Class #3696

Foam Roller Flow

40 min - Class


You will notice the asymmetries in your body with this flowing Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She encourages you to play with different energetic ideas so you can manifest these feelings in your body. She uses the Foam Roller and Hand Weights to test your stability and also to help you find balance between the two sides of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2), Foam Roller

About This Video


Hi everyone, thank you for joining us today. We are gonna work on the foam roller. So if you're taking this class, you should have a foam roller. And we're also gonna be using some wei...


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Meridith, thank you for this great workout!
I enjoyed it. I can not wait to see another vidio of you. )))
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Lovely creative, calming class. Thanks!
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Great class! It felt very fresh and great on my spine!
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Good stretch for the hips. Thank you!
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Looks awesome, can't wait to try it! %)
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Loved this class! really opened up my tight hips. Thank you:)
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Love, love, love. So simple, yet so creative and fun. Please don't forget to do another reformer/tower combo class as well. I have done yours 84,000 times. Thank you!
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Meredith, once again a wonderful, challenging and fun class. You have me working my body, but at the same time, you make me laugh. My body feels amazing- so open. Thank you for your challenging classes and fun spirit.
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Such a beautiful practice! Thank you so much! Challenging, meditative, and calming.
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"Meredith on the Foam Roller with Hand Weights". A work of art that would deserve a painting! :) Thank you for this surprisingly challenging, yet nourishing routine which feels a bit like a "Meredith best of" on the foam roller - it has everything!
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