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Class #3460

Psoas & Stomach

20 min - Class


Welcome to Day 7! Today Niedra works on unraveling the psoas and the stomach muscles. Her intention is to soften the area and increase the length of the front body so you can receive more sensation throughout your entire body. By the end of the class, you will feel like you have grown a few inches!
What You'll Need: Mat, Franklin Ball


Welcome to day seven where we w we will be unraveling the PSOAS and the stomach. So as a muscle is a big, big band of muscle that attaches to the base of the ribs in the back, runs in front of this, t...

Unravel Your Body Challenge: with Niedra Gabriel


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Loved this! A new area to roll and felt wonderful!
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Hi Niedra, I really liked this class, I did find it painful and not much release yet, I had a C section 2.5 yrs ago, could that make it harder to get through and release? How often would it be ok to do this a week?
Many thanks! loving this whole journey!
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This is a whole new game for me! :) Lots of new discoveries and surprises how tight this area was as I frequently use other ways to release my Psoas but not Stomach. Feeling my lower extremity is much lighter, and opened afterwards as I walk. What a treat to start my day (teachings), so delicious! Thank you very much Niedra.
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Thanks for this new gem of a sequence, Niedra :)) Yet another one i'll need to get back to from time to time!
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As a trainer I LOVE releasing the Psoas and the deep and superficial front lines......instructors get so tightened and shortened! Great class
Thank you Debra Anne P. Chloe Jenny and Lori for your comments. I know this front body work can be painful but well worth it. C sections can be challenging of course - scar tissue build up but no matter what your condition, this work helps the body recalibrate upwards.
Amazing! WOW. Thank you.
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Wow, I have never felt so much stretch and release in my front torso. Fantastic! And my tight left side has released a whole lot too! Thank you, Niedra Gabriel :)
I am applauding you Kirsty , this is awesome!
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Thank you Niedra! As always I enjoy listening to your discussion through the exercise. It's so much more enjoyable to do what's good for the body when the mind can connect it all!
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