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Reformer Variations

50 min - Class


You'll see an example of how to teach a multi-level class with this Reformer workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches two students, one who is an experienced Pilates teacher and another who is brand new to the Reformer, sharing some of the techniques she uses to make sure that both students get a good workout. She uses a more contemporary style than usual, focusing on strengthening the hips and legs. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

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Good afternoon everybody. I'm the Edward Gabrielle here at the beautiful studio for Palazzos anytime and today we're going to do a reformer workout. I have done the other here was a pr...


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I love the emphasis placed on connecting to lats & the diamond approach invaluable to help clients “feel” that connection! Very nice:...
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Wow! Niedra! Thank you for such a fun and invigorating session. I ALWAYS learn something new to take away when you are teaching. Your cues are the best! I always feel the work deeper and more correctly with your cues. Bringing the armpits to the ribs or waist makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you for providing those feel great connections. I appreciate your energy and always enjoy your classes.
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Truly enjoyed this class. Her directions was easy to follow and description of what muscles should be connecting and working was very helpful.
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This is really great- the emphasis of the lats connection with the diamond shape and then thru pulling straps and then thru back rowing is really great - however I don’t feel this model is enough of a beginner when it comes to teaching real beginners - I mean what about when you have a 75 yr old man with a pot belly and diabetes and an athletic young trainer both in class .... that’s a real challenge to combo teach ! These are the kind of situations I find myself in!
Thank you all for your comments. Elizabeth I fully understand the challenge of dealing with a VAST spectrum of body types within a beginner dimension. I cannot answer your question ! its about how flexible and quick the teacher is in figuring out what cues and exercises can be done by these two different bodies, and cue each one appropriately for the needs and challenges. from the teacher's perspective you need to be VERY fast in your group cueing ( I will often cue one student one way and yell to the other to NOT do what I am saying but something else.)
This could be an interesting video to do : two different types of beginners in the same class, how to manage this....
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Thank you Niedra Gabriel -you bring so much joy and enthusiasm to your classes- really enjoyed the bridging series with the magic circle- my hips feel so much better now! Totally using this series for my classes this week- thanks for the inspiration💜
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Great workout. Loved her cueing!
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Loved your class Niedra Gabriel ! It was versatile and challenging! My fav combo!
Thank you Denee Colleen and Patti for posting your comments. Always enjoy reading feed back. i am thrilled that you enjoyed the reformer workout.
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