing it this way for variety you certainly could do the full cork screw. What I want to do today give you some options. Take yourself over on the hip, and focus on the sacrum and go around the rim of your sacrum so you don't have to always do these with the straight legs, and the roll over. Maybe you just want to explore what that feels like to go around the rim of your sacrum and your pelvis.

That may allow you to build the strength to get your legs lower there. Alright, last one each way. Last one you'll go with a little more rhythm as well. Like that, okay. Let's take a saw.

Arms out to the T, and so in my saw today also is a little bit different I want to take both arms long here, but the back arm today I want to just put it down like this, and reach my fingertips long behind me. I've got the energy there, I just don't wanna raise my arm today that's all. I wanna feel something different. As I roll up, bring the arm out to a T. And change.

This arm is down, I want to reach I want to make sure I feel those triceps and how that arm relates to my back. Don't always have to lift it up. Sometimes it's better if I don't. I get that deep connection of the back muscle. How this arm relates to the back.

One more each way. And then we're about to flip over onto our stomach for some specific back work. So just take yourself over. And before we swan, place your hands by your side chest, elbows down actually this first round, and put one ear on the mat. All I want us to do to one time each side is give our neck a little rotation this way before we swan.

So here it is, the neck is in rotation. Just unweight that face, turn to face the front, so your nose is down, and then just very minimally look forward with your eyes. The tip of your nose, the tip of your chin, and if your sternum really did have a point on it, point it in front of you don't come up in extension yet guys just really, it's like cervical and the first thoracic's, that's it. Center your head, turn the other way now you go ahead and put your head all the way down, I won't because I have a microphone there. Let your neck go all the way down.

Now pick it up, center your eyes, and your nose, and same thing, eyes, nose, chin, and the tip of the sternum. That's it. Now, as we all come down, I'm gonna place my forehead, I do wanna move my hands back because I'm asking for more extension, but I'm doing the same mechanics of rhythm. Eyes, nose, chin, chest, tip of that sternum. All the way up that wall, and pressing up.

And coming down. So yes, my neck is in more extension than you might be normally used to doing. I'm enjoying that these days, it's okay. We need to get that upper back and the neck a little more upright in our world today, but if you know you shouldn't do this or don't want to, make a choice. I'm just making mine.

No more computer neck, right, no more slumping forward. Get that upper back up. Get air in there. One more, I know I said three but it feels so good inhaling. Get that lift.

Okay, from here let's come down. And single leg kick. I am doing this a little different, so instead of the fist and the hand wrapping, or palms down, I'm just gonna have my elbows a little more in front of me, fingertips forward because I don't want my low back to do all of it, I want to pick those stomach muscles up and support that. And raise my legs a little bit. With my elbows, I'm pushing the mat forward, not dragging back I don't wanna crank into those lats too much, I want my serratus on, my shoulders wide, and then I can emphasize my upper back.

Here I go, kick, kick. And kick, kick. And kick, kick. Four more. And all the way down.

So instead of double leg kick, we can start with the hands behind. All I want us to do is the arm extension and the back extension portion. So just reaching the arms long, lifting that head, neck, shoulder girdle. Now I'm up a little higher, what the heck let's bring the legs up with it. And down.

And reach inhaling. And exhaling. Two more, inhaling, and exhaling. Last one, inhaling. Now from here arms go out, bend the elbows, plant your toes, and pull yourself back, take the toes down, and not quite a child's pose, we know that's not our practice.

Go more cat, okay? Round that lumbar and the pelvis and see if you can get more of that rounded underneath you. I'm gonna just give a little pulsing. That feels good for my back, some of you I know if will too. Okay, now tuck your toes.

Crawl up, this won't be long, see if you can just bend your toes, and sit into a little bit of a toe stretch. The base of the toes. Okay, so I want us to move from this position into a long stretch position. So come all the way out, plant your hands down, and then just stand, hopefully your toes are ready there. Nothing fancy, let's take three breaths.

We'll be moving into some sideline leg work. Here we go, lying on your side. So I'd like to challenge us to come forward, again, if you're on a little raised mat from the ground, come to the front edge with me. And you know, hello, we have a drop off potential. We won't fall because we're going to be so connected in here, that we won't fall okay?

This hand will help, if you're not on a raised mat, you should try this sometime it's fun. Lift your leg up, the height of your hip. Okay, coming forward, oh boy. Exhaling. Lift that thigh, now point your toes, and lower.

So what this gives me is a lot more abdominal work, not just the hips in the sideline. Because I have to hold on, and connect the center body to help me not fall forward. Okay, last two, you'll feel it. Up, point your toe and lower and parallel leg. Just right in front of your hip.

Lift, point and lower. Now we've got to reverse that leg of course it comes up. Now from here flex and lower it slowly, try to get those hips stacked. Legs together turn it out, comes up. Flex, it lowers.

And you bring it together. Two more, and up. Flex, right in front of your hip. Center, your last one. And center.

Pick up both legs, scissor the top leg back, the bottom leg forward, and just hold for a moment, okay. Here's a transition where I want us to roll over to our back, and we'll do some leg beats here. So you've gotta reach your legs in opposite directions, roll over, pick up those legs, you're not in your widest turnout, and let's do beat, beat, open. Beat, beat, open. Okay?

Think of this as your inner thigh work for the day. And up. We'll do the same series for the transition on the other side. Okay, this is eight, I had 10 in mind. Nine, and 10.

That's it, close the legs. Just roll yourself up. Let's do the other side. So we'll flip on over. Gonna get kinda cozy at the front of your mat, hand in front of the base of your ribs, your long the top and bottom of your spine your leg comes up.

Let's exhale as we bring our thigh forward, raise it up, point and lower. And, this is a little more challenging for me to get my hips stacked. That's why I practice Pilates. And lift and lower. Last time there, reversing it, so point right above your hip flex your foot, now lower with control, a great place to square your hips, center turn out.

From the back of that thigh you wanna lift your leg. Back of the hip, lift the leg. Start adding this in, your gonna feel a little different respect I think around the sideline leg. That's all, we could go on and on, but I won't. Promised you this and cross, cross, and open.

Cross, cross, and open. So if you're a real mobile person with your hips, you can go wide here. If you'd like to challenge yourself to stay small, it's a little different work in the shorter abductors are up here in your hips. Four, and three, two, we're gonna go on to some additional side work. Close your legs, come on up for a little mermaid.

Okay, so crossing your ankles, we're holding your ankles. Let's do one, this first one with the arm nice and long up by your ear. This arm plays a role of course you're pulling yourself into yourself. Alright, deep breath. And then leaning to the side, leaning to the side.

Oh, feels so good. And then open, and then this arm comes nicely over the top and we can just, let's hit today, reach the ribs a little higher. Okay, you can stay with that arm positioning where you can have your hand behind your head to come over. I'm gonna add rotation now, letting the sun really cascade onto your back. Feel that warmth.

And open, and now the sun on your chest. Okay, third round pick the one that felt the best to you today. This feels the best today. You have choices, none of when move that spine. Okay?

Now let's do side bend, we're really set up for it, put that hand on the mat. We'll just hold one repetition of it. Stack your feet, this hand comes up above our head, but let's use our legs to help us get over onto that arm, and we'll lift our hips so, ready? So we're going over use your legs, lift up onto that arm. This arm comes nicely above your ear, and just get really streamlined.

Three breaths. You certainly can go down and up if you're feeling that in you today. This is what feels good to me. Okay, and bring the knees down. Swivel the legs for some mermaid and side bend.

Alright, first one we did a long arm up to the ceiling. Pulling with the base arm, get tall. Here we go, it's coming over. Arm pretty close to the head, long side body down into that hip. And the arm came over, and we lifted those ribs up.

Okay round two, hand behind the head. Side bend first, now adding the rotation. Let your sternum somewhat yield in in the front there. Open your upper back, without shrugging the shoulders. And then feeling the sun on your chest.

Good, and again your choice to repeat whichever felt the best. I'm going here and rotate. Maybe you get a little further in your rotation. And open. Okay, we're in our side bend.

We're nearing the end let's move our feet out, flex those feet, remember you've gotta use your legs to help you get onto that arm so it's not only just your shoulder that holds you, it can't work that way. Use those strong, lengthened hips. Use your stomach to spine connection. Use your back to your hips. Using your breath.

Have you ever felt like you've just elongated yourself more than normal in Pilates, I'm having a moment. I feel longer than ever right here. Good, take your knees down, I don't know why but it just felt like I was taller for a second. Let's do a little crouching, and some kind of pounce before we're done, okay? So just rock between the toes, or over the toes and onto your hands, rock back, onto your hands.

Now go out to that front support again, here, and then crouch back without shifting. So I just want to keep us eyes toward fingertips, use the hips, and push yourself out. And reach back, five of these. It's getting a relationship upper body, lower body, four. And five.

Okay, coming around one last exercise. Let's do our crossed ankle, kinda half a crab, pick up onto your-- hold onto the feet. Okay, lift up the shins, feet, pull. Pull yourself into your crab shell. Pull your crab legs in, and roll onto your shell.

Never thought it really clearly out loud like that before. It's what I'm thinking. And roll. And that moment you're over on your shell, you can release your legs. Four more.

Last two, whoa! Overshot it, oh well. I'm having a lot of fun with that crab today. Last time. Okay, I promise one more thing actually for all of us. Turn and just face each other.

You can sit in a comfortable way. And let's do one listening ear exercise. Okay, so it's definitely a nice way to close. So just sit comfortably, center yourself, pick a direction and rotate your eyes and your head too. And just really listen to your surroundings.

Put a little closure on your mat workout today. Thanks for playing with me, and having fun I hope. Just take a nice listen. Awesome! Thanks everybody, I'll see you next time.


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Absolutely love the sense of enhancing range of motion with each repetition! What a great way to start the day:)
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Thank you Amy. That felt really good on my body today. I feel like I've grown taller.
Great and challenging side Lying legs variations! 🙏🏻
Candice Sullivan Pilates
Fabulous variations and use of floor. Feeling grounded, lengthened and stronger. Thank you Amy x
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Oh Amy, I absolutely adore this class! I believe it may now be my new favorite! I loved how gentle it was, but I also felt like I worked my body (but not too hard). Because I'm a Cancer, I really love the Crab, and it was nice to end class that way. I had a lot of fun with you, as always, and I thank you for the gift that is your BRILLIANT teaching. XOXO
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So Good. Lovely Class:)
Perfect timing since I have been over using my neck and shoulders and having pain. This helped me gain awareness of those areas and move in a more balanced way. Thanks so much. I feel so safe in your classroom, Amy. You emanate such warmth.
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Perfect! Loved your set up and cues for single leg kicks! Mermaid felt so good towards the end. No sun here today....snowstorm!
Ladies, thank you all so very much! Your comments and feedback have given me an up lift this morning -- thank YOU for sharing with me!
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That was great! Thank you
Hi Lauren , glad you enjoyed taking class!
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