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You'll see an example of how to teach a multi-level class with this Reformer workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches two students, one who is an experienced Pilates teacher and another who is brand new to the Reformer, sharing some of the techniques she uses to make sure that both students get a good workout. She uses a more contemporary style than usual, focusing on strengthening the hips and legs. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Magic Circle

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Oct 17, 2018
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm the Edward Gabrielle here at the beautiful studio for Palazzos anytime and today we're going to do a reformer workout. I have done the other here was a professional teacher, had been doing polarities forever and I have Dorcas who's a personal trainer and has never ever been on the machines before. So this is an example of how to deal with a multilevel class and we are working on balanced body equipment. Daniella is not that familiar with this type of equipment.

Dorcas of course does know anything anyway, and this is a more contemporary style workout. So the mind tension for you is first of all to have a real fun, different sort of workout works, the legs and the hips a lot. Also to see how you can manage different levels and really get your client challenged but working at the same time. And how I deal with a professional person and a beginner, um, who is an athlete but has never done pilates before. So to share some of my bag of tricks and maybe help you have more tricks because it's all about tricks. So ladies to introduce to you, Dorcas.

When you sit down, you're going to come right close to the front, hold your elbows. So use your legs to come down and then you will lie down and lie down with your head here. So I'd like you two ladies to sit down in the lie down. Okay. Now both of you stand up again. Dorcas hold here. No hands. So we learned to use our legs and our hips just sit down on the machine.

Very good. Now you can use your hands to swivel around. Lie down on your backs. I always get them at that first point. So lying down on your backs. I'd like you both in what we call Pilati stance. Toes slightly apart. The balls of the feet are on, the heels are high. And before you start out, both you ladies lift your head up and check your own body alignment.

Pilates Stance

You want to make sure you're in the middle of the machine, so have a look and decide if you really are. If you're not usually people off to one side or the other, but you want to make them figure it out for themselves before you push out. I want you to tighten your buttocks towards each other. Imagine pulling your heels towards your bottom so you activate your hamstrings. Check that your stomach is in and press all the way out to straight pause at the top all the way out. Go, go, go, go, go. Stretch the knees all the way.

Dorcas inner thighs tight. Bend your knees and come back in and now again, push out again and come back in now a little bit faster and press and in and press and in to keep on going with this movement. Keep the hips nice and tight. Keep the stomach in and at the same time, don't hike your hips up torx. Feel yourself steady. Keep moving. Don't stop. So you're kind of moving in, out in, in the back is nice and long and this is one last time out. You go along and come back in. The next one is called bird on a perch. Arches.

You move your feet forward just below the metatarsal. His knees together, feet together. Very important. The sit bones are wrapping, even advanced people miss out on that. Daniela, is God going out? You go again, press and come back in. Now as you do it to keep going ladies, you want to really be working these toes down and also push the heels towards me.


So both of you want this arch and heel working so it's challenged. This is called footwork and you want to make sure the feet are working hard and active because we under use our feet a lot in daily life to kind of in shoes. Nobody knows and they never get to work. So we want to wake them up. Keep those toes wrapping down and one more time out and come back in. Now move on to the heels. Spread all five toes, nice and wide. Knees together, feet together, bottom tight stomach and push out and pull the toes up and pull back in.

Heels Parallel

So start going a little bit faster. Now you're warming up the legs, you're attempting to keep your backlog and your collarbones in Nice and wide. Your arms along the toes, a spread in the feet. Really open up those toes. Keep on going. Press three and in and two and in and one and in. Now next one. And you come in, you come, you always finish in.

So the no spring tension when you do transition, he now, this is a trick one. How wide can you let your knees drop at all? My goodness. Wide, wide, wide, wide, wide. People don't. Now find the muscles right here on the outside of your hips. Make those knees go out, not from the knees, from the glutes. Feel that. Pull your stomach in. Press all the way out, keeping the knees.

Second Position Heels

You're going to be like a frog out. You go and come back in. Push all the way out. So keep going with this movement. Every time you come in, double check that the knees are still at maximum external rotation. They will want to drift in because everybody wants to get into the quads. So every time you come back and check and these two ladies have a massively big range of movement in the hips. Use it. Just challenge it because if you want to strengthen that glute medius area at the same time, check that the stomach is in and you're working from the hips, not working just from the feet. This'll be your last one. Come back in.

Her eyes are getting bigger and bigger now onto the balls of the feet. Lift the heels. You can bring the knees in. Some now want really stable ankles and press out in and again. So now to a whole other ball game, what's being asked to happen in the legs. So today's workout is really working the legs quite a bit and the hips, the back stays nice and long. The legs are lengthening. So as you push out, really feel how the pressers going into the balls of the feet. Ladies. So far, so good, nice long work.

Second Position Toes

Keep those heels slightly lifted so you're not collapsing. We all get very weak in the ankles because we never use that part of the foot and it's part of the spring mechanism in the legs that keep the tissue of the legs young and vibrant. One last time, Dorcas. Keep those heels up and come back in. She's checking good work. Bring the legs together, toes together, knees together, feet to get buttocks tight. Push all the way out with the legs and press both. Here's the heels down towards me. This is called tendon stretch.

Tendon Stretch

And then lift the heels up. You push into the toes and lift and lower down and up. As you do this, tighten your buttocks and keep them working so you're stretching out your calves as you're doing this. Getting length in the backs of the leg, keeping the lower back nice and long. He'll stay together. Dorcas in, but innercise strong. Two more times the ass. I know it's a massive stretch for people who've never done this before and giving them an extra stretch. They love you, they suffer and they love you. Bend your knees and come back in ladies. Very, very nice place your, by the way, up til now, three reds. Dorcas is on two reds and a blue.

I am liking everybody. Now. Two only two reds. You will take the magic circle and place it between your knees. Feel your back nice and flat, your arms along. Start squeezing the magic circle so you're going to be pulsing. And the big thing to check here that the pelvis is stable.

Leg Adduction

You don't want a rocking pelvis. And the first place to explore is your adductors. Inner thighs. Now add the outer size and the glutes. So there's this massive work in the hips making this all happen. Very good. Now squeeze the magic circle. Roll your hips up in the air.

Keep the squeeze, lift your bottom up. Don't move the machine. Roll down. Release your knees. Squeeze again. Lift your hips up, lower the hips down. Release your knees and squeeze again. Lift your hips up, roll down, release your knees, squeeze, lift up, lift a little higher, Dorcas. Roll down. Release this time you'll stay up. Squeeze and lift up. Stay there and start pulsing with your knees. Really working those inner thighs.

Bridge with Adduction

Nice and okay. Very nice. Roll down. Very good. Daniella. No turnout here and now released Unis just for a second. Ladies, you're going to squeeze, lift up again. Stay up and go out in and you do not need to go to straight need. So up you come Dorcas, and now push out with the leg.

Pelvic Lift with Adduction

So now we're getting all of this and then come in again. You don't have to go to straight, but you want to work those legs. So the hip connection from the pelvis into the knee starts to really be challenged and worked. And surprisingly many people can do this even though it's hard, but it's so good for their hips and for their glutes and for their lower back and for the hamstrings. Come back, roll everything down. Take your magic circle, bring your knees into your chest.

The magic circle goes over the feet. You hold the magic circle. Send your heels to the ceiling in this position. Check that the heels are right above the sit bones. The tail is down. You really work the flax. And so this is going down. This is going up.

Hamstring Stretch

And then you lengthen into the backs of the knees. Make sure the heels are right above the sit bones. Yes. So you're pressing these bones right down into the sockets. Now you take the magic circle, place it on the outside, bend your knees, put your feet back on the bar, and we reverse the challenge. So here you are, arms, nice and long. Push the knees out.

Leg Abduction

So you widen and then relax. Now as you do this movement, check that the legs are working evenly. We often have one leg very different in the socket from the other or rotate differently. So this is a massively wonderful opportunity to feel what's happening in my sockets. Does one leg work different days with, do I have one like the two more week than the other? You want to focus that the pelvis is widening, the bones are widening, but still from your knee to your hip, you're activated. Now you press out, hold it there, lift your bottom up, and then roll down again. Release. Press out again. Lift your bottom up.

Bridge with Abduction

Now Roll and Tuck your tail a little Dorcas, and then roll down to now you roll through the spy and release again. Press the knees out, Tuck your tail and lift up and send the knees away from you. Ah Ha. And roll down. So we're getting the opening and to heal. And again, press roll your hips up, send the knees way and roll down. Very good. One more time ladies. Roll up and hold it there, Preston. Roll up and now start pressing out with the knees. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push everything Rhodes down. One more time. Very, very nice. Now you will lift up again, stabilize your glutes and push out in in. Again.

Pelvic Lift with Abduction

You don't have to go very far out if that Daniella is going to be brave. So you press out in in. So you're now you're really challenging all of this out. Outer Line of the leg to fire and support the pelvis in with alignment with the different ranges of movement. We get weak in the hips, we get unstable, especially as we get a little bit older. It's so, so, so important to keep that area strong and powerful and this is a very effective way to do it. Excellent lady. Calm back in. Roll everything down. Take the magic circle, give yourselves a hamstring stretch again, hold.

Hamstring Stretch

Press up with the feet. You want to make sure that again, magic circle is on the ball of the feet. Heels are up right above the hips, so the heels are above the hips. I'm pushing down, so I'm getting those bones into the socket to tail to down, and you're working that flax. Excellent work. Take the magic circle, place it on the side of your Mateen, and now we're getting the feet into hip with the part and I am putting them on one red spring. I'm putting the red spring in the middle. Feel the stability of the pelvis. Bend your right knee to tabletop, right.

Single Leg Press

Anchor your hips and roll. Actually before you roll out. Push out and in with the leg. So you just now and come back in. You don't want the hips moving around, so you need them really stable. All those muscles, you just challenged yourself with the, you need to hold them so the pelvis doesn't move. Very, very good to learn how to do. That's it. Again, keep this knee a table top. That means the knee is above the hip and in yeah, and press.

And in keeping the very stable hips. One more time out and in, let's have you change legs so you always change in. You get that sense of very square pelvis, anchoring the hips into the socket, push out an in with the single leg. Very good press. So they're on one spring, both of them. They're working very hard right now to keep the pelvis nice and steady and one more time like this and come back and get the first foot down again. The right leg is lifted tabletop.

Single Leg Bridge

Now the machine does not move. I'm very anal about my tabletops, exact 90 degree angle. Lift your bottom up and down. Don't let the machine roll so you lift the hips and go down. So now it's starting to be real challenging because we are have a challenging all the stabilizers of the pelvis and there's all sorts of ways that people can cheat. But these ladies are doing pretty good up and down and one more time like this. Use that stomach and the glutes and the whole connection.

Excellent work and down. Change your legs. Other leg comes up, table top. They're all laughing here because it's such hard work. So you lift your bottom up and down. Now what do you watch for? Except for me watching them. You out there in cyberspace need to watch that one hip doesn't drop that you don't twist and turn. Take your time.

It may take you a you or your client a few times to figure it out, but you want everything to lift and the machine should not move out in, in. It's an up and down movement instead of an inch out. Good work. Now change to the first leg again. So again, you're at this 90 degree angle, ladies, you will both of you lift up and now you will go out and in without the wobbly starts. So how far out you go is your call but have a go. Your bottom goes up and then you go out and in really working all around.

Single Leg Pelvic Lift Parallel

So you need to wrap the hips strongly. You need to pull your stomach up, you need to clamp the glutes towards each other and you need to make that hamstring work and you need to make that socket work. So it's quite something and other side, their eyes are getting bigger and bigger. That's when you know you're really getting into the juice. So bottom comes up and then you go out and in. Very nice there, Daniella.

Okay, very, very good work. And just one more time. Excellent work. Lower your bottom down after this last rep say, and then both of you bend your knees into your chest. Just give yourself some nice little hug. Hold the tops of the knees. Try and bring your knees together. If you can, just squeeze them in so you'll have a nice squeeze. If you're a teacher, I always like to come in and give them a little nice pressure.

Sometimes their knees can be tight or the hips tight and just gentle rock side to side. Keep the knees together, Dorcas. Right now, both of you bring your feet back, have your feet together, take your right foot, knee up and place it full figure four stretch. So you bring it up because you worked those hips. Now bring that foot back down again because both ladies swivel their hips like crazy. This is a shocking thing to do. So you anchor the hips, you anchor the ribs, the pelvis does not move.

Figure Four Stretch

Now lift the leg up without the pelvis moving and when you rotate this knee up, do not move the pelvis much better. Very challenging. It's, and this hip has come up a little bit Danniella. There it is. You want the two hipbone still the same. They will tend to swivel on you or your client and then you're adjusting the pelvis for the hip socket you wanted pure into the hip socket without anything changing. You press the knee towards me, up the right leg just to get pressure from the socket. Excellent work.

Now drop this left knee out. Imagine it's going to the floor even though it's not going to go to the fridges out there. Take the right hip and press it back towards the Mat so you're getting this nice pressure. Take the right knee and press it away towards the heel. Massive, massive stretch. I'm in love with this. It's so I'm speechless. You get to see the devil back you com, whatever.

It can be a wake up call for aspects of the hips that are very tight. Things start to really change when you do it other side. So lift the other side up. Other knee. Yes, Dorcas. Good girl. That was awesome. Nice. Both of you. Awesome. Press the knee towards the ocean for your Dorcas.

Actually the ocean for both of you. The right hip is the one that needs to check that it's grounded and now start dropping your right knee out to the right, right knee to the right other way, Dorcas away. And then you take your left pelvis. Once you've gone out and you press it towards the math and you take that left knee and you press it down, this is in tense at times. Very good ladies, come back up, bend your knees in. Give them a little hug.

That was so good feedback on the bargain. I'm, yeah, you're still on one spring. Toes apart. Heels together. Pilati stance. So you want to be in this V, both of you take your right leg and lifted up to the ceiling. You want your heel opposite your nose on the midline, your left heel is high up. Yes. So this leg is straight up. Now both of you push out with your left and you have to work yet Parikh really hard out. You go to straight out, out, out, out, out.

Single Leg Combo

Now both of you flex the like this on the bar and flex this foot point both feet. Push and bend this knee and lower this leg down and press up and flex and point and lower and lift and flex and point and lower and lift and flex. Work the butt up and lower so it's all stomach and glutes. Last one, lower up and both feedback on the bar. Pilati stance. Bend your knees and Dork is always, always transition in so there's no spring tension.

Lift the other leg up. Legs are straight. Hips are tight. So what do I look for right here? I'm looking at the little muscles here. They need to be clumped together. They can be lax and loose. Even on advanced. People who don't trust the look out, you go with both legs to straight. Keep those little glute muscles tight. Now from here, wrap here.

Flex both feet point both feet and bend the right knee. As the left leg goes long, press up, lower down and point and lower and lift and flax and point and lower. And last one, lift and flex and point and lower. Very, very good. Come back in. Bend both knees into your chest as permitted. Give him a last hug.

And then ladies put your feet back on the bar and reach back. Then the Liu have two straps are going to hold the straps with your hands. So reach up with these hands and bring them up. Now the feet we're taking and bringing to tabletop you on one red spring right now we're going to check test this. So when the legs come to table Top, the knees are right above the hips. Your buttocks of v? Yes, you have that clamp. So the hips are wrapped. Now I'd like you to bring your hands into a diamond shape so the index finger and thumb have placed this way.

Yes, fingers are together and the elbows are a little bit Ben. So you have this diamond shape. Now find your armpits, pull your armpits to your waist down. Now just pull down and up with the arms. The movement has to come from the armpit engaging to the waste. So we're connecting the arms to the lab.

Arms Reaching Forward

The labs are initiating it and very often PN up again. Bend your elbows, Bend your elbows a little bit more. So as you pull down, now when people are doing this correctly, there's a few things you can look for. There's a hollow hole in the armpit. Very, very good. That means the shape of the armpit is a clue and you can feel them activate and you can see the side muscles activate. So many of us have very little connection into our laps.

Now ladies, what you're going to add as you pull down, pull down and hold it there. Keep your stomach long and you extend the legs and bend them back to tabletop. Extend the legs so the legs extending from the stomach and your buttocks and the arms are connected into the lat, so the whole trunk. Keep moving, Dorcas. So you don't stop and press and bend and press and bend. And one more time like press and bend. Very good.

Double Leg Stretch

Lift the arms back up. Then the knees all the way into your chest. Lift the arms up, Dorcas. So you release the tension. So again, the hand is flat. Index finger and thumb is together. Pull the armpits to your waist before you even start. Pull the arms down again. Lift the leg straight up to the ceiling. In this position, rotate these little sit bone muscles together. Lower the lakes, 45 degrees. Lift up using your stomach, lower the legs and lift them up. One more time like this low or the legs long stomach. Lift them up, bend your knees and lift the arms back up. So you let go of all the tension.

Lower Lift

Now your arms are going to be straight to the ceiling, not locked but long. And you want to find this armpit to waste connection. This saves a lot of heartache with pushing the shoulder down. Cubic is really, you need the connection into the laps that re and this suddenly frees up the neck. So ladies from here legs, we'll come back to table top. Use the connection of armpit the waist to pull the hands down to the mat.

Pull down and then lift up again. So as you go down and up, keep going down with the arms and up. It's not a heavy tension at this first part, but what my focus is is to see are they connecting the arms to the trunk rather than pulling from the arms? Big, big, big difference. Now lift your head and chest as you pull down and up. Pull down and up. Very good.

Arms Reaching Forward

One more time. Pull down and up. Now we add extending the legs. Pull down, lift your head and extend. Pull down and lift your head and drop your head down. Arms go up and pull down. Lift your head and back up. This last one, you pull down and hold. Extend your legs out. Hold the deepen into your stomach. Reach the hands, shoulder height.

Arms Reaching Forward w/Forward Flexion

Take a deep breath in. Just hold it. Push into your hands. Exhale, breathe in. Exhale, I'm setting them up for hundreds. One more time. Breathe in. Exhale, bend your knees, lift your arms up and rest. Oh k feet on the bar. Slip those handles back on those straps back here. Please step off your machine to swing your legs to one side. So you're sitting.

Hundred Preparation

Good girl, Dorcas. She's checking. Swing your legs to here. Oh she's so gorgeous. Hold your elbows with your hand. So when you stand up, do not use your hands. Now you get up. Please stand up and stand up. Excellent work. Let's take the long box. So I am setting the, the, the machine up for Dorcas cause she doesn't know.

But later on we will teach her to do all of this. The foot bar is coming down. Actually that's even better down. Now we will start with pulling on the straps. Ladies. So just to show you what's going to happen, stand with your hands in front of you. Feet will be together.

Pull your stomach in, pull the armpits down. This is so cool. If very important. Now pull the arms down and as the arms go back, pull the shoulders back to squeeze the shoulder blades. Bring the arms forward, pull down again and lift your head to the ceiling. Notice how your sternum lifts and look forward. One more time. Pull down, look up at the ceiling, Dorcas and lifting here, but keep your stomach in your bottom tight. Excellent, and release. Okay, you both are going to lie on the box, Dorcas, you will stand up, walk forward, lower down. And let's have you with on this box with your breasts, just about over the edge.

There's different placements that you can be, but for today we are placed you here. So up you come. Okay, she's being thrown in the deep end and here you go. Hold on and hold the, you want to reach forward with your hands and hold here. You're not holding the, you're holding up way, way, way up here. So you're holding the rope. Very good. Now both of you heels are together, your legs are slightly lifted. I'm looking for this tightness of the bat and bottom wrap and the stomach pulling in deeply. Now from here on out, it will be the same movement. So start pulling back with the arms straight down back.

Pulling Straps

Now squeeze your shoulder blades and lift your chest just a little bit lower back down again, long arms. The arms stay long and straight and close to the frame pool. Squeeze those shoulder blades to gather and release the arms outlet. The chest drop back to neutral stomach is in the whole time. Bottom is tight and Paul, squeeze those shoulder blades tight, tight, tight, tight, tight. Pinch them and down and again, pull back, squeeze a shoulderblades, squeezing them, squeeze them, squeeze them and down. And this last one, lady B, release out.

You will pull back and get those hands as close to your bottom as you can. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull and squeeze the shoulder blade. Open that chest and release down. Okay, good. Let's have you put the hopeless straps back on those little metal pegs. So they go one and one please step off and you will now come. Just step off the box and you're going to turn around and sit with your feet here and your bottom. He has, they're going to be facing the back of the reformer so you they exactly.

I love this girl. She knows how to go for it. All right, now we're doing a similar move, but from a sitting position you go to have the arms long. So not the straps holders. So when you place it, you want to, here we are. You want to hold the arms as long as possible, but you want to feel from your tail to your head a straight line. So Dorcas, you're very arched. You want like a broomstick? Imagine a broomstick behind you. Very good. Nice. Now. So the lift is kind of in the middle. Inside your body. Now you pull down with the arms without changing shape to the arms or pull down, squeeze very good. And then release back again.

Arm Pull

So try not to splay the chest too much, just pull down and then pinch the shoulder blades so the chest widens. Very Good Daniela. That's beautiful. And pull. Open the chest and back. Now I know the knee, I love that the box is wide, but try to keep the hands gliding against the side of the box. So they go, oh, that's nice. Excellent girls. Two more times like this. And pull and back. One more time. Pull and back.

Now we're adding more work into the lats. So you will take your strap and just hook it down. And You keep the right arm nice and long. And you have your left hand just placed in front of you on the box so that you have a sense of square. You want to be aware of shoulders and hips being even. Now wait, what you will do is bend the right elbow and pull the arm back.

Single Arm Pull

So you're going to pull and, and so you're, this is the movement, okay? No, and keep moving and forward. Now as you do this, I want you to start the movement from the armpit, shoulder and rib cage. So back you go. The arm is a reaction to the connection to the trunk. Now as you do this, keep your ribs. Don't hike up too much. Shoulder, armpit, ribs, cool and back. That's right. And Paul. Okay.

And back. So what are we focusing on? Whim. Really making sure that they find this connection into the trunk. One more time. Like this, and back. Now you hook, you gonna hold with the same hand, but you're doing a crossover. So you shift. That's a Daniella, and from here you will be doing this. So you have this rotation or movement.

Single Arm w/Spinal Rotation

So still the body stays straight so you pull that elbow back. But make sure it comes from the armpit and the ribs. And once you have the connection of the arm movement into your trunk, start adding a rotation to the right. So you pull and you turn to the right. Your head will turn with you and then you extend your arm. So the trick with this, just keep going. The pelvis doesn't move at all.

All of the rotation is happening above the pelvis in the race and in the ribs, and the movement is initiated from the armpit into the ribs. It's not from the hands. That's the trick. If you get this, every workout you do will be different. You will have so much power and stability and health and beautiful arms. Yeah, excellent work. You will now go to the with the other hand.

So just shift the same strap you hold with the other side. Your free hand is anchored on the box. Very good. First of all, just pull your elbow back. So you start by, the movement is just pulling back, but you want to feel it's shoulder blade, shoulder, and arm and ribs. So if you're doing this right, you will feel your lats working very hard and you feel the whole side of the ribs and the trunk active. The stomach is holding you very stable. It's like a little corset. One more time like this. This is excellent. Okay, very nice. Now you will shift. So the same hand will be working, but you take the crossover strap so the other hand is still in front to get a sense of squareness. Ideally knees together.

Single Arm Pull

Ribs go back. No, no, no. Your your arm. Now pull up that some Dorcas and start pulling Daniella. Dorcas, you tend to inflate to be straight. You want to actually, it'll feel you want to find it inside your body. Yes. So you feel that's good. Now you start from your shoulder and armpit. So the shoulder blade armpit it. Excellent. Yes. So it takes a bit of time for New People to learn how to have a stabilized trunk that's not over inflated and yet they get power from it.

Single Arm w/Spinal Rotation

It's a reeducation to great extent and for you, Dork is, I want the shoulder blade. Remember, yes, people hike up their shoulders a lot in an attempt to work out and then they're just using the trapezius muscle. We really want to retrain and build the power. Now start the rotation and the you will use that trunk to get the rotation to happen. So armpit, ribs, waist, lovely check as you do this, that your hips are not moving and both of you look very cool so that it really a rotation of the trunks. And I often check the knees if the knees are moving. I know that some work has slipped into the wrong part of the body. We don't want that. One more time ladies. You're doing great. Pull, rotate and back. Okay, hook that strap back down.

I would like you to step down and step back. You're going to do short box on the long box. Super Fun place to be. So sit here, Dorcas, and have your legs in the strap and your feet will be set somewhere here at your comfort level. Not Underneath that. Above it, I would say no. You do not want it hooked up underneath. Yes. Okay.

Now you are both going to be rolling back and rolling up. Let's both of you have your hands on your belly. I don't care. What I really care about is that you can flex this strap is going, it's going to be something you'll be using to keep you stable. So let's have, let's have for you Dorcas your hand right at the base of the ribs that's have for you as well. So when you start rolling back, you want to pull the ribs backwards, so round yourself, feel the front ribs closing and your back ribs opening. Now Start Rolling back and feel that you're really pressing your sacrament wastes to the mat and then you curl up again. Very good. Two Dorcas for you.

Round Back

That's good. Roll back against the, now you're working articulation of the spine. Really get the lower back down. Excellent. So then the yellow of course knows this exercise as well and come back up to the Dorcas. Your goal is to get the lower back on to the box so you really press, you press your sacrum under you and now she's going back. But don't lose this Aha. Bring your head forward deep and into your stomach and curl up.

And one last time. This time you get to abandon yourself to hanging over the edge. Now the beauty of the long box is where ever the client places themselves. If Daniella was further over the the box would be right here for her. This is good.

She's very flexible so she could bend way over. Torque is over. You go over, over, over Daniella, stay up. Let yourself go. Let the ribs lengthen. Now Curl your head up, deepen into your stomach. Close those ribs that come up. Both of you been forward. Grab your knees, pull your head and chest down and give yourself the super squeeze. Come back up to a sitting position. Hands behind your head.

Lift your head and chest up. Now remember, it's not an inflated position. Imagine yourself against a broom stick straight and like a straight plank, you will lean back from the hips. Nope, don't close these straight. Lift up from here and straight line and bring those elbows forward. Soften here. Soften here and back you go. She's working very hard. It's a Japanese for her.

Flat Back

One more time and then forward, relaxed down. Grab your knees, pull yourselves down, come back up again. Lift up nice and tall. Remember no flame, chest, straight line. Imagine your spinal column like a straight line. Bring the elbows a little bit forward. Good girl. Yes. Lift. Both of you. Lean forward so that you're on a diagonal chest as of now.

And from this position. Imagine you're making a long stretch without bending, reaching from both hips. Come back, lean forward. Lengthen both sides of the waist on a lone diagonal. See working in the obliques and up, not bending. Pull those ribs back, elbows back forward. Elbows forward, ribs back and back. Other side, long and back. Now we do something different. You're going to be right above the hips, elbows a forward. And as though you're leaning against the wall, bend down.

Side to Side

So now you opening up your side ribs and up other side bands. He opening up those ribs, different stretch all together. One more time for a side and other side. Very nice. Lift up even more. Rotate to the right and back to the center. Lift.

Rotate to the left and center. One more time to the right and center and to the left and center. All K very good. Step off. So this is an all levels class. You can always add all the short box variations with tree, but we will do a side stretch. Now place your box and place it sideways. Dorcas, you are going to be sitting with your bottom on your side, your right leg in here and your left knee is bent up in front of you.


Daniela fates her. So you're going to face the Nila and your right leg is hooked here, right? You'll have to move your bottom to the middle of the box, right? This foot is going to be hooked underneath. Wow. And or maybe bring the knee for the forward. So your knife. Now both of you take this hand and put it on the headrest down.

So you want to feel the needle. Do you like the knee hiked up that much more down? Maybe it's up to you. Now this is just a stretch out your side body. You're going to either just Daniella for, you may just bend this knee, this elbow home, or you take this hand to the floor and you stretch your right arm over your head. It's a stretch. You're going to bring this hand to the floor, Dorcas. Yes, and this handover, so you have this amazing stretch. Let yourself go all the way. Daniella, just stretch yourself out.

Side Sit Up

Let the arm bend. So we're now all putting up the side body. Massively. Very good ladies. Come on up. Hands Behind your head and five times you're going to go out to the side and lift up. So we're working now into these side waist muscles and two and long, both sides of the waist stay long and three and long and four and one more time and long and five other side. Just get the foot out.

Whoever ran to your back to back. You set this foot up in the Strat, very good. The knee and the hip are out. You get your hand onto the headdress first. Make sure your, your leg is nicely anchored and pulling on the strop. It could be in the air. And then drop yourself down to the floor. Look down, get to the floor. Dorcas, this tall, she's I think five, seven.

So for her, this is a nice way to go. Daniella is four foot 11 so in her case, she's good girls, but she's a superstar. So she is, she could, I figured out someone very tiny in a big machine, they can stay with a hand on the headdress. Just nice stretch. Now bring yourselves back up. Woe hand behind your head. What happened there? Oh, okay. And our down and up five times. That's it. So keep the leg in the strap, working very strongly and use your waist muscles and down and up and down and up and down and up. One more time.

Down and up. Good work. Step off your box onto the floor. Good work. Please take your boxes off. So you'll hold either side. No. Uh, Dorcas. Yep. Grab those handles, walk back and place it so that the knight's pretty side of the boxes facing out. Yes. And let me show you this next exercise.

This is definitely a funky modern variation. It's not the classical method, but it's fun and it's challenging and it makes the plank wake up to whole other level. One red spring. So here you are, you're on your knees, you hold one hand, one hand, one foot, and then one foot. Find Your Power House. Lift your knees up, push all the way out to plank. Great opportunity to really work your bottom. Whoa. Like this is on two springs, so definitely one spring. So here we are again.

Stomach in, buttocks tight. Lift your knees, push all the way out. Try and keep your head long instead of drop down. And then you press out in, in to work onto the upper back and the shoulders. And then you lift your hips and lower down. Those are the two variations. Make sure as you lift your hips, you're working stomach to bring you up.

If you're doing hun, like elephant, not bottom up. That's what you want to avoid. Now to finish, you lift your hips up, bend the knees down, bring the feet in a little bit and stretch out. If you can get your hands inside. Get a nice stretch in here. It feels delicious. Sell a v. Let's have a fun time. So let's see here. One spring, Neal on the carriage. Get your hands. The elbows are down, the hands on either side of the headdress. First your hands first your hands.

Once you've got that nice and stable, your feet will be just like that. Dorcas. No, on this platform. No, no, no, no. Here on this. So now you lift your knees up and push out into a plank. Out You go. Bottom has to be super, super tight. Good. Now push out with the elbows and bring the elbows under you.

Forearm Plank w/Arm Press

Press yellow. That's cool. Press and in and press are you never stopped Dorcas and in keep your bottom type doesn't have to be a big movement. One more time. She's a trained nurse. I know she can do it. Now bring the elbows in and now you start to lift your hips. The carriage comes in.

Okay. And push out. Bottom tight. Lift your stomach to bring you back some again and press our bottom tight and lift and squeeze those hips and down. And one more time like this and down. Now Bend your knees to bring the kerogen.

Forearm Plank w/Pike

Get your knees on the platform. Take your hips back. You can walk your knees in a bit and just stretch your arms out between the shoulder rest if you can. So you have a juicy, delicious, wonderful, and lightening stretch. Step off. And for the last finishing touches we'll be doing running. So put yourselves back onto three springs, the foot bar. We'll come back up the head. Rest will be up. You're going to lie down on your back.

Child's Pose

She's running away. Toes in heels are together. Your arms are long via sides. The toes will be on the bar. This time toes are together. Back is anchored bottom as tight, arms along prince, all the way up with your legs to straight and lift the heels as high as you can. Lift your heels up. You want to be on the balls of your feet anchored.


Bend your right knee and press your left heel down. You want to be on the balls of the feet? Yes, and push all the way back up and then other side and lift and down. Heel lifts and up and down. Now keep going. So you're liking. Now try not to stop, but you want the pinnacle to be very high and now check that your buttocks are nice and tight as you're doing this so that you really anchor the hips and get your stomach strong, your buttock strong, no floppy salsa dancing style, hips. This is Germanic dancing.

That's right. Very, very nice ladies. Excellent law. This is kind of your last kind of cool down letting everything go. Ben both needs to come back in. Okay. With grace and ease using your stomach, bring yourself to a sitting position.

Both legs are facing the middle. Make sure you're sitting nicely on the reformer. Hold your elbows, use your stomach in your buttocks to stand up. And ladies, I applaud you. You did great. Good work. The newbie, the professional, they both sweating. Thank you very much.


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I love the emphasis placed on connecting to lats & the diamond approach invaluable to help clients “feel” that connection! Very nice:...
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Wow! Niedra! Thank you for such a fun and invigorating session. I ALWAYS learn something new to take away when you are teaching. Your cues are the best! I always feel the work deeper and more correctly with your cues. Bringing the armpits to the ribs or waist makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you for providing those feel great connections. I appreciate your energy and always enjoy your classes.
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Truly enjoyed this class. Her directions was easy to follow and description of what muscles should be connecting and working was very helpful.
1 person likes this.
This is really great- the emphasis of the lats connection with the diamond shape and then thru pulling straps and then thru back rowing is really great - however I don’t feel this model is enough of a beginner when it comes to teaching real beginners - I mean what about when you have a 75 yr old man with a pot belly and diabetes and an athletic young trainer both in class .... that’s a real challenge to combo teach ! These are the kind of situations I find myself in!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you all for your comments. Elizabeth I fully understand the challenge of dealing with a VAST spectrum of body types within a beginner dimension. I cannot answer your question ! its about how flexible and quick the teacher is in figuring out what cues and exercises can be done by these two different bodies, and cue each one appropriately for the needs and challenges. from the teacher's perspective you need to be VERY fast in your group cueing ( I will often cue one student one way and yell to the other to NOT do what I am saying but something else.)
This could be an interesting video to do : two different types of beginners in the same class, how to manage this....
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Thank you Niedra Gabriel -you bring so much joy and enthusiasm to your classes- really enjoyed the bridging series with the magic circle- my hips feel so much better now! Totally using this series for my classes this week- thanks for the inspiration💜
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Great workout. Loved her cueing!
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Loved your class Niedra Gabriel ! It was versatile and challenging! My fav combo!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Denee Colleen and Patti for posting your comments. Always enjoy reading feed back. i am thrilled that you enjoyed the reformer workout.
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