Class #3674

Jump Board Coordination

50 min - Class


Get ready to work hard and sweat with this Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She teaches a full-body class, using the Jump Board and Fitness Ball to challenge your coordination, strength, and stamina. She uses many exercises that will help improve your power including a plank that serves as a transition between each section.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

About This Video


Hi everyone. I'm here for reformer workout and I have Sarah working out with me today. We're going to have fun. We're ready to work hard. Uh, put on your jump board. We're doing a lot ...


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WOW AMY! A fun jumping class, really broke a sweat and felt great. Loved using the ball, so did feel like a kid again. Thank you
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This was fun! Yes I remember in the early PA days your jump/ball classes. Fun and challenging then and now! Thank you Amy!
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Lift, land, thank you, m’am !! Really enjoyed your creativity and cueing! Thank you, Amy!
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Great class! Love using the ball! Thank you:)
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My friday morning jumpers are in for a treat! Thank you Amy! So grateful to PA for providing so many valuable instructors to the world!
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Loved this class, thank you!
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This was awesome!
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Tho, to make the planks more interesting I did second one single leg, and third one moving carriage one inch by foot flexion, or stretching through heel
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Thank you Amy and Sarah! A great Fun Friday workout as the snow falls!
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Really, really enjoyed this class! Love the way Amy cues and preps each new moment! Balls are fun!
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