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Creating a Foundation

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Learn how you can introduce basics to a new client with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts by introducing her husband, Wayne, giving him an assessment of his posture, alignment, and range of motion. She then moves on to basic exercises that will give him a strong foundation as he continues his practice.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Arm Chair, High Chair, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Baby Arc, Triadball, Pilates Pole

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This is my husband, Wayne Nash. He is not trained in pilates. He plays, golf, racket sports, cycles. So, he's volunteered to let me teach him three times a week for the next 10 weeks like Joe prescribed, and we will see and prove that the pilates method actually will change his body, okay? So before we move, before we do anything...

(mumbles) I just wanted you to take a look at him, okay? Turn sideways, please. Just natural. So you can see the curve here, in his neck, how it shortens here, and how his pelvis is forward, right? You can see that there's hips go forward, right? And his chin goes forward, okay?

See the slope of the shoulder and his back as he turns forward, you can also see that his arches are collapsed and that his knee comes in here, right? And that there's are a lot of misalignment in his feet, okay? So we're gonna go sit over there. I'm gonna give him a range of movement assessment. So you're gonna lie on the counter with your knees bent.

And feet flat. Good. So, I have everything in my studio slammed into one little space. (mumbles) So right away you can see how he is placing his knees. This tells you a lot about his alignment. First of all, he took his feet wider than his hips.

And his knees are dropping out, because he's on the outer edge of his feet. A lot of people who push their pelvis forward like he does end up on the outer edge for balance, as opposed to forward on the front part of the foot. So I just want to take that into notation. The other thing you can see is that you can see a lot of the rib cage out here where it flares outward, right? Yes, he's very trim, but there's a shortness here Right here there's a hollow underneath his rib.

This hollow under his rib indicates the difficulty that he's not fully using his lungs, right? He's not breathing down here. He's breathing up through here. If you look at his neck, I mean, this is uncomfortable. Does that look uncomfortable?

That's comfortable for you to lie with your neck like that? No. No, okay? So it's very uncomfortable for his neck. So before I give him a pillow or anything, I just want you to observe what his alignment is.

You can see those shoulders round forward, close forward, and yet he still protrudes his ribs because the only way that he can breathe, with his neck like that, is through here, right? So, before I even go into any range of motion, I need to give him a pillow for his neck. There, how's that feel? Okay? Now do you feel like your ribs relaxed a little?

Yes. Yeah. So now I actually have lifting his head in that position putting his neck more in alignment with his spine. He is now able to actually relax down into here, okay? So the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to do the range of motion first.

I'm going to assist him. And I'm just gonna see, keep your arms straight, I'm just gonna see how far his arm can go without compensation. And it's actually not quite off, because he's here. Now he starts to lift to shoulder and he's actually lifting his arm by shortening his track as opposed to being able to freely move the arm from using the scapula. So he gets here from here and he goes like this.

Why? Because rounding forward pushing like this, his scapula has not been free to move, so it holds. So he's gonna compensate by lifting his shoulder. So in honesty, his range of motion without compensation is about there on this arm, okay? We're gonna do the same on this arm. Relax it.

(mumbles) Good, this side's a little better. There, that's when he's compensating, by shortening as opposed to keeping it into place. Do you feel a difference? Mm-hmm. And moving, okay?

Now, the next thing I'm gonna check is the range of motion of his leg. I'm gonna keep his leg bent at his hip so I can see how much mobility he has before there's compensation. Now, Wayne's back is actually arched. It's hard to see, but his hip flexor, at the top of his hip bone, his iliac crest, is actually pointing this way. As opposed to, if it was, feel that?

Down the way? That is where I would want his pelvis to be. You know, we talk about neutral pelvis, when your your hip bones are aligned with your pubis. Well, right now he is in, if you were doing the pelvic clock, he's tipped in a six o'clock position, okay? And you see the second I go to lift and I wanna go straight in, I can't bring it.

He can't bring his knee right into his chest because the hip's getting in the way, right? So in his mind, he would have tight hamstrings, but really there aren't many people I know that God gave short muscles. It is that the pelvis is not in the position. So, the first thing I have to do is teach him the position I want you him to move in first, okay? The other thing I wanna check is I wanna check the range of motion of his head.

Now I've already elevated it with a pillow. But, Wayne, I just want you to lift your head up. Good. And down. So he has pretty good range to be able to lift his head up.

He doesn't have a neck issue per se. He has a neck bad back position but he doesn't have a neck issue. Wayne, do you have any injuries that I need to be aware of? No. You're perfect.

Yes. Excellent (laughing). Good. So first thing, and I don't always start everybody like this, but Wayne he has to build a stable base. So he's gonna do a little exercise called the tip and the tuck before I start to teach him what he might think classically are the exercises.

He will be following the exercises of the mat and the formal order but in a broken down way. Because if I tried to have him go into 100 from this position, he's going to develop bad habits. And he's going to recruit all the muscles that he usually does. So the first thing I have to create in my work is a stable base. So his entire beginning of his work, even though I'm using through the mat in the formal order are really, really, really going to be focused on building the perfect 100.

So the first thing I have do is create a stable base. So Wayne, I want you to imagine that your navel is 12 and your tailbone is six. So I want you to tip, I call it the tip and the tuck, I want you to tip your tailbone up. Yes, not too far. See how you're off here.

Press this down. Yes! Now hold it. That's your tuck. Now tip, and you're gonna bring your tailbone down and I want you to arch your back and put the pressure on your tailbone. That's it, good.

Now, feel what that your neck, okay? Now, as you bring your pelvis back down to the 12, I want you to leave your tailbone there and feel the bones in between get. Yes, you feel that? Yes. Yes, hold onto it.

Keep your tailbone down. Hold it, hold it. Excellent, relax. Now, tuck. (Wayne grunts) (laughs) It's deep. Yeah.

Yeah, that's it. Get up, go back down. Just a little, just lift that tailbone off right under the navel. Perfect, that's it. Hold, hold, hold.

(mumbles) Good, Now tip. No, no, that's tuck. That's crushing the tailbone. Good. Now keep the tailbone anchored and lengthen your navel down. The tailbone anchored.

But between your navel and your tailbone it's gonna get longer and longer and longer Both these points are anchors that you see a little bit. Okay. One more time. (mumbles) Easier to navel down and let us right then that yes. And stop. Now we need this here and we let it your tail on down.

That's right here. Yes, yes, yes. I feel that it so hold, can you hear her now open? Yes. So this is what I want you to find, okay? When I tell you to stabilize your pelvis.

That's what you're gonna do, okay? Okay. Very, very good. So, the first thing that I want you to do now is you bring your legs a little closer together, okay? (mumbles) Look, if you just do that and I want you to hold my hand. Excellent. Here, reach your arm back on it.

You can just get stretch them back And now bring them all the way down to the mat moving evenly Good. One more time. I'm gonna go get you a pole.. Hold this bar. And that's good for your hands. A little closer. Now you see how you're not holding with all your knuckles.

Hopefully all your knuckles is straight there. Like you're gonna push to this part of your pole. Excellent. Now bring your hands down to your thighs, okay. Open your arms up. Okay. Very good.

Now, as you lift your arms up I want you to think about your tailbone. (mumbles) The length between the tip of the top. Good. Now pull your stomach in and out as the other go down. So you're gonna find the navel, as the arms go up find the tailbone. When you feel that tailbone make the sign longer and longer and longer.

Good. Hold my hand. And bring it down to find the navel. Find the navel. Very good. Bring your arms up to the ceiling.

And this time just stop with your arms up to the ceiling Now I want you to draw the outer edges of your shoulders, and push them out. Now hold it. Yeah. And now push your arm up to the ceiling up, up, up, up, up beautiful. Now, bring it down, shoulders to the neck, hold it.

Really try to press on my fingertips. A little more. Good Wayne, excellent. And straight up up up and bring your shoulders down to the neck. Excellent. Very good.

And lift up, up, up, and press down onto the mat. Good making excellent. Beautiful opening of the chest. Good. Stay direct just inhale deeply. Exhale for five, four, three, two one.

Inhale deeply. Exhale for five, four, three, two. Now try I only to breathe through the nose. (mumbles) Keep those shoulder plugs, exhale through the nose. One more time.

Inhale through the nose exhale through the nose. Try not to just breathe through your mouth, right? Good. Now don't move your arms. You bring your head up so that your ears try to reach to where your arms. Oh, good.

Take your days to... Roll just right there. And then come back down, keep your head up and then bring the head down and elongate the neck, beautiful Good you lift the head up. Now. Lift the head first with the head up you're gonna peek through a window right there. Now roll to the bottom of the shoulder blade.

Hold it for five, four, three, two, one. Roll down the shoulder blades. When the arms come to the ceiling, bring your... Bring your shoulders into the neck. Lift your head up.

Stretch those wings. Yeah. Really... Yes. Now, lift your head up bring it between your arms, bring it between your arms Now, hold that there, you're gonna articulate. You get to the bottom of your shoulder blade. Good. Now find the navel in the tailbone.

Hold it for five, four, three, two, one. Roll all the way down. Yeah, relax your arms. Good. You might make it, bring your arms up to it. (mumbles) And now stretch your arms back behind you.

Excellent. Good. Bring your arms up to the ceiling widen your shoulders again to the neck And again, lift your head up to your arms. Now roll up a little bit. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Roll back now then it goes down, reach up to the box and stretch back up to the board.

Reach up to the bar With both your shoulders in. Good. Lift your head up. (mumbles) Excellent. Now what I want you to do is, you're gonna lift up your leg, and you're gonna hold the back your leg, and you're gonna roll up to sit. Excellent. Now, hold your hands right about... Elbows out to the side. Good.

Don't let those knees change. Press down on your feet and what I want you to do is you have to move your feet more forward but I want you to sit up as tall as you can. So sit up. Yes. Hold it. (mumbles) Good. Up up up up up, And now relax.

And again, sit up up to the side. Up up up up up, So when I tell you to sit up, this is where I want you, okay? And relax. And again, sit up up up. Now right from here.

Just your hips, bring your pelvis back towards the mat. I'm gonna hold you here. That's it. Bring your hips back. Your hips back. Your hips back. Just your hips Roll back. Roll back.

Yeah. We'll back up to sit up. (mumbles) And sit up, sit up, sit up. And again, roll back. So I started him on a cadillac today because he doesn't know anything about the work. So I put him on a former.

You wouldn't be able to apply to see stuff. Okay. Yeah. (mumbles) Yes. Yes. Very good. Very good. Very good. Find that top.

Then you sit up on your tip. Find your tip. Find your tip. Excellent. Last one. Find your top, find your top, keep up. Find you top.

(mumbles) Get your waist back. Good. Come on, push it. Push on it. Push on it. That's it. (mumbles) You feel that? Yeah.

Excellent, keep going I'm here. I got you That's it. Yes. Oh, very, very good. Now let's put our legs together, okay? Now what I want you to do is you're let one knee to the side nothing in your body can move. So how are you gonna do that, right?

(mumbles) Yes. Perfect. That's beautiful. You see how you open that. Excellent. Now don't move anything. Just lose it to the side as much as nothing else moves. Good. You feel that, so good.

Bring it back. Now. This one's not gonna move then this leg is gonna drop out So, you try to live with it to it. I don't care. It doesn't happen (mumbles) That's it. That's it. That's it. Bring it back, good.

Open this one to the side. So that happens with a lot of golfers. Even they rotate a lot in one direction, you see he can't to bring this leg open without wanting to shorten in his pelvis. Which means he's probably shortening on his swing this way. (mumbles) Yeah. That's it. Good.

And this is where his leg circles, right? First, if you have to stabilize it I'm not gonna have him do a crappy leg circle. And look, it's a lot of work. Wayne, is this a lot of work? Yes.

(mumbles) Ah, good. Good, good. Now, what I want you to do is you're going to without moving your pelvis again, notice the theme. You're going to just walk this right leg down. Only as far as you can without losing your tip and your top.

So slide this leg down, that's it. Hold the stomach in. And then slide the foot back up and keep the tip (mumbles) Very good. Now the other side slide find your top first. Slide the foot down. The more you slide the foot the more you'd have to say was that opposition. Good.

Slide it, slide it and 100 tip as the leg so that you don't lift your tailbone. This is his single leg. So notice, I'm keeping in slack to begin. One day you moved it, but I want to build a stable foundation and very good and slide that way to do it again. Tell that's it.

Yes. So he's learning how to work from this powerhouse. (mumbles) All the way. Very, very, very good, okay. So now, because I know his pelvis is not stable.

Normally we do the double leg pull, but because of his body I'm going to actually introduce him first to.. You okay? Yeah. The single leg pulls straight. So when he's going to actually do here is bend his right knee into his chest without shifting his hip.

(mumbles) That's what he has. Extended the leg up to the ceiling as much as you can. Good. Now all I want you to do is bring your right knee to your left. And squeeze them together. Then pull.

And as you hold it, don't twist anchor this side. Yes. And pull this out again. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Bring the leg out to the cap, lower the leg to the cap. And you're still going to anchor from the top and then you're gonna bring it up to the knee.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. And then right. Now don't shift. (mumbles) Don't worry. We're gonna go to ed Robinson.

Yep. Bring your arms down by your side that helps keep your box metal. Doesn't allow you to achieve with, by shortening your chest. Yes. You feel that. Excellent. And stretch the leg. And when I take him to the apparatus you're going to see these exercises echoed in what he does.

And press one, two, three, four, five lower to the cap straight. One, two, three, four, five lift up to the knee. One, two, three, four, five. Bend knee please. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

Is, you know, roll up. Use the bathroom lights. Just sit up and put your feet against those poles. (mumbles) So I wanna teach him how to do it as correctly as he can from the beginning. So Wayne, what I want you to do is take your feet off the sides of the cadillac.

Good. And let them... Put your feet up on top of this. Good. So, because he can't sit upright yet with his legs out in front of him, one of the most important components of your spine stretch forward is sitting upright. So what I'm gonna do is... Otherwise he's gonna be behind himself and I don't want that.

So I'm going to let him now see how you can sit upright. And it feels good, right? Take your arms out in front. You go there on the wire. Yeah that's okay Okay, so the most important thing right now for him is to sit upright and not close his hips.

So I'm your wall. Bring your pelvis back to me. Find your top. That's your tip on the top. Yes. Good. You feel that.

Keep the top. Take your arms in front of you with the ball down. And you are going to do Wayne. Is you are going to roll that ball forward. That's it, reach for it.

Rolling the ball. Keep it going. Roll it. Roll it. That's it. Roll it. Now roll it back. And as you roll it back, get taller.

Very good.How does it feel? Yeah. Right? Yeah. Lift up.

Now roll that ball forward. (Wayne exclaims) Yes. So what I am doing is I'm preventing him from closing his hips (mumbles) I'm not gonna worry about the other things, right? Because what is the purpose of this open the lower back? I'm not gonna worry about his head right now.

His ribs right now. The first thing I have to do is create a stable base. If I don't have a place to move from what good is the rest of everything else ready? Let's go, well, your bolt that's it. Now I'm giving him a little more constraint Reach it, reach it, reach it.

It's good, right? And roll back up to sit. And I'm making sure that he's not winning one hip forward or back. One more time. This time I want you to take a deep breath.

(mumbles) And you see, I increase the lift each time and roll all the way up to sit down. You stay right here because he was such a good boy, I'm gonna have him give me his arms and stretch up and a nice circle and stretch up cause with all that forward, we need to explain Mr. Nash. Yeah. This lift up, very good, staring at it. So, for me to be able to get him to sit correctly which is almost there on a high chair, right. Where I need more stability, I have to open up his chest and roll back a little bit more.

So what I'm gonna do is today I'm gonna work with this bowel. So what I want you to do is you're gonna just like we began, have your feet on the cadillac. Knees bent, feet flat, hold back your legs and roll down. You'll find that behind you, you will meet a bowel. Okay? Now lie back.

So once again, I'm going to show you he is a person that needs a pillow not for long ago, lift your head up. Cause I don't want it comfortable but I want you him to be able to breathe and I don't want to have any measurements. So the first thing that you're gonna do is you're gonna lengthen your chin. Good. Excellent. Every time I tell you to bring your pelvis to the mat behind you, you lengthen your chin down, okay? So ready?

Bring your pelvis to that behind you. That's it. Just get your neck longer. (mumbles) Just like between your sweatshirt, right? Roll up four, three, two and release.

Yes I'm working on opening his upper back but I'm really opening up his lower back in the fall of his hips right now. Press and release. So by putting him up here on this art it already begins to open the shoulders up, right? I'm making sure that his knees are not dropping down so that he's working stretching where I'd want him to stretch and bring it back. So this what I tell him to bring, right?

This is where you're gonna always work this part of drop. Then release. And again press. Yes. Excellent. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

And really going to stay there for a second. And I'm going to get a little bit of a weighted bar from him to that focus. Once again would you please hold it in line with your shoulders. Not wider. I want that to get more articulation.

He's watching this. I want you to be really aware that this happens that you hold with your pinky, okay? But almost tempted to give him a torn grip where he extends his two fingers but I'm gonna reach these. Like you're gonna punch me with these knuckles but push right here. Yes. Good.

Same thing. Push right here. Find that space below Reach your arms up to the ceiling. You haven't reached the bar backpack. (Wayne sighs) Well, he's doing very well. He was bar nice and straight and helped bring the bar up.

And exhale . Keep your head down. And breath them out Good. Find that space. Inhale. Reach up. Exhale. Stretch back. Inhale come up.

Exhale come down. Very very good. Now let's go over to our reformer. (mumbles) I don't know if you do pull on this bar. You ever push on the ball, okay?

So what I'm gonna get a pillow. Actually let's see how it works out in the first place. We only have a person that knows about these apparatus is me. You to sit good, okay? Assuming when your life's over full bar and you spot their head, and he's gonna roll back their who?

Their shoulder loss at the slide. You are on the desk. Oh look. It looks fit for you. Very good. Now Wayne is about six feet. I don't feel the need to change anything for you.

So what I want you to do Wayne is do you remember that tip top in between position? That's the only place I want you to focus. I want you to just push into your feet lengthen the toes over the bar against toes is don't let them go out with one inch. Finding that top. Good. Now find your tip and bring the carriage home.

Yes, but don't lose your back on there. So you're lengthening in between. Like your nails move you back. So move the arch back. Push out. No, don't push your tail bone (mumbles) lift the stomach and bring the carriage home.

In, in in. Notice my focus is really about bringing the carriage home. Go out one, two, three. Good. Now hold the tummy in, tailbone down one, two, three, four. Good Press out. So, I'm not having to do full extension yet on his foot work. Why? He couldn't straighten his legs there. Right?

We couldn't him sit up with his legs straight. So I know that if I wasn't going to full extension that he will lose his back on the reformer. Therefore losing the purpose of footwork which is anchoring in aligning the spine through the feet. How do you feel? Good right? This is such a great idea.

(Wayne mumbles) Perfect. Press out. One, two, three, four, five. That's all I have today it's to the fifth number and wrapping it. Good. Good, good. So bend your knees into the chest Elbows in.

Recently actually this year as a lot of things, one it really at this level be angers is fine. Right? And it gives it a little clutching grip. So bring both feet to the bar and you're gonna be on arches. Try to keep the knees together. And I want you to actually turn your palms up to the mat.

Yes. You have to open your chest. So I want you to palm up the mat. Now you're gonna push out that same inch. And you're gonna come in that same inch. Good. And you're gonna push out one, two, keep that tail bone down and drag it home.

One, two. Yes. Go out one, two, three. Come in, one, two, three. Go out one, two, three, four. Come in, one, two, three, four.

Go out one, two, three, four, five. Come in one, two, three, four, five. Good. Pull both knees into your chest. Flex your feet. Toes back. Beautiful.

And place your heels on that bar. Arms down by your side. Okay. You're much better student. Good and press that one inch. Come in. Good.

So I want you to keep working here. (mumbles) I wanna keep him so that he is keeping his feet orderly as flat as possible. So the big toe one, two, three, and come in. Good. (mumbles) One, two, three, four, and come in in in. (mumbles) Very good.

So I'm going to lead us in strategy with elsewhere. I'm gonna need all his legs to (mumbles) And to put those feet in the strap, you can actually end up hurting his back. (mumbles) and you're just going to sit up on that carriage. You can hold the back of your legs, beautiful. And you put your feet in that first position that you were in before.

And I want you to take your hands and fold this part. Now hips tight, right? So I wanna be here to help him keep your heels together and just push it back for one inch. Good and bring it in. Very good.

Push that with your pelvis. Right up to here? Do you see where your head is? Keep it there as you come. Yes. Go back.

One, two, go back. One, two, three, four, now good come in one, two, three, four. Roll back one, two, three, four, five. Come in one, two, three, four, five. Excellent. Take your hands back behind you and see the shoulder blocks.

Very good. Yeah. (mumbles) Press out with that lower... Yes and now come back in. And go out again and come back in to go back one two three. And come back in.

You see I'm not giving them a lot of little, not that drunk that he's just worried about pushing back on his stomach. That's what his focus is. And I have been doing the rest. Push your stomach back and come in.Very good. Right there.

This is the favorite one. Grab onto my wrists, hold up to my wrists. Now reach up to my shoulders. Good. Look at you. Now straighten your legs, just an inch. Good.

Now come in and try to get my shoulders. Not with your chin. That's it. That's it. Now go back one, two. Very good. And come in, lift up, and go back one, two, three, yes Wayne.

And lift up. Lift up. Lift up. And very good. Step off. Good. So I'm going to teach Wayne one of my favorite favorite group is to introduced the shirt box and that is short box on a long box. You've got a safety back here.

His knees are bent. So I'm introducing him to the bent knee (mumbles) I want you to just take yourself a little forward. That's it. So I want his knees directly over his heel. Now this is your safety check on top of it.

There you go. You wanna keep this tight, okay? So the first thing that I want you to do is wrap your hands around your waist. And you're gonna sit up. And you're gonna take that part back again just like we did, right?

You're gonna articulate your power so bring your hips toward that neck. (mumbles) And again. Pull back pull back. Pull pull pull, and sit back. (mumbles) You got this amazing and sit up one more time.

That was amazing. And sit up. Very good, stretch all the way forward. Good. Now you can take this bar in your hands again and actually I want you to take it wider. Stretch your arm with that.

Lift them up to the ceiling You can do it. Yes. Knee just a little falling. Now, remember we talked about those wrists. Now I really feel like you're a pull that far apart and lean forward and really syndrome pulling the bar and grow, grow tall, grow tall. Lean ballroom.

Pull your bar far apart Lift up, grow tall. Yes. And go forward and again lift up (mumbles) Yes. Oh, that's it beautiful. So reach for these two knuckles right here good. Lean your shoulders and your hips and your just reach over to one side a little bit and then come up and then we'll reach over to the other side. Yes. And come up as tall as you can.

Now as you reach over weight, same thing here. Instead of in the junior, knee to the side yes. and come up and the other way, do it again, anchor the hip. If you don't anchor the hip, you won't move away from it and you'll shorten your hip. So I noticed something out, same thing with the golfers he gets stretched to this side. Right.

But when you go to the other side anchor the other side he likes to shorten. He's shortening it. He's not really reaching over. So I take all these into account stretch forward for what I'm going to do with him for his own exercises to all build 100. I need that equal level on all sides for 100.

(mumbles) What I want you to do is sit up as tall as you can. You can dip your hands on the side and without shifting do you remember when you lifted your leg up before? And why don't you lift one leg up one, two, three, four and bring it down. (mumbles) Now you're gonna lift this leg up and bend your knee and bring it down. So introducing the tree like this makes it about sitting upright.

Not the stretch of the leg. (mumbles) Good. Bring it down. Excellent. Very, very good. Hop off. (mumbles) So only reason why you're doing this exercise is to learn how to stand on the apparatus.

That's it? You press your hands here. Standard foot, pressure hand here at me and here your feet that against here. I know it's like, you're gonna lift your chest up. Okay. So I thought the bar, even though I told him and I stopped the carriage.

Now, what I don't you to do it only be able to do a push on this bar, right? Push on the bar and shoot your hips back (mumbles) So, this exercise is done hips over heels. I've been working on the isolation of a his hips good shift but it will be useless if does not have the position correctly because it gets his spine stretched forward, right? So remember what I did with his son, stretch nobody. I want you to bend your knees. Good.

Push through your heels and straighten your legs. Just straighten your legs over.Good. And pushing your hands and pushing your heels and straighten the legs. Yes. You feel that? Yeah.

Bend your knees pushing your hands And see now, opening here. Not up here where he likes to open and rescue your heels and up up up. Oh, very good. Now listen to your Especially for you I want you to lift your heels up, facing against the shoulder box. Lift them up and move your feet back. Good. Good.

So you see how his toes here do not want to bend at all and you're gonna bend your knees and bring your knees down to the mat Excellent. Good. To take your feet back a little bit. So you see one of the things we have to work on his flexibility to see which is coming along. But thank you. Feel that No no no . this is your heel That's it.

You're in a tough position. So you're, that's it very good. Now push, push that. Yeah, he, this, he is just moving And I'm bringing it All places in the movement. Your head pushed back here?

Yes. Wish that yes. And push that. Yeah. Don't dope. Yeah. That's beautiful.

Push that excellence. And one more time, which back and it now and I want you remember when your shoulders came together and he moved to the of yes. You feel that as it to keep that habit push that and come in those risks. What happened? My risks, risks, Cresta.

The risk is so important. You can see, he likes this full blown with guns. And what does that do? Close to the chest of a box. Right? Push very close and then push and push.

And yeah, good. Don't move around into that first position. And it was just what you need to place mom. And you're going to sit back on your heels and you're letting that rounded position, pushing arm. Notice my clothes.

So lift up a little over your head there. You feel that this is the position. So I am, this is new start off position. I've always strip it in the position I've wanted to be not in that position. What was that?

More? Yeah, smart, straight forward. Push your hands forward and press that and comfy and cross that and rest out. Excellent. Who should be heel at all and who should be heel? Who should be healed and push through the heel. Excellent. Hop off.

And you didn't align him just like that. Wow. And this is going to be the first one that has seemed to push the character fully out. Does it? Yeah. Does it feel so different already? Yes. So you probably haven't seen cause you're shortening aside now.

He's not going to get to that very first position that we worked on and this and I want you to stretch your legs out but keep your heels. Wow. Now you're going to bend other heels underneath. Good and stretch both legs up stretchable, but lift and change lift. But that's it.

And lift there. Remember Where were you moving from? That? The ad that don't don't talk it, keep that one down. It's long. Yes. And now lift with your naval and lift with your navel.

Yes. At home drew up with your navel, you lift with your navel and lift and then journeys all the way. Hey you're going to come to here and you vote. Right? I don't want you to do anything, but the top the top you lift the tongue up. Preston, I think. Yes. And if it's not going up, I think right now who was down the telephone at that time. Good and lower.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just wear your feet off. Stretch out your legs one inch and let them bedridden and breath out. You need a little more stretch. Good. And bend your knees and, and, and feel that I'm not going to have him with his back up.

Yeah. Reaping the exercise and excellently and your knees and June chest. Good. And you step off the reformer. So now work on a couple of components of 100 electric chair, the high chair carefully say studio. And when did you remember, do you remember when you were all on there and your whole back was on here? So I'd like you to sit on your, this has been great.

And I want you to get you off a little back and I want you to take your arms around but now these are going to be part of it. So your elbows Or your elbows are out. Yeah. Excellent. Oh, look at you and your facts on there. I'm so proud.

Now open your chest there. Make two fists hug. Look at your time. Sqeeze, these arms. So they're working to bring both of your feet for Pell and I'm going to push on the very strong pedal and we want, I want you to do you have your feet together, knees together?

You feel sad. Excellent. Yeah. Very good. Keep your jumping. When I push down one thing and bring it back up, up, up good yield together down one page.

And as you first the most important thing is that everything stays. You pull back against that wall down, down, down, down, down, down and up, up, up, you know, that stability of that position and up and down for a hundred working on and very Good. So the next thing that I want you to do too. Wow. jet. So we get on the, maybe share in a very specific way.

That way, this is going to teach you to how to get up and down on that. So I want you to stand facing with your heels against here, fold your arms like this because it's going to teach you how to get enough. That feels together at your heels yet. Now as you sit down and dust, lots of the gym. Yeah. We want just swap that.

That's it. There you go. So I'm building his strength which one lady we go all the way down and all the way up and to get onto the floor. Yeah. Take the sole of your feet together. Back together.

Very well. He's not so bad. I'm really proud of him. He didn't let his knees drop out. We corrected now to here like this like I get up there you go.

Give up your charge. I want to work on his 100. So a lot of work on the arm position, the lift of the slide. So your job is if you're tie yes, entire back on the chair stretcher and good and make a fist and they might buy you a little bit but that's because you're not. Cause you see they're not in the middle.

Right? So you weren't here. You're this too, right in the, and it's okay. You can be a little more open right in line with their feelers or a little wider. You're going to lift up. Think about the work that now as you pressure him down lifting your spine up that chair and keep your shoulders up.

And you're going to lift up, you know to come up with a check of grades and you're going to press down and grow tall and you're gonna lift well that's down and roads. (mumbles) All right, good. One more time. (mumbles) Okay. I want you to reach forward and bring the shirt back forward but keep your back on the chair back Feel that? Yeah.

You feel that good. Yeah. That's it, keep it, keep it. Good. And then bring it back. This is how your stomach wants That tip and that top.

(mumbles) And, and one more time. Reach forward hold your stomach... And let them all the way down. Just like you got on the arms Knees flat, elbows lift. Heels together.

Use your stomach. Excellent. And bring your arms down. Now, last but not least at all. Or second to last. You're gonna come over to here.

He's now gonna do full corrector today. (mumbles) will begin as soon as I get the best angle. But he needs to foot articulation. So, Wayne come stand right here. (mumbles) Yeah.

Now pretend you're the mat behind you, your arms are straight and I don't want you to shift forward or back I just want you to do something. Don't look, look in the mirror. Straight? It's straight. Yeah.

Okay. Does it feel great? It does. Good. Yeah. Don't shift. Just lift your heels up. So your back body is gonna move you.

Yes. And lower down. Now, one more rule, as you lift don't let the weight go to the.. (mumbles) That's it. Press on the big toe. Beautiful. Leave your head on the ceiling and lower your heels and again lift up.

So this is starting to feel not only the connection all the way through but this is his true mobility of his feet. Lift up. (mumbles) Bend your knees as if you're sitting on that note like you're gonna sit on a chair Bend your knees. Bend your knees. Yes, yes, yes. Now stay there.

Lower your heel. Now pressing the heels in straight. Not much. Lift up again. Excellent. Then... Lower your heels.

Push through the heels and press around your... Excellent. And one more time. I know it's a lot of work. Lift up. (mumbles) (wood creaking) Okay. So I want you to stand right here. Have your head in this space.

Bend your knees, take them as far far away as you need to get your entire back on it. Okay? So bring yourself over this way. That's a bedroom escape deal together. Legs. Together. Good. A little more detail on their shoulders in math, right from there you're gonna keep bringing your hands up.

Pull the stomach in, exhale, grow taller towards me. (mumbles) Don't straighten your legs. The spine grows. Inhale it. Exhale it.

Lengthen your spine up that wall. Up that wall. Up that wall. Again inhale. Exhale. Up on the wall, up on the wall. Up on the wall, up on the wall.

And inhale.Open the chest. (mumbles) Good. Put your arms like this. Slide down the wall. Stay there. Hold it. There you go.

Press on your big toe. Hold it. Go a little deeper down. Hold it. Hold it. Slide up the wall. Imagine you're on that chair, right?

That's it. That all we've got. Slide down the wall. Find that chair. Keep you're back on that chair Hold it, hold it. Hold it.

And slide up a little. Push through the feet. Last one. (Wayne sighs) Bend your knees. Good...

Press up. Excellent. Walk your feet. That's okay. Walk your feet back to the wall. Crushing is against the wall. Step home with the right foot step with the left foot leaving the wall.

Move your heels together. Lift your heels up a little bit. Leave your hands. Lower your heels. And that was your first lesson.

(Wayne clapping)


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What a great class! Even though not filmed as a normal class would be, I could see the difference by the end of the class and I’m not a professional just an enthusiast.   You are such a master teacher!  Thanks for sharing these classes!  
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This is GREAT!!  I get men like your husband and this is so good to see through your eyes the assessment and the foundational core work before his body takes on anything else.  your cues are wonderful and your corrections help us look for similar situations.   I'm thrilled to have this teaching, thank you!!!!
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Looks great but audio was rough. Maybe ear buds next time?
2 people like this.
Thank you Kathryn -I am so excited for this series - I knew you were teaching your husband, thru your IG page- but to have this filmed -so so helpful with similar clients - thank you!
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You have inspired my to start with my own husband because he too needs Pilates so badly!   I don't have all the equipment you do but you have given me enough info to know how to modify and where to focus.   And loved seeing your furry baby stroll around.  Haha. Thank you!
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Fascinating to watch and listen! Looking forward to more!  Thank you!
1 person likes this.
such a great resource!  Thank you so much - super helpful.   
Cynthia G
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Your husband is amazing, great teacher.  Getting up close is easier in this scenario but very instructive.  Covid will be a problem with clients outside your bubble.
Fabulous! Afraid  the teacher's  ability to touch  the student will  disappear because of Covid and Me Too.  Only with this  degree of touch can the student feel  the difference.
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so beautiful, honest, moving! thank you
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