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Find buoyancy in your body with this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She focuses on using the tension and release of the Theraband to help you find the elasticity in your body. By the end of the class, you will feel a nice sense of length all over.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi, I'm here for a mat class with therabands today. So we're all start standing and guys, let's just stand hip with comfortable, not necessarily true parallel. So find what's comfortable for your stance. Even if one foot's a little different than the other one, it's okay. Fine. Your organic just standing. Yeah, and they all close their eyes and kind of dropped into it. So as we start with our arms nice and straight, my our body just put a tiny bit of tension in the theraband.

Just a little bit of pulling out and just maybe everybody at home to close your eyes and let's just take three deep breaths together. And so when we were working with the theraband today, I'm using the, the tension and the release of the elastic acidity of this. I'm gonna put that in ourselves too. It's going to be some good shoulder. You'll feel that the support from the band in your hamstrings, your hip joints, your of course, your lumbar spine for flection, things like that. Yeah. Okay. So we can open our eyes.

Let's just start with an easy raise of the arms on an inhale. Slight pullout on the band and the exhale as you lower, we'll take four of these. I'm just reaching the arms out away from your torso up above your head and reaching out away from your torso and down to your legs. I'm just real easy, slight pull out on the band, but it's very slight. Good enough that you feel the sides of your shoulders but not your neck if idea. Okay. Holding here.

Let's do a soft bend of the elbows. I'm bringing the band to, so the kind of the top of my head. Same with you and lift. I'll do that four times. So same thing, just a slight pullout and elbows bending. Let's turning to feel even more in your shoulders. I'd say at this point we could all do this. A rib check meaning kind of keep the back of the ribs wide front of the ribs of Viton narrow because those ribs sometimes like to lead the way forward.

Was that for it was and then all the way down. So we'll combine that four times. We'll raise the arms all the way up on the inhale. Exhale and bend. Just to the head, inhale and lengthen. And as we lower the arms, now is our chance to stand a little taller from feet to head. We'll take that three more times. Inhaling up and exhale, bend elbows are wide. Inhale, stretch. And again, as the band comes down, we're trying to grow a little taller from feet to head. And last two exhale.

Who feels their upper back? Starting to work right between the shoulder blades. Yes. It's such an important place to have focus in our world these days as we're sitting in standing our computers a lot. Okay, Ben and uh, I think the agreement is there. Yeah. Okay, nice. So let's take our feet just a little more open in a comfortable stance, whatever that means for you.

And I'd like us to take a bit more slack on your band now. Not so tight. Okay. So it's a little bit loopy here. Raise the arms above the head and let's just do a single arm pool. I'm going with my left arm. You can go with your right and just kind of pull one down, but keep the other one where it is. And then bring that one up.

Just alternating arms. I'm just starting to feel how you pull down what you feel around that rear shoulder, shoulder blade, and possibly down in and around your ribs on that side. All right, and again the other way. Good. One more. Each direction. So one poles down, one stays reaching up, there's a slight diagonal there. Exactly. And then the other one pulls down.

Wednesday's lifted up. Good. So adding a little trunk flection, just small. We're warming up to your right. Go into the space. Go into that side space. Excellent. Repeat the arm pattern that we just did. So this one will pull down the other one stays reaching up. Now start to raise that arm.

Feel that buoyancy of that band actually pick us all the way to center. Okay. To the your other side, going into that side space. Now that one arm stays reaching up as you pull the other down. This is what's fun on the return. Feel the buoyancy of the last acidity. Bring you up to the first side over on the inhale.

Exhale and bring that arm down. Inhale. Here's the buoyancy. Let it pick you up. Good. Over to the first, second side over and exhale, pulling down. Inhale and center. Once again, each direction as you inhale over one arm pulls down the other stays, reaching up, voyant lift and then up and over to the second side and all the way up and lower the arms. And just kind of shake your shoulder of that a little bit. Good. Okay. Now I think, oh, have us come into more of a defined parallel.

You can take a quick glance, even if though the feet aren't completely pointed forward, the legs are on the kneecaps, especially your face forward. Okay, so let's take our ban just slightly unnecessary. I'm gonna turn to the side. You guys can turn the site to face each other. Yep. I'll go this way. So raise your arms out in front of you just on a low diagonal, slightly pulled out on the band again and I want us to bend the knees, but hinge the hips back a little. Creating a nice long diagonal from our head to our tail. And the sits bones are nice and wide right there and knees are tracking out over your second toes.

And then take a moment and think about trying to stretch the the mat apart with your feet and the outward Kinda ab duction of your hips. Okay. Hopefully you're feeling some glute right there. Now as we come to Stan, pull the arms down against your legs and pull the band a little bit. All right, so same thing, raising the arms, bending the knees, sending the hips back. We're in a hinge, a nice long line. And then as we stand, pull the arms down, pull the hands back and we'll continue so we can hinge backs. Sending the arms forward. If you feel ready to lift your arms higher, go for it. Just mindful that the ribs don't push ahead of you.

Lower your arms. Start to stand and pull the band across her thighs. Two more times like that. All right and down. Pull the band, cross your thighs one more time. Reaching the arms forward, bending the knees, hips are coming back, arms are lifting up, knees are still tracking over the second toe. Stay right here, everybody. We're going to increase our hinge of our hips and our hips. Going back for a little extra reaching back.

Good reaching back. Hopefully you're feeling your hips and your glutes back and back. That's the last one. Come all the way to stand. Press the band across your legs at this time. Hold that look forward. But don't start to crawl your eyes up the wall slightly.

Lifting your eyes toward the ceiling. Take two giant breaths. Opening up your ribs on the upper spectrum by your collarbone. Endeavoring to take much more air into the lungs. Ah, and then release. Okay. Similar work, but let's go from a heels together. Toes away. Position might think of first position. Okay, so arms are up and same thing.

So as you bend your knees and raise your arms up, it's, it seems that it feels a little different by doing this hinge in the turnout place. Yes. You definitely want to rotate your hips. Yeah. And then same thing as you start to come up to standing, press the band against the thighs. What? We're going to go further to lift the heels off the mat. It's okay with me if your heels pull apart the lower the heels to the floor. Raise the arms, bend your knees, send your hips back. Or once again, trying to find that diagonal line from our head to our hips.

Lower the band. Start to think about the lifting of the heels nice and solid. Even if your heels come apart, that's fine. Two more times guys. Heels down, hips back, raising the arms. Are you still pulling out on the band slightly? Let's try.

I hadn't remind us for awhile. Come all the way up. So our ribs and our pelvis are in one nice long line in the front. There are good. Do it one last time. Bend, hinge, pulling out slightly on that band, letting those knees open slightly good. And then starting to stand. Pressing the band against the legs. Rise up. Now this time instead of a chest lift, I want you to pull your arms back a little more and pull back a little more.

Two more. Pulled back, a little more. Pull back a little more and release. Okay, good. Back to your comfortable parallel position. One last standing exercise. Nice deep breaths. Yeah, let's roll our our head and our spine all the way down this. Feel that nice sense of gravitational pull that draws us forward.

And then on the return trip up to standing, starting of course, what those abdominals really doing the work to initiate that lift and they keep moving us up. That scoop or the hollowing engagement of the abdominals brings us all way to standing as your collarbone opens wide. Just easy. Does yet two more times, maybe three going all the way forward. So allow gravity to assist us coming down even on those feet. Hopefully standing equally weighted breathing in. Here we go.

Exhale and really pull up away from the floor, leaving the arms dangling. So there's a wide width ban across your back. Two more times. Everybody breathing in and exhale coming down. Ah, maybe you're efforting your abdominals more now. I'd like you to think about that. So they're really continuing just to lift, lift, lift. Even though we're coming forward. And here we go to come up, pelvis rotates back on top of those thigh bones, the hip points, staying facing forward, articulating all the way to tall in our last one.

And exhale, rounding down. Okay. Conscious, sensitive work of your body and your mind. Breathing in at the bottom and exhale stomach abdominals. Continue ruling that spine, massaging it all the way. Way to standing. Okay, good. So just find the map. Just come on down.

I think I'll sit facing this way cause let's start with our band across our feet. Some supported flection of the spine. So I have my band right at the balls of their feet. Yeah. And find out, find a grip. A soft fist is perfect. Okay. And then as much as you can establish a vertical spine with ease. All right. Not Too much pressure with your, uh, with your hands yet. So everyone take a breath. Here we go.

It's a pelvis again and it's going back away from the legs and wonders to get back until our lumbar spine is on the mat. So it's going to look different from all four of us because we're all different sizes, lengths, etc. But you really nicely anchored in, supported. Beautiful. Now we roll up, yes, the band is helping us, but if we didn't have our hands on that band, what would we need to do with our abdominal muscles primarily to bring us back into that flection and once your shoulders are above your hips, really sit nice and tall. Okay? Again, inhaling, if you need a little more help, walk your hands forward. Exhale and is the pelvis. I also am thinking about my sitting bones reaching toward my heel bones like a consistent connection down my body, down our body. Getting to the lumbar spine given a moment to kind of embossed the mat.

Inhale and exhale again is primarily the abdominals, but the band is helping us. You can allow some help. It's okay. The band can be your friend in. He'll sit tall, one more plain when they're exhale. As we curl that we're curling with this sense of ease and open chest, long neck come all the way or even good and exhale, come back forward. Pulling the abdominal panel back in against the spine. And then as you sit tall, here we go. Rotate your arms. So your palms end at facing up.

And I want us just to start bending the elbows. And then as you arms straight, come forward, palms face down. So there's a little pivot at the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist and return and exhale, pull and pole. So think about each time you pull the elbows, it's your chance, our chance to go taller in the upper back and maybe a little deeper connection in the abdominals. Two more times. Yes.

Just feeling that inclusion of the back muscles here. Good. Let's separate it and just do one arm at a time. Come my way. First one arm and you turn your torso and see what's you and then the other side bet the other one stays reaching forward. Yeah, no, beautifully color coordinated. You all are down there. One and center. Other side. Good. It's nice to see us all smiling. One more time.

Palm thesis up is we've been the elbow, the other arm reaches forward and the center last time in reach. Yeah. Good and center. Okay, let's build on that. So take it back into the lumbar flection and again [inaudible] so here you are. Your back is nicely supported by the mat and the band. Let's do some bending elbows with this. The elbows are going to point out a little bit to this sides. Yeah, and center.

Go as far as feels comfortable for you. Okay. If you're working through any shoulder quotes stuff, you'll know when it doesn't feel right to pull anymore. But I do want us all five, four of us here to think about as you've been the elbows, the stomach should stay against you, not pop out. Let's take four more exhale. One good and too nice. Heels are pressing into the mat. Three and center.

Last one for you. Doing okay. Breathe in. Let's roll back up. Give some permission for the band to help you. Let it help. Use those abdominals though. They will. They're what flex the spine is. We know now. Go forward everybody. Put your hands behind your thighs, knees, eyes, and just pull yourself forward. Exactly. Roll up to sitting and one last bit here. Feet are still flex.

I want us to all lift the upper arms. If your shoulders are feeling a little fatigued right now, you can pull your hands back on the band so it's less resisting, less tense. And then here we go. That same movement. So I want you to bring your shoulder blades quite close to your spine right now. Yeah.

Feel the strength in your upper back and around your bra line and then release all the way until it's slack. Three more. Pull back. It's your chance to isometrically contract your upper back and your shoulders and release last two and pool band is moving around my foot there. Yeah. Okay. Last time. Lots of pulling on the band. Remember to use that quality. It's buoyant. That stretch and release is what's happening with all of our tissues in there, in there, meaning our body. Okay, good. Bring your legs together.

Nice and straight. Walk your hands even more forward on your band. Round forward. Soft elbows is fine. And I want us to just gaze down at your abdominal area and make a lot of negative space between chest and your legs. So then there's that buoyancy again, that lift and take a breath, and then as we start rolling back again is going to be pelvis. The roll yourself back. Hmm?

Did you hear that? Click because did you hear it Perry? That was my left hip. That was interesting. Okay. Stay right there with your arms nice and straight and let's do a roll up. We'll come back to the abdominals of the hundred. Don't you worry, pick it up. Left the band, help you.

You're going to go through that lumbar just like you did. It is fine. If you bend your elbows. I'm showing that version. It's fine. I want you to have successful roll-ups. If you don't, if you need to bend your elbows, that's fine. Here we go to roll it back. Take your time, articulate this. You can go through that lumbar. It needs some attention. Here we go.

Pick up the head using those abdominals. You can do this completely straight arm. If you feel that sticky spot starting to show up. Bend, use the band for help. Buoyant scoop of your tummy and all the way down. Inhale, exhale. Again, a roll yourself down, keeping those ankles, inflection, heal, energy forward. We'll take this one more time. Let those lumbar feel that mat all the way along.

Last time. Head, neck, shoulders, upper abdominals, kick in, those old obliques. Kicking in all the way. Good. Here we go. Okay, and then roll back one last time. We're going to set up for pelvic curl. Once we get down there. Kind of an interesting trend. Transition. Everybody, take one foot out. Yeah, that's very strange, but that's okay. Take the other foot out. Sometimes things are strange, so organize yourself, knees bent, feet down. Here we go. Band is going to take this. Time is across your uh, chest level. Soft fist. Again in your hands. Take a breath.

We know our pelvic curl. We've done a lot of articulations. We're probably very ready to go there. Rule those hips up on the way. Not just thinking high up on the back, but pelvis toward shins. Really Pelvis towards shins. Let's add an arm gesture. Arms coming all the way back overhead, bringing right above the chest again on the inhale.

Now let's roll our spine down. On the exhale, pelvis reaching toward calves and feed and Shim. Inhale level pelvis to go right back up again. Exhale, so it's that massaging. There's your lumbar to the mat, pelvis reaching toward the knees and Shin. Okay, so your ribs are right now. No need to take them up and flare him open as you just threw your arms. Do you keep thinking of hips up and the hips toward the legs, arms above the chest on the inhale and roll the spine down on the exhale. Okay, we're going to add to it on the next one, but take a moment as we're about to do the next shoulder pelvic curl.

Pull out on your band a little. Again, keep those shoulders involved. If you need to open your fingers for a little change of pace, that's completely fine. You could make a fist. You could bring your thumb with your fingers. All those variations are fine. Here we go. On the way up to the pelvic curl pelvis, reaching toward the Shin, arms coming back again. Inhaling, exhaling arms up. Now pull the band toward the size you're going to feel the tricep muscles.

Now pull your fist to your mat whole and your hips up into your band. Okay, so two things will happen when we come out of our bridge and raise the arms as do that simultaneously. Arms Up, hips down, reverse it, so arms down, hips up, and I really want you to pause so you feel your fist on the mat and press those hips up. Reverse it all the way down. Inhale, and on the way up. Exhale again. Inhale, lowering down and exhaling up. Do more with the hips going up evenly. Exhale, last one, and exhaling. Lift. Okay.

Take one of your pelvic halves and drop it down to the mat so that side shouldn't have any too much resistance, but press the other hip up higher. You should really feel that glute. Yeah, good level the pelvis. Snus switch it over to the other side. Let one hip rotate down to the mat, kind of giving it a break. Meanwhile, you ask a lot more of the other side. Hip Up, arm down. Let's switch. Inhale. We'll go with more rhythm. Exhale, drop one side. Inhale both or up. Exhale, rotate. One side. Inhale. Both are up.

So a little who'll have day on thing and lift and rotate and left four more pelvis still reaching to the knees to the Cavs, rotate, checking that the ribs aren't pushing open and if they are, just notice it and try not to thrust them open. I've lost count and let's say one more twist. I think that's about right and everything comes down. Yeah, because hamstrings often get the focus in the pelvic curls is sometimes hard to get the glutes in there, so I think we found that. Okay, take your band again right up above your chest, but that slight pullout, bring your knee up to table. Then the other one up to tabletop. Take a breath. How about a chest lift? How about it? Curl yourself up and press those arms over the band, over your calves.

Press your calves up or he shins up into the band. Feel a little bit more of that arm extension, pulling the arms down. Lift the band. We're going to take it all the way back overhead. Guys, as you take your chest down in a nice, smooth contracted effort. Exhale up, pause, breathe. In, pull the band down, shims up into the band a little bit. You feel that and your tummy and all the way do more [inaudible] and Paul and a release last time we inhale. Exhale. As you press your arms down, your shins are pressing up.

Okay? Stay in the chest. Lift. Take your arms up, extend your legs, pull your arms towards your thighs. Inhale three, four, five. So you're wondering in three, four, or five x into three, four. Exhale, lower your legs, which means your band is going to have to follow you. Exhale. Inhale, exhale. So we're beating our heels. Good. Keep going. Lower your legs a little bit more. That means your arms have to come down a little bit more.

Remember where your lumbar was on the mat during those roll downs. If you can keep your lumbar really smuggled, snuggled onto your mat. Nine, 10, three, four, five and Russ. Okay. Yeah, just massage a little to get sneaky with that hundred. It's not always about the arms pumping. Okay. Place your feet back down, everybody. That's not true. Take your band across your feet again. Now this'll be fun.

It's a nice slow lowering of the legs and ideally let's build the strength that we can lower our legs with the legs straight, but there's going to be a moment when you take your legs lower, lower, lower, that the back is where you have to stay focused on that lumbar just like we've been talking about here. So if you feel that place when we get there that it's not, you're not quite sure your your way out is by bending the knees. Okay. I think we'll be fine. So I've got my hands pretty high up at the band and want that support. Here we go is starting to lower shoulders or back breathing.

So use the band support. You must reach into it. The lower your legs. Go. Think Pelvic tilt and I hopefully we're going to get their legs all the way down on the mat all the way. Setting us up for one more roll up. We're taking our awesome. Yes. Hey, we did it.

Lift your head in your chest. Okay, this could be fun. I'm going to probably have to bend my elbow scales and I am not. No big deal around where we are. Okay, good. Yeah. Stretch for just a second. Give way to the stretching fuel Orion. Yeah. Okay. Let's do sit up again. Keep the band across the feet.

Yeah. Nia softly bent. Pull out. And then let's go back into a hip hinge or a torso hinge. Right over your thighs. Okay. So I think it's available for everyone in this group, but if you're at home watching and you can't get your knees straight. So guys, let's go ahead and straighten those knees. Well, I hope ideally we're being able to straighten our knees and keeping the diagonal of our spine and a nice long flat spine. But if you're at home and you do that and you've noticed yourself kind of cave under pressure, don't, don't try it because I'd rather your back be what you focus on.

Then getting your legs straight. Okay. Yeah, so everybody's different. So here we are with that holding that position, we're going to pull those elbows back a little bit more again. Right. And release your chest is also reaching forward. Your tailbone is reaching back. Yeah, just a nice sense of hand. I would say for Nicole A. Little more.

Chest and throat up. Perfect. Nice. Jackie? Yup. So forward. Hinge last one because we've done a lot of this and we've done a lot of the next part, but I liked the repetition today. Come my way. Rotate your torso. Bend that one elbow. It's going to be pretty small movement, but pause right here. Chest is forward. Enough. Tail is back. That one arm has been and focus around the shoulder blade everybody and bring that torso round a little more because you're driving from your shoulder blade into rotation. Okay. Check that out slowly on the other side.

Rotation. Thanks. Shoulder blade. Nice Qaeda. Yeah. Nice. Nicole with your chest. Good, Jackie. There we go. And release. Little more rhythm four times. Just exhale and twist and release and rotate. Really lower abdominals are up.

Upper body, up off her leg. Yeah, and forward. Okay. Release your band. Roll all the way down. So work our a little less about our arm. So step in with one foot. How about your right foot? Same thing. How are we going to hold that band? New Group?

I'd love for you to reach pretty high up and then grab and then that produces a lot of tension resistance. But we work with that. So elbows to the mat, shoulders are wide and here we go. Crossing over the midline. Inhale, let your hip come with you if you wish. And exhale, circle and lift, crossing over and circle down and release. So again, using the band for that partnership of resistance and then a release. I think we've got two more. This is four and five and then we'll take five. The reverse direction here, we'd go out to the right, reaching the leg into the band and up.

How your abdominals will activate just as much as they need to to support you so you don't roll too far. Four and our last leg circle in that direction and everyone pause right here. Let's do a little single leg teasers. So pick up your head in your chest, allow your elbows to straighten. You're really reaching into that band. Roll yourself up and near the top. I want us to bend those elbows again and go for that flat back line.

That hinge. We are working on just a moment ago when we were forward over our leg. Now on the way down, let go of the resistance. Roll yourself away from your leg and you'll catch that resistance again and then just get back to where your head is down two more times. So there's pretty good tension here.

Had chest if you need some help on the way up, what do we know to do? We need to bend the elbows. That's completely fine. Using that resistance chest is up. Inhale, reach the arms, start to roll down, tracking evenly on either side of the pelvis and spine and rollback. Last one here. Inhale, head, chest.

Ideally the arm stays straight into the very top where we can pull feeling strong, round your arms. Inhale and roll yourself down. And then as we transition, just step in with the left. Take the right leg down if you need to adjust your hands or give him a little break. It's one thing with theraband, it does get kind of handy with your hands. Okay. Yeah, so again, I'm going with a lot of resistance. It feels good today.

Flexed ankle. And the other leg is strong from your hip as well. Here we go, gals across our midline, feel free to bring your hip up and so feel the difference of the tension and the release of that, that buoyant recoil. All of our tissues are getting that pull, that push the release one more. Even the fluids system in our body is getting that pump and release other way and I just flow and let yourself experience that support. Good abdominals are active but just enough to kind of hold herself stable last time I know that was six, let's say that's just for good luck. Okay, good. And now head and chest, the single egg teaser starting to come up.

You definitely can keep reaching into that man. If you need some assistance on the way, then the elbows reaching your chest towards your leg, abdominals held back a little bit. Inhale and reach and roll. Coming up. Head and chest ideally to the leg stays in the same place in the error minus toddling around just a little bit. Good Qaeda reaching, enrolling down stomach away from leg, shoulders onto our back. Last one, everybody, head and chest.

Let give, reaching to the band, reach to it, reach retreat and then pull away from it just away from foot. Good. And let's roll down and then Ben. Okay. Release the band for just a moment or two. Let your knees drop side to side and find your knees to the center for a moment. Okay, Gail. So what we're about to do is a little roll over. Okay.

So bring your thighs to your chest and then legs up to the ceiling, arms by your side. And because I wanted to give your arms and your hands a little break from holding the theraband, but let's pretend that we're still holding it somewhat and activate the arm bone slightly like you're pulling out. Okay? So you're still active in your shoulder, girl in your back. You're just going to relaxing for moments. So breathing in here, here we go. Massage your spine. But go ahead. Take yourself up over your shoulders. And I want us to do some flexibility with this today.

So what I'd like you to do is lower your legs overhead. Open your legs at the width of the Mat, feet flexed. If that's not available for you, you get them as low as you can. Now, this position does not mean we're just collapsing on ourself. We still have the integrity of that lumbar that's buoyant on the stomach that scooped in. But I do want you to, as you roll down today, keep your thighs close to your chest, close to your chest. It is a different roll down. When your legs come down, let's just seal them up into the center. Take a breath. Four more.

So you're taking five like going over all the way. So when you lower your legs, you actually lift your hips a little more. Separate the feet. Inhale. Here we go. Rolling down. So I want you to try to keep your thighs closer to your chest. Feet flexed. Circle your legs together. Inhale again. Exhaling over.

Black's opened the lake. Set the toes down. Take a breath, rolling your spine sighs close to you. Feel the spine in the hamstring. Stretch last to take a breath. Flexing over. Toes, down, legs open. Inhale, rolling. Now remember, pretend you're holding it there, abandoned or pulling it apart. Energetically. Breathe in last time, man. Over rolling.

Gotcha. Okay. When you're down, bring your knees together. Let's roll up off her back and let's play with a few rolling exercises. So that was our first one. The ball come quite close to your sits bones and your heels. Hold onto your shins. Pick up your feet.

Okay. We've talked about her lumbar, getting really snugly into that. Let's try that on the ball for six repetitions. So rolling back, feel where it meets EQ sailing coming up. And again, let your back go just softly into that mat and rule softly roll. You could do a little bit of shins up into the hands connection like the earlier ab exercise shins pressing up into the hands and last one. Oh and place your feet down. Okay, I'm going to move us back on the mat just a little bit.

Placed your hands on your shins. Just lift your spine and try to zip up through your lumbar for a moment. And then we'll do a little open like rock or, but with some extra little stretchy into it. So hands on the shins, lower shins and ankles. Lean back enough. Your feet lighten up, gaze at something. Stay focused. Could we, so we have no prop with this. It's okay. Stretch the right leg up or the left leg, either one. And as you bring it down, you stay right in the same posture of your spine.

Take the other side and down. No both legs at the same time. A little more exciting to try to challenge your posture. Now bring your legs together. Bring them apart. Re Bend toes to the Mat.

Okay. Start with your second leg. So we have a single leg, a single leg doesn't really matter which one in a single eight and a single leg. No two legs deliver. I remember my first teacher deliver your legs were like, what do you mean? Take the legs together? So keep your arm straighten and bend. It's okay. And Dad, let's repeat it again a couple times. So a little quicker.

So a leg and a leg, single, single k. Now the ABS have to really go a little bit more work to hold your balance open. Excellent. You guys, Ben? Both one more single pattern one and and yeah. This is all before we do the official OpenLink rocker. Yeah, and up. Jackie's excited and like together. Now we hold them open. We're ready.

It's fine. If you bend your elbows, it's also fine if you straighten them. Hammock your spine. Roll through that lumbar lift up and hold. We got it down a row. That's exciting to me. You can tell I'm sorry. Sorry, I got really loud. And for more role, lift your hips. Float your head. That's fun. Lift your hips.

Float your head. Last two. Okay. Yes. Last one. Okay. Hold the legs together. Sorry. But do the more leg beats.

Inhale three, four, or five. Exhale. Three. Inhale through four. Five. Exhale. Three, four, five. 30 to four we're going to 50 yeah, for our [inaudible]. And that's two, three, four, five. Sail three, four, five. And relax. Oh, okay, good, good, good, good. Come on. Up to your side. That faces me. Why don't we all have ourselves on this elbow? Okay. Bring this nearby. I'm not sure if we'll even need it, but yeah, so here we are in our elbow layer your feet, so your top foot in front, and then you're on your side body, elbow right below your shoulder. Okay. And then this negative space, I love this image, it's just one of my favorites.

We don't want to drop into that space rather lift out of it, but not too much out of it that we're here. So it's kind of finding that little sweet spot. Right. And it's sometimes subtle where to go. Okay. So I would say for Nicole, lift a little more away from the mat a little more. And also maybe the thought for you would be this, I can get longer, more and more and more. Yes, hold that. Okay. Now this arm is going to come up by your head and we just stretch into our legs and we're up. Beautiful. And the arm can come over.

You can look at it, twinkle the fingers. And as we come down and try to remember where you just started, right? One more like that. Yes. Your legs are look, stand as you lift. And I'd love for all four of us to come. Legs squeeze straight guy. Nicole. That's it. Jackie. Jackie, bring your right hip forward a little more.

I'm getting kind of personal. There we go. Everybody's got it. No, come down. We'll add a little rotation on the upper body. Okay, so we go up again. Now we're trying not to bring our pelvis along for the ride. It's gonna want to, but I want you to think about turning your, your the chest and then return. Keep your arm bent in front of you. We'll do it two more times. Rotate, turn, return and last one turn. Hello. Right. And turn arm up, leg down, legs in.

Of course then mermaid is usually really welcome after that. So bring that arm up. Exactly. Okay. Yep. And I'm a brilliant, pretty big fan of this hip. Settling into that hip. Yep. Turn. Look at your feet.

Let your arm drape over your head and just open that side body with some breath. It's a lifted chest and then some open ribs. Okay. And then let's swivel ourself to do the other side. You just undo it. Good. Okay guys, so we're on her elbow.

We noticed that my legs started to kind of creep out to straightened along the way. That's all right. But I know the top put should be in front for all of us today. Okay. Elbow underneath their ribs. And so again, just kind of check yourself. You've got a rube cages lifted, you've got a top rib side this long. This beautiful arm is ready.

We do need to press into the feet and lift your pelvis. One side's probably going to feel more coordinated, good and all the way down and drop they up. One more, just like that. Press into the elbow, lift the hips, lift the arm again, communicate the way you want. You can move your head, you can tweak all the fingers. Good. Kind of a nice distraction for the hard work that's going on in our shoulder. Support adding the rotation.

So we started the same way and I'd like you to bend this elbow. You can think thread the needle. It's really the trunk, the upper spine turning. But the hips not coming along, returning facing me just under this arm, kind of right in front of you. Legs are contracted together and ring out. Last one. Inhale facing me. Go ahead you guys and twist. We didn't do crisscross cause I had this implant. That's fine. Right?

And come all the way down. Bring your legs in. Do your hair and your mermaid. So it's a long reach. It's a hip that settled down. Yes, it's a nice scoop in hollowing here. A chest that stays open, bend that elbow, drape it over your head and feel the difference between your side bodies. If this is the less open side, just remember it. So that next time or if it was the other side, you kind of give your attention to this detail a little more. Good.

And then come all the way up. Let's bring our band with us now and we'll all come down on her front. You can have headspace in. Okay. A real specific shoulder exercise. Open up your band.

I think a single leg kick set up. Yep. Okay. Palms face up. Oh boy. Let's just cheat for a sec. Let's go to the beach and just cheating. Yeah, Doug. Oh God, it's so it's right there. We used to go to the beach. All right, so we know that this is not a supported place to move from, so we'll select darn it, unless we're relaxing, but we're in a [inaudible] class, so we are going to lift our chest and lift the ribs up off the Mat and depending on your body frame and torso length and things, your pubic bone may or may not come up. Also, it's really a variable, but I do want us to think chest forward and up. Okay. Now, light grip on the band externally, rotate your shoulders and start to pull on the band. Not a lot is going to happen. You will feel some warmth around your shoulders and your upper back and then come out of that work. Breathe in less exhale and hold it for three counts.

So pull on it and hold, hold, hold and bring it together. Okay. Three more. Exhale and hold. Hold, hold. And bringing it together last too nice. A chest is forwarded up.

Abdominal supporting that lumbar spine. Good you guys. And last time relax for a sec. Last time. Exhale Paul. Okay, you're already set for it. You know what's coming? Single leg kick. Ready, kick, kick, release, kick, kick, release. Okay, so it's not always about the kicking in this exercise.

It's a lot about the integrity of the upper back, the up bar, baptist for more one and two and three and four that enough and come out intense. Okay. We're nearing the end and what I had in mind today. So take your band behind you. You can loop it twice so it's not the full length. There'll be really distracting if it is and just your arms long by your sides. We won't have to pull on it because holding it will be plenty. Turn in, put your right facial cheek, you're on the map.

We know the double AA kick usually follows that single leg. So let's go for it. And for right now, hover your arms up just a little bit so that the band is kind of off your body both legs. Kick in three times. One, two, three. Now slowly extend your legs, but more about that chest. Again, lifting up, but reaching forward and your arms are nice and straight behind you. Nice and straight. I'm gonna change it just a little bit on this one. As you turn to the other side, bend your elbows. Put the band, no in the small of your back. You guys go with, I'm going to watch you kick, kick, kick. As you straighten your legs, the arms are reaching toward the feet.

This is not necessarily about your low back. It's about your upper back, the upper back. Let's repeat it again. Each side. Exhale. We kick one, two, three. It's the upper bat focus. Of course, your legs are involved. They're straight and strong and your arms are reaching, reaching, reaching. Last time to the other side, and you kick to three and it's a big lift. Hold that position and laid love. Now for you to Fletcher your legs. Flutter, flutter, flutter. Yeah. Like you've got beautiful fins on. Yeah, just gaze down into the water. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, three, two, one. And relax. Move your band off to the side. Come up on the all fours. Good. Think your back needs a little stretching I would say so.

Let's make a quadro head all hands down on these down. Shoulders right above the wrists, starting with the long neutral spine [inaudible] and I'd love to have us think about this more, pulling them out apart with our arms, but we're also trying to drag the arm bones back toward the knees and the knees toward the arms. There's a lot of center connection that probably just occurred now. Bending the elbows down, forearms all the way down, back nice and flat and as you come back up, extend nice and long at the very, very top. Do a little extra upper back extension. There's not a lot available.

Come to neutral, lower the arms, they bending the elbows. We're trying to get the forearms down, my eyes seeing right of the mat. Press your elbows straight. Do a little upper back extension if it's available. Just do it one more time. Bending those elbows.

Yeah, we'll bring that chest and extend without upper back extension. Let's go to the flection of the spine. Okay, stay right there. Pull them out apart with the hands. That same idea that the hands are pulling back toward the knees and the toward the hands. Come out to a neutral spine. Pick her leg. Extend one leg behind you with your toes down first.

Make sure before you lift that straight leg, which we're about to do, you collect your nominal muscles. Raise your leg. I'd like us all to do this with a flexsteel right now. Just hold contract around your button. Exactly. Two more elbow bending movements and down. It's okay if that leg stays low. If you want to aim at higher, feel free and extend.

Keep the integrity of the laid work. The hip extension. That's a rear end right back there. Behind that button on the button and left. Now point the toe, bend your spine to flection. Bring this knee into your chest. Round Hole. Hold, hold extended back out again into a long spine and if you want a Jane Fonda you can, you can go a little more extension. Do more around. It's the stomach contraction. No, that brings our head entailed toward one another. And last time reach it out.

Lengthen Linkedin, still about the hip extension and then the stomach contraction. Bring that knee in flex and then just set the knee down. Okay. Lengthen your spine. Neutral. We're almost done. Can feel they're finally coming right? So extend the other leg back. Yup. You're long, you're contracted in your glute.

Raise that straight leg with your heel inflection, your ankle inflection. Okay. Twice more with the elbow bands. So again, you don't have to take the leg any higher, but you certainly could keep the leg ray spoken nice and straight and strong behind you. Ideally, hips are square. Take a peak, bend the elbows down. Okay, straighten up. Now. Point the toe, breathe. Let's come to flection. It's the abdominals that flex that spy making room for that knee to come toward the chest. Reaching away.

And again, if you felt like going into more extension, head away from tail, tail away from head. You can take your leg higher if you want, and contracting in round and pull your spine bones high to the ceiling. Great. And again, gesture back the longest leg away from the longest fine you've ever done. One more round stomach c curve, a nice wide back. Plays that knee down. Roll yourself up and place your hands on your thighs. We're going to do really slow articulations up into high kneeling position.

From here, everybody just take your arms out to the sides. Bring yourself all the way with your arms and round out. Hands on the thighs. Once again, does rule yourself up. Reach your arms out to your sides all the way up the way. We're going to get off the mat. Place your hands, stand back with your legs, pike, your hips.

Okay. Walk your feet to your hands. Roll yourself up to a standing position. We are going to finish with just a nice sense of link. Thumbs up. Okay. Thanks for taking class with us. Everybody out there watching. We're going to finish with his posture here. You're free to leave, but thanks for playing along and your pull out his workout with us.

[inaudible] and Wallah. We're all done. Thank you guys.


Pascale Perez
Thank you Amy, I enjoyed very much your class as usual. Excellent
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Great class Amy. Very classic and form oriented. I loved it. Thank you.
1 person likes this.
Excelente. Me encantan tus clases Amy!
1 person likes this.
Amazing and Brilliant as usual Amy. I enjoy your classes so much. Beautiful cuing and choreography. Thank You!
2 people like this.
Loved it!! Great cueing!
1 person likes this.
Great class , lovely ideas with band , I enjoy your classes very much . You did mention a while back that you will do a ball class sometime Amy ! !
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Hello, I'm going to change my credit card and I need to cancel my subscription to Pilates Any Time, temporarily, how do I do it?
Jaqueline Cavalcante, Brasil.
Jacqueline ~ I looked at your account and saw that you paused it for 3 months. If you need to change the restart date, you can do so by logging in and following the prompt that appears. Also, you can update your payment information by following these instructions. If you have any trouble, please email us at
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this was so good Amy! So many good cues. I really loved when we did roll over and imagined we had the band and we’re pulling it apart. I also really loved your version of the single leg kick. This workout is so good for someone that needs upper back work and most of us do! Going into my favorites! Xoxo
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Great class! love the quadruped ending!! As always, you deliver a clear and precise lesson. Thanks
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