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90-Minute Mat

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We live in a fast-paced world so it's important to remember to take time for yourself. In this Mat workout, Amy Havens invites you to move with her for 90 minutes in order to be present with your mind and body for an extended period of time. She encourages you to slow down and dig deeper so that you can feel your way through the work.
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Hi everyone. Amy here for a 90 minute math class and I have my friends, Mandy N Qaeda with me. We're here to move together, but we're also here to support you and your movement out the...


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That was great Amy! Glad I had time to do this today as I’m heading to the airport. Hopefully I will have a nice easy flight! I love that “Cleopatraesque” move after  side lying.  Your cues are always so helpful. 
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Thanks Amy, This was so great. I loved the pace and will definitely re-visit. 
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Thank you for such a mindful, slow unravelling! Feel well stretched out.
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Fantastic class, definitely proud of myself for keeping at it! May become a weekly ritual to do this class, thanks so much.
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Thanks  for the opportunity  to do a long slowly paced class.  Always enjoy the energy and mindfulness you bring.
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This class is so thoughtful. As a yogi and a Pilates practioner I loved the mindful movements in this class. And as a yoga teacher I can’t wait to add some of this smart strength work into my classes. Xx a queer and trans yogi
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Beautiful beginning to class that settles mind and body. Wonderful flow to the class. You have a lovely voice to listen and cueing is perfect

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