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HIIT Mat Fusion

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Get your heart rate up with this high energy Mat workout by Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure. They tag-team teach a mashup of calisthenics, HIIT, and Pilates that was inspired by old footage of Joseph Pilates. They encourage you to tune in on all levels so that you can enjoy moving and exercising.

The proceeds for this class are being donated to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth. Keep taking the class to work on the exercises that were challenging and give more to this amazing organization.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2), Reformer Box


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Hi, I'm Carrie Sir and I'm Jeremy Labrador. And we're here to teach a math class today. And this back us a little bit of different style. We're going to do sort of a mashup of like sort of calisthenics, sort of hit style, exercise, gym stuff with PyLadies. Our inspiration is having looked at some old archival videos of Mr plots and some of the stuff he did out in the fields, the jumping jacks and the marching.

So we thought it'd be fun just to like bump it up a notch. It's going to be a high energy class. Um, so get ready. And today's class is the benefit for the Trevor Project, which is a national organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer questioning youth. So any proceeds that would normally go to us for you watching this class will go to them. And the more you watch, the more you give. Great.

And so do we just want to remind you that at home you want to just take your time, be careful if you're not doing this kind of movement on a regular basis, you can work up to it. Like you said, the more you do it, the more you give. Um, for this class you're gonna need a pair of hand weights, two to three pounds and we're going to use some short boxes when we do step ups. But you can use anything at home. You can even use a step in your house. Um, anything that gives you a little bit of leveling. Jeremy and I are going to tag teams so you're up. All right. So Karen is going to join the group and the group is Adam, Trina, Meredith and then either Carol or me alternately and we're really going to imagine that we're edgy goes pillow and Mr [inaudible] made us run out into that field and we're going to do some jumping jacks so you can stay facing that way and just take it easy cause we're just starting. Make sure you're not anywhere near your hand weights. Adam and sue, do your jumping jacks. Yeah, we're just getting it moving.

Take it nice and easy and we're bringing you thing right? We're getting our blood pumping. We're getting that internal shower that we all love so much. And let's do 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Watch those weights Trina. Eight, nine and 10 and then we're just going to march in place. I like my hands on my hips.

You could do your arms down by your sides and we have a nice long spine. Yeah, breathing in and breathing out. Okay, so next time your right leg is up, pause and then you're going to take it into a lunge. Up and back, down other side of the left knee, up lunge, up and down. Knee up lunge. Relatively straight leg. Does it need to be rigidly straight up, lunge and up.

Lunge up and you can move forward on your mat if you need to lunge up one more time. Each side, up, up, down, up, up. Good. Now you're going to do the same thing up. Back to prepare. And do this kind of lightly. You're going to do just a little light kick and back. Same side. It'll light kick and back, kick and back, kick and good for more altogether. We'll stay out of each other's way, three to one and step together, other side and the up to prepare. Step back and Adam and I are not going to kick each other as we flick and back.

Little flick and back. Flick and spine stays relatively upright flick and back and flick and keep going. Last four and three and two and one and stuff that together. Good. You're going to stay facing each other, but you're gonna come into second position. So you'll be kind of straddling your mat. You could do hands on hips, you could do arms out like a ballerina. And we're just going to do some plays in second position and street Dayton and bend and streets.

And you use that over your toes and straighten and bend and straighten. This time you're going to bend your knees, keep your knees bent and just lift the right heel and down and left and right and down. Left last four and three, two and one and straighten up and bend your knees and both heels for eight, seven Alvin Ailey, six and five last for three, two or one and straighten up and bend your knees and lift your heels. Keep your heels high street in your knees. Keep your knees straight, lower your heels, bend your knees, lift your heels, straighten up and lower. Bend your knees, lift your heels up and lower. One more time. Bend heals up low. Reverse. Keep your knees straight, lift your heels. Keep your heels side. Bend your knees, lower your heels and straighten up. Lift, bend, heels up. Lift, bend, heels up. Last time. Lift, bend, heels up. Keep your legs. Why, but turn parallel.

Drop your arms, roll down through your spine, a breath or two. They're just hanging over straight or Benton legs, whatever feels nicer for you. And then bend your knees and roll yourself all the way up to standing. Bring your feet just to a comfortable parallel ish position under your self on the Mat. I'm going to do some arm circles. Just sticking your right arm forward up and you can turn your trunk here little and to the back. So keep it kind of casual. Getting some shoulder moving, getting a little trunk rotation. Two more times the back stroking the right. Okay.

And last time, same thing on the left, right back stroke, a little twist through the trunk. Ooh, two more. And we'll take the right one in the other direction. Starting to the back, up and around to the front. Breathing in and out. Two more. Great. Last time on this side and then to the left for four and three and too, and one. And now we're going to do some head circles. We're going to think about our neck really starting from sort of like our upper thoracic spots. We're gonna take our head, neck and a little bit of our shoulders forward to the right, to the back, to the left and to the front.

And then we're going to reverse to the left. As you go to the back, think of your sternum lifting to the right to the front. Reverse easy in the shoulders to the right to the back. Left and front last time to the left, to the right, to the front and all the way up. Good. Take a breath in. Exhale, nodding your head. You're gonna roll all the way down through your spine.

Through some combination of walking your hands forward and your feedback. You're going to come into a downward dog kind of position, a sort of a frame shape, and just take a few breaths there. You can pedal your feet out or swing your hips from side to side. Whatever your preferred fun thing to do is in this position. Good. And then both heals stretching back. Listen carefully.

You're gonna walk your hands back to your feet so that you come to hangover again. Bender, straight legs, whatever feels better. Bend your knees and roll yourselves all the way up to standing. Good and tag. I'm at Dab your boxes and put them on your mat facing each other. We're going to start with some step ops. I'm not going to have a box, but you can imagine what I'm doing here. All right, team.

So go ahead and take your hand weights too. Why not? And I always like to do this in the gym with my hand weights. Okay? So you're gonna step up with your right leg. You're gonna bring that left like way in, step back and down again. And same like down and then and up and down and in.

Breathing up and really bring that like way up bicep curls where you're doing it. It's nice to have that. And three good. And pick up the pace and two and pick up the pace. And once switch legs. Here we go. And Warren, I know [inaudible] these people, you can do this thing. It's okay. Get that heart rate up. I know you can have five more here. We got five, pick it up and three, two or four and three.

Who knows how to count and two and one. Good. And step back. You can set your weights down. Good. And we're gonna do some push ups on our box. So you're gonna roll down, but your box for it a little bit. And you could go on your knees to do regular plank would go into a plank position and everybody get really get their pelvis and their head, shoulders, ribcage in alignment. And down we go. We've got eight sets. One, one, two. Nice you guys. Three, four. This makes five. This makes six breathes.

Hold your breath when you need to. Ready and last one. Now everybody jumped in your box and put your box behind your mat. Please come all the way to the front of your mat and we're going to go through some place protocols. So go ahead and stand up on your toes. Arms out for a moment. We're going to do a parallel slow squat down. Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy and then see if you can get down on your booty without plopping.

I know it's impossible and roll all the way back. Slowly. Good. We're coming into the a hundred. Come into that upper abdominal curl and start pumping. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Good. Everybody. Keep doing that. Cervical, curving. Good. And let's make this about really keeping that breadth up. So inhale, exhale, good. Keep hauling out that abdomen on the exhale, pulling that diaphragm wide abdominal ceiling up.

Three more. Keep that head curl. You go, cool crate. Good. Stay calm. That's right. Smiles are good. Smells make you feel happy. Last one, and lie back. Take your hands over your head, maybe just to the ceiling. That box is in your way. Roll Up. Inhale.

Exhale all the way up. Dorsi. Flex your feet and roll back. Inhale, exhale all the way down. Reach the arms up and again, inhale. Let's keep it at a nice steady clip. Reach forward. Inhale, roll that pelvis under. Let your hips extend and back. Three more. Up and down.

Good and nice. You can really reach their good, maybe an externally. Rotate your upper arm bones out and when you come up, really keep that reaching good. Keep that pulling, pulling, pulling, pulling, pulling, good and stop at the bottom. You're gonna go into rollover, arms up, Yag at the bunks, Eddie raised scoop word if you need to. And here we go. Our legs up. Inhale up and over. Open flax and roll it down. Good. Let's stay together. Close. Offend over open end flex.

Roll it down and again, up and over. Open flex. Roll it down. Three in the next direction please. Nice. Yeah, stay with it. So trying to really keep that breath supporting the movement you're doing. This looks beautiful. You guys. You have one more still?

Yep. Watch your cervical splines slowly. Come down. Right leg down. Left leg stays up. Single leg circles. We're going to stay together. Get any elk cross over. Exhale around and up again. Ah, good.

Breathing in. Breathing out in outlet. Your palaces twist here guys. Let's go crazy. Yeah, it's crazy. Tuesday. It's okay. And one more time. Yeah, there we go. ADDS to scissor switch and make it crazy. Twist around and up. That's what I'm talking about. And that's crazy good.

Keep going up and around. Up and around. Stay together. I know if things can't fall apart yet and here we go. And roll up to sit and bring that knee into your chest per rolling like a ball. Take it straight up. Good. Scoop your boot forward please. And here we go.

Costume adjustment and inhale back. Exhale home. Everybody stopped at the top. Feel each other. Inhale out. Exhale home. Good. Inhale, exhale. Stop at the top. Feel each other and go out and in and out and in.

Good. So for our ab series, we're gonna do a little variation. We're gonna take our right leg out and our left leg in and we're going to come down nice and slow and then take that leg up to the ceiling. And I want you to press your hands like you're pushing a wall and you're going to stay that far up. So flexes risks and then you're going to ab duct that lower leg. One, two, three, four. Keep going. Five, six, seven, eight. Don't move your pelvis. Nine, 10 switch legs. End Up at Ab. One, two, three, four, five. I know, stay pushing that wall away. You guys got this thing? It's going to get worse. So stick with me. Good.

And pick up both legs up. We're going to lower. Now take your hands behind your head and lower both legs. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up. One more time.

All right, now we've got Chris Cross. We've got 30 here. We go to the ocean first and go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. This makes nine. This makes 10 you got 20 91817161513 I can count backwards out long end. Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, three, two, one knees into your chest. Oh, that's great. Roll up to seated. Great Spine. Stretch forward.

Nice reprieve. Reach those arms out. Take a deep breath in. You feel that heart beating. Now enjoy that. Inhale. Exhale. Reach it forward. Stretch it out. Yeah. Let your scapula travel with you. There you go, Babe. And up. Inhale, express yourself. Just go for it guys. No reason not to have a full expression. No rules here today.

We're really just moving, enjoying, exercising, and forward. Good. One more time. Good. One more. Still all the way forward. Go for it. And you're going to grab those ankles up. You're going to have to scoot your boots forward. Sorry. Scoot the boots.

Grab your ankles for open leg rocker. Take it up now. Everybody balanced up. Bingo. Hold. Here we go. And back. Inhale, exhale. Find each other. Listen. Inhale. Good. Even at home, you can stay with the crew, right? So it's something about tuning in on all levels.

Inner outer heart rate, all of it. Good. One more time, back and good and stopped at the top. Legs together. Bring your hands to the mat. Now you're going to slowly lower yourself down. Push your palms into the floor. Legs straight up to the ceiling. We're going to do a version of corkscrew. We take your legs, open your arms, a little ticker legs over to the right, down, down, down, just to center, down towards the floor and up. Other side. Over, over, over, down. Needle, up, over, over, over, down. Needle up. Now when I say over, over, over, I mean over, over, over, over, over, over, over. [inaudible], down and up again, over, over, over, over, down, and rostering the knees into the chest.

Roll up to seated and open your legs for saw. Alright, so inhale, exhale. Take it to the right little pulses and recover in. Take it to the left little pulses. Recover all the way through the spine and go in, pulse it.

Stretch your arms and go en Paulson. Stretch. Last set. Yeah. Good. This is the last one. And Ras, bring your soles of your feet together for a second.

Come forward into a little bit of a butterfly stretch and, and let's switch tack. Team your turn. Oh, you're in trouble now. [inaudible] everybody come to hands and knees with your heads towards each other. Find your good right Quadrat pud position. We're going to take, keep the right knee bent to 90 degrees, but bring it out to the side. Parallel to the floor machines. Your hips are going to have to twist and then back down and again out to the side. Really lift that leg at him. That's it. And back down.

So your pelvis will turn. Your lumbar spine has to rotate. One more time on that side and down. And now the left to the side and under whatever side you're on and down, side and down. The last one. Now we're all gonna make sure we're on the right. We're going to go to the side, keep the thigh and a space hold, extend the leg, flex the foot, bend the knee and back down. Same side, knee kick, bend.

And down knee kick, bend and down. One more time. Knee kick and other side. Knee. Flex the foot bend and down. Knee kick, bend and down. Two more please. Knee kick. And I'm the last one.

And all the way down. Tuck your toes under. Keep your perfect quadrupedal arrangement and just lift your knees a little to hover and breathe for five, four, three, two, one and bend your knees all the way down. And lift the knees for five, four, three, two, one. And this time you're gonna lift your knees, keep your pelvis at this height and step back one foot at a time into a plank. And then once in your plank, if you need to adjust for mat coverage and whatnot, you can adjust. And we're going to hold your plank. Five, four, three, two, one. Bend your knees down to the Mat.

Rest for one breath. Come right back into your plank. Bring your right knee into your chest, your lower spine, my curl a little bit, and back out. Left and out, right and out. Left and out. And now we're going to pick up the pace such that the legs start to pass each other and switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch. Last ten nine eight seven six five, four, three, two, one and bend your knees all the way down.

Situ Trish, back on your heels. Take a little breather. Okay. Come forward into your plank. You didn't take four of my super slow counts to lower yourself all the way onto your belly. Bending your elbow straight back for four, three, two and one and rest. Good. From here, we're going to do some swans so you can tinker with your position. However you need to to be ready to go for a swan.

And you're going to do your preferred version. I'm not going to mess with your stuff today. You're just going to start to come up on your inhale and then peeling yourself back down on your exhale. Let's do that a couple more times. Nice. Familiar, happy, polities. And then elbows narrow as you peel yourself back down.

Last one and down. Good. Bring yourself up into your elbows coming into position for single leg kicks. So here, do you have your legs pretty close together? I don't care if you do the class pan to the parallel arm arm version, but I want you to really press down through your arms. Pull your sternum forward and we'll go with a right foot kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, kick, kick, breathe in.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe out. One more time. Breathe in, breathe in, breathe out, reach out and lower everything down. Take your hands behind your back. Hold one set fingers with the other one that do double leg kicks over with your head turned to one side of the other. Take a breath in. As you exhale we go kick, kick, kick on. In. Inhale coming up, reaching your chest forward, head through to the other side as you exhale and kick, kick, kick, inhale and other side. And exhale, kick, kick, kick. Last time. Inhale and lower down and kick, kick, kick. Extend your legs, street. Extend your arms forward like super person.

Watch out for the person in front of you and you need a little swims. Inhaling and exhaling. Inhaling and exhaling. One more big breath in and out and lower everything down. Take your hands under your shoulders. Push back into child's pose.

This is the interval in the high intensity interval training. I guess this is where you get your break. All right? So the next thing we're about to do involves some pushups. So if you're here or you're at home and you need to do fewer pushups, by all means do. If you want to hold a plank during the pushups, by all means do. If you need to take a break, by all means do so you're gonna come forward onto all fours, okay? You're going to come into your good plank.

Okay? Now listen carefully. You're going to bend your knees straight down to the mat so you're in a knee pushup position. You are more than welcome to do regular pushups if you want. You're going to start by doing just one pushup, elbows, back, and press. Come right back into your plank and hold a full on plank for two seconds.

1001 1002 bend your knees down. Two pushups, bend, prs, bend. I'll do them in solidarity with C and press. Come back into your plank. Knees down. Three pushups. One, two, three. Come back into your plank. Hold, hold. Bend your knees down. Four pushups. One, two, three, four. Come back into your plank. 1001, 1002 bend your knees down again. Four pushups, one, two. We're all in this together. Three, four, come back into your plank. 1001, 1002 bend your knees down. Three pushups. We're going back down the letter. One, two or the other side of the pyramid, whatever it's called, and come back into your plank. Hold, hold. Knees down. Two pushups.

One. Got To get back down to come back into your plank. Hold, hold new. Used out last. Push up, finish off, stays. Come back into your plank. Hold 1001, 1002 bend your knees all the way down to the mat, back on your head. Hills. Oh, nice. Good. Your turn. All right, so we have things to work on and we feel good about that. Okay, so let's go on. Come on. Up to standing. All right. In the spirit, Mr. Plot is to take a pillow and or wherever he was, some sanding saw. Inhale acts. I like the pulses in acts, pulse, O, O, n, n, O and all the way up. Good.

And bringing yourself forward. Heel toe in just for fun. Okay. Grab your hand weights. We're going to do some split squats, one of my favorite gym activities. So you want to keep your hips really extended on this. Step your left leg forward and we'll go dip and home and, and home. Keep the trunk tall. Up and down. Stay with it. Down and up. We've got five and we've got four.

Good. And we got three. Keep breathing. Don't tip forward and fun. Switch legs go down. Good. Keep Your Pelvis Upright. Keep your eyes out. Good. You've got four, five and four. I know everybody wants to move a little slow.

Keeping the pace too and one. And uh, boy. Here's my favorite. This is all about falling over. So don't feel bad. You're going to hold your weights. We're going to do some dead lifts and warrior three.

So you're going to go right leg out, dip, recover, dip, recover, dip, recover, stay with it. Definitely all out of hamstring strength guys. Stay with it. Recover. Yeah. If you don't do this all the time, you're going to kind of suck at it. It's okay. Practice makes perfect. All right. Clearly this is not a daily activity for my team here. So all other side lads go and dip. He cover. Maybe keep your gaze at one point.

So the balance challenges in his heart. You've got four more. Yeah. See they're already getting better. That's how we motor learn. Here we go. Three and two. Yeah, they slowed down the pace and won and arrest and good. Nice. Not Bad. Put your weights, grab your box. Bring it back towards the front of your mat.

Yeah. Okay, so we're going to do a little bit of box jumps. So here's something like we hardly ever do, right? We jump Supine and what? So I'm going to ask you guys to basically jump and come down and pause, jump, come down and pause. Let's see if we can do 15 1512 ready and go up. And that's one up, down. Good. Get good at it too. That's three I know. Far Good.

Five. Fantastic. Everybody smiling cause it's interesting. Six God, seven. God, let's make it faster. Eight, nine, 10 11 Mary's taken upon that. Smart 12 do what you can add last at nice boys and rest. Woo. Right? You can give it your partner. Five high, five 85 good job. Good job. All right, good.

Turn your box. The other way we're going to finish with just a little bit applies mat work. Just to feel like we went back home. Lie On your box please. For backstroke swimming. Good. Bring it all home.

You're in the ocean and there's no sharks. Don't worry. Take it all in. Inhale, arms and legs up open. Exhale, pull forward. Recover again in. Smooth out the breath, right. Your heart's beating. Use that breath to calm it down. Good. Plus he's never felt easier. Reverse it out.

Open Up. Keep that head curl in. Out Open. Yeah. Breathe the way you need to breathe because it's challenging and take your teaser position. Crucifix, lie back. Okay, so we're going to do two step teaser. First you're going to come into a supine flat position and then you'll find your position.

So everybody comes supine flat like you're lying on the beach and up. You go teaser. Good. You guys go down, find supine, flat paws, legs down, then go into recommend. I know it's my little thing. I love. So supine. Flat teaser. Beautiful. Lookout. Supine, flat. Hold. Arch the back. One more time. Take it up.

Beautiful. I know we're getting tired and down back then. Just take a pause in that. Backbend. Enjoy the good. You're gonna come up to seated for seated laterals. You're going to take a wide seated position. Hands behind your head, Cathy. Grant variation. We're going to go to the right over for three. One, two, three and rise to three and left.

Two, three, recover two, three and right. Two, three and up to three. And keep going. Good. You have one more set. Take it over and recover and over and recover. Take your arms up and just take a spine stretch forward. Crawl your hands out on the mat and take a little bit of a straddle stretch.

Yeah. Why not do what you love. Take a couple breaths. Don't, don't rip anything and come all the way off. At least not your pants that you just bought it Lula. Right. Okay. Take your ankle across your knee and we'll take a little bit of a hip stretch and just lean forward and stretch. Yeah, just enjoy. We're ending so you can trust me now that you can slow it down.

So just take a few deep breaths and sink in and feel what that feels like to just like have kind of like pumped it up a little. It's like really the best drug in town, frankly. Like just that little bit of Adrenaline, right? That little sense of, Oh yeah, I'm alive. Switch legs, right? You're hanging at the hip, you're breathing and just feeling that heart rate slow back down.

It's been very good to you. Your heart and your muffles can thank it and bring both feet down. Just come up to Sandy. Easy does it. And I just like to finish the little bit of rolling down. So drop your head and curl. That's fine. All the way down. Just let it hang out. And you could just sort of also forgive yourself for the parts of this work of this class that you weren't that great at, because that's the whole point is not being great at everything.

The whole point is getting something that's so challenging that you have to come back to it rolling up to center. And of course the more you come back to this class, the more money we can give to the Trevor project. Thanks for watching everybody. Good job.

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Great class! I love the variety of the different exercises! Thanks to Cara and Jeremy! What a great initiative to donate to the Trevor Project! Well done!
Thanks, Birgit ! Glad you enjoyed it!
Love this class!!!!!! Amazing initiative 🙏🏼 and great workout❣️❣️❣️
Love this! Thank you!
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Lots of fun, I like the variety of exercises
Really great class. Such fun and a good cause. I'm always inspired by new ideas and the energy from your instructors. You all do a great job. Sarah
Thanks to everyone who has watched the class so far! We really appreciate your support!
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Very good! More please PA
Really great class ..Perfect workout to start a cold snowy morning in Chicago :) Thank you Jeremy and Cara !!!
Thanks for the feedback, Jessica and Deborah Wasko ! Glad you enjoyed the class!
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