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Spine Corrector Flow

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You will find a mental change in addition to a physical change with this Spine Corrector workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She teaches exercises that will create space in your body so that you feel long and open. She includes exercises by Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher that will allow you to focus on the subtle details of each movement.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Towel, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi, I'm blossom. Laelani Crawford. I'm here in beautiful Santa Barbara. I'm going to call it Santa Barbara even though it's not quite Santa Barbara. It's a gorgeous day. And I'm here with three of my friends and we're gonna do some spine corrector. So this first thing that we're gonna do, I'm gonna do it semi quickly.

It's a Kathy grant exercise. When Kathy grant would do it, it would be a 20 minute exercise, but we're going to try to cut it down to five. So hopefully it's manageable for you. So let's talk about the different barrels. So you can do it on different spine correctors as you see here. And let's talk about the position. So when you go to lie down, so Cynthia, scoot really far forward so that your sacrum is really even more Ford, like the like on that very front edge. Now before you lie down, you want some padding here so that when you lie down, so I've rolled up to towel, hand towels and so that when Cynthia lies down, hopefully her back will touch. And then when she goes to lie down, go ahead. First you just sort of see, and we're going to be here for five minutes.

It's okay for a little bit here, but that's a lot. So I'm going to give Cynthia this pillow, thank you. And whatever you have, um, any kind of towel, blanket, whatever you have to prop your head up so that you're in a comfortable position, that would be great. So that's part a. So let's see if I can see, uh, so Steven and Julie, why don't you guys lie down and have a actually don't lie down yet, Steven. So I hope you can see this, but, uh, we tried this earlier with Steven and when he goes to lie down, can you lie down without the fancy pillows? You can just see how he does not look comfortable. Like he could stay here for a few minutes and lift your head back up.

And then I'm going to first put a pillow under his head. Try this. And I think that's looks like the position and I think you could even scoot more forward with your hips. Yeah, that's right. So that looks like a place you could be in. And then I said, so Cynthia and Julie both have you try this, reach your arms up to the ceiling. Everybody. And uh, the knees are bent, feet are flat on the floor. Can you feel your shoulder blades on the mat? On the barrel part of the mat?

Yeah. So, uh, Stevens are sort of hovering and that's the hard part. So I'm going to take these two pillows. This works for him. You could also just fold towels up. It can be anything. But we're going to, I'm going to ask Steven to lift his head back up again. And can you sit all, and I'm just gonna add these other pads to where his shoulder blades, I think hit and he's going to lie back one more time and let your head go back and relax. So are you comfortable? Yes. Great. So that's hopefully the position you're going to find. And then from there you want to have some hand weights and hopefully everyone can find them. Yep. [inaudible] so close. But yes, very good.

And you're going to rest your hands on your tummy and relax. If at any point you're uncomfortable, then you just adjust. Okay, here we go. The first motion is very simple, very easy. I just need you to inhale and lift your elbows up. The hands stay right where they are and you exhale, you release the elbows two more times. Inhale, you lift the elbows up, feel the weight of the shoulder blades.

You can close your eyes and as you exhale, release, uh, so all it is adding on. Inhale, lift the elbows with that breath and as you exhale, reach both arms forward toward your knees. Palms are down good with the least amount of tension. The hands are up off the thighs. You open the arms up to your diagonal. So it's really just this upside down V position hands a little higher than the thighs, right from there without changing your upper arm, can you rotate the palms up to the ceiling without changing the upper arm? Just the lower arm. Rotate to the palms.

Face the ceiling. The weights they have is a one pound weight. A Steven has twos but ones are fine. From there. Reach your arms back as you inhale and back toward the ears. So circling out to the sides, both arms and back. And as you reach back, you're not going for the full stretch. You're just trying to keep them in your peripheral vision.

The hands are parallel toward each other. Reaching back that keep reaching back, keep reaching back, keep reaching back. So back, not down necessarily. Yes. And bring both hands back down to reaching for your knees. So a sort of up to the ceiling and down to the knees. That's the arm circle. Reaching your arms out to the sides. Palms are down. [inaudible] and don't lift them too high. You want them just, that's it.

From there without the upper arm moving. Can you rotate the palms to face the ceiling? Yeah. Take your time. Very good, Julie. And as you do this, you want to just check out that the wrist isn't sort of twisted or kind of funky, just right. And then reach back as you inhale out to the sides. Big exhale. As you go back to that reaching position, feel the shoulder blades on that barrel as you reach back so that you'll get to the arms to parallel then a number 11 yes.

And the hands up to the ceiling. Down to the hips. So see how this could take 20 minutes. Reverse reach up. By the way, Kathy would also do this in a different way. I'm doing this sped up version. Sorry. It's really funny when you think about it. Keep reaching back or Kathy sessions where much longer than an hour. Good. The palms are up right now. Yeah. Rotate the arms out to the sides.

Find that upside down. V position. The arms are straight, Cynthia. The arms are so, yeah. Yeah. And you're reaching the shoulder blades. Yeah. So keep moving those arms even. So you are more down by your thighs. Yeah. Keep moving. Keep moving. Yes. Beautiful. Keep moving. Keeping the arms here. The, the upper arms. Beautifully. Externally rotated.

Can you just rotate the palms only? Yeah. Yes, yes. And in this moment here, can you feel if your wrists are twisted, that looks good and bring the hands back forward to the knees. Just one more time. Reach up to the ceiling. I'm using this calm voice because this reminds me of Kathy and this is her exercise and it is a little, this is a very typical Cathy grand thing where it doesn't look that hard. Oh, the arms out to the sides, but it is quite profound. If you can find just that simple thing of key feeling, the way that the shoulder blades, finding that diagonal on this and then this diagonal moment.

Can you keep the upper arm externally, rotate it and just rotate the lower? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Ooh, and reach both arms forward. Beautiful guys. Adding on. Reach both arms up to the ceiling please and breathe. The palms face in toward each other. I believe in the gym. They call these flies. Inhale as you open the arms out to the sides. Exhale to close. Just do that three times as you do it.

I'm going to sort of take a peak and watch. So just feel what your arms are doing. Can you feel if one arm is moving faster or slower than the other? And if you find one arm that's moving faster, make the slower arm be the lead. Yeah, that's right Stephen. That chair. Yeah. Things change. It's a cause. It's not just a physical change.

I think it's a mental change. And that's a Cathy grant thing and I really love that one. Yes. One more time. Just one more fly. Yes. And reach those arms up to the ceiling. Stay here from here. I'd love it if you would straighten those legs forward and on the next exhale, lift your head up so the pillows will fall away. It's fine.

Excellent pillow dropping. Everyone good. That's it. Just stay here. Breathe. Keeping your upper body curl. Can you reach both arms up, inhale and reach forward. Exhale. Yeah. So right now you, some of you could press down into the legs and just find a little curl of belly. That's it. Inhale, reach back. Think of putting a belt on. Gorgeous. And exhale. Reach for just one more time. Inhale to reach back this time. Let your head go back. Exhale all the way back if you can. All the way. All the way. All the way, all the way.

Open the arms out to the sides. After you get into the letter T, lift your head up. Come back into that beautiful upper body curl. We're in a long reach. Yes. Reach both arms forward again. Beautiful. One more like that. Inhale, reach up. And so not the head yet. Not the head. You just reach up. Yes. Then go back into extension. Yes, yes, yes. After your arms, get out into the T, you're going to lift your head up.

Give me one more big exhale. Reaching forward. Okay. Say there just for fun. Right arm reaches up. Inhale, reach up with that right arm. Exhale, reach forward. Other side, left arm reaches up. Inhale. Exhale, reach for just one more like that guys. Right arm reaches up just to get a little Oh, symmetrical situation going. Yes, they're so good. In serious. Yes. You got one more time. Inhale, reach up and exhale, reach forward and any way you wish come all the way up to sitting up tall, tall. It's reach up to the ceiling just to get out of that back. Maybe bend the knees. I don't care. Whatever feels good. Yes. And just relax. All right, let's put the weights down to the side and let's go for a little Swan extension bit. Yeah. So get rid of the pillows. Let's just hide them in behind the barrel.

Pretend that they're not here and when you can, you're going to go into facing the hump of the barrel. Let's see if we can find a letter T position of yes, you got an extra props. So this is my variation of a Swan on the barrel. So it's not traditional, but I don't care. I'm just, I'm just, this is kind of, this is what I like to do. So when you can, and these are the directions I try to get, I give, it's a little Cathy style. I would like you to try to find a balanced T position on the top of the barrel.

So my clients and friends have to find a way or where they're balancing cause that's, that's it. That's all it is. Yeah. Breathe. So from here when you can, this is gorgeous. Bring your hands to the thighs, lift your chin, lift your chest, give me a big exhale and really exaggerated this upper body. Thoracic reach, the jaw muscles extension. Beautiful. Come back into that gorgeous tee. Yes. Yes. Easier said than done. It's okay. The struggle is what the work is about two more times guys.

So the thing that I look at the most here is sort of sequencing. How are they getting into extension? It's that actually looks really great. It's the next bit. How are they getting into this balance, right? How like legs, legs, Julia. Yes, that's right. It's hard. It's hard. That's right Steven. That's right. That's right.

It's hard to find that cause everyone just sort of wants to drop them. Sort of rejigger that way. Just one more time. There is no one right way. You just want to sort of look and see or feel. What is your tendency and maybe try to challenge it in a different way. Do you want to do legs to torso on you as you come out of it or torso to legs as you come back into that balance? Tee position one more time. However, hover, hover, hover.

I know the fight is so good and everybody just rest and relax for a moment. Oh, so that's Swan. A. Let's go for Swan B or Swan B for you people. So start in a almost swimming position. Reaching forward please. [inaudible] the palms face in.

Can you find another balanced position in with the arms reaching forward? Some people, it's harder. Some people it's easier. It's good. Julie, look down at the floor. Yep. And can you find your hover? Beautiful guys. Really nice. Three totally different swans on their own. Great. Bring your arms to the tee to let the legs touch down. This time. Yes. Lift the chin, lift the chest and they'll miss one. Let's add a little.

Rotate the palms forward. Eyes up. Chin up. Jaw muscles come back into, you're reaching swimming. Super person position. Yep. Superman. Superwoman. Yes. Breathe. Palms face in equal torso and legs. One more time like that. Come into the T and as you come into the T, rotate the palms forward, lift the chin, lift the chest. But you're saying right in that T position? Yes, let's end in that reaching forward balance. One last bit. Legs, legs, legs, legs, legs. Yes, yes, that's it. And again, just melt and take the shape of the barrel and relax.

Well deserved relaxed moment when you can have a seat into the crevasse facing the other direction please. So for this next one, we're going to assist. Sit facing the other direction. We're going to take a towel. This is a take off of Ron Fletcher's strip teaser. And I believe it's, by the way, when I copy sometimes I always say, well this is where it's from. I can't say that it's exactly how it's done and most likely it's not.

So this is a variation of what I think it was when I was taught it many moons ago. So here we are, towel in the hands. We're sitting in the crevice. Here it comes. The teaser moment is to reach the arms up to the ceiling. The legs will straighten along the floor and ideally you are pressing those thighs down. So much so that you're lifted up out of the spine. Gorgeous. But you're also pressing down so much that the feet just happened to float up off the ground. I know that. That's the balance. Yes. Now we're talking tease and gorgeous. One more breath from here. It's okay.

Yeah, that's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. Reach forward. Drop your head. The feet. Touch the floor, and in all our rollin Fletcher mode, we're going to pulse two times. Inhale, one, two, exhale. One, two. Don't forget new going this in the opposite direction. Yes, so it's curling that sacred water. XL one, two. I believe everything is going. Inhale, go. Shh, shh. Inhale. One, two, exhale. Shh, shh. Start to roll backwards. Shaving off the front of the line of the bodies.

You're going to shave off by bending the elbows. That's it. Imagine shaving off and start to lie down. Lie down, lie down to the rib cage, touches down you. The feet float off. They might not know. Don't look up yet. Julie. Look straight ahead. Reach up to the ceiling and hold. Yeah, just stay there. Breathing from there. Can you let your head go back to spine alignment? Now this is interesting work, but I think it's really great for the neck and the further back. Then you think Steven. Yes. It's that long.

Maybe even for you to Cynthia further back, further back. Not the arms yet. Love not the arms yet. Yes. Now the arms go back by the ears. Oh my goodness. No, not yet, Julie. Not yet. Arms go back. Arms go back. Arms go back. Yes. Now go back everything. Head lock, arms breathe head. Oh, thank goodness. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Try to find that hover position. Yes. Yes. Pressing down and find yeah.

And insist. Search. Yep. Yep. And let me tell you, so really use this towel. Pull, pull, pull, pull. We'll squeeze. Squeeze. But yeah, pull out on that. That is what helps you. Now you're pressing down so much to the feet are hovering. She's like, Oh yeah, that. Yeah, yoga. Stick that too. She out sick. That too. She out. When you're ready, drop your head. Tip forward. Going down, pulsing. Inhale.

One, two. Exhale. Shh, shh. Sacred stays back. Inhale for two. Exhale. Shh. One more breath. Inhale for two. Exhale. She shave off the front of the body. Elbows, Ben. Wide, wide, elbows, wide. Wide chest. The rib cage touches the barrel. Beautiful. Reach your arms up to the ceiling and whole right head goes back into spine alignment. Where is that beautiful? It's a much more open throat than you think. Julie, look up even more beautiful. Stay their arms.

Go back and reach back and hold gorgeous. You guys exhale. You go into any amount of extension that you want to go for it. Now. Is that a yes? And then when you can arms up to the ceiling, lift your head up. Try to find that position again. That's what I think in my head. Yeah. Last one. Drop your head. Reach to the toes. Inhale. Exhale. Go. One, two, and keep Bree being inhale. One, two.

That's it. Exhale. One more breath. Inhale. One, two, exhale. And so to roll backwards. Inhale. I'm like, then those elbows bend those elbows at it, reach up to the ceiling, find that beautiful. That's, that's 12 o'clock. Great. And then when you can head goes back in line with just my, you're gonna feel that neck. But I feel like that's a nice place to feel in our technological age. Arms reach back into spinal Iman. [inaudible] ne to Italian [inaudible] and then when you can come on up into your strip teaser position one more time. Hello.

Hamstrings. Rest. Ooh, that was fun. Thank you Ron Fletcher. So let's hide the towels for a moment. Yeah, I love that one. Um, okay, so guys, let's go for a little extension in a different way, but for the front of the hip. So gently, slowly lie down on your back. If you want to use the towel for your neck and shoulders, you're welcome to. But you're going to lie backwards through your shoulders. Touch the floor. Yeah, we're getting ready to do a shoulder bridge sorta. Yes, yes, yes. So your show you all the way. So my favorite thing to do here is to put your feet down into the crevice.

Exactly. Find your spot now. Walk your feet to the width of this barrel. Yes. So you can kind of find that outer edge. Yeah. Right. So if I may, yes, that's exactly it. Yeah. And just find that outer edge. And that's parallel. You might even let your knees drift slightly open. Perfect. That's all I need. Pushing down into the foot. Can you just do a little tech of the pubic bone?

Maybe think of lifting the hips up ever so slightly to stretch that front line of yeah, that's it. And take it down. Rest. That's all. I just a couple more. So my goal here is to really help you lengthen and stretch that whole front of the hip, which I feel like was really worked just recently. Yes. And take it down. Rest. You got one more like that. Press and took. Yes. And relax.

Walk those feet sorta heel toe in toward each other a little bit. Yet the knees can still be slightly open. And when you can extend one leg for let's say, right leg forward. Oh yeah. And let it be long and heavy and weighted. Yes. Can you keep that right leg straight ish while you try to tuck the pubic bone up against? Yeah, feel that good. Inhale, kick that leg up. Exhale, flex to come down. Nice and easy.

Just do that one more time. Inhale, kick the leg up nice and easy. Take your time. Keep it super straight, super straight, super straight. You got one more. Inhale, kick the leg up. Beautiful, Julie. Exhale. Take it down. Lengthen that whole front line of the hip. Reach it, reach it, reach at region. Bend that leggins. Slide the other leg, octave straight. And just take a moment of it hovering and reaching.

So what I want you to feel here is the opposition of pubic bone and pelvis against the weight of the legs. See if you can find it. The leg is super straight. When you think it's straight, you're gonna straighten it more. Aha. So don't lower it to the, I don't want it lower. I want it straight. Yeah. Here we go. Inhale. As you bring it up, exhale as you lengthen it down. Find the pubic bone talking. Gorgeous. Try not to move those hips two more times. Inhale as you go up. Exhale as you flex that sucker down. Yeah. Should feel really good.

One more time. Inhale. And as you exhale, flex it to lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen. Yes. And bend that knee down. When you're done, put, bring both knees into your chest. Take a little bit of a moment. Extend both legs up to the ceiling and hold. Yes. 12 o'clock with the legs. So for those of us who are flexible, 12 o'clock is sometimes hard to find. Yeah. Right. So from here you're going to just let the legs go straight down to the floor.

Rock onto the top of the head. Lift your chin in chess. That's it. Yeah. You okay. Julie on the wood? Yes. Yes. And then from there, chin to the chest. Open the legs out to the sides and bring the legs up to the ceiling. Leg circles onto the top of the head. But for me to 12 o'clock, lower the leg, straight down. Rock onto the top of the head. Lift the chin, chest reach, reach, reach. Good. Open the legs as you bring your chin to the chest. Yes. Big exhale. Yeah. Just two more times like that. Oh, are 12 o'clock soon. Yes. And again, lower those legs. That's okay. See, it's hard for the flexi people open the legs.

At least that's what I've been told. And ring the legs up to the ceiling. You got one close. Lower those legs. Fourth time's a charm. Sin leach, they reach to the chest and then from there, open those legs. X as you bring the chin to the chest and lie back down. Let's reverse those circles. Open the legs. Go down in together. Yes. Rock onto the top of the head. I love going onto the top of the head here.

It feels really safe. Yeah. Legs together. If you can see even. Yeah. And from their chin to the chest. Legs go straight up. So it's a lot of zip, zip, zip, zip. So close and again, open the legs go down and together. Yeah. So you use the way the legs to rock you up. That's gorgeous. And then when you can change the chest, zip tight jeans on. Just one more time. Open the legs and rock onto the top of the head. Woo. Strips, the jaw muscles and from there zip tight jeans on in those, you bring those like straight on up, up, up. Nice guys. Well, so there's many ways to come off. You know, some people like do a teaser thing, you know, if you want to try that on your own time, that'd be great cause we're just going to come off of here any way you want.

You could roll over. You could actually bring both legs over your head. Why don't we do that one? And you're going to push that barrel away and just slowly lie down. Sticky barrels. Can you push it, Julie? Push it down and uh, and then when you can lie down, sit and let those legs yet sit and let lower your back down and just relax your legs onto the barrel. Literally the rest of that's it. We'll be here for a bit. We'll come back to you. We'll come back. Honestly, that's my favorite part.

That like, right. What do we say where the ah, yeah, that's good. Okay, so let's go to sideline now. So when you're ready, you're going to come up to sitting and we're going to lie sideways over the barrel. Ready. So come on up. If you have an ankle weight, it can help, but you don't need to have an ankle weight. Let's get the barrels to the center of this mat. So Steven, scoot years back just a little bit and let's start sideline facing up please. Yeah, and grab onto the, Oh, the weight that you have. So everybody should have a weight. And actually Cynthia and Steven, I'll give you guys a, Hey, I want you to have a heavyweight and let's put the weight by the knees cause you'll want them later. And just one they end, that's all face this way.

So the bottom leg that's closest to where I was going to be bent, the top leg is also bent, but or you can straighten it. What is most comfortable? I'll go with that one. All right. So when you can reach the arms out to the size and make a letter T of the body inhale. And as you exhale, reach your hip, that left hip to the barrels. You sort of typewriter over. I love this one. And come right back up. Oh yeah. Come right back up. Psych and again, sip to the barrel.

Waistline to the barrel and come right back up again. He knows my tricks already. And again, hit to the barrel waistline, rib K age and come back up. Oh yeah. It's like a rock and vote. Last one. Hip, waist, bottom rib, top rib. Go over, reach that right arm over and just breathe guy staying over there. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Re so you're really just breathing into this top rib cage. You can straighten her, bend the leg if you wish.

What I am looking for is a yeah, he knew. So when you often bring the hip forward, the torso sometimes wants to go too forward. So it's almost like hip forward ribs back for some of you. Oh that's the OKC hood. Yeah. And now breathe into that rib cage. So I just again, imagine my ribs like a fan.

They just opening and closing and I feel like the ones that are really important are right up in here. Right. Breathing into that side body. Ah, that's nice. One more time and come back up. So when you're ready to come all the way up to sitting up tall, you can keep the legs straight or bent. Grab onto that leg with your right hand. Reach up to the ceiling with your left and just do a nice counter stretch. That's right. Yeah, it really is led. Can straighten and bend as you need.

So when you're ready, grab onto the weight that you have and let's put it in your right arm place. So the head farthest away from the barrel and we're reaching out into the tee position again. Are we okay? Here we go. Let's do that typewriter business again. So you're going to typewriter the hip waistline. Stay right there when you can. Both arms are going to go up and over your head.

Intertwine the fingers around the weight. O M. G the arms are straight ish. Lengthen on down. Everything goes down. Everything goes down. Yep. Upper body goes over. Cynthia, draping yourself over getting a huge length stretch. Hello, let go of the weight with the right hand. The bottom hand has it. The right arm will start to reach up to the ceiling. Hmm.

So from here you start to lift your head up as you reach good. And you come up to about a VOD diagonal. And then both arms go up and over the head again. OES intertwine the fingers and we come up up, up, bring the weight into the right hand. Yeah. And so it keeps going back and forth. Yeah, you can go to that stretch.

Gorgeous. Yes. Now when you bend the leg, don't bring it too far forward for use and see if you can take it back more the thigh back so you get that hip, stretchy opening business. Should we try that one more time? Come up to a sitting up tall and letter T. I didn't wait for an answer from them. When you can type writer rib cage. Yes. Both arms go up and over your head. Hold on. Intertwined those fingers. Good. And for you Julie F toward leaning forward a little bit. As you go over, over, over bottom hand takes the weight and you hold it.

You let go with the right arm and you go, Oh thank goodness, right arm starts to reach up to the ceiling, starts to lift up out of the crown of the head and here we go. Boom. I feel like a babe Ruth. Yes. And come up and over. Yes. Right hand takes the weight. Oh leave the weight back down on the floor. Come back into sitting up tall in a letter. T. inhale, twist to face the hump of the barrel.

We've got a saw calling it the hump and come back to center. Yeah I do that two more times. Yeah. And again lets do palms down. Inhale, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. Yet palms down. Yes and come back to center. How about that twist. Yeah. One more time. Inhale, twist. Put your hands on either side of the barrel yet. So that's where the West coast barrels. Nice cause you have those urges to hold onto but you can still think torso twist left as hips. Twist in opposition. Yes.

Drape yourself down over the barrel and just relax. Reach the arms forward. And Bri ha one more breath. Can you actively reach out to that right arm as you stretch that left or right leg back that far yet all the way to straight, if you can straighten that back leg. Yes, yes. In imagine the diagonal line from the right fingertips to the right toes.

One more breath. Keep reaching, keep reaching. And when you can both hands behind your neck, kick the leg forward and twist to face the ceiling. Yep. And as you twist, yeah, you'd have to kind of lift up. That's right Steven. Lift at. That's it. And so it's now. Yes. So now enjoy the extension rotation and woo. That's it. Now Julie would almost stick the two shout yes. Head goes back.

Head is heavy. Use those RBS. I think one more of those guys. Twist the torso. Kick the leg. I'm going to move this Julie [inaudible] as you do this, make sure that the one part isn't winning over the other. Yeah. And then kick forward. Twist to face the ceiling and enjoy the yumminess for your spine and elbows.

Inish and let your head be heavy. Let your head be heavy. Go back, go back, go back. Go ear. Yes. Other side guys. So now you're going to get the posterior view of that fabulousness. Yeah. Let's arrange our weights. I think that weight goes yep. Maybe by the knees and when you can, we're going to start out into the T [inaudible]. Yup. Oh my goodness. Let me get the right posterior situation. Ah, no weight yet.

So when you can hit to the barrel and come back up. This is like the ocean hip to the barrel. We slide and come back up. It's finally the reggae rhythm that I always think I have hip, waist, bottom of the ribcage and come back up and again, top hip, top tie back a little bit more sin. Yeah. Yes. Go all the way down and go over and stretch. Ah, and in this moment you're just really reaching over. Breathe into that ribcage. Lukasz yes. Inhaling and exhaling. Yeah.

The Fletcher people, they do like a four count breathing and it's like inhale one, two, three, four, exhale. You know their like, so that, yeah. Yeah. So that's my inspiration for that. When they really take a big long, deep breath. Exhale. One, two, three, four. Open the arm up. Come up to sitting up tall. Let's grab onto the weight and try this Cathy grant lateral business. So we're ready. Let's do a three pound weight and you're gonna have it in the hand.

Closest to the knees. Open the arms out to the sides. Here we go. Yeah. So right now think that top hip forward. Yes. Typewriter over hip waistline both arms over the head. That's the killer. Yes. And from there Tim or reach? Yes. LinkedIn. Away from the hip. Away from the hip. Go over. Take a moment to stretch.

Bottom at hand takes the weight. And you're saying here breathing. Yes. From here, this is what I call the babe Ruth moment. It's like I'm reaching up and I'm thinking that's where I'm going to go with my body. I reached the weight up, intertwined. Come on, hold onto the way with the other hand and counter stretch. You can even pull on the legs and reach. Yeah. Should we do that again? Come into a letter T I didn't wait for an answer. And when you're ready. Hip, waist, reach, torso against pelvis, go timber, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, reach, reach, reach. Yeah, that was it's, and I know she's like, but it hurts so good.

And then when you can reach that top arm up, start to lift the bottom arm up. That's it. And then both arms over. That's the killer right there. Yes. Take the weight in the other hand. Bring it down by the knees. Reach and pole. Did we do three on the other side? Here we go. Come back up into a letter T. that was a yes and reach hip.

Waist hole. That's it. And then timber. The reach helps. Yes. LinkedIn way retreat. Retreat. Retreat. Yeah. It's always about that opposition. Bottom hand takes the weight and when you can start to reach up babe Ruth up. I don't have answers to bad idea of babe Ruth, but that's what I think in my mind. And then when you can hold onto the weight, reach up, leave the weight on the floor, adding on copy, sitting up. Tall palms are facing down. Inhale, twist to face the barrel.

Oh, I can come back to center. I'll grown for you. And again, inhale to twist. And as you twist, I must think of taking that top leg back. So you stretch that. Yes, that's it. There's the front of the hip stretch. Yes. Come back to center. Third time's a charm. Inhale to twist you hold onto the rails and see if you can twist that torso, but keep the hip reaching back. Yes.

And then lengthen your spine forward and down over the barrel. Please reach the arms forward and get make. Take the length into the spine as well as the twist. And when you can reach that top leg Bakish yes. All the way to straight. And so you're really feeling upper body against lower body and sometimes with the leg that's reaching back, there's in tendency to want to externally rotate.

Can you give me internal rotation? French? Maybe it's hard to say. And then this hit for this. Yeah, yeah. Even more even. Yes. And when you can both hands behind your neck kick forward as you twist and face the ceiling, and as you do this, you kind of have to lift the torso up a little bit. And that's it. And then now when you can, yes.

Let your elbows are in and let your head actually help you. You're going to actually, it's going to take yes. Gorgeous. Oh, got some good breath. Go in there and then change leg back. Twist forward torso that yeah, keep going. That's right Steven. Really good. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Keep reaching elbow energy out of that left elbow. And then twist, twist it. Face the towards. You have to kind of come up. Upload.

That's right. Send even more up, up and up. It's like rotisserie chicken, isn't it? And then head goes back. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, breathe, breathe. Bree. I think that's enough rest guys. Last thing when you can comp to standing please. Woo. So you're going to come up to standing and saying, can I borrow this for a second? Let's all stand in our crevice just like this and get a nice calf stretch. [inaudible] I know. She's like calves. Yeah. So it's a big stretch.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. So can we be parallel? Ish? Whew. That's kinda all we have to do. Great. One more breath. Yes. If you want, we could try to bring the chin to the chest and slowly roll down. You do what you can. I don't care if it's just the head. Yes.

And then when you can slowly take your time. Yeah. Good. Said yes. Rural up, up, up. It's funny how it changes everything, right? You mentioned dancing on a rake stage. Right? I know. And when you can step off and stand on the flat, nice flat floor and take a moment. Yeah.

Let's take a moment to close our eyes and breathe. And I love this old ending from Cathy. Lift all 10 toes up and it's just going to shift you back. You'll feel it. Yeah. Close your eyes and just feel that shift. Okay.

See if you can feel all those shifts we did in the body and when you can slowly lower the toes, open your eyes. Inhale. Yeah. An exhale. Thank you very, very much. You guys.


Becky C
1 person likes this.
Great class!  I always laugh out loud when I follow along with you.  Thanks for making the sessions fun and informative at the same time! 
I loved this class. The side overs are “killer” but hurt so good:) Love the fletcher “striptease” Super teaching style and personality Lelanie Thank you
Heavenly! Thank you so much.
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Just love your energy!  Thanks for keeping pilates playful and fun!  I love when I can have a smile on my face through class :)
Silvia Laurencich
LOVED IT from start to end!!!! 💝
Great Class!! thank you so much
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Is it possible to get the links for the props used for the head and neck and lumbar?
Anabella D
Great class. Loved the variations on the side lying   work with the weights. Can really feel the xtra load on the obliques and spinal stabilizers. The Swan,  the bridge and the Fletcher teaser  were challenging and add  a different dimension  as well. Thank you ! 
Kimberly T
THank you Blossom! I absolutely love your energy and the flow of this class! Love from Singapore!
Hayley S
love love love!!! 
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