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You will be inspired to move after seeing Tash Barnard's personal workout on the Reformer. She works on finding more length and release in her body after a long trip to California from South Africa. She encourages you to keep moving throughout the class, making sure you listen to your body so you stay safe in your practice.

Note: Because Tash gave us a glimpse of her personal workout, the transitions and cues to the next exercise aren't always stated. We recommend watching the class first and then trying it with Tash so you know what to expect when you take it.
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Hi, I'm Tash. Welcome back to Plata is anytime I am going to take you through a personal workout on the reformer, so welcome and enjoy it and just take it for what it is. And I've got this sitting on a am a medium to heavy seating, just as starting with a little warm up and then going into footwork. So I'm gonna just get into my position. Okay.

Oh, I'm feeling quite excited to meet my buddy after I traveled, probably 32 hours to get to Santa Barbara. Okay. South Africa is a long way. It's a good place to come from. And a good price to come to plot is anytime rocks. Thank you for joining me. Oh, so just take a deep inhale and I'm just going to take this moment to just reflect on this beautiful space and this view, feeling grateful.

[inaudible] feeling overwhelmed, feeling excited and feeling a little bit nervous. I will be honest. Ah, okay. Let's move our spines. Inhale on the exhale. Just press that spine down. Articulate the back.

[inaudible] insist activate in hell. Sure. [inaudible] can feel those hamstrings. They all waking up. [inaudible] AH, moving into some rotation, reaching the arms across and over, holding onto the foot pigs, lifting one leg at a time off the bar. Inhale, rotate the waist, knees to the right side.

I'm gonna Change my hands just to get a little deeper. Stretch reaching and holding onto the frame and I just always get a little click on this left side. Xcel back feels good. Inhale. Sure.

Let's do one more to each side. Just move the body. If you're an experienced teacher, you know your body. If you need to. This, just always make sure the body is in a safe spice. Skaters, Arabs working in hell. Excel left the hidden chased up. Sure.

Going to inhale, lift the arms just to challenge the abs a little bit and excel down. [inaudible] hi. Maintain the abdominal contraction as the arms left and lava and exactly. [inaudible]. [inaudible].

[inaudible] we'll do two more. Inhale and XL. So my husband's on this trip with me. We've been doing a bit of walking, climbing stays at sports stadiums, which is very different to my daily life. Back home or feel my legs need to maybe come onto the foot bar for the rotation after this, but feel free to keep your legs up.

Feel free to keep the legs up. I'm going to place my feet for a bit of erased. Yeah. Moving into some rotation. Ah, just getting the spine to move in. All the different ranges. Okay.

I think as teachers we need the rotation more than anything was we constantly changing springs helping clients into positions. Two more and alright. Place the hills on the Ba. Let's do some foot back. Inhale. Exhale. Wow.

[inaudible] just check him off. Feels a little bit that I'm pricing off the one leg more than the other leg. Maybe my hips out. Who knows. Flores was sought me out. Right. [inaudible] [inaudible] and one more and back.

Bring the balls of the feet to the bar exam. [inaudible] [inaudible] and Mike [inaudible] get that full hip extension cause this pelvis of mine has been sitting for a long time. [inaudible] and into the Small v position. [inaudible] [inaudible] and wide hills. Draw those adapters together.

It's my favorite cue to give with the wide hills, drawing the ED doctors together so clients get that extra muscle activation. So I'll just keep reminding myself. One more. Mintos vide [inaudible] to Mo. It's a lot of activity going on outside. Yeah. Helicopters, trains, birds, dolphins.

Sure. Into the car riders. Oh, I can feel these carbs from all this stays on Robo-Naut. Oh, we are you. Well, one more. One Moosejaw in hell and XL and let's hold it for a stretch. Okay. If you don't have an instructor guiding you through this, just hook the toys because yourself, give yourself an extra delicious stretch as Ashley says, and change around.

Sure. No tension in the shoulders. This is just your time. Be kind to yourself. Check in with your body all the time. All right. My royal up is my least favorite exercise in the whole manual, in all of the repertoire since the beginning in 2001 but because my legs were up, I dominated it. Okay.

I'm going to change my spring to Alaska resistance, going to do some ab dominoes and some hip work. So coming back up. Let's see if I can get that's right. And I kid you not, you can ask any of my instructors or my clients. The [inaudible] is not happening in this body, but I don't give up. I keep trying guys. Keep trying. Keep trying.

I'll try for Ava, right. Hands in the straps. Shoulders slightly away from the shoulder. Raced. [inaudible] I lifting the legs one at a time up off the bar. Uh, so I'm going to go into the sequence a little bit. Similar to what we did in the warmer, maintaining the flection in the chest, lifting the arms, bringing it back and lover down. Phil, I need some tennis balls in the shoulders to loosen them up a little bit.

This thoracic spine. Three more. Okay, last one back down. Let's place the feet in the straps pressing away and I'm going to start with some circles. Getting those hamstrings, hips to move a little bit, maintaining my pelvic stability, but just allowing my legs to move into a nice wide range. Two more and one and revise lengthening out of those hips.

So what you might or might not know is that Kristi was my teacher. Why back in 2001 and I remember doing the hip work with Christine Johannesburg all these years ago. Oh my goodness. And look where we are today. One more guys. I feel it is any time excel just into the openings. When Christie came to teach the basic course in Joburg, believe it or not, there was no internet people.

So we could not communicate the why we are communicating today. It was kind of like crazy and insane if you think about it. So she arrived, she taught us and she lived and one mall and hold it. Yeah. For a stretch. Ah. I enjoy the Stritch.

Do what you need to do. Maybe the niece needs to be paying to get into that hip joint. And I want to go into the short spine. One of my favorite exercises, Christy has my form. Can you even remember what his body looked like 18 years ago?

Oh my goodness. She saw the potential people fitting, Huh? He would have known. Sure. Ah, uh, feel so good on their hamstrings. On the spine. Okay.

And one more. So we all have our story. He need to go back and look at how bodies change. We see it with our clients, but do we actually respect and appreciate how our own bodies change? Mine certainly has hugely changed grateful every day. Thanks Joseph. Okay, so we're gonna move into some stretches.

I am feeling brave. I'm going to do the standing lunch here. This is my good hamstring and I'm just gonna Excel. Extend and move through it. Sure.

And one more [inaudible] Ah, and then let that heal raced and Perise underneath the bar. Getting a little deeper stretch and come back. And I'm going to transition from here into that. I'm straight. Ah, and one more, right? This is my not so good, um, string and I'm just going to keep in mid range. Trust me, it's much better than what it was a year ago. Oh, I had a bit of tendinopathy in this left hamstring of vine and just put a lot of rehab and being diligence and respecting the restriction.

I've managed to get a little bit more range in the last few months. Ah, ah, ah, AH, okay. [inaudible] right. I'm going to, okay. Do a variation of the mermaid inspired by on a very light spring. Great Grace. If you are watching, I remember seeing this little sequence of yours on Instagram and loving it.

So thank you for the inspiration. Makes it just a little bit more challenging having this strap in my elbow, but more yummy around the spine. Good. And inhale to the side, circle that the rest of spine up and around and sure. And one more [inaudible]. Ah, AH, please turn around.

[inaudible] ah, and inhale over. All right. Tight. So cool. Up and around. Three more inhale. Sure. Yay. And two more [inaudible] and okay. I'm going to finish off with a little variation to get those back extensors to work.

I'm going to add on a light spring from the very light into the life and I'm just going to extend yeah. And lift up and priests, priests. Okay. And we're gonna add in some on pulses, single, um, maintaining the extension. Okay. Ah, Eh, and one last street. Just letting it go.

Lifting up one more. Oh, I know, I know. Ah, okay. So that's me. I know she's going to hate this, but Christie, come and give me a big hug. Thank you for just the opportunity to be and to share my passion and for letting my passion come alive all those years ago. Perry, if you were not all cabled up at the back day, I would call you forward.

Nicole is also behind the scenes. Thank you so much for having me and for just for all of us to Shay, our passion for Polarez. We are so grateful. Thank you very much. Thanks for watching. You guys.

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Will be trying this later today. Love the circles with straps on elbows! I have enjoyed your classes, your warmth, your laugh and the happiness radiating from you. Kristi Cooper will always have my immense gratitude for the changes she has brought to my life and mobility and for the access she gives me to wonderful teachers like you!

I look forward to more classes with you! Thank you.
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Thank you! That felt awesome!
1 person likes this.
Thanks Trish, lovely even elegant workout. Beautifully simple but very effective . Thankyou
4 people like this.
Hi. I enjoyed your class especially the last two stretches. I have one comment. I would recommend more queues as I had to turn my head a lot while I was doing the workout to actually watch what you were doing rather than just listening. I've been doing Pilates anytime for about 2 years and it's easier to do the workouts without turning my head because I'm afraid to strain my neck. Please offer more verbal instruction.But I really enjoyed your workout thank you.
Kate V
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Thank you Tash, for a lovely, heartfelt, respectful workout. Reminded me that I don't have to beat myself up to effectively work my body well! As teachers we sometimes we sometimes take better care of others than ourselves. Thank you again to the reminder to be kinder!
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Loved it Tash !! Thanks so much
1 person likes this.
This was simply marvelous! Loved it and I will do it myself as often as I can. Love and share your passion for Pilates. Thank you. Can't wait to watch more from you.
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I've taken all of your latest classes! I've also taken so many of your other ones as well. I just love them and your teaching. I know I'll be getting a great workout and feel strong! Keep coming back!! Thank you again and again:)
Feeling longer and stronger this morning because of this class! Thank you Tash - I felt your passion and related to your body struggles....the journey continues!!
Loved this and I love YOU Tashie!! ❤️💥😘
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