Class #3835

Fundamental Mat Flow

45 min - Class


Learn the basic movements that will lead you to a deeper Pilates practice with this gentle flow by Amy Havens. She teaches the fundamentals, which are prerequisites that you will need for Mat work. She works on finding stability and mobility when they are needed as well as explaining different cues that you can use for future classes.
What You'll Need: Mat


Alright. Hi everyone. My name is Amy. I'm here to teach you and take you through a fundamental flow. These fundamentals are really the prerequisites to the place mat work. You can kind of consider the...


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Great. Thank you, dear Amy.
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Great to come back after severe backpain. Thank you Amy!
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Wonderful, really work for understanding the movement. thank you!!
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This was great Amy! I have a client who is starting teacher training and will be doing fundamental mat this  coming weekend. I’m definitely going to suggest she watch this class! It is so amazing the work you get out of really perfecting the fundamentals. Thank you! 
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This is a perfect fundamental class I have ever seen; I loved it a lot and I will keep this in mind when I need to go back to the fundamentals for any reason...thank you sooo much Amy 
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Definitely appreciate the imagery of basic movements and the combining of these basic movements later. Thank you, Amy! 
Gracias Amy, me gusró tu clase de fundamentos básicos.
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Always important to go back and relearn the fundamentals to understand and do the mat work correctly. Great lesson!
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I like to do a lot of the fundamentals Amy and it is a great way for me to start. Always like to listen to different queues😊
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Thank you !! Very informative and well demonstrated
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