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New Year's Mat

35 min - Class


We've made it through another year, so Meredith Rogers invites you to celebrate with her in her Mat workout promoting expansion, opportunity, and growth. It is a wonderful time to show gratitude for movement and everything your body can do. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year filled with joy and movement!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everyone. If you're here with me in this moment, it means that we've made it through another year. Can you believe? 10 years of Polonius anytime 10 and here we are to celebrate toge...


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Happy New Year Meredith! Thanks for this class, great start to the year love the positive thoughts with the movement! 
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That was just what I needed today, thank you Meredith for all your superb classes. Happy New Year! 
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Feliz 2020!!!Gracias por inspirarme siempre con tus clases!!! ¿Cuando  vienes a España......?? :)
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Happy new year to you and Meredith! I was sound asleep last night before 10 and woke up feeling great. I feel even better after doing this New Year’s mat class! Feeling grateful,  feeling joy!  hoping to carry it through  2020! Now I am off to see Little Women. 
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Happy New Year Meredith! This was exactly what I needed to start the new year off well! So peaceful yet still difficult.
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Happy New Year Meredith. Keep the classes coming! Thank you.
Beautiful movement..beautiful person. Happy New Year Meredith!
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Happy New Year Meri! A calm and happy way to start the year. Thank you and sending hugs and all our love. Xx
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Happy 2020 Meredith! Thanks for a great first class for the year x
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Thank you beautiful Meredith, you are one of the best! 
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