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Active Aging Mat

55 min - Class


Focus on balance, proprioception, and strength with this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She teaches a class designed for older clients, making sure not to include loaded flexion so that it is osteoporosis safe. She includes exercises that will improve posture, hip strength, leg strength, and balance on and off the Mat.

This class is designed for those who can get up from the Mat and down to the Mat easily. If you aren't able to do this, you can try some of our other Active Aging classes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball, Towel, Overball, Pilates Pole, Theraband


Hi everyone. I have a mat class for us today in this class is geared toward the older female clients. I'm older is really what you might describe as older. Um, let you do use your disc...


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Thank you Amy! There are ladies 60+ in our group, this class is very usefull for me.  Rollover is over...
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I think this class is for everyone; I liked it a lot...thank you Amy
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Nice....reminds me of some of Buff Bones.   Love the use of the towel at the end.....also loved the dowel exercises for the wrists.   Thank you
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Loved this class. Controlled and effective for all levels. Thanks Amy for another wonderful class
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I'm interested in why you say - for those with osteoporosis, this roll down is not for you - I havn't heard that flexion is particularly bad for those with osteoporosis - but I stand corrected if it is?  Would love to hear your views.  Thanks for fabulous class.
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I freaked out a little bit when I read someone’s comment about having ladies 60 in class. Oh my gosh.. I’m going to be 60 soon! I’m one of those active agers! This was great, thank you Amy! I really liked the abdominal work with the ball at the neck and I loved the towel work at the end. 
Thank you Viera Cigdem Jennifer Sharon Jos Connie !!!  Yes, this class is truly for anyone, but also good for the 'older' client.  Age is just a number anyway, right?!!  Jos, the comment about a roll down not being good for someone with osteoporosis is for safety.  Most flexion is not indicated for someone with osteoporosis -- that said, it's often referencing loaded flexion , which a standing roll down isn't.  I'm a very safe teacher so that comment was said for that reason.  
YES.  I teach a 60+ mat class and tried some of these sequences with the ladies.  They loved it!  I deeply appreciate the creativity, knowledge and care you bring to all of your classes.   Thank you, Amy!
Perfect for active ageing clients - men too! Nice variation of arm position in sidelying - lower arm often in the way! - AND great resistance work -many thanks
Love this class Amy thank you. Fantastic ideas for my over 55's class. The standing work great, arms, footwork with the towel and the ball under the chest brilliant for everyone.
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