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Fundamentally Speaking

55 min - Class


Karen Sanzo brings her twist to various props in her series Power of Props with Karen. In this class, you will use the Overball to create 360º breath awareness before moving into Pilates fundamentals and a few full Mat exercises. She also shares a poem at the beginning that metaphorically describes the breath as life's teacher. This is a great class to regroup your practice since it's nothing fancy or too tricky.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Oct 23, 2020
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Wow! That was an amazing class/experience. I love your teaching style and cuing. I have been a fan since becoming a member of Pilates Anytime 9 years ago. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.
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Wonderful!  I am a fan of your style and expertise.  Keep visiting!
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Perfect class!! Great cues!
I love Karen!  More Karen Sanzo!

Thank you for another great class. I always appreciate your clear and precise instruction. Nothing too strenuous yet very effective!
Loved this! Always so good to see you Karen! Hugs and health from Omaha!
what was the reading please?  that was so profound and relevant at this time.  thank you
Thank you Karen, I really enjoyed feeling the breath and the movements in my own body during the class and you have given me  new ideas for cueing and subtle modifications to support and challenge my clients-which I know that they will appreciate and enjoy. I'm looking forward to working my way through your next 'Power of Props' classes.
Just to clarify, "tip your pelvis" means posterior tilt , right?

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