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Feel the fluidity and strength in this Intermediate to Advanced Mat workout with Monica Wilson. Monica uses innovative cues to engage your Powerhouse so you can work with control, stability, and power. She includes many challenge exercises, including Hip Circles, Star, and Single Leg Push-Ups.
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Hi, I'm Monica Wilson and welcome to this mat class using rhythm and dynamics to get us to move through all of the exercises, having our mind control our movements, especially our will. This is Brianna good friend of mine. She is very well versed in many forms of exercise, including Pilates, but might not be proficient or perfect in all of the exercises we'll do today, but she is determined and ready to get her sweat on. All right, so let's get moving. Let's come to the front of our mat.

Go ahead and stand up. And you're gonna bring your mind to your body. Pilates stance, one arm over the other, and you're gonna cross one foot in front or the other with your mind, lifting your powerhouse up, lower yourself down to the mat. Good, good. Just continuing to stretch down, and then lift your bottom back so you're in the middle of the mat and stretch out nice and long, lying down, stretching out.

Even take your arms up overhead and just stretch. Think of all the great things that are gonna happen with this workout today. And then go ahead and hug your knees into your chest. Brianna's gonna do a lot of advanced exercises today, but maybe on a smaller scale, not as huge range of motion. Choose where you wanna challenge yourself.

We're gonna reach your arms long on the mat, press 'em down. Inhale, lift your head up. Exhale, reach your legs at a level you can hold it with your belly and let's pump. Inhale, warming up the body, exhaling beautiful. Inhale two, three, four, five, exhaling.

Good, eight more. This is your warm up where you're filling up your lungs with air, really important to breathe, right. Maybe make those arms bigger. Pardon me and faster. That's it and if you're fluttering away at home, make sure you make 'em slower.

Find where that rhythm is. That's 60. Each time you exhale, you get tighter in your powerhouse, you get stronger, more rooted. That's 80, strong arms reaching all the way long. One more time, and reach your legs down, and arms back overhead as you bring your head.

We're ready for the roll up. You're gonna bring the arms up and exhaling all all the way, and you're ready to roll down, lower back, middle, and reach arms lift, exhaling, stretching forward. Inhale to start rolling down, exhaling all the way back. And you get to really warm up your spine. I know it's a hard exercise, but you get to actually articulate, three more, and stretch your back, stretch your legs in with the air thinking of the beautiful next exercise which is the rollover, exhaling.

We'll do one more after this, in with your lower back, middle and up, and last one. We're not over analyzing every movement, we're enjoying movement instead. Reaching back and then bring the arms up, press 'em down, squeezing the legs together, bring 'em right over to me and exhaling down. Flex and separate, start rolling upper back, middle back, lower. Take the legs as low as you can, squeeze 'em together and over, nice energy.

And flex and open, exhaling. Make sure you have good sharp energy as you squeeze the legs up and over. Good, and flex and open. Elongating, exhaling. Now we're gonna reverse it.

So the legs go together then they open and they come over open. Open and over. Yes and squeeze together. Exhaling. So the legs are together.

As you go down, they swing down, they open and they go over open, beautiful squeeze together and rolling down they stay squeezing together as they go down, they open and last time over, and flex and together and squeeze those inner thighs, pull the belly and stretching down. You've got a nice hamstring stretch so we're gonna keep the right leg, left leg goes down. Grab the right leg and give it a little stretch, keeping your head nice. Prepare for single leg circles. Let's do three each way.

Press your arms down and crossing over, around, up. Over, around, up. One more reverse, reach around, up. Work that hip as it reaches up to the ceiling, reaching it out one more. And switch.

Beautiful stretch it, just a little pull. Then press down stabilizing your upper body. Cross around, up, cross scooping in. One more and reverse. We're be doing a lot of planks today.

Side planks, pushups, hold and bring that leg down. Anytime you're on the mat, find your box. In with your head comes up. Exhale, you get to sit up. Let's enjoy little rolling.

Lift your bottom forward to your feet, grab onto your ankles and let's massage your back. Balancing with the toes up, tuck in your head between your knees, inhale, lift your hips over your shoulders and exhale right on up. Hold, find that balance. In with the air, lifting the hips over, exhaling it up, hold. Five more, four more sorry.

In with the air, exhaling up. Good. Lower back rolls back and exhale with energy. And in with the air and exhale, up. Let's do one more.

Exhaling, beautiful Brianna. Lower your feet down, put your hands behind you, lift your bottom back and now roll out stopping at the bottom of your shoulder blades, lying down. And you'll bring the right knee into your chest. Right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee and lengthen the left leg down the middle of your body. Just a little break to solidify our powerhouse and switch left, and right, and left scooping in, right and left.

Two more sets, right and left. And another, pull and switch and then grab both ankles, and both legs go out. Feel your body long, long, long, and then scoop in. Yes, stay with me. Reach, inhale up to your fingertips, exhaling.

Three more. In with the air, exhaling. Two more, stretch out blood all the way to your fingertips. And one more. Staying lifted with your, and grab the right ankle up to the ceiling, and little double pulse.

One, two, and switch. A little double pulse and enjoy that stretch, stretch. Now let 'em fly. Right, left, right, left. Yes three more, really solid in the powerhouse, stretching forward that upper body.

Last one, both legs up. Sorry to hold you, hands behind your head. Lifting up a little more. and you're gonna lower a little and then use your powerhouse. Lower a little, good.

As you lower down, use the back of the legs and push the head into your hands. One more like that. Now one going is wherever you wanna go. Stretch and then strike a match and come up, good. Bend the right knee and twist to it.

Up, up, up, and find your center and rotate, rotate, rotate. And switch. One more time. Pull the right elbow back and back, and switch. Exhaling all of your air, hug both knees into your chest.

Sit on up and we'll stretch out our back with spine stretch forward, the heels go right in the middle, maybe scoop back a tad so the heels are in the middle lengthwise too, good. Stack your spine up and take a big breath, and head down and exhaling down, down, down. And inhaling up, up, up, and exhaling down, down, down, and inhaling up, head's the last thing to come up, and exhaling down. Last one, flexing your toes for an even better stretch, and inhaling up, up, up. Good, let's squeeze your legs together.

And as if you're doing a rollback, draw your belly in rolling back, bend the knees towards you, feet slide towards you as well. Open the knees and put your hands on top of your ankles. Balance with your feet Just up a little bit. Find your balance and exhale, pushing into your hands as you extend for open leg rocker, lifting your belly up to your sternum. Good.

Focus on something straight ahead and let's enjoy some more rocking. In with the your back. Exhale, push into those feet and right in. In with the air roll back, I blew it, I got right into where you wanna looking now you have to look at me. In with the air, exhale right up.

Very good. Two more, in with the air, I'm gonna get outta your way. Exhaling. One more time, find that powerhouse holding into it. Good.

And now squeeze your legs together and I want you to roll down. The lower back, the middle back, the upper back. Nice arms are down by your side. We're a little off to towards the window. Bend the knees and let's slide over just a hair.

Great, nice job. All right, squeezing those legs together I want you to go ahead and squeeze your hips and bring me your feet right over here, you got it. And now lift up to the ceiling. You got it. Now roll down your spine.

Swing your legs where you can to the right, all the way to the left, bring me your feet and then up, nice. Roll down. In with the air, all the way around, bring me your feet and lift, and down. Over to the right, long lean legs, over to the left and lift, those hips are working, and down. One more time for me.

Over to the left, all the way around, lifting up. That's it, and rolling down. Stretch, stretch. Keeping this right angle, sit on up for saw. Open those legs onto the boxes and the arms go straight out to the side showing me all of your muscles.

Lifting, you're gonna inhale, twist to the right twist, twist, twist, and empty your lungs. Another catch your breath exercise. In with the air, twisting, twisting, and exhaling. Inhale, filling the lungs up as you twist to the right and exhaling. Nice.

Inhaling and twisting to the left, and exhaling, keeping that right hip down. One more set. Rotate your spine, enjoy twisting your body, and exhaling all of that stale air out. And one more to left, inhale, enjoy rotating, rotating, and exhale this. I'm really keeping that right hip down.

Nice job. Lifting up, beautiful. Bring your legs together, squeezing 'em and flip over onto your tummy, your head this way. Hands will be just underneath, yep perfect. Maybe a little forward, good.

Not quite so forward. Yeah, we're gonna do some neck roll, enjoying a good stretch on your neck. Pressing down your hips, lift up your head, lift up your chest, straight arms if you can, drop your shoulders from your ears and look over your right shoulder, it loosely stretches over your left and looks forward. Reverse, over left, down around to your right, look forward and bend the elbows coming down, continuing to lift your belly forward to your chest. We're preparing for the lovely swan.

We'll do one this way. Scooping in we're gonna lift. Up, up, up. Nice looking left, I love how your powerhouse, and all the way around to your right, is lifting your body. And look over to the right, circle down around to your left and look forward, and come on down, stretching, stretching, and then I'm gonna want you to come on back up and we're gonna fall into swan and we'll do it together.

Does that sound good? I won't have you do torture on your own. So we're gonna scoop in and pulling up, up, up, and on the count of three our arms are gonna shoot forward as our legs lift to the ceiling. One, two, and arms forward, legs, arms, legs, arms. One more, up and rest.

Round your back and sit towards your heels. Misery does love company so I thought I would help you on that one. Come on back out for single leg kick. Lifting up onto your elbows, so you're gonna come forward and make, yeah pushing your knuckles. "Cause I wanna be able to see a whole move like your chest is nice and open, underarms working.

All right, let's get back to rhythm. Lift those legs up, both, we're gonna keep 'em straight. Working and right two, left two, right two, left two. Lifting your waist, right two, left two, right two, one more set. Right two, left two, good.

Place the right facial cheek on the mat, hands behind your back as high up as you can and let's do a little bit of a waltz. Lift both legs up and they're gonna kick three times. One, two, three, legs long lift. Two, three, switch cheeks it's kick. Kick, kick it's lift, lift, lift, it's kick, kick, kick, it's lift, lift, lift, and kick, kick, kick, and lift, lift, lift.

Round your back and sit onto your heels, good. And reach forward your hands, nice. We're just gonna flip over for the neck pull. Flip on over. Here just like the roll up, lie down hands behind your head.

One over the other, legs are hip width apart. Little more challenging, flexing those toes. And inhale head comes forward, exhale, stretch forward. Inhale, stack your spine up and stay tall as you hinge back. Pull in your waist more waist and roll down now, there you go.

Inhale, someone's falling asleep down there, don't stay down there too long. Inhale sit up tall. Squeezing up off your seat, pull the hip bone back with you, the waist rolling down, right on up. Good job that was better. As soon as you lengthen out, pull yourself back up, rolling and up.

Exhaling, in with the air and lifting up and stretch, stretch, stretch. One more time coming right back up. Exhaling, inhale, sit up tall and show me that powerhouse lifting, long the spine, long. Curl under a little bit there we go, good. Bring the knees into your chest, hug them in, then press your arms down as you straighten your legs up to the ceiling.

We're ready for Jack knife. So we're gonna squeeze those legs over to me and now Jack knife up. That's it. And you get to go down, controlled. And take your hips over to me, lift up and down.

Good job. Keeping this angle over and up, that's it, and down. We're gonna do one more, make sure you let the legs go parallel to the floor as you go over. So all the way to me and then up. That's it, gives you a little more engagement, and exhale, enjoy it, enjoy it.

It's not easy. It's not easy to enjoy, but very good. Same right angle but sit on up. Flex your toes back to you, and like saw, you're gonna reach your arms straight out to the side. You're not gonna move anything in your lower bodies.

You take a big breath and rotate, don't let one leg get shorter, and inhale forward, and exhaling, rotate, and inhale forward. And exhaling, rotate. And in with the air. One more, exhaling rotate, and in with the air. Nice job, relax your arms down and we're gonna go into sidekicks.

I want you to face the camera and you're gonna lie on your right side. All the way down on your right side, stretching out your arm and on the back edge of the mat. There we go, and now prop your head up. Bring the elbow back more, good, and the legs there, good. So I mentioned we're gonna be doing side planks, right?

We're gonna be doing pushups, we're doing a lot of that. So if you're doing that, now here's an easy position where you can feel your Pilates box and enjoy doing that as we do five kicks. We're gonna lift up here, working all the right leg muscles, you should know which ones you're working. You're gonna kick forward and back, nice. So how much do you move your Pilates box while that pendulum swings?

Not much at all so that you can get more out of your planks. Three and back. Two more, beautiful. Pulling in. One more, really pull and yeah.

Use the back of the thigh and see, good. Now kick up to your ear. Straight leg up and squeeze your inner thighs together. Push up with the outer thigh, and squeeze as you draw the belly in. How tiny is your waist when you go down?

Ooh, I like that, two more. Out and pull in that tiny waist, yes. One more. Good, now hold it there and five little circles. One, and two, and three.

No waist circles and reverse. Come on, keep that waist steady. There you go, the movements there, nice job. Good, we're gonna do a little grand rond de jambe. I want you to take that leg forward to your nose, up to your ear.

Straight leg, up to your ear, that's it. Rotate in that hip and you're gonna take it behind you and together reverse, take it back. No, what? Let's try that again. No movement here, take it back without that, yeah.

Rotating your hip as you go up to your ear. Now take it to your nose and legs together, great job. Go ahead and roll onto your tummy, lifting your legs up. Make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands. Good and 20 beats.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Really good form. Lift those legs up as high as you can as you squeeze those in her thighs. And enough. Other side Brianna.

Reaching out nice and long, we'll be doing kneeling sidekicks. So you really wanna get comfortable with this box here. Lift your right leg a little and you're gonna keep it steady. Stomach pulls a leg up, two, and back, two. Stomach, use your hamstring and glute and forward two, nothing moves.

Just fluid and back, and two and back, one more, and legs together. And push up to your ear and squeeze it down. Long, beautiful waist, we don't shrink up. It's really nice to think about more general cues, two, rather than always focusing on the minute muscles, and five little circles. One, and two, and three, and brush, and five reverse one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and bravo.

Lie onto your back. So really nice control came in your body when you just controlled the movement. Hug the knees into your chest. It's teaser time, your favorite time, I know you're so super excited. So we're going to reach your legs forward, reach your arms back, and you're gonna use your belly to come up and just touch your toes.

The legs might go down a little bit, beautiful. And leave them there as you roll away. Beautiful. And scoop it on up, reaching for your toes, and rolling down. One more, she's doing a beautiful job on this, but this is not easy I know.

And rolling down. Come on up one more time for me. Up, up, up, good job. And use your belly to bend your knees into you as you reach your arms behind you. Let's do a little can can.

Let's have a little fun. Hands on the mat and toes tippy toes. Now reach back, in fact go ahead and slide back quite a bit. If you have one of these mats, fabulous. Move your bottom back with me.

Hands on these lovely poles, we're spoiling you. Okay, and you're going to have your tippy toes on the mat. Good. I'll go ahead and, well, you won't be able to see me so I'm not gonna go do it with you, but I think you know what to do. So you're gonna draw those knees almost into your chest.

Good. Maybe scoot your bottom forward a little bit, I think you need a little more, aha good. And heels close to your seat, and we're gonna go right, left, right and give me rhythm, and left, right, left, and up and right, left, right. It's can can. And left, right, left, and up.

Nice job. Straighten your legs forward, stretch over them, and then I'll do hip circles with you. You're gonna roll up, bend the knees back in, reach your arms back, and onto that bar, perfect. Use your belly and give me your knees into your chest and your legs come up. They do, yes.

And we're gonna stretch. And now take them where you need, push with those arms too. Good. And circle and up we go. And the other way, you're gonna just will your way through this.

And one more each way here. We gonna right around and up, and last one you've got it. Great powerhouse. I was keeping an eye on you. Reach forward and stretch, nice job.

It's time for swimming, flip over onto your tummy. If you take this too slow, you'll just sink down into the bottom of the ocean so let's make sure we stay nice and engaged. We're gonna reach your arms long, legs long. Lift all your limbs, float them up just a little. Your right arm and left leg are gonna go higher and we're gonna lift up your head and let's nice.

Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. Keep your head up, keep without me. Four, five, one more time. Inhale, two, three, four, five, eyes up exhale, two, three, four, five, Melt into the mat. Good for you Brianna.

Round your back and sit on your heels. A little time for some control exercises. That swimming, we just kind of went for it, especially in a back extension, but let's now work the muscles in our back. So we're gonna plant those hands right where they are, flex your toes under, and we're gonna get into a plank position, squeezing those hips. Good, we're aware of our Pilates box.

It doesn't move as our right leg squeezes up. We rock back, come forward, and return the foot. Left, rock back, return the foot. Right from the hamstring and hip, keeping that Pilates box so that when we do snake it's super easy. One more set for me.

Great job with those hips. Good. Now we're gonna transition to leg pulls up. You're gonna take your right hand, cross your right foot, and keep your hips lifting, beautiful. Keep rotating, keep your hips lifting, get a little more centered.

And now with pizazz, right up, flex down. Left time, left up, flex down, and right up, flex down, left up, hips up. One more set, you're doing so well. Kick the ceiling, flex down, hold. Bring the right knee down onto the mat, not your hips, and turn towards the camera for me, very good.

You're gonna bring the knee forward. Yep, all the way to the front edge of the mat. Sorry to a point where you can still kind of flex the toe if you can. You're good there, excellent. All right, the right hand will be right under your shoulder.

So take a moment, and the left hand will now go behind the head. It's important to push your head into your hand. Try to take this hand a little more under your, it's a little too forward. Right there, good. This exercise is surprisingly all about the stabilizing hip.

Keep that forward, make this leg as long as you can, and we're just gonna do three kicks. Lift that leg up, and we'll do three full forward and back, and forward and back. Come on, get that leg up higher as you go forward and back. Let's do a little bicycle. One, forward, bend the knee to your chest, take the knee back, extend, straight out hold, lift it up higher.

Reverse, back, bend the knee to your chest, extend. Now let's do little three little circles, lifting up one and two, squeezing forward those hips reverse. It's one and two, put a little kick in it, and bend the knee bring the knees together. Kneel up tall. Good job Brianna.

You can stay right where you are, I think you have plenty of room. Left hand. Good, now it's about that left hip stabilizing. You can flex this foot if that helps or not, either one. Very nice, good.

Positioning, love how her shoulder is right over her hand. Good side plank. Lift this leg up, three kicks forward and back. Just let it swing actually on this one. Swing forward, swing back, swing forward, swing back.

Bicycle forward, bend the knee. Take it back, extend. Hole, reverse. Hips forward, keep using those hips. You got it, leg out, straight out.

And now three, circle one, squeeze your hips forward. Reverse, and one, and two, and three, and kneel up tall. Great job, how are you feeling? Did you wake up those hips yet? Oh yeah. All right.

So now it's time for a little mermaid, we'll stretch out a little bit. So go ahead and sit on your right hip. Good, and bring your knees a little forward. You have, this can't be all work and no play. So let's go ahead and take the left hand and grab here.

See if you can sit on both hips as you reach the right arm up, and you get to lift up from your body and exhale. Yeah. And from your waist, lift a up and then put that right hand down and the you're gonna slide out onto it as far as you can. But then the goal is to sit up on this hip as how quickly as possible. Ready and sit up.

Yes, good job. And exhale, stretch. That is the most important part with this exercise, rhythm and dynamics here. We're gonna slide out, enjoy a delicious stretch, but then you have to work that way, sit up. Yeah.

And one more this way. Love it, you're doing very good Brianna. Should feel pretty good. And then sliding out, and then scoop up and up. Nice.

To go to the other side, I'm gonna want you to try to kick your legs forward into a teaser and switch your knees. Yes, good job. And, right hand on that ankle good. Pretending like you could sit on both hips, square yourself off and enjoy exhaling. Be aware of your ribs are fighting you, if they're sticking out, how's your alignment?

Lifting easily up to the ceiling, slide out onto that left arm, and then make sure you have energy to sit up. And on the other side, I thought you had a little more spunk. Yean I did. Yeah, we gotta find that spunk. All right, we're gonna slide out and then sit on that hip.

Oh, that was better. Gotta always those waist muscles working. Keep your nice hour glass figure. One more time sliding out, and work it up, that's it. And stretch.

Good job. Nice, how you feeling? Good. Good. All right, let's go for some snake.

So you're gonna straighten your legs a little bit. Good, and the left ankle in front of the right. And you're gonna put your right hand a little forward. Good, that's it. All right, so I love this shoulder as a marker.

The hand is in line this way with that shoulder, and this hand is kind of in line this way with that shoulder. So beautiful. We're using the mat to give us opposition. As you bring your head down, lift all your weight up from the mat. You should be up into your body, supporting your body, and exhale as you take your hips down and do a nice back bend.

And inhale back up, and exhale twisting as you come out of it. Very nice. One more time. In with the air, our whole body floats up, exhale we squeeze our hips down. In with the air, we float our body up and one twist.

Very nice. Let's see if we can do the twists now. So we're gonna bring the feet closer to you. Good. Now again, Brianna is fairly familiar with any of these exercises, but she is determined to try to just keep moving and make them feel good.

One after another they all line up. So now twist, we're gonna create a beautiful rainbow. All right. So we're gonna lift your hips forward and take that right arm all the way over, take your hips forward, forward, yes. Lifting the sky.

Now under the bridge, exhaling all of your air, both hips squeeze forward. Now open up the chest and take those hips, good. And untwist and come down. You can take your feet a little forward if you want, that might help a little bit. There, good.

And since it's a higher mat, hips squeeze forward first and lift up more. I'm gonna help you a little less this time. And then twist under the bridge, yes. And then take that hip forward and rotate, rotate, rotate, come back forward and bend. Nice job.

See if you can do a little legs forward and over to go to the other side. I won't get in your way this time. Nice good. I love that because it's probably a lot more than you even think you can do and you can do it. All right.

So again, this is our marker, the shoulder. So we wanna pull it back just a little and then that hand right there. Legs are just a tad straighter. Good, and this time the one foot will be in front and the other, good. All right, using the mat as opposition, inhale, lift all your weight up, looking at your belly.

Exhale, squeeze both hips as you go forward. Inhale, scoop it all up, and twist to come down. Good. I love this exercise, it feels delicious on the body. Inhale, lifting everything up, up.

And exhale, strong hips allow you to open your chest. Inhaling up, up, up, and exhaling down. Good. Bring your feet a little closer in, that might be a little much. That's it, good.

And you can either have 'em stacked or one in front of the other. And now it's time to use the right hip as you make a beautiful rainbow up, squeezing that right hip forward that's it. This energy, let's stay there for a second. This energy allows you to really lift up here. Can you feel that?

Good. And now twisting under, exhaling, scooping, scooping, and taking the bottom hip the right hip forward, and then take it up to the ceiling as you open up your chest, and look forward again, and come home. Good job. Bring that right hand in a little bit. Yeah.

One more, trying to get your shoulder right over that hand as your hips lift and your energy goes, ah, that looks beautiful. Exhale under the bridge, wringing out your lungs. Inhaling forward, squeezing your hips. And now take right hip up to the ceiling as you rotate and open your chest, and look forward and bend. Great job.

Nice. I want you to kneel up tall on those knees facing forward. Good, yes. And I'll go ahead and join you for the chest expansion. All right.

So the arms are gonna be straight up and forward. Good, nice. Scooping in I want you to have a lift in your inner thighs, in your powerhouse, and just stay there as you push through the arms, and open your chest up. Look right, look left, it's a little break, look forward and exhale. So remind you how to use your hips.

In with the air, pulling back down and back. Strong arms look left, look right. Do you feel your hips pushing forward? Good exhale. All right, now let's do a little thigh stretch.

So you're gonna separate your knees a little bit and you can open the knees a little bit as you slide back if you want to, but we're gonna hinge back and then one solid piece come up. Ooh, that's good. One more time, I like it. And scooping in, hinge back, and then one solid piece come up. Great job, Brianna.

Let's do some star now. So those hips, there's no question about they're awake. So we just did the right hand, so let's start with our left hand on the mat, and lie down completely on your side, legs here. On the star you're gonna have your feet actually flexed and stacked. Good.

And your right arm will be right here, it'll go right up to the ceiling, okay. All right, side plank here we come. Let's use those hips. Up, everything is lifted, lifted, good. Now bring this arm down by your side.

Both arm and leg go forward. Top arm and leg, good. And squeezing, good. Now arm forward, leg back, nice. And together, squeezing that bottom hip.

And both arm and leg go forward, swing it, and together. And now, arm forward flexing this leg back, and then wrap it around me as you take your arm back overhead lifting this hip. Ooh, that's a beautiful stretch with me. And then come back and break down. Nice work, woo.

Legs up, switch sides. Super easy, she's got it good. If you stop and think and work on that, it'll never happens, you just gotta kind of go with it. All right. Flex those toes, let's fix those feet.

There we go. Take your hips straight forward, right here. Find your solid point, do you find it? All right now that arm comes down and easy peasy forward. And leg goes back, arm forward.

Good concentration. Both go forward. Yep. And now arm goes forward and leg goes back over, lift up this hip, stretching up. That's a nice thigh stretch and everything and come down.

Nice work, how are you feeling? Warm. Woo nice and warm. Good let's space forward, right ankle over your left. Place your hands right by your hips and use 'em to sit up tall, scooping in and roll over.

Sharp, open, close. Good, keep your arms down balancing into a teaser reach your hands. Now hands clasped together behind your back. And how much can you get your head onto your thighs, to your knees, to your feet, and big circle around with those hands. Sit up tall, stacking your spine.

And over, and open, close, and balance with control, pulling in good. Hands behind you and stretching down. Yes, great powerhouse work there. Big circle with those arms. Let's do one more set, and pulling in, and open close, and rolling up, oh yeah.

Reaching, hands behind you. And big lift and stretch your back all the way forward and circle to get your ankles. One more Brianna. Sending those legs over, open, close, rolling over. Yes, and hands back, and then long, everything's long.

Spine's long, legs long, neck is long and stretch. Good job. Let's do the opposite of that and let's do some rocking. Flip over onto your tummy. Good.

Press those hips down, bend the knees to grab onto your ankles or the top of your feet. You're gonna use the hips like you have in all your planks and push 'em into the mat, and push into your feet to lift up, looking up, up, up, and now let's rock and breathe. And rock, and in, and breathing. That's it really strong, one more, and rest. Go ahead and protect your back by rounding it and sitting onto your heels for a nice stretch.

And then right here you're gonna flip over for seal, turning over good. And six seals. What goes down must come up. So remember after six you're gonna stand on up, all right. Now we'll do some more planks for our grand finale.

And exhale up, she fell asleep back to down there again. In with air and right back up, good. Let your legs stretch, but then come up with energy. Yeah. And long, and right back up with energy.

And stretch, and up. And reaching back let go, cross and let's do, I think my count was off. Here we go. Letting go roll up to a standing position. Great job, Brianna.

Keep your arms up and turn around, and all the way around to face the mat for your pushups. Good. Pilates stance. And you're gonna roll forward. In with the air, do a roll up, exhaling all the way to the mat.

Walk out to a plank position, lifting the heels together over the ball of your feet. Hips are down into a plank, open the chest more, good. And elbow straight back, one, we're just doing three, 'cause we're gonna add some arabesque. One more, and lifting up all our way to the ceiling as we walk back and do a roll up again, arms lift to the ceiling. Good, and from those strong hips balance on your left leg and extend the right leg backwards, good.

And now you're gonna go down to the mat, simultaneously bringing your leg up as those arms go forward. Walk out into a plank, hold. Let's get that left hip to squeeze down more, good. Three right here, one. Beautiful, two.

Take your hip down with you, three. Yes. And lifting up as you come home. Pause when you get to your foot. Good.

And we're gonna roll up, lifting your arms to the ceiling as that leg comes back down next to the left foot. All right. And left. Good, like a beautiful, even seesaw simultaneously coming down, love that rhythm, walking out. Good, if you don't have that same motion, get that right hip to squeeze down, three.

You won't ever be able to keep your balance. You did so good Brianna. Keep lifting this leg, one more. All right, keeping up. And work on those upper back muscles and pause.

And find that same rhythm as you come up, up, up. Arms forward and up, you got it, you got it. And bring that leg down, good. Now stay there and take a breath, and exhale, palms out. And then in with the air, push down, lift all your weight, lift all your energy, feel your brain even like just relax and calm down and all of that little tingling going out, and you have worked really well and good range of motion.

Nice job. Thank you, good work. Hope you enjoyed that. Moving your body and doing a lot more exercises than maybe you thought you could, but just if you keep moving through it and feel that rhythm, you can do anything.

Rhythm and Dynamics: Advanced Mat Workouts


2 people like this.
A lot of strong movement in 40 minutes! Will be coming back to this class. I love your classes - your cues really get me more in the muscles--thank you!
1 person likes this.
Skipped a few of the exercises as I didn’t have an instructor with me to spot or assist 😊 but enjoyed this thanks 
1 person likes this.
Just great 👍🇩🇰
1 person likes this.
Great to have some of those advanced moves incorporated! Thanks, Monica!
1 person likes this.
Exactly what I needed right now!  Thank you so much xx
Donna K
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Great moves but the instructor goes way too fast with each exercise.  No time to focus on form.  Cannot follow along at home.  Got to the single leg circles and stopped because I didn't want to rush my exercise.
1 person likes this.
I really enjoyed the exercises and the pace was perfect for me. Definitely a new favourite class of mine -fun and sweaty!
1 person likes this.
I loved the challenge and the pace. I think practice makes perfect! Therefore I will keep practicing! Thanks so much!
Kelly O
1 person likes this.
I really enjoyed this. Thanks a lot
Kelly O
1 person likes this.
I really enjoyed this. Thanks a lot
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