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Straightforward Mat

30 min - Class


Welcome to Class 1! Gia teaches a straightforward Mat workout to help you set the tone for your week. She starts immediately with breathing to help you find your center and then moves onto traditional Mat exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Jia Calhoun. Today we're going to do a class that's gonna set the tone for your week. It's great to do on like a Monday or just something to get you ready and prepared for the rest of the week...

The Pilates Daily: A Class for Each Day of the Week: with Gia Calhoun


Soooo good to do a straightforward no frills mat class with crisp clear cuing! Easy to fit into my day but yes, feeling the work now.
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Really great! I love the idea of this series--thanks so much, Gia!
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Great way to begin a week! Looking forward continuing this series!
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Just perfect, Gia, Thank You for great start to the week!
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This one's a keeper! Just what I needed. Thank you.
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Great start to my week! Thank you! Love when I find a great traditional class!
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Excellent class and great for my 30-day pilates challenge I’m doing.
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This a perfect daily dose; thank you Gia
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Thank you all so much! I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying this series!
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I love this straightforward routine.
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