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Re-Establish the Powerhouse

70 min - Class


Focus on stability, finding your box, and control with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. In her second class with her husband, Wayne, she works on re-establishing his connection to his powerhouse in addition to stabilizing his pelvis to prepare him for the more challenging movements that will come as he progresses. She also introduces the Foot Corrector to make sure he can find strength from the ground upward.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, High Chair, Arm Chair, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Foot Corrector, Baby Arc, Moon Box, Triadball, Pilates Pole

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We're on workout number two with Mr. Nash. Good, we're gonna begin lying down, knees bent, feet flat. Okay. Remember how we bought the legs a little more together? Good, and I want you to begin with the tip and the tuck, as we did, just to reestablish where his power house is.

So, you're gonna lift your tailbone up, right? Leave your navel anchored and smear your pelvis down. Anchoring your tailbone. Good. Now tip your pelvis and pressure on the tailbone.

Keep your tailbone anchored and lengthen your entire back down on the mat. Yes. (Mr. Nash groans) And good. Tuck with the tailbone, anchor the navel. Keep the navel anchored and lengthen your tailbone away.

Good, yes, that's it. Keep lengthening more tailbone, more tailbone. More tailbone. Come on, get it down, down, down, down. Yes, now anchor the tailbone.

So lift, arch up the other way. That's it. Stick your butt out. More tailbone, arch your back. That's it.

That's your tip, remember? And now anchor, keep the tailbone anchored, and open up right there. Remember, pelvis back, your waist back. Beautiful, Wayne, good. (Mr. Nash groans) And relax, very, very good.

So we're going to use the bar today. And you're gonna hold it up. And hold there and we adjust. (dog barking) And exhale and stretch that. Good, and we're gonna go straight wrist.

Inhale up, exhale, bring that bar to your thighs. And let's just move a little bit down, cause you're a little long, you're gonna like... A little more. Good, good feet flat. Inhale, lift the bar up.

(dog barks) Exhale, good, stretch back. Now, you might be questioning why we are not using a barrel again on his pelvis. I have to get his upper back open first and his powerhouse stable. Otherwise, all he'll do, bring it all the way to your thighs, all he would do is take his pelvis and not open the front of his hips. So he has to understand the tip and the tuck before I can put his pelvis on the barrel, which he's almost there.

Probably one more lesson. He's doing great. Notice how I'm spotting his ribcage. This is working on the exhale, inhale, and exhale. Good.

So I'm adding the breath now to the simple movement. And as I press my hand down and away here, I am facilitating the movement of his diaphragm and his rib cage. Good. So he's not using it now to move his arms as he was before. Can you feel a difference in your arms?

And reach all the way down. Open now. Very good. Let's do one more time cause it's so good. Yes, Wayne.

Inhale come up, good. Now can you reach to the ceiling with your arms and stretch all the way back? Good, reach, reach. As long as I can keep those ribs in you can stretch those arms back. Very good.

Let down. I'm gonna take this pole here. Okay, so now what I want him to do is he's gonna draw his legs together, good. And I want you to have your hips, actually I'm gonna give you the bar. I like that for you to help you keep your box square.

And your gonna have to reach that bar up to that. See this bar right here? You're gonna reach it right up to there, but first open your chest, and you're going to inhale and bring your chin up to your chest. Good, now, exhale and reach there. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it.

Inhale to roll down. And exhale, reach your arms back behind you. Inhale, bring your arms up. Continue to inhale as you lift your head and use the exhale to articulate thorough your origination. Stabilize, very good, very good.

Hold, hold, hold, roll all the way down. And now I want you to think about your wrist position. Reach up to the ceiling. Continue to exhale and stretch. One more time.

Arms up, inhale, bring the chin to the chest on the inhale. Good, exhale here. Reach up, reach up, hold it for five. Four, three, two, one. Anchor your tailbone as you roll down and make your spine longer.

Yes, ribs in, reach up, stretch all the way back. Do one more, roll up. Arms come up. Shoulders down. Good, head comes up as you inhale, right.

And the exhale as you get to the ribcage. Good, remember the tailbone. Don't lose your tailbone. Get that tail down. Yes, and hold it, hold it, hold it.

Roll all the way down, inhaling. And exhale and stretch back. Ah, I can really feel that in my arms. Exhale, arms down by your side. (mumbling) In my shoulders.

Shoulders. Now, for your leg circles, we're going to, remember how we stabilized our pelvis and we dropped one knee out, the butterfly? So you're going to stabilize this pelvis and drop this knee out. Already better. And come, stabilize this pelvis, and drop that knee cap.

Really don't (mumbling). Feel like you're smooshing my fingertips with this hip? Yep. That's it, keep smooshing. So the more that leg's open, the more you have to smoosh.

And come back up. And again. This one, smoosh this. The more that leg goes out, the more you gotta keep pressure on this hand. Yes and come back up.

So he's starting to really understand stability for his leg circles. Okay, reach. Good. And come back. So I'm going to do his double butterfly here.

Feet together. Reason why I'm going to do here, it's going to be replacing his leg circles over there, because he is too tight right now for me to put springs or straps on him. And he can't stabilize his pelvis yet on the barrel, so I'm going to do his butterfly, which is going to emulate that same leg circle stability and massage of the spot. So you're going to rock your feet, rock your legs, open, don't move your pelvis, and the soles of the feet come together as you do it. So the bottom of your feet come together.

Yes. Good, you feel that? Now pull the stomach in and draw the feet flat. Good. And again, open.

You're doing very well. Good, and come back. Yes. And you want to move those legs evenly. So while you're on the on the Cadillac, you can see they're gonna pass over one bar faster than the other.

So anchor here, anchor her. Very good. And come back up, good. Slide your feet a little away, please Wayne. And take your hands behind your thighs and roll yourself up.

Now he's gonna do a roll up where he's gonna hold the back of his legs. This is in place of his rolling like a ball. So good. Leg from your elbows out to the side. Pull your stomach in and sit up as tall as you can.

Great, right there. Now, all I want you to do is take your hips back towards me, towards the mat, roll them back. That's it. (Mr. Nash groaning) That's it, hips back, hips back, hips back. Good, now sit all the way up.

That's it. And again, hips back. (Mr. Nash groans) Hips back, hips back, good. And lift up, this is a very soft exercise (mumbling). Coming to help.

And go ahead, hips back. (Mr. Nash groans) Pull the hips back, hips away. Hips away, keep going, (mumbles). Hips away. That's it, good Wayne, keep going.

Hips away. (man groans) Hips away, hips way. This is why he's not on a barrel yet for his legs. (man groans) And come back up, lengthen up, two more. Hips away, good.

Try and keep that neck down. Pull this back. (man groans) Pull this back. My shoulder's preventing him from using his upper, going into his upper body. (man sighs) And lengthen up one more time.

Roll this back. Roll this back. Roll this back, good. And this time, roll all the way down, leading with your pelvis, leading with your pelvis. Go ahead, I'm here, so you can push (mumbling) Head forward, head forward.

Forward, push. Come on, push a little back. Push a little back, push a little back. (woman mumbles) Yes, all the way down. Good, bend your knees again.

Legs together. Okay, now what I want you to do is you're just going, with with using your stomach, you're going to keep this hip where it is and slide the foot down. And then slide the foot back by pulling in with your tummy. And anchor that tailbone. Very good, and slide this foot down.

(man groans) So we're developing the understanding of the single leg pull is about the security of that pelvis, and the connection to the powerhouse, and the alignment of the knee and the leg. And slide down, which we're going to actually work on a little today cause he needs that for his (mumbling). (man groans) Very good, and slide in. Good, and again. Use the one leg to help find your center.

Yes. Slide it, yes Wayne. That's it. Keep this hip down. Remember how when you move one leg you anchored the other?

That's it, and then come in. Good, and then anchor this and slide this one. Pull this back, pelvis. So if the leg moves away, right, you think about the top. Yep.

And as the leg comes in you think about the tip anchoring the tailbone, tailbone, tailbone, tailbone. There you go. So the spine is long and flat. And one more time the other way. Anchor, watch this hip, this is your naughty hip.

Yes, very good. And slide it away. Good, he's already understanding stability and box and control. That's what we have to get first. Excellent.

Can we relax? And the same as last lesson, he's going to practice doing single leg stream before he works on his double leg. So what I want you to do is not shift them. You're going to just bring your right knee into your chest, fold it into your chest. Excellent.

And bring it back down. Left knee, (mumbling) We're gonna have to anchor. Yes. And down, and I'm already making him responsible for it and the stability. Yes, Wayne.

(man groans) Now remember where you have to anchor here. This hip. Very good. And bring it down. Now, bring this leg in.

Don't shift. Keep that sit bone reaching down. Keep your right tailbone anchored as the leg comes in. Now stretch the leg up to the ceiling. Good.

Now, pull the tummy in and bring your knee to your knee, and you're going to anchor with your top, right? You're gonna anchor with the navel. Press the knee to me. Hold if for five, four, three, two, one. Bring it down to the calf.

Straight down to the calf. Now notice, compared to his first lesson, this leg is already more straight just because his pelvis is getting more (mumbling) more open and more correct. I didn't have to worry about straightening his leg. Good, bend your knee. Foot down.

When you correct the box, so much automatically fixes. So remember, you're not going to shift this hip. You're gonna bring this leg in. Bend the knee into the chest. Good, anchoring the tailbone.

Now stretch the leg up to the sky. Excellent. Good, open the shoulders. Good, now bring your knee to knee and we're gonna anchor your navel. Even though that tailbone is down.

Yes, look at you straightening that leg. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Now we roll the leg, you're gonna lift your stomach in opposition. That's another way to stabilize. (man groans) So the calf, hold it, hold it, hold it.

Pull the stomach in, bring it up to the knee. Hold it, hold it, hold it, Bend your knee, bring your foot down. Good, other side. (man sighs) Bring your knee in, anchor the tailbone. Ah-ah, do it again.

Anchor, bring your knee in. Yes. Extend the leg up. (man sighs) Bring the knee to the knee. Stretch, good.

Press them together for 10. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Pull the stomach in lower to the calves. Push through that leg. Pull the stomach back.

Yes, Wayne, very good. Legs, squeeze the legs. Yes, find that midline. Hold for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Lift the leg from here.

Hold it for eight, seven, six, five (laughs) sorry, four, three, two, one. Bend the knee. Other side, so when you move the carriage on the reformer, that's what I want you to feel, okay? Bend the knee into the chest. Remember not to move this (mumbling) (man sighs) Good, stretch it up.

Reach it away. Right there. Now, remember this hip? Good. Pull this back.

Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Lower to the calf, reaching out. Pull the hips back. That's it, remember to anchor to the stomach. (mumbling) Leg moves away.

Precisely, yes, find that midline. (man sighing) And bring it up to this knee. Hold it, very good. And bend the knee. (man mumbling) Go over to the side.

That's the chore for your health. We all have it. Okay, so now, you're going to re-focus right now and anchoring this and softening this. You're gonna move your right foot down. Keep your feet together.

Move your right foot down one inch. Just your right foot. Good, now don't move your pelvis. Move your left foot down one inch. So it goes past that right foot.

Keep going, go ahead, keep going, keep going, keep going. Stop, good. Now move the right foot down. Anchor the navel. That's it, keep going.

Keep going, so that your knuckle goes past your big toe. Good, next foot. Pelvis, good, keep going. (woman mumbling) Good, right foot. Great, (mumbling), right there.

Good, left foot. (woman mumbling) Good, right foot. Very good. Left foot. And come back home.

Bring one foot back. Yes, bring the other foot back. Pull that stomach and anchor the tailbone. Bring the next foot back, anchor the tailbone. Anchor the tailbone.

Anchor the tailbone and anchor the tailbone. Very good. Now, this is going to be quite challenging. Fold both knees into your chest by puling your tummy in. Do it again.

You see how you shortened it there? Keep this (mumbling). Yes, tailbone anchors, tailbone anchors, tailbone anchors. Good, hold the stomach in. Hold it, exhale, exhale, exhale.

Already spotting him. Bring your knee, feet back down and pull the tummy in. And you're gonna find it right here. Good, excellent. We're not gonna let her do this on the phone.

That'd be way too much. Anchor the tailbone, anchor the tailbone. Yes, Wayne. Anchor the tailbone. (man mumbles) Mm-hm, yes.

And exhale. Exhale. Exhale, good. Move your feet away, hold the back of your legs, and you're gonna sit up. Remember (mumbling) with the ball?

(man mumbles) With the medicine ball? Hm. Hm? Separate your feet, place them here. Stretch that, you're gonna take your feet now down to the (mumbling).

He does this because his pelvis is not open enough, right? So for him to sit up, his knees would be bent and he would not be able to get up right on his pelvis where we want him. Now, he's gonna put his hands on top of that ball. First begin with your shoulders over your hips. Ribs here, good.

Head back. Okay. Chin here, chin parallel to the floor. (man mumbling) I know, right? No, no, no, I'm just saying like, just to try to sit straight, Straight.

Cause I'm like this. Yes. And so I pull it forward. So what your goal, what I want you to do between this lesson and the next lesson is when you're sitting, every hour check your position. Okay?

So slide your hips forward. Press the ball and just slide the hands forward. And keep your pelvis here. Now, focus there. Now come back up.

Slide the ball. Okay, shoulders back a little bit more. Open your chest, lifting though here. Now, anchor the tailbone and go slide it forward. Slide it.

That's it, let your head go with your spine. Good, reach that ball. (man gasps) And now come back. (man groaning) And again, stretch forward. Don't go side to side.

Roll it forward. Don't go side to side with your shoulders. Then come back. (man sighs) That's it. So try not to go side to side with your shoulders.

And one more time. So put your hands on the ball like this and then roll it forward. That's it, roll it with your hands. (woman mumbling) (man sighs) And roll up. Good, let go of the ball and lift your arms up to the side.

(man sighs) (man sighs) Don't arch your back. Pull that stomach in, find that map behind you. As I do this, you find the tuck. Push your tuck, more. Navel back, back to me, yes.

One more time, find your tuck. Head up. Good, one more time with the hands on the ball. Take your ball in with it. Press on the ball and bend your head.

Sit up as tall as you can. Press on the ball and lift up tall. Now, reach the ball a little forward. Stop. Bring your head down.

Good, stop. Now, remember how we did the roll up and your chin went towards here? Mm-hm. Not so much, don't close your throat. (mumbling) There. Now as you roll down, lift your waist and roll through your ribs now.

Yes, Wayne. Lift your waist and roll more from the ribs. articulate those ribs. Yes, yes, good. And then roll back up.

Ribs, shoulders, neck, head. One more time. Head goes down. Grow tall. Yep, your good.

Head goes down, grow tall, grow tall. Yes, look at you, good. Now, shoulders stay down and articulate through your ribs. Reach those hands forward. Yes.

Articulate through those ribs, there you go. Good, Wayne. And now roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up. Stay right there a second.

You're going to give me the ball. And you're gonna bring your legs together on the mat. You're gonna hold the back of your legs. Slide forward. Hold the back of the legs, legs together.

And pelvis open. And just like you, sit up tall. And just like you articulated now, you're going to bring your pelvis back. (man groaning) Pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back, now good relax. I actually think you're ready to go back a little more.

So lift up your upper body a little bit more. Good, now bring your head down. Excellent. So arms down by your side. (mumbling) Do you remember when we're finding this particular tuck here?

Yeah. Okay. Remember we're talked about the neck, keeping the neck long? There you go. So you're gonna tuck your pelvis back.

Soften your ribs against your back. Now, tuck this tailbone, right this navel. Tuck this navel. Right. (both mumbling) Good, there you go.

So, you see there's this barrel behind your ribs? (mumbling) just like you articulated your ribs there, I want you to find the barrel with your ribs. Now try to keep that barrel as you relax. Good, now pull the navel in and find your barrel more. Find your low back.

(woman mumbling) Excellent. Hold it, hold it, hold it, and release. Good, so now we're gonna reach it back there. Now we're gonna try and find the pelvis. You're tryna find the bottom of each rib on the barrel.

Again, relax, don't lose your tailbone. Don't lose the tailbone. Good. Rest. And release, one more time.

Now you're gonna keep that. Don't let those legs go. Hold you bar. (mumbling) Inhale, reach your bar up. Arms look better, knees look better, knuckles to the ceiling. Good, ribs go in, exhale, stretch.

(woman mumbling) Remember the ribs on the mat, the pelvis on the mat. Good, reach up. And bring your hands to your thighs. Open the chest. Good.

Open it more, more, more, more. Yes, there you go. Now, try to lift your arms up and keep this open. Keep this all here. Lift the arms up to the ceiling.

Excellent. And reach back, up, and stretch back, excellent. Stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis.

Good. (man groans) And down. So I don't know if you guys remember from his last lesson, his two arms were not moving evenly at all. He was shortening towards his left shoulder and now he's not doing that. Knuckles straight, good.

Shoulders open, press on my hand. Press, there you go, yes. Now, don't lose that. Find your pelvis. That's gorgeous.

This is your second stomach massage position. (mumbling) Okay? Reach up with the arms. Good, now, when you get to the ceiling what are you going to do? You're going a lift up so that you can move the (mumbling) up and you're gonna soften the chest, bring the pelvis back, lengthen the neck, that's beautiful.

Now stay there. Pulse back one, pulse back two, pulse back three. Bring your arms up. Shoulders plugged to the barrel, open the chest, bring your arms down. Excellent, let go of the pole.

You're gonna hold the back of your legs and lower yourself back up to sit. Very good, Mr. Nash. We're gonna bring to activate (mumbling) So, I want you to swing yourself around here before you go to sit position. (woman mumbling) And I want you to have your knee bent and your feet against the poles. Bent knees, bent, bent, bent, bent, bent.

Good. You're gonna hold this bar. And you're gonna hold it shoulder height, excellent. Beautiful. Now, what I want you to look at...

(both mumbling) Exactly. (both mumbling) So reach through these two, yes. Gorgeous. Now, the same thing happens in your feet. What happens in your arms happens in the feet.

So I want you to think about the center of your heel and the center of your foot. And then I want your knees to press towards there. Yes, you feel that? Yeah. Good.

Now you're doing great. So, all I want you to do is press those shoulders open. And you're gonna sit up as much as you can. Don't worry, there you go. Now up, up, up, up.

(woman mumbling) Engage the springs. I don't have to tell him to do that. You're gonna just bring your low back towards the mat. (woman mumbling) Towards the mat. Go ahead, I got ya.

Pelvis, so I'm holding his thighs so he can't cheat and use his legs. Just your low back, that's it. Now hold it and come back up. Try to leave your low back where it is. You're moving the bar evenly, that's really nice.

Open the chest. Good. Now, sit up tall, up, up, up. (woman mumbling) Good, now pull just the hips back. Yes, now roll back.

Roll the lower back, good. (man sighs) That's it, open that. It feels so good to open (mumbling). Open the chest, pelvis back. Pelvis, yes.

Pelvis, hold it. Look center, don't look there. Just the mailman. (man groans) And now you come back up. Feels so good, right?

Two more. I know, rest. Pelvis loose. (man groans) Excellent. This is where you can look beautiful! He's actually ready to do some barrel work for his hips now.

See how he's open here? And come back. Good, one more time. Look at you articulating. And pelvis, press down on the spring.

Open that chest. Yes, right there. Right there, get the low back. Now, press down on the spring to come back up. Press down to come up.

Not so hard, not so hard. Just use it to help you lift up. (man groans) Excellent, Wayne. Very, very, very good. Over here.

You're going to sit on your chair. Do you remember this exercise? So, it's the same as you've done. So over there, we were moving your seat back and forth, right? Away from you and into you.

Okay? So you're going to slide yourself along the back with your feet on this pedal. Let's have your knees together, your feet together. Wrap your arms around. Heels up, knees together, head goes here.

Now, (mumbling). Bring your pelvis back. There. Now, remember how you anchored your pelvis through your tuck? As you bring the pedal down, follow the pelvis.

As you bring the pedal up, find the tailbone. Good (mumbling). (chair banging) Find the pelvis, push it down. (man exhales) And lift it back up. Tailbone.

And stretch a little faster there. Down and up. Not so far down. Down a little and up, up, up, up. (man groans) Yeah, down.

Up, up, up, up, up, down. Up, up, up, up, up, tailbone down. Up, up, up. I want you to feel this when you get to the floor. Down.

Up, up, up, up, up, down. Up, up, up, up, up, very good. (man mumbling) Correct. (woman mumbling) So, Mr. Nash we are going to go over to your reformer. So remember when you are mounting your reformer...

Do I sit against this? You're gonna sit here. (reformer banging) And you're gonna bring the feet up on top. Good, careful with the shoulder there. And now you're gonna put your palms up.

I am so proud of you. You were so far this way last time. You were not there at all. (man mumbling) Your body was, you were like this. Oh.

And now you're like this. Good. Remember, inch by inch. You're going to keep the balls of your feet on here. Very good, actually has a good foot position.

(woman mumbling) Good, you're gonna press out for an inch. Good, don't tuck, don't tuck. And come in. Press out, keep the whole pelvis flat. Yes, and come in.

Good. Everything's fine. Press out, one, two. Come in, one, two. Go out, one, two, three.

Come in, one, two, three. Go out, one, two, three, four. Come in, one, two, three, four. Go out, one, two, three, four, five. Come in, one, two, three, four, five.

Go out, one, two, three, four, five, six. Come in, one, two, three, four, five, six. Go out, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Come in, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Go out, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Come in, three, four, very good, seven, eight. Go out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Come in, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Go out, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. In, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Very good, Wayne. Let's go to the second good position. Bend your knees into the chest. Give them a hug. Good stretching, good.

Bring your arches to the (mumbling). Now, try to keep your heels together. Knees together. That it, it's gonna be a lot of work. Good, yes.

Same position. So your hands are here to help keep your chest open here. (both mumbling) So chest, and that's good. Now, same thing, one inch. Press out.

Come in, very good. Press out two, one, two. Come in. Press out three, one, two, three. Come in.

Press out four, one, two, three, four. Come in. Press out five, one, two, three, four, five. Come in. Press out six, one, two, three, four, five, six.

Come in. Press out seven, one, two. Press out, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Come in, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good, out.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Come in, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Go out, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. In, two, three, four, six, seven, eight. Good, one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

In, in, in, in, good. Heels up, toes back. (woman mumbling) Anchor your pelvis. Right, and bring your feet here. Let your toes back.

Whole foot now. Knees together. Yes. Press out, anchor in. Good, press one, two.

Anchor in. Press one, two, three. Anchor in. Press one, two, three, four. Anchor in.

Where's the tailbone supposed to be? Flat. One, two, three, four, five. (both mumbling) And in, so just like over there. (both mumbling) That's it, exactly.

And yes, look at how you scooped your tum. (woman mumbling) Don't lose your tailbone. Find your tailbone. Good, keep your tailbone. Bring it in a sit.

Just like over there. Yeah. That's it, don't lose it. Yep. Don't lose it.

That's it. And come in, in, (mumbling). And one more time. Go out, go out, go out, go out, go out, go out, go out. Come in, come in, come in, come in.

Step over here for (mumbling). Just hop up for a second. Okay, and actually I'm just gonna have you put your hands here today. Open your chest. I want you to have your feet heels together, toes apart.

You're gonna lift your heels only as high as they go together. Lower, don't too forward. I'm gonna help you. Lift. Actually, this might be too...

I know what we'll do. Stand right here. Okay. Good, so heels together, toes apart. Don't shift, lift your heel up and keep them together.

(man mumbling) Yep, you're perfect. Don't tuck it. So tailbone and pelvis there. You feel that? Yeah.

Pretend there's a map behind you. Yeah. Now, how are you going to lift, right? Just like you moved your legs over there, you're gonna lift from here. Yeah.

So lift your heels from here. Keep the heels together. Uh-uh-uh, they separated. That's it. And lower your heels.

So your heels are dating. You know when people are dating they never want to be apart? Yeah, the toes are married. They can have a little separation. And lower the heels down.

Rest the heels. Yes, you feel it? Can't you feel it? Yeah. And lift up, lift up.

Now leave this up, heels together. And now press through my hand and lower your heels down and keep pressing. Press. Now push through my hand to lift up. So this is where his tendons stretch.

Heels stay together, heels stay together. Good. And lower down, lower down, lower down, one more time. Lift up, lift up, lift up. Press, lower, press, lower, press, lower.

Very, very good. Okay, so Wayne, just do me a favor. Come to this side of the reformer. We're gonna do your (mumbling) A nice little lift for you. So, you're gonna sit.

Remember how it works? You're gonna sit heels, right, full fingers at the elbow, and squat down. Good. And lift. (mumbling) Beautiful. Take the soles of your feet together (mumbling).

Reach back behind you, excellent. So this, I want you to start reaching with your elbows like this. So this is gonna start stretch. See how you're a little tight there? Good, now from here stretch, don't let it twist.

Hold your handles. Strong wrist, ah-ah. Strong wrist, bring your hands froward. (woman mumbling) Here, strong wrists, press forward. Yes, Wayne, very good.

Now, a little more open with your arms. Don't change your wrists. Good, hold the stomach in. And I want you to stay there and I want you to do little circles with your arms as you lower. Lower, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Raise up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, (mumbling). Yes, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And up, two, three, four, five, six. Reverse, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And two, three, look at your springs, five, six, seven, eight.

And down, two, three, four, five, look, seven, eight. And up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Bend your elbows out to the side. Keep you knuckles forward like this. Bend the elbows. (mumbling) Beautiful, you feel that?

That's the stretch I want. Now, press out and just like we did last lesson, stretch your elbow. You wanna look (mumbling) the same, right? You're gonna reach and move your chair back forward and that's how you're gonna use your stomach. Lift.

(mumbling) shoulders on the chair. Yes. And bring your arms down. And bring the arms up. And bring your arms down.

And bring the arms up, up, up, up, up. And bring your arms down. And bring the arms up, up, up. And bring your arms down. And bring your arms up, bend your elbows.

And good, bring your (mumbling). Good, full fingertip to elbow. Feet flat, heels together, toes apart. And come up. Very good.

(man mumbling) Excellent, good. Yeah, do you remember the stomach massages? No. Okay, so let me grab your pad. You're going to sit at the end of the reformer.

You're going to have your feet on here (mumbling) Rounded position. (both mumbling) Just sit right here. Oh, sit, okay. Feet to here. (both chuckle) She's exhausted from your workout.

(both mumbling) Hands here. Excellent, head down. Now just looking over there, heels together, (mumbling) Beautiful tips, good. That's good. Now, right from here go out one inch leading with you stomach.

Good, come in, elbows to the side. Good. Go out another inch. Good, come in. Go out, one, two, three.

Come in, go out, one, two, three, four. Come in, go out, one, two, three. These lessons take a little longer cause I'm explaining what I'm doing to you guys. Normally I wouldn't be speaking. I would just be moving along.

Good, Wayne, beautiful. Now, I want you to sit up as tall as you can, slide your hands back behind you at the same time, and put your hands on top of the shoulder blocks. Excellent. Now turn your fingers forward. Yep.

(woman mumbling) Good, stretch out the legs. (man groans) Stop, and come in. Stretch, two, stop. And come in. Stretch three, one, two, three.

(man groans) And come in. Stretch four, one, two, three, four. (man groans) And come in. Stretch, one, two, three, four, five. And come in.

Stay there. Don't move. Hold on to my wrists. Sit up as tall as you can (mumbling). Stretch up.

Good, now your pelvis (mumbling) Yes, that's it. Now come in and reach. Lean your pelvis back just like (mumbling) . Stretch, lengthen the back of the neck. Good, Wayne, come in.

Reach up, don't mess your head up. There you go, good, good, good, good, good. (man groans) Stretch up, reach. Reach, and come in, in, in. Excellent, step off.

Excellent. Good. So now we're going to do your short box and your long box. You're gonna sit on here facing this way. Slide your feet under the strap. (mumbling) Good, the first thing I wanna do is slide so that your knees are directly over your feet.

Now remember we talked about your foot (mumbling) Use the bar so that you are, yes. You see that? Good, so you want that knee to be right over the ankle. Take your hands and wrap them around your tummy. (mumbling) Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna (mumbling) Low back towards the mat, your low back. Don't push with your legs.

(both mumbling) Now just lift. (man groaning) That's it, that's it, that's it. And sit up. And again. (man groaning) Good, good, and sit up.

And now, round forward as you do it and bring your pelvis in. Don't push with you legs. Good, now, bring your hips back to that (mumbling). And bring your hips back, hips back, hips back. (man groans) Hips back.

(man groans) Now, leave your hips where they are. We're gonna come up, leave them where they are, and round forward with the stomach muscles. Good. And now lead with the hips back (mumbling). Hips, hips, hips.

(man groans) Yes, Wayne. Keep going, you got it. Keep going, you got it. Keep going, you got it. Yes, now come up and over.

So here he's learning to articulate. I took him forward because he tends to have his shoulders behind him, so that's why he got this, yes. Hold it, hold it, hold it up. (mumbling) and then up and over and then reach towards your toes. Pull and stretch that.

So I did that for him because I wanted him to get (mumbling) I wanted him to get more scoop forward. Here, so I'm gonna change his bar from what I did the last time. I feel like he needs a wider grip. So you're gonna hold on to the white edges here. And you're gonna lift straight up.

What did we say about our wrists? Uh-huh, so the wrists are not gonna get bent. We're gonna stretch and you're gonna lift this bar up. Now lean a little forward, lean a little forward, reach forward. Now, lift your stomach in.

Lift your head to the bar and reach up, up, up, up, up. Reach forward, reach forward, reach forward, lift up. So the reason why I'm making him lift his arms where as with somebody I might now is because he pulls in his chest and he needs that length from there. Reach, push through the bar with your hands. Pull the bar apart.

Yes, now lift up to the ceiling. Pull that bar apart, pull it, pull it, pull it, pull it. Stretch down and touch your toes. I am not hurting him. (man mumbles) (woman laughs) (man groans) Now you can lift all the way up.

Good, now lean a little forward. Good, and you're gonna stretch over the right side, reach both sides. Good, and come up. And you're gonna reach to the other side. And come up.

And you're gonna reach to the side and come up. And you're gonna reach to the side and now lift up as tall as you can and don't move your hips. And just move the shoulders, center. Just move the shoulders, center. Just move your shoulders.

And just move your shoulders. Stretch all the (mumbling) exhale. Good. I'm gonna take this. You're gonna take your feet out from underneath.

Actually, Wayne, I want you to come sit on the Cadillac (mumbling). Exercises for your trick. So you're gonna sit right here. Well just sit on the little zebra roll box. Okay, and now do you remember you're in a lift that leg up?

Hands by your side so you can press down. Roll the chest open, beautiful. Legs a little more together. Good, lift your right leg up. Don't shift.

Good, and bring it down. Lift your left leg up, don't shift. And bring it down. (mumbling) Lift up taller. That's it, hands a little more forward. It'll help you stay forward.

And bring it down. So bring your hands a little more forward. Little more, yes, good. Now lift the leg up, very good. And bring it down.

Now, actually lift the leg, don't move your hip. (woman mumbles) You feel how that makes space in your hip? Yeah. And down, so wherever you move a limb, just like you reach out to lift up, you're gonna, yes. And down, now I want you to think about this.

This hip pulls back as this knee pushes forward. Good, great. This hip comes back, this knee pulls forward. This hip comes back. Good, stretch the leg.

(woman mumbling) Now, the elephant, where he wants to go hand, foot, hand, foot, we're gonna do that. So you're gonna come to here. I'm just gonna spot from here. You're gonna place the hand, the foot, (mumbling) hand, foot. Hand, foot, yes.

And flat feet, heels are down. Good, now remember this. What happened to my beautiful arms? (man mumbles) That's right. So, shift your weight back.

(man mumbles) Yep, and you see how that closes? Yep, yeah, that closes your chest. Yeah. (woman mumbling) Push back on the hands. Push back and shift your weight back.

(man gasps) And bring it forward. Push on your hands, push on your heels, shift the weight. (woman mumbling) Yes, this way. There, see how that opened your chest? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now stay there, stretch those knuckles forward. Bend your knees, push through your heels, and straighten your legs. And bring your head down to your knees, don't push out. I'm straightening. That's it, that's it.

You're just gonna bend the knees now. Bend your knees just like we did your arms on that chair. And you're gonna push into here and stretch your legs. Beautiful, and bend. And stretch, excellent.

Lift your heels and move your heels back so that they're up on the shoulder box. And now bend your knees, watch your hands, bend your knees (mumbling). Beautiful. Take your feet back. That's it.

Head down. Sit on your heels a little. Watch your arms. And push the carriage back an inch with your heels. Yes, and come in.

Push the carriage back. And come in. Just move the knees, nothing else. Push and in and push and in and push and in. Now stay there, reverse the arch.

So this happens, chest opens, and good, push out. And come in, push out, and come in, push out, and come in, push out, and come in. Now, carriage is in, reverse that arch up a little more. And you're gonna pull the stomach up and in. Lift your knees up and place them onto this box.

Beautiful. Head down, watch those arms. Remember, I always want you to keep this Open. Open. Yeah, now lift up that same rounded position, open, and press back and scoot in.

Press two, and scoot in. Press three, and scoot in, good. Press four, and scoot in. Excellent, Wayne, don't pull on the horse. Step off the carriage.

And you're gonna lie down just like we began. Told ya we were (mumbling). (woman mumbling) Hands open. (woman mumbling) Stretch your legs out, (mumbling). Good, stretch your legs out.

Push, tailbone in. Good, there you go, just straighten your knees. That's it, and come in. And straighten your knees, (mumbling). Yes, you're there.

There, there, stretch, come on. Yes, you see? I knew you had it. Now, bend one knee to the ceiling and lower the heel underneath. Good, now stretch both legs up, up, up.

Yes, bend the other knee. And lift. Good, lift up, up, up. Now listen to me, don't pass through that up. Stretch both legs up, up, stay there, up.

Good, heels together like your tendon stretch over there. Now, as you bend the knee don't (mumbling). Bend one knee. Don't move your pelvis. That's it.

That's it. Good, now stretch both legs. Lift up, bend the other knee. Yes. Good, lift up.

Bend the other knee. Lift up, bend the other knee. Lift up, bend the other knee. And good. Straighten both legs.

Bend both knees. Good. We're gonna separate your legs, your arches. And remember your chest and roll your tailbone up. And then lengthen the tail.

And roll your tailbone up. And lengthen, come down, good. Roll your tailbone up. And lengthen to come down. (man groans) Roll your tailbone up.

And lengthen, stay there with the tailbone down. (man groans) Rest your legs out. Stretch your legs. (man groans) Okay, and come in. Press.

And come in, beautiful. (woman mumbling) (man groans) Yeah. (woman mumbles) (man groans) Last one, nice. (man groans) And come in. (man groans) Good, bring your knees together. (mumbling) We're gonna come over here to the other side.

So what I want you to do is you're gonna take your foot cracker (mumbling). And what I want you to do it you're gonna stand here and I want you to stand with this foot cause (mumbling) right at the arch here. Okay, a slight turn out. This foot is gonna be parallel cause (mumbling) And what I want you to do is you're gonna press on the pedal. And I don't want you pedal to go side to side.

I want all your toes lengthening (mumbling) You're gonna stand (mumbling) push directly down. Okay, I want you to feel the entire ball of your foot. I don't want you to be like this. Now I want the whole ball of your foot in there. (woman mumbling) Now, how you gonna lift this up?

(woman mumbling) Now lift the heel just like that. (woman mumbling) Don't press in. Sit, no, sit (mumbling). What I want you to do is you're gonna sit on my shoulder here. Yes, you feel that?

Yeah. Now, keep it there. Nothing moves, lengthen your neck. (mumbling) Yes, bring your head back more. Back more, chin down. Good, now press the pedal down and nothing moves.

Remember when you moved your leg over on the Cadillac? Press it, hold. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And come back up. (mumbling) Stop, lift your heel. One.

There. Good, press. You feel that? Yeah. Hold, two, three, four, five.

Then come up. And press, hold, two, three, four, five. And come up. And press, hold, two, three, four, five. And come up, good.

Take your foot off. And use the other foot crusher for the other side. (woman mumbling) Now, (mumbling). Now you see how you're on the outer edge of that foot? Yeah.

Remember when you sit (mumbling)? Yeah. This is why. There. Push down.

Hold, two, three, four, five. And up. And press down, hold, two, (mumbling). And up, yes. And press, two, three.

Feel what I did? Yep. Four, five, and up. And press, two, three, four, five, and good, now. Have your toes together, your feet together.

Legs together. So I want you to feel this. You feel that? Yep. That's called the trinity.

That's your (mumbling). So I don't want you to collapse in your arch, I want, now all you're gonna do, look straight out. Nope, the toes. Yes, and we're gonna bring em down. You see how that automatically engages this?

Yeah. And you're gonna lift your toes up. So when you don't have mobility in your toes, right, your arch collapses. And relax (mumbling). And one more time, lift your toes up, up, up.

Relax them down, keep your arches lifted. Lift your heels. Keep the legs together and lift. Lift, lift, and lower down. And again, lift, lift, lift, lower down.

Beautiful. Lift, lift, we're gonna stay there. Bend your knees. Keep your heels up. Lift your heels higher.

Bend those knees, bend the knees, bend the knees. Good, bring your heels in (mumbling). Press and stand (mumbling). Now, don't stop. (woman mumbling) Lift your heels.

Good, (mumbling). Lift your heels, lift your heels. Now, now you're ready to bend your knees. Bend your knees. Don't move your heel.

Bend your knees more. Bend your knees more. Make those toes (mumbling). Good, don't tuck. And bring your heel back.

And then let's stand. Yes, very good. You feel that? That's excellent, Wayne. Lift all the way up.

Heels up, heels up. Stretch those knees. Now don't change, bend your knees. Don't (mumbling). Yes, now just lower the heels, nothing else.

Press your heels. Good, now as if you're sliding against that wall like we did last time, stretch your body. Beautiful. Now speaking of wall, (mumbling). Have your heels together, your toes apart.

(mumbling) from your knees so your whole back is on there. Not so far, so you want one fist's distance. That's perfect. Now remember we talked about the outer edge of this foot? So I want you to lift your toes out.

Lift them up, up, up, good. Now soften those knees. Your whole back is on the wall? Yes. Good, soften your knees a little more.

Beautiful. Now, keep this here so the weight is here and here. So these bones don't touch. They don't like each other. They're getting a divorce.

He wants the house; she wants the car. Big inhale, lift up, (mumbling). Open, press down, (mumbling). Press, press. Yes.

And keep that beautiful open chest. Lift up. Lift up, open press. Press, press, good. One more time, keep those shoulders open.

Inhale, lift all the way up. Circle the arms open and press. Reverse the circle. So when you're sitting at your desk, Wayne, I want you to get up a couple times a day, right? After you check the posture, come up and do this.

See how hard that is? Yeah. And open the chest, good. Remember those ankle bones are getting a divorce. They don't like each other right now.

(woman mumbling) Good, now, right there. Stay there. (woman mumbles) And you're gonna soften your knees and just move (mumbling). You're gonna roll down in. (woman mumbling) (woman mumbling) (man groaning) Good, give me the weights.

Take your hands and press them on the wall behind you. Press them to open your chest. Good, push yourself away. Step forward with one foot, then the other foot. Heels together.

Lift up your heels and leave the crown on your head off the ceiling. Lower your heels, (mumbles). Lesson number two. (both clapping)


Kathryn your husband is brave 😂 Perhaps my husband will follow suit if I show him this session !

Thank you for demonstrating and sharing your  excellent 
teaching skills !

(Edited by Moderator - Kristi Cooper on February 3, 2021)
Deborah Wasko don't wait to get your husband started until you see the transformation that comes by session 30! Trust me, it is really wonderful.  Stay tuned for an interview I did with them discussing the experience (February 14)! Thank you Kathryn Ross-Nash and Wayne Nash for sharing this wonderful progression of proof with us! 
Deborah let’s double date on the 14th and watch Kristi’s interview together! Maybe Waynes words will help!
Kathryn you got it !  Kristi I can only imagine ! This is exciting !

Deborah Wasko I have am as motivated as you might be to get my love to finally get what we know about Pilates and commit like Wayne did! I am certain Wayne's words will be influential.  Can I be a third wheel on your Valentine's day date? It's only 30 mins max. :)  
Kristi and Deborah! A triple date sounds great!
😂 yes Kristi !!!  It’s in  my calendar !! 
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What a treat to observe Kathryn’s magic teaching skills. So grateful for this series and excited to watch the progression. Mr Nash is a good student.
Awesome work! I wish I was him for the pushing and pulling! Feels good just to watch it! Thank you for sharing with us!
LOL I need to teach him to push and pull me!

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