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Jumpstart Mat 2

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Focus on flow with this Mat workout by Monica Wilson. She teaches the second class in her series designed to help you jump back into your practice after time off. She incorporates all of the muscles that you tapped into with the previous class but she adds transitions so you can move through the class seamlessly.

When you are finished with this series of classes, you can follow up with this playlist of Monica's favorites.
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Feb 13, 2019
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Okay, welcome back. As promised today we are going to use all the muscles we tapped into and reinvigorated with our magic circle. And we're going to concentrate on flow today. Whether you want to strengthen your arms, your legs, your glutes, your powerhouse, or just take a heart pumping at advanced class. I have put together some of my favorites and I'm linking them to this class to take all the guessing out of it and to help you on your way.

So without further ado, let's get started and start moving again so that you can do any politesse class or program or playlist that you want to do. Let's go. So we're starting just like before we had the magic circle here, but now we don't. So we're going to lift everything in and up. Lengthen our tail bone away and we're gonna keep our energy pulling up out the crown of our head so that we can cross one arm over the other. We're going to pull our belly and stills, we cross one foot. We're going to keep our energy lifting as we lengthen our back, pull it in and up against that mat. And lower yourself down.

We're going to lift our bottom back for the hundred and we're going to roll down to the bottom of our shoulder blades. So we're going to scoop in, cause we're going to do the hundred right? So we're pulling in pretending we have a magic circle between our ankles right here and we're gonna reach our arms long and pump and exhale, or between your inner thighs. If you had a magic circle, you'd be feeling your inner thighs stable, lower body, right. And you'd be exhaling pulling your belly into the mat. And then we squeezed our legs straight working that circle. So think of that mid line [inaudible] that's 50 appalling into the met. Yeah, three more. Squeeze those inner thighs. Nice stable, lower body pulling into the mat to freely round up or upper body.


Last exhale. Hug your knees in. We sat up for the roll back. So let's go ahead and do that without the circle. You're gonna squeeze your legs together, round your back. And we still want to squeeze your inner thighs and draw the lower belly and pull back to the waistband. Take a breath and exhale forward. It is more challenging without the circle.

Roll Back

It actually helps you as much as it's a pain. Squeeze a circle and [inaudible] try to really get the lower belly and big breath and exhale and we're going to go down to your shoulder blades. Yeah, squeezing, stretch against those hands. Rolling down to the bottom of your shoulder where it's. Take a breath and exhale forward. Okay. Really try to use your lower belly to free up your neck. Okay, one more and we're controlling and smooth forward. We're not stopping.

We're going to go all the way down to our head. Now squeezing, I'm gonna do a little more than we did last time class and in with the air. Pull in forward one more like that. Stretching with deer. Exhaling. Hold it here. Powerhouse in staying pulled back. Stretch the legs forward.

Reach your arms and pull a heavyweight back. Send your hips that way like you did with the magic circle. Keep your belly in and stretch back. Stable, lower body so that you can challenge your upper body and draw your belly bet. Okay, nice and controlled. One more time. Arms head scooping in. If you have a strong lower body, those hamstrings and glutes, great. Had the right knee into your chest. Straighten the right leg up to the ceiling stretch.

Roll Up

You can do it with a bent knee or straight leg. Press your arm stat. Pull the belly in, cross around Depth d member holding the circle between your hands. That was to stabilize your ribs into the mat so they're not lifted. Reverse at down, cross around out. So if your upper body is stable now your leg can move freely.

Leg Circles

One more. And hugging that knee. We're going to switch legs sliding that one straight, anchoring into the mat, right? Stretching your left and press your arms down. So scoopin stable upper body, left leg moving freely. Allow it to use the back of the leg one more and reverse. He got to really release your hip flexors.

If you are using the back of the ribs, the stabilize last time and hug in that knee. We're going to do rolling like a ball. Okay, so we're going to end with the air just like you did with the roll up. Press and down, pulling your belly in and up. Lift your bottom forward, grab onto your ankles and draw the waist in and up to balance onto your toes. Here we go. Six. Rolling like a ball in with the earth.

Rolling Like A Ball

Okay. Make sure you really XL to come up. Feel so good to massage your back. Lower belly. And here we go. In with year two more. I'm a terrible counter, but I think that's what I said. And last one, [inaudible] and rest your feet. We're going to do the series of five so you get a lift back to the middle of your mat. Let's roll down to the bottom of your shoulder. Blades.

Single Leg Stretch

Can Center myself a little bit here and expand the upper back. Scooping in [inaudible]. Draw the right knee and with control, right. How many wrinkles slide the left one down like a razor and sharp lick and scoop and scoop. Drawing the belly in and up. In and out. Lower belly, super strong so that you don't have to tense your neck and shoulders.

One more set and grab both ankles. Remember the circle between your ankles [inaudible] you squeezed it out, you pulled your belly into the mat, you reach the upper body and scooped and squeeze and squeeze it in and two and squeeze it in. Last one. Great job both legs up member, the placement of your pelvis coming up, a little higher. End Switch and switch and switch. Switch, switch and right left. Pull an in and up with your belly. Releasing always the neck and head. One more. Set through an extra one in there for you both legs up, hands behind your head. Remember how you had your circle between your ankles.

Double Leg Stretch

We drew the belly in and up to come up higher, squeezing the circle down, pulling up, exhale, exhale. Then you also relax the circle, squeezed it up. That one felt better I'm sure than the other last one. Chris. Cross twist. We kept it between our knees so that we had a stable pelvis, keeping the lower body stable so we could twist, twist, twist and twist, twist, twist, and had both knees and let's sit up right into spine. Stretch forward. We had the circle here.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

We're going to lift up tall and exhale. [inaudible] excellent. And in [inaudible] and exhaling down [inaudible] really expand those ribs. Draw the belly and imagining you're squeezing that circle between your hands. Add two more [inaudible]. Exhale all the air to breathing. Exercise. You last class, you exhaled. All those toxins. Do it here too.

Double Straight Leg Stretch

Okay, I didn't healing up pulling your belly against that imaginary circle. We're ready for open leg rocker. We're going to pull back in our waist. We're going to lift the legs up if you can, if not bend the knees, but pretend you have the magic circle. Either way, pull in slight squeeze to it, lift up through your back and six Willink. Okay. Up, up, up and in with deck out in with the air. Slight press with those inner thighs to keep you connected.

Criss Cross

Slight press as you roll back. Expand. Pretend you have it. Two more. Don't get too wide on your legs. Last one, pretend you have it and see if you can pull your belly in and up against it and ended up getting taller onto your sit bones. Nice job. Squeeze your legs together and roll down with control. We really felt our inner thighs in corkscrew, so try to feel it here without the circle, right scoop around, left and center. I'm sending my inner thighs a message so that I can stay scooped and left.

Spine Stretch Forward

One more set back of the legs. Work too. Last time and sitting up for saw. Opening the legs and we're going to reach the arms. Long breathing exercise again. Draw the waist in and draw it up. Okay. And with the year twist and exhaling [inaudible] in with the year and XLE in with the air. Add. Exhale, squeezing out better. One more time. Tiny waist if you can.

Open Leg Rocker

Pulling it in. Okay. Inhaling up and twist. Last time we did bridge, we're not gonna do it today, but remember what those muscles felt like. Let's do neck Niekro flipping over hands or under your shoulders.


So we're gonna squeeze those glutes as if we're doing bridge. We're going to pull our belly in. Strong lower body allows us to come up so easily. Looking over your right shoulder around left and look forward. Left. This is net crawl. Scoop it in. So it's supposed to stretch out your neck. Press your hips.


Let's look left. How are those hamstrings? Are they working right? How about those glutes? How about a powerhouse? Check. Is it pulling in and up? Lengthening out of the crown of your head. Nice job. Okay. Single leg kick. We had a circle right here, so we pretend you're pressing it. Ben Said, pushed to fist into the mat. Squeezing down, scraping in. That allowed for you to really use your legs, hamstrings, and glutes. Right, left or right. So press your pubic bone down.

Neck Roll

Lift your powerhouse up. No slouching in the upper body. Try to squeeze the inner thighs together. One more set. Whew. And left and right. Facial cheek on the mat. Okay. Pressing down three kicks for double leg. Kick this time pressing lift at one, two, three. I want to see dimples where your thighs hit your seat. Switch cheeks, [inaudible] and strong lower body so we can lift right and switch.

Single Leg Kick

Okay. Squeeze that imaginary circle. Freeing up everything else will last one. [inaudible] and strong. Lower Body and good job. Round your back. Sitting onto your heels, using your powerhouse to scoop Ali's. Flip over for neck pool.

Double Leg Kick

So we're going to start with our legs long and I want to start by putting my hands behind my head. Remember that circle was between our inner thighs, sitting up tall and squeeze those imaginary inner thighs with the circle. They're not maddrey. I was a magic circle and inch. I'm going to curl up. Kiss your knees, sit up, drawing your belly in and up from your legs that are hugging the mid line and hinge back.

Neck Pull

Curl the rest down for more. Inhale, sit up tall. Pull against. Pull your belly in and up against an imaginary circle. Three more. Inhale, sit up tall. Oh your lower belly in. Under pulling on that neck.

Eh, tomorrow. Trying to send my hips this way instead of fighting me. Yeah. Last one. Indian, sitting up tall, drying up my powerhouse. Always an back pack with [inaudible] control sidekicks.

So we used our outers, our outer thighs, and our inner thighs with the magic circle. We really felt strong and stable while we were on our side with our politesse box. Pretend you have that circle. Press down. Okay. Right there. Now hold all that stable move you like freely forward and back and forward and back and forward and back. So sidekicks and three. Yeah.

Front and Back

Too stable upper body. So stable. You can put your hand behind your head. Last one. And now we're going to do going up, up and squeezed. Remember we separated that circle. Use the outer thigh, both outer thighs. Push the bottom one down and two more outer thigh last time. Oh, let's use a mall and do little circles. One stable upper body, right? Nothing circling.

Up and Down

Just my leg and reverse powerhouse for three, two. Let's do beats. Remember those? We're going to press your pubic bone down into the mat. Use your hamstrings and glutes to lift your legs. Inner thigh, be area six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Yeah. Again, hope that wasn't too loud and we're going to bring your feet a little forward. Hips almost fell off there. Okay, so strong plot is alignment here. Box, we're pretending we have our circle circles right here for a lesson in alignment with the hip, right? And here we go.


Freely swinging it cause we know what it's like to have a stable upper body cause we got that feedback from our circle and we know what muscles we're using in our legs and outer thighs and your thighs. Keep that nice turnout. Let's do three more. Maybe your hand can go by your hut. Powerhouse working over time. One more. Nice job. Legs together. Push up, squeeze down bottom legs, pushing down as the outer thigh on the top legs. Pushing up right here. Feeling the burn right there. Two more.

Prone Inner Thigh Beats

Exhaling, tried to work on your posture as well. I'm five little circles again, nothing circling but the like three, two, one, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Nice job. Let's lie on our back. We're going to gently shake out our legs for a second and we're going to get into teaser. Good old teaser. All right, so I want you to start with your arms by your side. Scoop your belly, and imagine you have that circle between your ankles and you're going to squeeze it as you go forward and your belly pulls in and up. Arms go way in with the air. Exhale.

Front and Back

Then I hold my legs there. I draw my waist against that circle. Yeah. Yeah. Two more. The circle really does help to pull against one more and then hug your knees in six seals and we're going to stand up sitting up. Let's start getting into position. All right, so we are going to pull back in your waist. I feel like I'm a little off centered. Pulling back in your waist.

Up and Down

Three members, six and then you're going to stand up. Here we go. Clap two, three. Use your lower belly and exhale. Expanding the ribs. Lower belly. Inhale. Enjoy the massage.


See if you can remember what it felt like to have the magic circle between your ankles were open, like robber. Use the inner thighs a little. Find that feedback when you clap. It should be inner thighs. We're gonna do one more after this last one. And stand up. Cross your legs. Use the feedback of the mat to push up to lift all the muscles. And let's get into our pushups. So you're going to stand at the back edge. We had the magic circle grand finale last time. So we've stood right in front and we lifted the arches, the inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower belly, everything sternum up to the crown of your head.


From the back we used our hamstrings and glutes to push our weight a little forward. Everything was relaxing and we did nice presses without changing any of our plank position, right? So now we'll go into our plank, pulling in and up, lift and curl off an imaginary wall. Try to keep your weight forward, not behind you on the ball of your foot. You can bend your knees if it's too hard to keep your legs straight. Walk out with minimum motion. Okay, so I'm not in a plank, right? So I'm going to use my hamstrings and glutes like I did in the bridge.


Does squeezed out pulling my belly Dick Straight. Now, five pushups, elbow straight back, opening the collarbones go as low as you can. One more pull up in the powerhouse and walk back. Keep your weight forward, not off of the mat to scoop in and round up. I'm going to lift my inner thighs and my pelvic floor and everything. I've got two my finger tips and one more set that sailing.


It's work, but enjoy it. Hands coming out and let's really that nice posture, plank position. And here we go. One, two, three more elbows by your ribs if you can. One more. And now pulling back with my powerhouse. Always walking back to your feet. Maybe stay here, take a breath, and exhale. Grab your ankles. If you can just stretch. Why not enjoy it?

You deserve it. We're going to roll up, starting from front line. Oh the way to your fingertips. And exhale, pushing the earth away, feeling light and lifted and ready to hit any playlist. Do you want, enjoy.

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Elin P
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really good class! thank you x
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How did you know my legs were too far apart in open leg rocker? Great class. Thank you!
Thank you!!!! Exactly what I needed this minute!!!
Very good for me!
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Really enjoyed both classes Monica :) Thanks so much!
1 person likes this.
Great class; perfect instructions; I enjoyed it a lot..thank you Monica
1 person likes this.
Thank you for the great cueing. The pace was perfect especially for a 6am session.
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Awesome as the first one Monica Thank you!
Mika P
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Wow, the energy and the flow... Excellent sessions, thanks! :)
really great Flow class...definitely going to use this for when i don’t have the time for a longer class. A thank you to you!
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