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Spinal Articulation Tower

40 min - Class


Allow the assistance from the springs to help you in your movements in this Tower workout by Amy Havens. She focuses on spinal articulation, trying to bring fluidity into each exercise. She also works on the communication between your body and the springs so that you can use the equipment to deepen the connection your body.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi everyone. Amy here for a tower workout. You can also do all of this on your Cadillac if you're choosing to do it that way. What you'll need are your rollback springs, but I have the...


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Thank you Amy, that was a wonderful class! I loved all the spinal work. I still struggle with magician, I have a strong lordotic curve in my lower spine and feel compression every time I am up in the air. I am trying to release, but it's difficult to impossible to not feel my lower back.
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Thank you Amy. I felt my body open and piable. A 40 min. of goodness🙏
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Loved it Amy, thank you for the fun class! I couldn´t do the magician without some strange pull in my cervival spine up the head but needs practice, I guess..
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Thank you for reminding us to flow and be strong. The effort cueing was a subtle reminder to work through the body as a whole and allowing for increased mobility. I also really appreciated all the shoulder and back work in relationship to the spine in this session. This left me taller, with improved posture by activating the supporting postural muscles.
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I loved all that spinal flexion and extension. Especially the extension over the back of the table. Your cueing was spot on! I FINALLY got my mat conversion for my reformer / tower unit In my home studio so was very excited to see this class. Thank you!
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Wonderful class, Amy! You’re lovely to listen to also, your queues are great. Thanks!
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That lovely class felt delicious on my body. Also, I loved the new ideas and your cueing was very enlightening as always. Thanks a lot Amy :))
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Practiced this class between clients—love the strong gooey flow. Thank you!
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Thank you Amy, felt incredible and the sweet dessert ending was scrumptious!
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Thank you! I love your gentle approach with yourself and your teaching! Loved doing magician with you! It was truly magical :)
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