Class #3772

Tower for Upper Body

40 min - Class


Work on your upper body strength with this Tower workout by Amy Havens. She teaches a full-body class that allows you to feel joint opening and stretch in your lower body while you work on building strength in your arms, shoulders, and back. In addition to movements using the Theraband, she offers new ideas for pulling up in a safe way.
What You'll Need: Tower, Theraband

About This Video


Hi everyone. I'm here for a tower workout today, full body, but a little more emphasis of upper body. So arms, shoulders, back, all that good stuff. So what we need for your setup is a...


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Great class, Amy! I love your creativity. My hips feel open now, and so do my shoulders! Thank you.
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uhhlala Amy.., just added this to my "favourite classes" - list! loved every minute, - so many new ideas! thank you!!
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Fantastic upper body . . . . my shoulders feel great!  Thanks you :)
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Nice full body workout - really enjoyed it!
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Thanks Amy that was great. Loved the 2 different hip openers. 
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Amy  this class was absolutely fabulous! Loved the pull-ups off of the end of the tower!  And I’m so happy that I can print the class notes! I’m going to be teaching this next week. Thank you for another great class! 
You have the best arm variations! I've done pull-ups using the pull up bar, lying under it. I really like the pull-ups with the tower! Thank you!
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Loooooved this class Amy! As always. Thanks A LOT :)))
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Such a nice workout. Thanks.
Fantastica clase , como todas tus clases. gracias
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