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Class #3462

Side Body

20 min - Class


Welcome to Day 9! Today Niedra addresses the side of your body which can have amazing shifts and changes when it is released. It may be surprisingly tight in the beginning, but you will find more movement so you feel free and open.
What You'll Need: Mat, Franklin Ball, Overball

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Okay. Welcome today nine. Today we're going to be addressing the sideline of the body, which can have um, amazing shifts and changes when a person releases and opens it. And I'm warning you, it may be...

Unravel Your Body Challenge: with Niedra Gabriel


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This whole series is great. If there is a hip hike, do you recommend starting on one side over the other? (Guess this would also apply to other routines, I.e. tight hamstrings).
Once you get familiar with the tighter side of your body you can always do the tighter side first, then the looser side, then back to the tight side. Eventually you will be able to address your own unique body needs.
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This series has been phenot, with one class flowing into the next class. Would LOVE one video connecting all the routines without the pre and post tests! Hopefully Pilates Anytime would consider adding one more video!
Diane That's a great idea! No promises, but I see that as a possible reward for taking (and testing each time) the challenge!
Most likely we should have thought of that before now to make a clean edit for you and represent Niedra Gabriel well. I really appreciate the feedback and will see what I can do!
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All series is great!
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I teach a quarterly 2 hour WHOLE Body Myo Fascial Release Class its a wonderful reset for the Body and the benefits last for months. People love it.
Debra what a fabulous service you give with this 2 hour class. Yes, I am sure everyone has a total reset from it that is life changing. Great service !
Great thank you!
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Wow, the difference is amazing (from not being able to have my hands touch the wall behind me above my head, to having my hands on the wall!) I will now also do day 3 to see if I can make an even bigger difference. Thank you you are brilliant.
Lisette-Anne, I am so delighted to be reading your post and about the changes you are enjoying. Keep repeating as each time the changes get better.
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