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Abdominal Flow

30 min - Class


You will feel your waistline after taking this Mat workout with Amy Havens! She focuses on the abdominals using simple movements to pull your strength in and up. She includes creative variations of exercises like the Hundred, the Series of Five, and much more.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everyone. I'm here for a short Matt class today focusing on abs and the center of the body. We talk a lot about working from the center and moving out. So I thought I would just spe...


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Great Ab class! Thank you!
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Loved the variations. Evenly distributing lumbar spinal flexion is difficult for me, so I loved the challenge
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That was a great focus on the core with still some good, full body movement. Thank you, Amy! There is so much great variety on PA for the 30 minute workout.
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I liked your descriptions, fast but not too fast. No nonsense just how and what should be done to perform the exercises, liked your voice and tone. I've noted the side twists for my own practice very helpful.
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Great class as always Amy! I felt my waist during :) and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow, too. I’m bookmarking to come back to again!
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What I found very interesting, was that as I watched you in your beginning warm ups with the roll back, how your feet would arch as you rolled back, then flattened when you returned to sit bones. How fascinating the connection is with the hips to feet. Thank you Amy for always teaching me something new.
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I miss my gorgeous teacher! Come to Kauai and play with me! Very awesome core work with new variations for me to try. Thank you!
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Just superb Amy! My new go to 30min ab workout..Thank you!!
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Yum!!! Much much needed worKin!
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Great class! Loved it! I have wrist issues and it was easy to modify the side and front supports to utilize the forearm.
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