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Just Don't Fall Apart

20 min - Class


As a new mom, one of the most challenging things to do is to keep movement in your body. In this Mat class, Carrie Macy Samper shares mild foundational movements that you can do 1-6 weeks after giving birth, before you are cleared to go back to your regular workouts. She targets the areas in your body that start to hurt when you have a newborn so that you don't "fall apart."

These movements can be done together in a series or you can break them up individually to fit them into your day when you have time.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Tune Up® Balls (2), Baby Arc, Moon Box, Wall, Towel

About This Video


Hi, I'm Carrie Macy and this class is the first in three part postnatal series. I was inspired to create these classes after having two kids. My second kid child was just born four months ago. And uh,...


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Thank you for this great class!
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Congratulations! Hang in there! 😃
Loved the class!
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Nice series!
Thank you, Brinda!
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Thank you so much for your vulnerability and honesty about being a new mom! I’m a new mother as well and it so very challenging.
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That was great Carrie, thank you!
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awesome :)
Congratulations, Jacqueline and thank you for your kind comments :) Hang in there!
Thinking of using towel concept for client with hysterectomy with ok to start exercising
Very calm delivery (of the class, not the baby)! which I'm sure translates into your role as a Mom. Congratulations. I'm doing a specialist pre/post natal Pilates class at the moment, so this was helpful. Best wishes to you and your family. Sarah from the UKx
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