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Defy Gravity

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Leap into the final class of Viktor's program! It's upwards and onwards with this exciting Pilates workout. He'll build on each of the previous classes and teach you to burst up off your Mat.
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Good morning, everyone, this is Viktor, and today is the fifth day of Rise and Recharge challenge and today, I'm gonna teach you defy gravity, that's the name of my theme to my class today. So, we're gonna start on our back once again, it's exactly how I started everyday. So there's a couple things I did not change in my theme, in my series. Find yourself on your back and start to breathe. Inhale from your nose, exhale from your mouth, deep breaths and start to notice what's happening in your body and inhale and exhale.

Beautiful, find your comfort, make small micro adjustments if you need to bend your knees a little bit or rotate, externally rotate your legs or your arms, whatever you need to do. Continue breathing and while you're breathing, reach up and over with your arms and let your arms relax over your head. Good, let the gravity take over and inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. This is when we start to see where our weight distribution is, start to be aware of it, what's happening. How much weight do you have on your heels?

On your calves? On your glutes? Do you have any weight on your lower back? How much weight do you have on your upper back, your scapula? Is your shoulders touching?

Do you have to bend your elbows to be more relaxed position or are you happy with extended elbows? Do you have any pressure on your wrist? How much pressure do you have in the back of your head? And where is it? Is it towards your cervical spine or is it farther away?

Once you find this, start to rock yourself back and forth by moving your ankles, very small and fast movements, dorsiflexion and plantarflexion or flex point, flex point, very small. Once again, imagine you're a giant bucket of sand and rocks and pebbles and when you do this rocking, all the sand goes all the way down on the bottom and gets grounded and slow it down and stop. Arms and legs reaching away from each other and from here, let's connect the right hand with the right knee and exhale, push the right knee forward to help you to come up and move the left leg and the left arm towards each other, reach towards the left leg and hold. Now, we are really connected with the both legs. Now extend the right leg away from each other, feel nice and long, lengthen.

Come back in again, we're gonna reverse exactly what we did. Roll down and extend legs and arms away from each other. Beautiful, let's go to the left, left hand to the left knee, exhale, chest lift and move your right side and right towards each other and reach and hold the right leg with the right hand, extend the left side away from each other, feel nice and long and come back in the center and slowly roll down and reach away from each other. Beautiful. Bring your arms up to the ceiling and down and bend your knees.

From here, we're gonna place your left ankle on the right knee and inhale from your nose, exhale, push your hip up and down. Second one, go up and hold, now drop the left hip down, keep pushing the right hip up, up, up, up, up to the ceiling, come back, both hips up and down. Let's repeat this again. First, two times and one and down, straight spine and two, hold it there and dip the left hip and come up and down. Beautiful, change legs.

Now, the right ankle on top of the left knee, feel nice and long, push both hips up to the ceiling and down. Push up, two, stay there, drop the right hip down and push up and down. Again, exhale, push up and down, one more up and hold. Now, drop the knee, drop the knee down, down, down, down, down down, down, down, and lift up and down. Bring both feet on the floor and let's turn to your side and we're gonna go all fours.

Now, as you seen last four days, I've been doing different combinations and I'm always adding things and this is gonna be another example of, it's quite similar exercise, but I'm gonna add a couple things on it. So, your shoulders over your hands, your knees underneath your hips and tuck your toes. From here, push yourself back with the straight spine and stretch your toes. Then, come back in the center, neutral spine and lean forward. While you're doing this, make sure you external rotated your arms, inside of your elbow and your biceps facing towards the front wall.

Come back in the center and push back and stretch once again and trying to feel your spine lengthening as much as you can, it's not rounded and then come back center and stay here. Lift your knees off and let's do a cat, exhale, round your spine and inhale, arch, exhale, round and arch, and exhale, round, inhale, arch, one more, exhale, round, inhale, arch. Put the knee down and sit back if you need to or stay here and turn your hands, palms facing towards you and fingers facing towards your knees and stretch your wrist. If this feels too much pressure, you walk back, so you can maintain your weight on your legs, so there's less pressure on your wrist. You can keep switching between palms being down and palms being up, just to stretch your wrist.

Beautiful. Now we're gonna come back a little bit more challenging this one, but it's worth it, let's do this, today's the fifth day. We're gonna lift the knees off, half an inch once again. From here, left hand reaches up and down. Now, the right leg, up and down.

Together, left hand and right leg, out and down. Other side, and right arm, left leg. Now together, up and put your knee down and breathe. We're gonna do one more set. Lift your knees up, hold, left arm, right leg, together, right arm, left leg, together and relax.

Sit on your heels, child's pose, reach forward. Shift your weight right to left. You did a great job, walk forward and we're gonna lay down and we're gonna do some abdominal exercises. So from here, lay down on your back. We're gonna do hundreds and we're gonna do also open, close, open, close, abduction, and adduction with your legs.

Arms up towards the ceiling. Inhale from your nose, exhale, let's do chest lift and lift your legs up. You could be here, legs externally rotated, Pilates V, 45 degree, 90 or bent and we're gonna go open your legs, five, inhale, close your legs, five, exhale. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, three. Four.

Five. Next challenge, each feet, open, close, open, close, open, close. Eight, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, nine, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. Last two, three, four, five, three, four, five and bend your knees in and relax, beautiful. Let's do knee circles.

That's good. Not only we counted, we also coordinated with arms, with your legs. After we did the reverse, now you're gonna extend your arms and your legs away from each other. We're gonna do roll up. Inhale from your nose, exhale, breathe, tuck your chin and reach up towards the ceiling with your arms up and over, hover from here, hold the right leg and keep that relationship with your right leg and roll down all the way.

Inhale and exhale, go forward, push the leg forward and then climb, almost you climbing to up and lower yourself down. Arms up and over, left and let's go down. Inhale and reach and lower, one more set, right and roll down, lengthening, lengthening, think about your lower back, relax your shoulders, tuck your chin and reach forward, push the right leg forward to come up and down, last one and inhale, roll down, think about lower back articulating, relax your shoulders and exhale, push with the left forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, climb up and place down, up and over and relax. Beautiful, so from here, we're gonna go back to seated series, we done this many times. So from here, we're gonna face towards each other.

You're holding your feet. This time, the right hand holds the left foot and the left hand holds the right. You're gonna exhale, round your spine and then from here, you're gonna extend the left leg with the right and the left arm reaches opposite direction and you twist and then come back in, left-hand over the right, catches the right foot, exhale round your spine and now, you extend the right leg and open up. So the leg is reaching directly forward while you're twisting the opposite direction and exhale, come back in, squeeze your knees and inhale, reach forward and twist. Exhale, come back, squeeze and inhale, twist, twist, twist, twist, feel nice and tall, well done and come back in and twist and relax.

Open your legs to the side, straight legs. This is the one that we rotate it. The journey started with the bent legs, then we learn how to do with the straight legs, right? Lift your right hip up to turn to the left side and then come back center. Turn to your right side and lift the left hip up.

So now, today's version is exactly the same thing, but at the end, right about here, you're gonna push both hips up and lengthening with the straight legs and come back down. Lean forward to stretch, rotate to the right and push, push, push, push, push, push your hips up and go down and forward and right side. Nice, everyone, fluid movement, fluid transitions and lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and come back down and from here, feel nice and tall and we're gonna turn to our side. So from here, sitting nice and tall, once again, side series, we're gonna brush your hands to the left side, you're gonna turn to your left side, I'm literally on the left side of my leg, in here, feel nice and tall, yeah, we did extending and coming back down, you guys remember, today we're gonna go up, stay there, stay nice and long with your left side, put the right foot on top and we're gonna do star and open and close, open and close. Two more, open, close, one more, open, close.

Now from here, you're gonna step forward with the top leg and it's kind of diagonal this way, externally rotated a little bit. Then sit down and stretch the left side, flex with energy and push and over and come back, sit and push and come over. This sit is not relax, you are still strong on the left side and push one more time, you got it. It's gonna get stronger and push and then come back in. Now from here, you can just turn and we'll do other side.

Legs straight in front of you, arms parallel, swipe the arms to the right side, you are on the mat and turn towards the right side, bend the left knee and the left foot is on the floor. Yes, feel nice and strong with the back arm and help yourself to push up, set your right leg nice and long and place the left one on top and repeat, open and in and two and in, three, smile, four, good. Step down and side stretch, feel nice and strong, use the left leg and make sure knee and toe alignment is correct and matches to each other, two and lift and three and lift four and lift still nice and tall and down and turn around. Beautiful. Now, we're gonna lay down on our back again.

So find yourself on the mat. Inhale from your nose, exhale, come up, pulse the left leg in twice, in, in, change legs, other side, in, in. Now, from here, bring the left hand behind your neck and right crosses towards the left and repeat the same thing to the right. So it goes inhale, exhale inhale exhale inhale Don't forget the pulse. In, in, in, in.

Long cross, long cross. Long cross, long cross. Bend your knees. Make a couple circles and reverse the circle and come back. We're gonna come up.

Now, we're gonna do one more side work. I know it's gonna feel challenging on the arm but there's a dessert at the end. So, feel nice and tall, once again, we're gonna turn to the side, we are on the left side, yeah, feel nice and long. Push yourself up again and stack your legs on top of each other. Now from here, we're gonna go down and up and two and up, strong, three and up, strong, four and up.

Stay here, bring the top foot, the right foot behind the left heel, the toes on the floor. Bring the right hand next to the left and turn and point your left foot, lean forward and arch. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening. Reformer reversed, you guys probably familiar with this, reach back, it's a twist on snake. I'm not twisting on snake, I was just saying that it's a twist on snake exercise.

Beautiful, and reach back and one more time. Forward and come back and place your knees in and slowly let's turn other side. You guys doing great. Now, feel nice and tall, brushed arms to the right, bend the left knee. Stay strong with the right side and from here, push yourself up and stack your legs on top of each other and from here, down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and bring the top leg, top toes down on the floor behind the right here, bring the left hand down, turn, point your right foot and bend your knee to lean forward.

Open up your chest. Don't sink on your lower back and push back. Lengthening your spine. Two more, inhale exhale One more Bend your knees in and relax. All right, I'm gonna towel off little bit.

If you guys need to do that as well, we're gonna go some high kneeling exercises. Face towards me, we're gonna be on our knees. You're gonna open the right leg to the side, drop the right hip down as much as you can, open your arms to the side and then bend your elbows behind your neck. So from here, we're gonna do side bend, at the end of the side bend, extend the left arm to the ceiling and come back center. Repeat same thing to the other side, extend, once you cannot go anymore and extend with the top arm and then come back in and let's flow to the right and to the left and to the right and to the left.

One more, right and to the left. Come back in, open your arms to the ceiling and from here, lean back, arch, arch, arch towards the end when your arms next to your shoulders or is a little bit lower, you're gonna sit down, internally rotate your shoulders and go forward and then come up again and repeat, giant circle towards the in, internal rotate your shoulders, bend your elbows to reach forward and sit back and come up. Keep smiling. It's a great day to do Pilates, it's Friday, every day to do, great day to do Pilates and one more time down and come up, change legs. Beautiful, left side, feel grounded with the left side.

Right side has a nice energy and pressing down trying to not lean out or in too much. From here, place your hands behind your neck and let's go in towards the straight leg. At the end, open up, come back in other side and in and side and in and side one more time, in and side and come back in. Open up extension to flexion, open up the extension and round your spine to flexion. Two more, feel nice and long.

One more and exhale and come back in and bring your knees together. Let's turn, we're gonna do some work in our laying on our stomach prone work. So, lay down on your stomach, we're gonna start combination swan. We're gonna start with the mini swan, arms straight in front of you. Legs together, if you choose to open them up, if that suits you best, you could do that, I'm gonna try to do it together and from here, palms facing towards each other, gently press pinkies down, straight out, both lift your sternum off from the thoracic spine region and go forward.

While I'm going forward, bend your elbows in a little bit. When you come up, elbows down, mini swan and then when I go down, I open my elbows to the side and bring my hands close to my shoulders and then full swan. Then reverse. I bring myself down and move my hands away from you. So the next rep will be elbows down swan and then I go down, straight my arms to mini, less flow.

Now elbows, inhale, exhale. Now, full, inhale, exhale. Now, elbows and mini. One more set and elbows and full and mini and last one, beautiful. Just relax your hips right to the left.

Very good, to right, to the left, to the right, to the left. Very nice. Now from here, what we gonna do is bring your hands to the side and we're gonna do the lizard prep for the shoulders. You're gonna turn towards your left, right shoulder down, left shoulder up, look to the left elbow and then other side and to the left and to the right. One more time, to the left, now, stay there, there we go.

We've been working to bring the knee in, yeah and then go back. If this is where you at, stay where you at. Then we did, we bring the knee in over the elbow. So if you can do this, do this and then go back. If you extend the right arm forward, doing the elbow is a lot easier, so you can choose to do this and come back in and the exercise starts now, we're gonna do one more to the elbow, stay there, we're gonna extend the left leg out four times, and out and bend and two and bend and three and bend and four and bend and come back and relax.

One last thing, right arm straight in front of you, bend your left knee in, reach back with the left hand and hold your left foot and from here, feel nice and long, you're gonna bend your elbow to pull the left heel to the glute and then you're gonna stretch your left foot, left leg and then once you feel that static energy, because your hand's holding your leg, you cannot push it anymore, you're gonna lift them up and up, you can even lift your chest up just a little bit, not too much and down, pull the heel to your glutes and reach. Don't sink on your lower back, lift, lift, lift, lift and down, pull the heel to your glutes and extend your arms, legs away from each other, push yourself to child's pose. Feel nice and long and turn around. From here, lay down on your stomach. Arms forward this side, we're gonna do swan dive.

Bend your elbows, bring your hands in front of your shoulder. Inhale, extend. From here, basically you're gonna maintain this position, you're gonna release your hands off the mat reaching forward and coming back and stopping yourself. This is the option, or you can rock it back and forth six times without stopping yourself. So I'm gonna do without stopping yourself version and inhale, come up and let's rock, and one, two and lower yourself.

Arms to the side, you guys did a fantastic job. Let's do, look to the right, look to the left, look to the right, stay here, bend your right knee over the right elbow and hold and from here, extend and bend, extend and bend, two more, one more and come back down, reach with the left arm forward, bend the right knee, hold the right leg, right foot with the right hand and exhale, push and lift and come back in, pull the heel to your glutes and then extend and lift. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, feel nice and long and come back in, pull in again, reach your hands and arms away from each other, push yourself to child's pose and come back to the center. Beautiful. Now from here, we're gonna do our twist standing exercise and I'm gonna do extension at the end, you are sitting on your knees.

We're gonna go to the right, inhale, inhale, up to the left, step forward with the right, to the right, come up and extend your leg, turn and stand. Right, high heels, left, sit and right, other side and left, come up and right. Step up with the left, turn to the left. Come up, now extend, come back, left, right and sit and left and relax. How's that feel?

Beautiful. Now, so from here, let's do standing up and we're gonna turn to your right side. I would like you to hold your knees with the right hand and hold the left one here. So from here, feel nice and tall and round your spine, pull the left knee in and bring it down. Two more, bring it in and one more and open up and relax.

Let's do other side. So, you're holding right knee with the left hand and grab the right foot with the right hand. You exhale, round your spine, pull the knee in and come back to straight position and come back in and straight position, ooh. There we go, let's do one more and come back in and relax. Beautiful.

From here, this is gonna be kind of challenging, find your stand. This is the tall Pilates V stand, you're gonna go up and keep your heels together, engage your inner thighs. You can keep your arms to the side, gently bend your knees, don't lean forward, brush your hands on your quads to your knees. That's it, you go all the way down sitting and let's go up and halt. Again, down, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze your heels and up.

Two more, down, feel nice and tall and up. Last one and up and relax. Beautiful. Now, we're gonna do standing hundreds but before we do standing hundreds, I just want you to practice this. Bend your knees, hips, arms up.

From here, we're gonna exhale, you're gonna go up on your toes, lift your heels up and bring the arms down, balance and then land and up and land and up and land, one more, up and land. So remember this feeling, this is gonna be your option to take when we defy gravity. But now, let's go back to first position. Feel nice and tall, lengthening, arms prepared, do a chest lift, standing chest lift, imagine you laying down and from here, we're gonna do hundreds. Ready, and inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, two, three, four, five, exhale, straight legs, strong legs four, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five round your upper back as much as you can, six, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five, feel the calves really working, eight, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, nine, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, 10, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, four, five, woo.

Slowly control down. Open up your chest. Smile, smile, smile. Good. All right, next, ready?

Let's defy gravity. From here, I would like you to find your aligned deep position squat, right? This is, it's not all the way back, it's kind of like, if it's not hurting you, knees over your toes, not putting too much pressure, there's an equal weight on your toes and on your heels, I could lift my heel or my toes anytime I want, yeah. So once you find that position, reach forward and up with your arms. For those who doesn't want to jump today with us and not able to, they're gonna go up and down, okay?

We're gonna hold four counts and we're gonna jump, guys. Hold, two, three, four, jump and down. Two, three, four, jump and down. Hold, two, three, four, jump and down. Hold, two, three, four, jump and down.

Four more, two, three, four, jump and down. One, two, three, four, jump and down. Last two, three, four, jump and down. Last one, three, four, jump and down and come up, feel nice and tall. You might feel your heart racing, trying to control it, don't go down, lift your chest up.

Feel nice and tall, let's see if this will help or not but we're gonna do it. Feel nice and tall once again, from here, the ideal exercise, you're gonna lunge back with the left and turn the opposite direction and then you stand up. If you don't want to take that option, you can also do this way. Just go down and use your right hand to your right knee to lift yourself up, and other side, boom and come up and down and come up and down and come up. Beautiful, shake your legs a little bit.

Now, we're gonna go back. We're gonna do 16 jumps. Actually, let's do eight, let's don't do 16, I'm sorry. We're gonna count, we're gonna hold only two counts. You're gonna bend your knees, arms up, hold two, jump and land, two, jump and land, two, jump and land, two jump and land and five and six two more, seven and eight and beautiful.

Relax. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Keep breathing. Good. Without collapsing your upper body, let's go down on our knees.

From here, we're gonna do lunge combination that I like to do. Right foot in front of you. Now from here, right hand on the right knee, from here, we lunge forward with the left arm up. When you transfer back, hands changes, left goes to the knee, right is in front of you, next forward, twist, come back in and change, third one, side and hold, let's do it again and forward and side and lighter. Good, other side and left foot forward and from here, right arms up, come back down, left-hand forward, rotate to the left and come back and side and again, forward to the left and side and come back and from here, we're gonna stand up.

All right, now, we're gonna jump 16 times without holding. So you're gonna feel like you're a ball, it's bouncing, it's not stopping down on the floor, right? Find your spot. Smile, control your excitement and if you cannot jump, just go up and down on the roller way. Ready? Go.

And one, two, three, coordinate your arms, six, seven, halfway done, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and come up. Breathe, you did it. You did it, keep breathing. You feel your heartbeat is going up, you did great. Your legs worked hard and from here, what I would like to do is get into your quad and we're gonna turn to the side and from here, remember we did this, yeah?

So it's the same feeling, pull in round, almost feel like you still rounding in, then extend the right leg. Open the arm to the ceiling, you can even bend them and extend and open, open, open and come back in and round, round, round, round, round, round. And and open. Feel control, come back in once again the way we started and bring the leg down and turn around. We just finished this stretch, quad stretch this way, feel minor extended, let's pick up from here and come back in and once again, round, we did this two sets, I did already one set and I'm gonna continue with the class.

Good, if you guys have been joining me this week, yesterday I did an airplane series, now I'm gonna do one of each combo once again, yeah? So from here, you standing and you pretend you're a airplane, yeah? From here, you're gonna bend the standing leg and extend. Bend one more time and bring the arms up and over, bring the back leg in and out, straight your legs, open the arms to the side again, open the book and then close, repeat, bend your knee and straight, bend, arms over, bring the back leg in and out, straight legs and open the book and come back in and control and stand. Other side, a lot of legwork, I know, you can do it.

Now, the right side and airplane, bend your knee in and straight, bend again, arms up and over, bring the back leg in and out, straight your legs and open the book, open your hip as much as you can, come back. Again, bend and extend, bend, arms up and over, bring the back leg in and extend, straight the bottom leg, open the book, close the book, balance and bend and release. You guys doing a fantastic job. I'm gonna take the sweat off. Now, we are going to do pushups.

So, come to your mat bring your arms up and over on the flexion, like you're going over a giant ball. Exhale, roll down. Place your hands on the mat. Walk with your hands to your plank. Stay here.

We're gonna do one pushup, then turn to your side and come back in, one pushup and turn to your side, come back in. Now, smoother, down to side, down to side, one more set, down to side and down to side. Beautiful, come back and walk back, round your back, if you need to bend your knees and slowly roll up. Beautiful. You guys did so well, so I'm gonna add one more thing.

This is the airplane and this is defying gravity on the airplane. So, let's do left leg, get into airplane position, bend your knees and straight, then bend, stay there, one jump, jump, land. Then again, straight your leg and bend. Jump, land. Straight your leg and bend.

Jump, land. One more, straight and leg, jump, land and control and straight. Other side and lean forward airplane, one bend and extend. Now, bend, hold and jump and straight and bend and jump, woo, straight and bend and jump, one more, straight, bend, jump and bend and come back in. You guys did a fantastic job.

Now, open your legs to the side, arms to the side. From here, you're gonna bend your knees and the left hand on the bent knee, left on the right and from here, you're gonna come up and twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. Now, bend on the right, again, all the weight in there and twist opposite direction and look down and then come up, lift up, smile, control your breathing, I know it's heavy, rotate and come back and rotate and down and rotate and one more time, up and open your legs. Other side, and we're gonna bend the right knee up, left hand connects to the right knee, lifted and down and rotate the opposite direction. Inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale. Last one, inhale, exhale. Beautiful, come back in the center of your mat for me. Put your feet together or hip width apart. Put your hands on the side, roll your shoulders back, feel nice and tall.

Please now, close your eyes with me and see what your body does. Is it swinging forward and back, side to side? Don't try to stop but just trying to center it and control it. Enjoy that. Keep your eyes closed and please smile with your feet, your toes, they are light and they are smiling.

Smile with your ankles, smile with your shins, with your calves, smile with your knee caps, happy knees, lift them up. Smile with your clothes, smile with your hips, keep your eyes closed. Smile with your abdominal region, with your bellybutton, your ribs, your chest, smile with your shoulder. Smile with your elbow, with your hands. Smile with your neck, and please smile with your face, with your mouth, eyes, nose, ears and last, let's smile with your thoughts.

Take a deep breath. Inhale, with the exhale, open your eyes, maintain your smile during this day, week, month, year and the rest of your life. Thank you so much joining with me again in my five days series called Evolution For Your Resolution and I want you to remember, we fall, we break, we fail but then, we rise, we recharge and we always smile. So, thank you for joining me.

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... thank U ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ
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Thank you Pilates Anytime for posting this video as I didnโ€™t get to see all of it live on Friday due to technical issues. Thinking now those issues were a sweet relief! Great class! Challenging ! I certainly need to work my way up to doing all the layers!
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Heartfelt thank you Viktor! I have enjoyed these classes, challenging but so much fun. I am determined to master the book opening with grace!! The lizard really helped my shoulders, I could feel a progression as the days went by. I will be revisiting all these classes.ย 
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This class was FUN!ย  Lots of challenges an interesting moves. I have never tried to jump on one leg in warrior three... cool move:)ย  Opening the book (a yoga pose) and dancer (a yoga pose) are also 2 of my favorites. Hopefully PA will have Viktor give us some more great level 2-3 classes.ย  Thanks Viktor:)ย 
Your series was wan challenge and fantastic thank you. And thak you Pilates Anytime for posting this video^_^
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I love every class
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Dear Victor this class fantastic! thank you for your challenge....I like your look at the movements!!!!ย 
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Thank you! It was fantastic ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
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Such a wonderful class! Thank you very much Victor!
Viktor Uygan
Dorthe Vย Thank you for joining me all the way from Denmark. Can't wait to visit Denmark one day!! ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป
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