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Advancing Your Routine

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Welcome to Day 5. Congratulations on making it to the end! Today, Adrianne works on advancing your routine with a quicker Mat to warm up and then more challenging balance sequences in the center. Now that you have good body awareness, you will be able to flow through these movements with ease.
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Well, congratulations. You've made it to the end. This is the advanced series that we're about to learn [inaudible] and you're here to join us. That's great. So here we are. Giuliana is ready to go. She's going to be our, our demonstrator today and we're going to go right into it. You've, you've mastered at this level, and I'm going to have you go ahead and lie down on your back. So remember, we're always warming up. We're going to go directly into your hundreds. Get that blood moving and that oxygen and loose the rest of the body. Bring the knees in, arms out, head up, legs up, and she's going to breathe in going for the 400 today, 10 to five into five 20 now if you really feel like you're ready, you can go ahead and lower those legs a little bit more where you've got that strength and that powerhouse now that you feel like your back is nice and supported, that's it.

Keep moving. Breathing in and out and out. One more and out. I'm going to have her sit up to the reach for her toes. Go ahead and sit up. We'll start here. Legs will be straight on the mat. This time we're going to go a little further now and I've done this, but now we're going to make it a little bit bigger. She was going to go all the way down to the mat, squeezing her bottom, supporting her back, and now you can actually stretch the arms, lift their arms, squeeze your bottom, lift and forward to stretch. Go ahead and bend your knees as you come backwards. Let, we'll let the fee kind of slide with you.

Bend your knees and then go down just so you have a little more support and then she's going to come back up. If you need to grab your thighs, you can stretch. Do that two more times and then we'll move more to the straight legs the whole time. So just wanted to make sure you could see how you could make that harder or a little less challenging. Now keep the lake straight and do the same thing. Becomes a little more challenging to keep the legs long.

Two more. These, these are really nice ones to really get you to loose in Athens. Stretch last one up and over. Very, very good. Then she's going to end up the lying back onto her back, varying la again, taking it straight up, going into her circles. But now if you notice this legged straight, she is going gonna Circle, so both legs are straight. You can make these big if you want, but just keep those hips from wobbling 30 but still only five times four and ready to reverse. Just open to your neck should be long. Your left leg should be really extending as well as your right.

And then she's ready to stretch and switch sides so you can always stretch each time and hands are down and now she's going to once again, begin the circles. Two, three, four. Okay. Reversing bereaving as naturally as you can through these two, not holding the breath. Three, four, and five. All right, let's go ahead and have you extend the leg out. And then from here I'm going to have you once again, just sit up. Normally go back into that bent knee position.

So knees and theater, hip width apart. Reach their arms. Four. Drop your head, go halfway back. Let me see those hips curl come forward. Grab the top of the knees and lift up tall. Do that two more times. You're just really now at the level of getting that flow going into the mat and to the exercises that you're doing. Getting a nice warm body, wore muscles and left both like straight. Once again, reach for your toes. Try to flex the feet as you do so. Very good. Now she's going to sit up tall. Keep her feet flex.

Bring her hands to her chest. Evan. The arms are going to just go straight up straight down. She's going to try to grow taller and her back. Take a nice deep breath in. Arms. Go to the side of that. She squeezes her bottom, lifts her back and flexes her feet. Let's do that two more times from the chest or eight up straight down, up circle lifting or sly and last one forward Dow lift circle.

Now that was the warmup for the next one. Hands at your hips, head is forward. This is more of a stretch. You're going to start pretty far forward. Slide the hands along on the mat. Really flex those feet, reaching forward. And now she's going to stack her spine to sit up. Tall. Arm stopped shoulder height. Take the arm straight up. Same circles. She just did. Arms come down, push me down as you grow tall in your back.

That's correct. From the hips. Head down. Stretch forward around to sitting. Arm Stop, shoulder hyp, deep breath in. Arms come up and exhale, grow taller. One more stretch to feel good, but they're not easy. Sit up tall. Hence the advanced exercise and lower. Okay, let's go ahead and have you lie back onto your stomach this time, not your back.

And you're going to go back into the hands underneath the shoulders. You've done this before. We're gonna just warm up to it. So just like you did before, you're gonna lift your head, chest, and arms. In the last video you're going to hold for two, three counts and rest. But now let's alternate. You're going to have some to reach those legs out, lift them off the mat and rest back to the upper back.

Arms at just rest. Now just legs. Reach breast arms, chest legs, about three sets. One more time with the legs rest. Now what I'd like her to do is stretch both arms that long. We call this swimming. You're going to take your right arm up and the left leg up, so opposite arm, opposite leg and lower alternating opposite arm.

Opposite leg lower. One more time, just arm and leg. Opposite arm, opposite leg. Now she's going to put that into an actual swimming motion where her head comes up, out of the water, arms will start paddling. Legs will start kicking, and she's going to do that for 20 counts. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, two, one and rest and she's smiling. That's a good thing. It's a workout. Go ahead. Sit back on her heels and stretch. Good. Give her a little stretch. Very, very nice. I'm going to have you lie back onto your back.

Going back into that. Roll Up. Just a stretch out. Once again, only this time, let's have her feet hip width apart and flexed arms will come straight up to 90 degrees. You're gonna take a nice inhale, use your bottom, start to exhale, curl up and stretch forward. Let's bring the feet a little closer. So only hip at the apart. Yes. And then she's going to go all the way down to the Mat, controlling the movement, not just collapsing. And she'll do about five of those here too. If you needed to, you were struggling to get up.

You could still bend the knees as you're coming up and going down. So let me have you demonstrate that. So as you come up, you'll bend your knees up, you can grab on if you need to and then you would stretch and you had been the knees to go down. Exactly. Do that one more time. Just like that. So two ways to do this. You can still be at an advanced level to do that and finish on the down. Go directly to the side for your kicks.

So she's on her side. The legs will be long. You want to continue doing these to keep the legs strong. The body. Let's actually have you move your hips back a bit more so you have a little more leg room and toes a little bit more forward. So she's in like a boomerang. Take the leg, hip level. Go right knee towards the ceiling. Turn it out, but it's relaxed. Eight kicks, kick, kick to kick forward.

Stretch back, no wobble, wobble. And they have providee too. Kick, kick. So lift three, kick, kick four, kick, kick, five, six. Yeah, seven. One more. So you can see she's really moving through the exercises. Even though the same, they're a little quicker. Take the leg, hip level, leg goes up. This time we've added a step. Nash going up and down. Lift and lower. Think as you're moving that you're also stretching.

So think of that right leg. Really reaching away. Three, four, five, eight of these six. So right lake is growing longer than the left. Seven right into those little circles five times. So you're going to Cirque the leg. The bottom leg, if you've noticed, is also straight. Three, four, five, reversing five times one, two, three, four. And she is ready for one more exercise on her stomach.

So I'm going to have you go to your stomach, palm on top of palm, forehead on your hands into some beats. It's the nice bottom strength and exercise. So you're going to reach your legs out, lift them off. Ideally those knees should be off of the mat and you're going to clap for 22 five six, seven, eight, nine, 10 ten nine eight seven six five, four three, two, one. And she's ready for the other side. So other leg, get yourself lined up exactly. Hip on top of hip, shoulder on shoulder, older heel on heel.

Knee is turned out correct. Ready to kick forward. Kick, kick, stretch back. Kick. Kick to kick, kick. Three, four, five, six, seven. One more. And let's rest your leg. Take that same like hip level. Preparing to go up and down. Now she'll go up towards the ceiling. Rouge, the leg away. Come back down. Eight times two, three, four, five, six year. Great.

Seven. One more. Should feel a little tired and now start to circle. Two, three, four, five, reversing your circles. Two, three, four, five, finishing on her back. So this is a a mat exercise. Plata is where you're really getting that blood flow going. And let's bend your knees and getting a nice warmup because when you get to those standing balancing exercise and now you're ready. All right, bring both knees and feet together. You're going to extend one leg up, turn the hip out, take both arms up.

You're going to slide this foot a bit forward pretty far right there. And now I want you to slowly come up to reach for the toe. Come as high as you can. If you don't come up that high, it's okay. You'll still feel the work. So another word, if you only come to the shoulders stop, you can hold that, pull in the waist and then lie back down. And one more, just halfway hole. Pull in, arms up, lie back down. But otherwise, if you want to challenge that, you can come all the way up as long as this foot doesn't move.

Try to sit up tall, lift your back, come back down. You'll do one more just like that. All the way up to the toes. I want you to reach for your ears, lift your back and come back down. She's prepared to switch legs. Good job. We call those your teasers. Single leg teasers are right.

She's going to first make sure this foot is farther away. Yeah, and then should, if she can come all the way up, she will. Good. And then she's gonna lift and go back down and then you'll do two halfway just to where the shoulders are off you hold. You try to pull in, tuck a little bit more than arms come up, then lie down one more like that. So that's where you are. Is that as far as you can go? That's okay. You can go ahead and now come as high as you can. You can work on that. In other words, you can still always progress no matter what level you're at.

Lift and you are going to rest. Bring both knees in. Go ahead and just kind of rock around a little bit. Then you'll place your feet on the mat, hands on the edge or to this side and you're going to tick talk. So the legs are going to go one way while you look the other way. You did this at the very, very just a nice way to finish the mat.

And then what we'll do is we'll go into a standing series. Okay? Yes. So she's nice and warm. Now got that good body awareness. You've progressed to be able to move quickly, safely with the control. And last one. All right, we're going to go ahead and go to a standing.

So we are here without the wall and we are going to do a couple of balancing act. Well several balancing exercises and footwork work and little bit of everything and I've got the ball cause we're going to be doing that as well. Okay, so let's start with once again, heels together, toes apart. We're just going to warm up a little bit and you can either have your hands out, you can have your hands at your side really wherever you want. But the harder would be to have the hands out the whole time. It's really up to you to challenge yourself at those points.

You're going to keep your gaze forward and you're going to start with just some heel raises. So you're coming up to the toes, three counts up and three counts down. One, two, three up. One, two, three, down. Trying to go as high as you can and all the way down, up and down. And ideally about 10 of these, four, five, six, seven, eight, wrapping in the lifting. Nine last one, and harassed. Okay. And that'll warm up those ankles and calves and heels. Okay. And toes. All right, so now in that same position, and let's take your arms out to the side, I think I want to come behind you a little. Well No, I'll stay right here in front of you, Kay. So he'll sketch the where you're gonna take. One knee lifted as high as you can and then bring her back down.

Other ones as high as you can back down and up. Lower. So we're going fairly quickly. Lower up, down, up, down. I lift, lift, lift. Two more lift to each side. Left, right, left rest. Okay. I'm going to have you come over here cause now we're gonna put that into a bit of a walking movement with the same movement with the legs going up and down.

But now we're gonna move forward and then we're going to come back. Okay? Yeah, let's keep the arms out. So we'll start with the right leg and you're going to progress for ready. One knee down, up, down. I want you to think of staying really tall, like there's a string on top of your head.

Wow. Lift, lift lower. And then we'll turn and go the other way. And lift lower. Lift low, lift lower. Let's go a little bit quicker now. Up, down, down, up. And one more time. And Dam up. Lift, lift, lift, lift and turn. And I'll get it away. Lift, lift, lift, lift left. Now once we're back, we're going to do the same thing, but now we're going to add a little hop to it. So you know, lift, lift. Whoa, whoa. Moving yourself across the room. Doesn't have to be big. It has to be safe.

And it has to be a balanced good left everyone. Marcet, Lyft, Lyft, Lyft, turn, finishing on the back, coming back, left, left and turn. Okay, so now let's actually turn and face this direction. And now we're going to just put her hands back on her hips and we're going to step backwards. So make sure before you do these that you have a clear space behind you because you're going backwards. Step step doesn't have to be directly behind the other foot, but just where you find your footing.

Step, step, step an hour, and move forward. Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward and back. So here we are. It's kind of the same thing, but now we're going a little bit quicker because we have a really good foundation built on our sense of space and balance and rest. Okay, let's come back to the center. Um, I'm going to grab the ball here. We're gonna do a few lunges. Okay. Okay. So what I'll have you do is you're gonna lunge with one leg forward and I'm going to pass you the ball and then you're going to hold the ball and bring the leg back. Staying on that same leg. We'll do about 10 of those. You'll pass it back to me. Good.

And I'm going to get a little further away cause you're tall. Long legs for back account. That is two, three, four. Try to push off that lunged leg so that w right leg six is that six and seven? The back leg is kind of straight. Nine and 10. Good.

Now we're ready to switch legs. Good. You Ready? You Ready? Okay. Left leg one, two. When they go, always feel stronger. One side will feel a little bit, that's the idea. Three, five, good way to kind of get really warm and seven, eight, nine and 10 you another one? They're good. Okay, good. So now you did this earlier, sitting down where you still put the ball, she's going to just kind of pull down a little bit, take the ball, hold the ball and what you're going to do. You did it while you were sitting as you, you pass the ball around your back.

So now that you're standing, you should have a good sense of that. Exactly. About six to eight times. Yeah. And now go there to set direction. So either way. Good. So this is good. Getting rotation, moving in those shoulders. Arms are working, legs are warm. Bodies warm.

And now hold. And I only go a little higher. Same thing back back. Just do about five. That's three. Four, looking forward and reverse head. One, two, three. Okay. Four. So listen to what your shoulders can do.

And five now could you go even higher? So now, sorry. You go like more towards the neck. Oh, grab it, grab it, and then pull it back around. Let's do this one. Sorry, I'm confusing myself. So you're here. You're gonna go back. Grab. Oh, so it's just behind the neck. That was confusing. The direction there. Yes. Huh.

And then you'll reverse that. Very good. Last one. And let yourself relax. Take your arms straight up. Take the ball straight down. Arm Straight up. You do that about three times lower. Now we're going to add a step here. This is where balance comes back into play.

Shoulder weight is forward of the hips, weight slightly towards the balls of the feet. You're gonna rise up at the ball and the heels and rise back down. Ball goes with you. Heels go up. So as the ball goes up, your heels lift and lower. Three, four, five, six, seven, last one. Grateful aren't you that that's the last good. Still hold the ball.

I think let's open the feet. Ball can be kind of like you're balancing. You kind of put a little pressure on it. You're going to have your feet a little bit turned out. Bend the knees, rise up, lower the heels, straighten the legs, bend the knees, lift the heels, lower the heels, straighten the legs. And that's your in. Do about 10 of those. Good. Try to drop your tailbone a little bit.

So your bottom is an out, it's down. You did good. You fix that. Heals up. Heels down for helps to work the inner outer thighs. Six still getting that nice strong footing. Eight, nine and 10 very good. Both feet together. I'm going to take this and we've got a couple more here.

So this time you're going to balance on one leg. Your heel will be down, but I'm going to toss the ball to you. So whichever leg you want to start with, I would recommend starting with more of the weaker side. Good. Okay. Forget that. Start with, yeah. Okay. Get your balance.

Now I want to toss this to you. It's slow. Let it fall. If you don't feel like you'd catch it. Okay. Okay. We'll do about five toss. Three, four. The higher the knee, the harder it is.

Five at rest, other leg. Okay. Get your sense of balance first. Find kind of a focal point, kind of get into a zone and here comes the ball. One, two, three, four. Hi, very good. Let you like drop both feet open. You can get rid of the ball if you're holding it. I let just go ahead and drop your head. Let everything drop. Wrath.

Bend your knees, straighten the legs, keep your head down. Let everything kind of relax and do that again. Ben Stretch and two more. Ben, stretch this time. Hold the ankles. Head stays down, kind of rock side to side. Good. Let Yourself, we'll loosen up. Nick, let your neck relax slowly to start to straighten the leg.

You can start to loosen the grip. Let the hands go wherever they're comfortable. They can hang as you come to stand. Good. Take a nice inhale. Lift both arms up. Keep the legs apart. Exhale, arms go out again. Do you have a big circle with your arms? Inhaling up. Okay.

Three of those. So this is your third. Then I'll have you reversed the arms. So now arms go out, up and around. Exhale. One, two, both. Arms Up. You're gonna go back. Let the legs stay straight and let your back bounce. Three times. One, two, three, bend your knees. Come to stand, arms come up. You're going to do that two more times. Inhale up, exhale down. Let the legs stay straight as you bounce. Three times one neck is soft. Two, three, bend the knees. Come up.

Last one. Inhale. Exhale, bounce one too. Now this time, stay down there before you come up. Shimmy your feet together. As you come up. You're going to shift your heel, your hips towards your ankles slowly start to arise. Good. Taking both arms straight up. Once again, nice cleansing breath and exhale.

Gave yourself a hand because you did a great job. You've made it to the end and here you are. Advanced. Keep working. Okay.


Great series!  Thank you for putting it together.  I am working on my tight hamstrings and very wobbly ankles and this class, in particular, I will be repeating often.
Very effective foot work: thank you
Rajashree Srirangarajan
Great routines. Love it! Thank you.
Maria B
Best class ever!!!! Thank you very much! I am definitely going to do this again really soon or every other day!!!!!!! 

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