Class #3679

Spine Corrector Flow

45 min - Class


Your body will feel amazing after you flow through this Spine Corrector workout with Brett Howard. He starts immediately with exercises that will help you strengthen and lengthen your entire body. He also includes effective variations that he has learned from his teachers, including the "Businessman Special" at the end.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Triadball, Franklin Ball, Pilates Pole


Hi, my name is Brett Howard and today we are going to work on the spine corrector. My bodies are Jia and Tetsuo and what? I like this to start with this sitting just a little bit forwa...


Love this workout, great instructions.
Outstanding and looks very therapeutic. Thank Brett for your creativity. Useable for sure.
Wow! Love this workout! Great instruction, flow and creativity. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for this lovely class Brett! It's great to see you back on PA :))
WOW WOW WOW!! Precise and Exceptional Cueing!
Love this.. Thank you Brett :) Yay you're back!
I loved this class! I love your teaching style-it's always so perfectly cued! Fantastic!!
Love this workout, great cueing and hands on adjustments for stretching. love it!! Thank you!
Loved the teaser series! And the windmills are one of my favourites!
I could connect a lot on the ab series and on the teaser
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