Class #3545

Release and Strengthen Mat

45 min - Class


Your hips and legs will feel brand new after this Mat workout with Niedra Gabriel. She uses some of the release techniques from her Unravel Your Body Challenge so that you can restore the elasticity in your body. She starts with release work, then goes into strengthening Mat work, and then back to release work.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball (2), Magic Circle


Good afternoon everybody. [inaudible] Gabrielle here with Palladio's any time today's Matt class has got real real people in it, which is kind of the challenge if you are as a teacher,...


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Great class realy awesome šŸ’
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Great class but I was so sore a few days after the class I will have to be a little more gentler with the Magic Circle. The deep tissue work is wonderful. Thank you
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amazing class for tight hip areas
Thank you all for your comments. Glad you are enjoying the work
Excellent class!!!
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Again, thanks a lot for sharing the content of your tool box, Niedra!
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LOVE this. Excellent fascia release and hip flexor release. Thank you for this. Going into all of my classes today!!
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Thank you so much, Niedra! My hips needed this and I canĀ“t wait to do this work with my clients!
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Nice variations! I like the simple suggestion to use tennis balls in socks! Thank you!
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Thank you, Niedra for more 'release work'. I am a year and a half post severe dog bite into left shin/calf. The shin release really got into the sensitive areas, which gives me hope for resolution. I was ready to 'give up'...
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