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Upper Body Power

30 min - Class


Welcome to Class 2! Today Gia increases the intensity by adding Hand Weights to challenge your upper body. Because the beginning of the week tends to be more productive, you will enjoy working with more energy and power.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi, I'm Jia Calhoun and today we're doing a class with hand weights. It's going to be a little bit more intense for your upper body. Yesterday's class was a little bit more just traditional. Just get ...

The Pilates Daily: A Class for Each Day of the Week: with Gia Calhoun


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Thank you so much Gia; this was a great upper work; just what I needed when I woke up...
I'm so glad you liked it Cigdem! It's perfect to get you going for the day! 
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Great for strengthening the upper body. Thank you.
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I really enjoyed this class. Thank you Gia. You have such a lovely peaceful energy whilst working us hard! Perfect!
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Lovely! Simplicity, clarity, flow-  great side-lying variations too,many thanks.
Thank you all! I'm so happy that you're enjoying this class!
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Wow!!!! Tough little class but you kept me moving with your wonderful instruction . Thanks Gia
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Se siente esa energía maravillosa,  excelente 
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Thanks from AUS Gia. I love your simple calming cues. Great daily program to keep motivated.

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Arm, yes. But hitting all the other parts as well. Love this one!

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