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Still and Strong

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Find stillness in this second class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash. You’ll focus on unilateral movements like a Single Leg Long Spine, Single Leg Elephant, Mermaid, and Star to practice stabilizing one side of your body provides strength to your Pilates practice. Explore how you can increase your body’s range of motion by creating stillness on the Reformer and move into a deeper understanding of the Pilates method.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Mar 04, 2021
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Welcome back to "Pilates Anytime," I'm Tash and today's theme for the class is, still and strong. I'm going to encourage you to dig a little bit deeper, feel all the cues that I'm going to give you and just really make it work for your own body guys. We are going to start with some roll downs and then we're gonna move onto a supine position on your reformer. So welcome back, relax your arms by your side, standing up nice and tall everyone, draw your abdominals closer towards your spine, anchor your feet into the floor and have that chin parallel to the floor. Let's start with your lateral breath.

Inhale here, as you take the exhale, draw your chin in, lift your abdominals, move and roll your body forward and over your thighs and take this opportunity to scan your body. I'd like you to check in with your body in this position. Inhale, as you take the exhale lift those abdominals, press your feet firmly into the mat and articulate your spine, Bringing your head up last, arriving in your upright posture. Two more, inhale, exhale, use your breath, initiate your movement with your breath. Allow your body to move easy up and over with slightly bent knees in this position.

Inhale you guys, and we exhale to lift the abdominals, rolling up, rolling up, rolling up, move that spine freely. And one more, inhale and we exhale. Draw your abdominals up, scan your body, and make a mental note of what you are experiencing in your own body, in this position. Pause for your in breath, and then exhale to roll up, moving up and come back up into your upright posture. So, for the start of a warmup, I'd like you to put your spring tension on a medium spring.

We're going to do a warmup, supine, follow into single leg foot work, which will then allow us to flow from the warmup into the footwork without having to come up. I have got one full spring and one half spring on, I know we all have different colors in our reformers, on our springs, your aim is to set up for your single leg would work at the end. I'd love you to place the balls of the feet on the bar. You're going to lift your heels up and you're going to aim to keep your heels absolutely still, as we move into a pelvic call, starting in your neutral spine and in your neutral pelvis, inhale for your preparation. and as you take that exhale, draw your pelvic flow, then your transverse abdominis, then allow the bones of the pelvis and the spine to move and roll up into your pelvic pinch position.

Inhale here, as you exhale remember we aim to keep the carriage still. Yes, you'll feel your hamstrings, roll down, roll down, roll down into your neutral spine, into your neutral pelvis. Inhale again, and we exhale, always stabilize before you move, exhale, exhale. Feel those glutes, feel your hamstrings, inhale. And we exhale to roll down sequentially through the spine.

Rolling, and rolling, and rolling with control and neutral inhale here. On your next exhale, we're going to start challenging the stability in the body from the warm up. Lift your right leg up off the bar, inhale, pause here. And you're going to roll your spine down, all the way down while the right leg is a little passenger following through the movement, inhale, pause, and we exhale, deep lumbar flexion, articulate the spine, bracing up into one leg, press and hold, inhale, and we exhale, roll down. Are you still keeping your carriage still?

All the way through your imprint into your neutral. One more inhale, exhale to roll up. (Tash exhaling) Press up, maximize the hip extension. Place your right foot on the bar, anchor that foot down as the left leg brings to 90 degrees and we exhale, cool down, cool down, cool down, into your neutral, inhale and we exhale, deep flexion, deep flexion, curling up. Moving and rolling, articulate that spine, keep your pelvis absolutely stable, inhale, and we exhale to roll down.

Wow, I'm already sweating guys, I hope I'm not alone. Into the neutral, last one inhale, exhale, pelvic floor, deep transverse abdominis, curling up, curling up, curling up, lifting up, maximizing the hip extension. Place your foot down on the foot bar breathing in, readjust if you need to, and then we exhale, articulate down, keep that carriage still. Keep your heels still, we're stabilizing, and we're stabilizing, and we are back in our neutral position. Reach your hands out into your shoulder rest or into the pegs of the straps to hold on, lifting your legs one at a time, off the foot bar, draw your legs together, on the in breath, rotate your thighs over to the right side and then exhale back to the center, again.

Over to the left side, moving through your waistline, and exhale back. I'm gonna add a modification here, inhale over to your right side, extend your left leg away, keep your knees together, draw the legs back to the center, and bring the left knee down, inhale rotate from the waist over to the left side. Exhale, extend the right knee away, hold the legs back to the center and being back down, repeat it, inhale over to the right side, extend that leg away, reach it out of the hip, draw back to the center and base, three more please guys, inhale over, reach the thigh away, pull back to the center, and lower down, two more, inhale. Rotate that raise, breathe out, draw your abdominals close to your spine and bend one more over to the side, reach and extend, glue the knees together, use those abductors, pull the legs back and bring your leg back down. Breathe in for me, reach your arms up to 90 degrees, give me a shoulder stability.

We exhale, chest lift up, reach forward, reach forward, reach forward. Inhale, pause and hold it here, exhale to lower back down. Again, inhale, and we exhale. First neck flexion, then thoracic flexion, reach and hold, pelvis is neutral, your spine is reaching into the floor, inhale, and exhale to lower back down. Three more inhale, exhale, breathe out, get rid of all that stale air in your lungs, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out, inhale and exhale, lower back.

Two more inhale, exhale, lift up, are you drawing your abductors together, pull a little bit deeper, work a little bit deeper into those abdominals, pause and hold, and then lower back down. One more inhale, and we exhale, lift the head and chest, maintain the height of your chest, you're gonna stabilize your torso, as the arms extend out in a T position, then interlace your hands behind your head, breathe in you guys. Tap your right leg over the foot bar and come back and exhale hinging from the hip and down and exhale, inhale. Pelvic lumbar stabilization, four more, exhale. (Tash exhaling) And two, and elbows are wide, come back to the center, breathe in and exhale, lower back down.

Inhale again for me, on your exhale, we do a chase lift up, we go into your single leg stretch and the crisscross. Extend your right leg forward, keep your hands behind your head, and we change exhale. Oh, it'll cramp, exhale, and exhale, (Tash groaning) (Tash laughing) exhale and exhale, four more, exhale three, oh my gosh, two and one, hold it here, rotate over to your bent knee, we put* it over, exhale, inhale and exhale (exhales). Keep that pelvis stable and exhale, and four, maintain the height of your chest. Three, exhale two, and one, come to your center, lower your chest down, place your balls of your feet on the bar, recenter your body on your reformer and place your right heel on the bar.

We're doing single leg footwork. Bring your left leg up off the bar, make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. We're gonna breathe in, you initiate the movement with your hamstring as you exhale, extend away, inhale, come back, and we exhale, reach your legs away. Inhale back, we aiming for full hip and knee extension with only the right heel on the bar, four more, and back, (Tash exhaling) Inhale, and use your breath, engage your abdominals, two more, exhale reach, inhale back, one move, exhale reach, bend your knee halfway, hold it here, Stay here, stabilize through your right hamstring and your right glute. So, press your heel into the bar, pulse up 14, exhale nine, eight, seven, six, really extend from the hip, five, four, three, two, and extend all the way, come back.

Place the left heel on the bar, lift the right leg up, inhale, using your* and extend away, full hip extension, inhale back, and we exhale, exhale, exhale, and back, be aware of your pelvic placement, as the one foot is working against the resistance the pelvis should not be shifting. And back, four more. (Tash exhaling) Make sure you get your full hip extension. Reach, reach, reach out of the hip and back, two more, and exhale, exhale and inhale, and one more, exhale, exhale, bend that knee half way, activate all the muscles around that femur, and repulse up, one, exhale two, (Tash exhaling) four neutral spine, neutral pelvis, seven, eight, nine and full extension, draw up the kneecap and come back. Place your right ball of the foot on the bar, lift your left leg up, breathe in here, and we extend two legs out, and come back, inhale.

Keep the femur at 90 degrees if you can and fully extend, and back. Exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale back, and four more reach, reach, elongate, and back. And three, really pull that spring as far as what you can out of the hip joint, exhale, two more, and bend, and one more reach, reach, reach, bring halfway, hold it here, keep the ankle stable, pulse up one, exhale two, (Tash exhaling) four, and five, six, seven, eight, nine and fully extend both legs everyone, bend your knee, come back, place that left foot down. Lift your right foot up, breathe in, exhale extend two knees simultaneously, inhale, bend. And exhale, hip extension and bend, and exhale, can you resist your carriage as you bring the body back home, and four more reach, reach, and back.

Exhale three, breathe out, breathe out, and two more (exhales), and one, from here, bend halfway, hold it here, extend from that left hamstring and we pulse up, one, exhale, two, three, feel like you are drawing all the muscles around the thigh into the thighbone, five, exhale, four, and three, two and one, full extension of both legs, and bend, come back, place the right ball of the foot on the bar, you're going to lift your left leg, keep it bent this time, breathe in you guys, extend that right leg away, hold it there. We inhale, lower the right heel under the bar, exhale two lift, and we inhale lower, and exhale to lift, inhale, inhale, exhale, and inhale, inhale, exhale, working that gastrocnemius, this is such a great stretch, and up, and two more and lift, and one more, rise up, hold it here. Hold it here, hold it here. Press your left ball of your foot into the bar, your aim is to stabilize so there's no movement in the carriage, as you pull the right thigh up to 90 degrees, now, lower inhale, and exhale, and inhale, and exhale, make sure your right leg is 90 degrees at the angle of the knee. And up, and three more.

(Tash exhaling) Last one, rise up, hold it here. Place both toes on the bar, and we only lower the right heel under the bar for a stretch, only because my calves were cramping so much. Take your left foot, grab the toes under the bar, and give yourself a gentle easy increase in that calve. Inhale, hold it, exhale, and breath in. Your pelvis is neutral, your spine is neutral.

One more breath, rise up, place the lift toe, lower the heel and grab the toe under the bar. I think I didn't have enough water today, that's why I'm cramping, inhale and exhale. And one more, breathe out, breathe out, place both your toes on the bar, go into your rise, inhale, and then bend your knees and roll your body back in all the way. Great work you guys. Stretch your legs over the bar.

Let's do a roll-up as a transition movement to bring your body upright, lift the arms up to the ceiling, inhale, lift your head and chest up for me, and then we exhale to roll up, up, up, up, swing your legs to the side, I'd like you to have a light spring on your reformer now for abdominals with the legs in the straps. So, I've got it on a half a spring and then you're gonna swing your legs around, place your feet onto your head rest, take your straps one at a time, thread your thighs through your straps one at a time, and then again we're going to transition into the abdominal work. I'm gonna give you an option, you can either keep your feet down or if you feel a little bit more adventurous lift your legs up, hold it here, bring your hands behind your thighs, breathe in, and we only roll down towards the shoulder blades and stay in the flexion from here. Circle your arms, interlace your hands behind your head, we're going to extend the legs, inhale, inhale. Draw the legs in, exhale, pull the chest more forward, inhale, exhale, maintaining the pelvic lumbar stabilization, exhale, draw forward, and inhale.

Reach from the back of the legs, exhale, keep your hands behind your head, for the support of the neck, inhale, four more, (Tash inhaling) and three more, abdominals are down, down, down, down, and we do two more inhale, inhale, and exhale, keep those elbows wide guys, one more inhale, and exhale, exhale, exhale. We adding the rotation, we inhale, extend the legs, rotate your torso to the right side as you pull the knees in, in, in, in, inhale extend and exhale, draw the knees in with your abdominals, inhale, extend, and exhale, rotate, rotate, keep that pelvis stable, inhale, exhale. And exhale rotate, two more, inhale, and breathe out, elbows wide, abdominals tight, one more inhale. (Tash inhaling) Inhale to the center, pull the knees in, reach and hold behind your thighs. Now again, use your hamstrings to press your legs away and control as you roll up, and roll up, and roll up, and arrive, hovering the legs if you can, extend that back, give me a little bit of attitude in that posture please, inhale, on your exhale we articulate that spine back down with control, with control, stability, stability, stability and stillness within your body.

Bring your hands out to the side, challenge your abdominals. Bring the hands behind the hip, extend your right leg up, keep the carriage still, draw the right knee in, the carriage is not moving and we stretch the left leg, and exhale draw it in, no movement in the carriage, right leg extends, and lift your breastbone, higher, higher, higher, lift leg, and bend, four more, and reach and reach and draw those abs close to your spine, three more, and in, the more you put your thigh in, the deeper the abdominal work, pull, pull, last one, and reach, and reach, and in, and in, circle the arms, hold your thighs, inhale, exhale, press into your legs, curling up, curling up and arriving. Now, only place your feet down on your head rest, remove your straps, place them back down on the little pegs, and we are going to spin around you guys, okay? And we're gonna come into a supine position. I'm gonna add half a spring, so I'm on one full spring, so, not very light spring but in between a medium and a light.

So, we're gonna do single leg hip work, followed with the spinal articulation. So, you're gonna have to just bear with me and listen to my cues while you lying in your supine position, place your two feet on the bar, take only the right strap, extend both legs away but lift your right foot up into your foot strap. Coming to your table-top position, stabilize in your tabletop position as you remove the left foot off the bar and bring your hips into your frog position, making sure you've got a neutral pelvis, both sides of your waist is equally long, we inhale and with one foot in the strap, you exhale, extend your legs away into your frog and inhale to bend, breathe out, exhale, exhale. Your heels are together. So, there's a great reference for the leg, that's not in this strap in the direction that it's moving in, three more, inhale and breathe out (exhales).

And two, pelvis stays neutral and exhale. And one, we extend, keep the legs straight, point your feet, lift your legs to 90 degrees, we gonna circle the legs down, five times down, control, come on pelvic stability as the legs circle around, and four, exhale, both legs move equally even though there's resistance on only one leg, three more exhale, and around, and two more, (Tash exhaling) and around, and one more, and around, up, hold, ready for the reverse, we abduct, we exhale extend and circle down and inhale, lift, and we abduct and we exhale without those hips moving, it's all about the stability in the pelvis, and three, and up, inhale, exhale down, one more guys, open exhale, hold it here for the openings, we're going to control the opening up of both legs, exhale, draw into this strap to squeeze together, and four more, inhale, inhale, inhale, and exhale, draw together. Three more inhale, and inhale. (Tash inhaling) Two more, is that pelvis stable? Say yes because you thinking about it.

One more inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, ready for the long spine, inhale, bring your legs to 90 degrees, I know we are doing the long spine, exhale, tilt that pelvis, articulate that spine, roll your pelvis up to your ceiling, keep your carriage still underneath you, lift up, lift up, lift up, inhale, abduct those legs, and then exhale, roll down, legs are equal, next to each other, roll and roll and roll, and draw your legs together, two more on this leg, please, inhale lift, and we exhale, deep lumbar flexion as you roll up, and roll up, and roll up, and I have to remind myself to work into my full hip extension. Inhale, my little weak spot, exhale, roll down, and down. Pelvis is level, pelvis is level, which means your legs are level, and together, one more. Inhale to lift, and we exhale deep flexion, deep flexion, rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and lifting, and arriving here, in your hip extension open your legs and roll down, and down, and down, and draw your legs together. Well done you guys, bring your legs back to 90.

Bend your left knee, find your floor, if your reformers not too high, and allow the right leg to stretch in the strap. Just hold it here. The left leg presses down, right-leg stays up, we breathe in, and out, and hold it, and exhale, one more, great you guys, bend your left leg back, find your foot bar, press into your foot bar, then take the right foot out of the strap. You're gonna take your lift strap in your hand, press two feet all the way out, place your left foot in your foot strap, find the resistance in the strap in your leg in your tabletop, and then only bring your right leg back up. We're going to externally rotate your legs, ready for the left side.

Yes, we're doing it again. Inhale, exhale, press your legs away, away, keep the dorsi flexion in your ankles, inhale to bend, and we exhale, press away, and be aware the leg that's in the strap, that side of the body is going to want to tilt up, but your great awareness around your pelvic lumbar stability is going to keep your pelvis neutral, one more inhale, exhale, press away, hold it long to flex your feet. Inhale, lift the legs to 90, ready for five circles in each direction and around and together, and exhale and really check in with your body and see the difference between the left and right side of your own movements. And around, two more, (Tash exhaling) and around, and one more, and around and together, reverse, inhale open, exhale, lengthen with that left leg down and up, and abduct, exhale, reach down, and up, three more guys. (Tash breathing deeply) Pelvic stability, always like to think there's two chopsticks on either side of my waist or one chopstick on either side of the waist, one more circle and I have to keep the chopsticks straight.

From here we go into the openings, we inhale, inhale, inhale, and exhale, draw together and hold. Four more, inhale, inhale, control the leg, that's not in the strap, exhale and inhale, inhale and exhale. Two more, inhale, open, open, use your abductor's pull together, the last one, inhale and inhale and exhale, ready for your lungs spine. We inhale, lift your legs to 90, deep lumbar flexion as you exhale, roll up, roll up, roll up, lift and hold, inhale, abduct those legs and roll down, exhale, and cool, cool, cool, and draw the legs together. We'll do two more, inhale to 90 degrees, Exhale, roll up, keep your carriage still underneath you.

Lift up, lift up, reach up, reach up, come on there's always a little bit more you guys, inhale, abduct, and then we exhale, roll and roll, deep abdominal connection and draw the legs together. Last one, make it your best one, inhale to lift and we exhale deep flexion, rolling up, lifting up, stretch your knees, use your glutes at the top here, up, up, up, up. Inhale, open, and roll and cool, and exhale, all the way, draw the legs together, lift your legs back to 90, bend the right knee, find your floor as your leg reaches down and stretch out your hamstring. Breathe in and breathe out. Keep it here, two more inhale and exhale, exhale, exhale.

Last one inhale, (Tash exhaling) find your right foot onto your foot bar and then press into the right foot as you release the left leg from the strap, place it down and bring your body back, and your carriage back, to the stopper. Extend your legs out ahead of you, transitioning from supine to see that we breathe in, lift your head and chest up for me, and exhale to roll up, and up, and bring your body back into your seated position, well done everyone. I'm gonna stay on this same spring tension, we're going to do the reverse hamstring and hip flexor stretch, so come and stand on your carriage, take your left foot, find your foot bar, place your right foot on your head rest, and come into your lunge. Shoulders are wide, arms are straights, you're gonna keep your spine extended, we inhale, and on your exhale extend that right leg away, away, away, and inhale, bend and hold, again. Exhale, reach, reach, reach, and inhale, bend.

One more, exhale, reach from here. Make sure the toe that's on the foot bar is not in flexion. You want to be in prolonged deflexion, press forward. From here place your hands on your carriage if you have the flexibility, then draw your carriage in and hold this stretch here for three breaths, inhale and breathe out, and two more, exhale, one more, inhale. On your exhale everyone slide the carriage forward and forward, elongate you back, place your hands back onto the shoulder rests, bend your front knee, listen to the transition movement because you've got such great shoulder stability, abdominal control and pelvic lumbar stabilization, that right foot is going to lift up and find the foot bar in your front support position.

Hold it, find the stability, breath in, hold it, exhale, one more breath. Point your left out off the bar, bend it in, step it forward and ready to repeat the stretch on the left side, we inhale, as you exhale slide your carriage forward and inhale bend, and exhale. This is my gummy hamstring, so, I'm not gonna get into my full knee extension, sorry guys you keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. Place your hands down if you choose to have your hands on your carriage, then lift your pelvis, move the carriage in, and let your spine come in to flexion for three breaths, inhale and breathe out. So, my leg is gonna be a little bit pain, I just need to stay out of a little tendinopathy in that left hamstring, I'm sorry.

One more, but it's real. Slide the carriage forward, and forward, elongate you back. Yes, I'm gonna challenge you again, breathe in. Find your stability, trust your own body guys, and then just lift that leg, then still and hold it, and hold it, breath in, and out. One more inhale and exhale, place the foot on the carriage, bring your carriage home and well done everyone.

Good job, excellent. I'm going to lower my spring onto a very light resistance. So, I'm on the lightest spring that my reformer's giving me, and we're gonna go into your reverse knee stretch with a little surprise with a single leg extension. So, come and place yourself there, facing the back of your reformer, your size, I'm not gonna touch your shoulder rest, we wanna keep your size away from the shoulder rest, reach your hands forward onto your frame, and then I want you to draw deep into lumbar flexion and bring your carriage off the stopper. Hold it here.

Deep lumbar flexion, inhale. Pull your thighs in, exhale five times, and back. And keep the lumbar flexion, and three more, exhale. (Tash exhaling) Lift those abdominals, and two, lift those abdominals, and one hold it here, extend the left leg out to the back, keep the leg off the bar,* and we take the thigh back, and exhale forward. Four more inhale, exhale four, and three, exhale two, shoulder stability, and one, pause and hold it., pause and hold it, place your left knee down, keep the carriage still, keep the plank flexion in the lumbar spine and extend the right leg away, inhale, knee out, exhale, forward, inhale and exhale.

And three more, move from your abdominals, keep the leg up behind you, and last one, hold and hold it, place your knee down and slide back all the way. My gosh, my hands are so sweaty. Turn around, right you guys, I'm going back into my one full spring. So, my light spring, I take a very light spring off, and we go going into our elephant. Place your hands on the bar, standing up on your carriage, bracing the heels into the carriage and extend your back.

Ready for the elephant, with a little single leg, surprise. Inhale, two legs press out, exhale, pull back, inhale, and exhale and reach, keep the shoulders still and exhale. Two more, inhale, one more, hold it here. Lift your left leg up out to the side, reach your leg out behind you, and we're going to move a single leg, inhale back, exhale forward, inhale, are you stretching your arms? Press your body away from your hands, three more, two more, pull the carriage all the way in.

And one more, pull in, in, in, bring the leg back to the side, down to the carriage, stabilize into the left leg, then lift the right leg up, and around, and hold, inhale, slide back, exhale forward, and inhale. (Tash exhaling) exhale, two more, reach the other leg away, and one hold, and hold, circle the leg around, reach your foot down and bring your hands towards your feet, tuck your head in, breathe in, bend your knees, and exhale, articulate and roll yourself up, and up, and up, all the way. Great work you guys, amazing. I'm gonna go back onto my light spring, we're going into an arm series, we're gonna do the side arms meeting. (spring clanking) So from here, you're going to come and place yourself to the front section of your carriage.

You're gonna place the hand closer to the shoulder rest in your strap and bring your pump closer to your ear, have your strap behind your arm, lift up out of your pelvis, organize your body, be intentional about how you are placing your body, in this position, we inhale and we extend the arm up, and inhale bring down, and exhale to reach up, reach up, inhale down. Good you guys, be aware of your own body, staying absolutely stable while the one arm moves, up, up, up and down, last one, exhale, reach and reach hold it, draw down into the lats, close the ribs, lift the abdominals and lower back down, change your hand positions, bring your hand just below your belly button, lifting your elbow up, breathe in, we extend our arm out into a T position and then come back, inhale all the way, and exhale, move through the upper arm, through the lower arm, and back, and down, and lift up and reach, think of your stability and down, two more, exhale, exhale, inhale, come back, and one more exhale, and exhale, and inhale, inhale, inhale. Keep the strap in the same hand, as you place the inside hand on your head rest, you're going to turn your palm up to your ceiling and look down towards your bottom hand. Now, bring your bicep closer to your head, breathing in and on the exhale, the forearm is going to extend up, and inhale lower down, and exhale extend, while you're getting that great side stretch, (Tash exhaling) and keep the bicep still as the movement comes from the elbow. And, one more, exhale, exhale, inhale back, bring your body upright, change the hand position, and bring your arms out into your T position with the palms up to the ceiling, we inhale.

Reach both arms, overhead, exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, lower back down, and open. And we exhale, lift up through the midline of your body. Pull up guys, pull up, pull up, and inhale, open, two more. (Tash exhaling) And inhale, inhale, inhale, and one more exhale, lift, lift a little bit more and inhale, open up all the way. Awesome, spin yourself around, listen to my cues if your back is towards me this time, take your hand closer to the head rest, facing your ear, reach the opposite hand down, inhale.

Keep your waist aligned as you extend up and inhale, bring down, and exhale, I always have to think of drawing my abductors together just so that I have come out of that lumbar lordosis of my body. Last one, up, and up, and up, and up, and hold it, draw that shoulder blade down and come back, change the hand grips, have your hand below your belly button with your elbow lifted, we inhale, and we extend out, exhale, and inhale, come back. And we lift up, exhale reach with your palm facing the front, then bring your palm to face your body. Lift the upper arm, then extend from the elbow and lower, and lower, two more, exhale, and exhale, and inhale, come down, one more exhale, reach, and reach, and reach from the scapula, inhale, come back down. Place your hand on your shoulder rest, shift your knees up in a way, turning your head down.

Your palm is up to the ceiling, bicep is close to your ear breathing in, and we extend the arm out and inhale come back, and exhale, reach away, and inhale come back down, three more. So, working the tricep to extend that elbow, inhale come back and exhale, exhale, inhale last one and breathe out, breathe out, and inhale, inhale, and bring your body up right, place your strap back down. Great work you guys, awesome work. So, I have a little glute series for us, I'm going to ask you to bring your foot bar down just while we are working on stability. I thought it should be perfect to have you come and stand on your foot plate, lift your leg up for me everyone, cross your arms over your chest, lean your body forward and elongate your spine, we're going to pulse down in the standing leg, 14, up, nine, up, eight, and seven, the more you press your heel into the floor, the more glutes you're gonna get, four, exhale, three, exhale, two, and pause, bring your knee in.

We take it to the side and in, and out and in, you can stand on the floor if this is too scary for you, and five more down, four more down, three, two, and one, hold it here, we go to the back, and we go lift and lower, and lift and lower and three, stability one, stability one, five more, and four, keep your abdominals close to your spine, and two and one, hold it, hold it and come up, you guys let's swap the legs, great stuff. The leg up, arms over chest, inhale, reset into that single leg squat< make sure the tailbone is not tucked under, you wanna encourage that mutual pelvic placement with the hinge, we go down one, exhale two, exhale three, and four, and the tracking of the leg is nice and still, and eight, nine, and hold it, knee to knee. We go lateral and in, two in, three in, focusing on the glutes, not the quads, focus glutes, and four, three, two, and one, last one to the back and in, and out and bend, and left and bend, come on guys, stay with me, we're in this together, and four more, and three, exhale two, and one, hold it, hold it and bring your body up right, superb. Awesome, hopefully you felt your glutes there you guys, bring your foot bar back up please, (bar clanking) I'm gonna stay on my light spring here, we're gonna move into your balance control back, you're gonna come and face your foot bar, sitting on your carriage, bring your feet out onto your foot bar, one fist width apart. Your hands are gonna press into your shoulder rest with your fingertips facing your glutes, you wanna press down into your lats and your spine up in the opposite direction, you're gonna breathe in, without your carriage moving, keeping the stability, extend through your elbows, hold it here.

I'm not even interested in the movement, I'm interested in the stability of that shoulder girdle, breath in for me, press up and out and hold. So, for those of you are ready we're gonna move in, out, and we press the carriage out, lift the pelvis, lift the pelvis, and control back in, and lift up, and lift up, I am shaking like a leaf and control, and control, and control, two, and use the hip extensors, use those glutes, press the carriage away, away, away, and come in, and in, and in, last one, and lift up, and lift up, and press up, press up, come on, come on more, and lift, and come back, and back, and down, don't collapse, we bring the elbows really lover down, great work you guys, moving into our lateral flexion. We're gonna finish strong everyone. I'm gonna stay on the same spring, come and place your hand on your foot bar. Take the leg that's closest to your hand, place it against your first head rest, push away, find the stability, and then bring your front leg to the front head rest, arrive here, extend your arm out, breath in, press the carriage out, exhale, pull it in, three more, inhale, inhale, and exhale, moving through the waist, through the lats, two more, and exhale, and exhale, and one more, press, and press, and press, bring it in, hold it, those who find a bit of a challenge, let's lift the leg.

Let's hold it, and hold it, and hold it, place the foot down, bring the knee and come in, ready for the other side. Thank goodness we only have two sides to the body. Right shoulder stability, good oblique work, hand on the foot bar, press away, carriage moves as you place that second leg and we hold it and we press out and out and out, and exhale, draw it in, and we find the stability within the movement, and exhale and exhale. Two more, inhale, and inhale, and exhale. Bring the carriage home.

One more inhale, and inhale, and pull up, and hold and this is your finale, lift your leg, align your spine, smile, lift your heart. You've done it, and place your foot down and come back all the way. Stepping yourself down, great work you guys. I have one more exercise to finish off, back extension. I'm gonna come and stand to the front of my carriage, just so that I'm a little bit closer to you.

And all we're going to do today is swimming in a standing position. So, bring your feet underneath your hips. you're gonna bend your knees, you're gonna reach your arms out ahead of you on a diagonal line. Keep your abdominals up and close to your spine, we're gonna breathe in, and we're gonna move up from the shoulders, lift, lower, lift, lower, lift, lower, keep going, inhale, we are moving still and strong. Can you reach your right leg out behind you?

And we hold, and we swim, on one leg, keep going, inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, place the foot down, keep moving through the arms, and exhale, and swap legs, inhale, inhale, exhale. Two more sets, inhale, inhale, and exhale. And one more, and exhale, place your foot down, keep your arms still, bend a little bit into your squat and come up. Well done guys, let's finished with the roll down the way we started, taking a moment to be grateful for this moment that you had to invest in yourself, remembering how your body felt in the beginning of the session and reassessing the changes. Let's go, inhale, exhale, lower your chin, roll forward, assessing the changes in your body, in your spine, in your legs, inhale, and we exhale roll up, roll up, roll up, standing strong, standing tall, one more inhale, (Tash inhaling) and exhale, moving forward, rolling down, rolling down, hanging down, inhale, and moving back up into your purposeful upright perfect posture because you are still here, well done.


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What a strong workout!  Felt so good to really take time to feel those muscles working. Thank you your amazing cues to make the most out of each movement and  for always being positive!
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Great exercises,  cues and work out. Thank you!
Where is the first video?
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Amy V ~ You can find all of the videos in this program here. They are listed in order. I hope you enjoy them!
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This is truly one of the most challenging classes I have ever done.  Thanks for reminding me how much work I need to do. Just when I thought I was getting stronger. Great cues and very good pace. Interesting ab work
Libby K
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Tash I'm loving this series.  I especially enjoy your slow, deliberate pace and clean, specific cueing. It took a few days to recover from the first class, but I came back!
The single leg strap work undid me - in a good way.  After 15 years of pilates I don't remember ever doing that and my usual pelvic stability was really challenged.  I look forward to the next in the series... after I've recovered!
Celeste E
Really enjoyed this. Thank you!
I did it the class for the second time. It will not be the last time! 👏🏻
Luisa C
Very demanding and challenging class. As usual, a great job by @Tash
Heather S
This is a great class. I still have a ways to go before I can do everything with stability so I'll definitely be returning to this workout as continue to strengthen myself.
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