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Energizing Mat

30 min - Class


Work on drills to strengthen your body with this energizing Mat workout by Christi Idavoy. She continues on from her previous class by restoring your ability to maintain your position in a deep squat. She also adds many variations in a quadruped position so you can find more mobility and strength.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi. Here we are. We are going to do rounds two of a mat class, the one that we did prior in this section was a little gentle, was more of a softening and a warming up and loosening tis...


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I love how open my hips feel after the class. And that 'drill' was fabulous!
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ironic getting to "meet" my body anew after 68 years of experience
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Amazing class , great teacher
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Lovely class! My sit bones say thank you my friend ;)
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Loved this class. My feet feel warm and open and connected to my pelvis :)
Thank you
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I feel so good, thank you Christi!
Well done :)
Wonderful class Christie!!! See you soon!
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Wow, what an awesome and invigorating session - can’t wait to introduce my students to some of these moves! 😊
I feel so loose and yet so connected - love your way of queing and teaching! Thank you!
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