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Playful Full Body Flow

45 min - Class


Meredith Rogers and Kristi Cooper's favorite way to work out is together. This is a full-body workout ensuring that your entire body is working during each exercise by encouraging you to notice subtle details of your body. You will work on finding more mobility in your spine, freedom in rotation, and tap into the power of your midline. Have fun with Meredith and Kristi!
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Girl time! Girl time! Finally back again. For those of you who don't know, Mary and I get together, we used to be able to do it weekly for our workouts, where we share cues, we share ideas, We learn from each other and we play. That's really the point and we get to be together. So thank you for joining us. That's what today's gonna be all about.

We're gonna move on the mat and get a good workout in. Thank you for coming and here we go. Go for it. You start. Okay, okay.

So-- It's nice to see you. It's very nice to see you too. Let just bask in that for a moment. So we are gonna, I'll tell you why I'm laughing in a second, but just hold the backs of your legs. I'm gonna close my eyes.

So my suggestion, the reason why I was laughing is that instead of closing our eyes, we could just gaze into each other's eyes. But I think that that could be pretty problematic. Okay, so just close your eyes. This is probably the smartest idea. Feel your weight right over the tops of your sitting bones.

Feel your spine lifting, feel your pelvis getting heavy. So creating as you do that space between the pelvis and the rib cage, getting lighter in your spine, reaching up through the top of your head, holding yourself up a little bit more vigorously with your arms and lift your chest. My eyes are still shut. I'm afraid if I open them, I'll start laughing. Come back to neutral.

Open your eyes when you're ready and inhale. As you exhale, as we exhale, we'll round the spine. Noticing that the knees stay parallel to one another. The shoulders stay just over the pelvis and then we'll lift back up and we'll go from that straight body into a little bit of thoracic extension. So pull yourself forward with your arms, but take just your chest and your upper back back.

Oh, that's needed. Yeah, and then find straight or neutral. And then again, tucking the tail under. Rounding, seeing that the knees stay just parallel to one another and lift back up tall. And then pulling yourself forward with your arms as you take just the ribcage area of your spine and your head up and back and find straight again.

One more like that, round your spine. Deepen into that "C" shape, that "C" curve of your spine, using your arms for assistance, to look for depth, not ease or not to make it easy, but to make it more. More. More feely. I'm stealing that queue for sure.

I'm feely. Yes. And then come back to straight. Reach forward now. Feel the weight of your feet equal on the mat.

Roll back. So we tuck the tail just like before. We go down, down, down, down, down on the mat. We're going to take the arms up. Oh, that was not nice.

Sorry. We're gonna open. We're gonna reach forward. We're gonna come all the way back up to sitting. We're gonna take the arms and the spine up.

Let the knees drop and then we're reaching for one another. And then we're rolling up. Bringing the knees back. So we just let those two things happen at the same time. Tuck the tail, reach forward with your arms.

So that sense of reaching for each other. I'd hold you up if I could reach you. I'll count on it. Take your arms up, open, forward, and then lift up. Up.

And then as we sit, we get a little lighter. Let the knees just fall. Take the spine forward, reaching towards one another for one another. Sit all the way back up. Let the knees come back.

One more time. Inhale. Round your spine. Are you cramping? What gave it away?

I'm not bored, tapping in my foot. Okay. Reach up, open and forward and lift all the way up, up, up, up, reaching with the arms, lifting the spine, letting the knees open, taking the arms forward, sitting back up. Letting the knees come back up. This time we're gonna roll all the way down.

So rounding down for me, I'm gonna need to move my pelvis towards my feet. We're gonna do some bridging next. Okay. Scooting the pelvis towards the feet, putting the head down. Do you want your turn or shall I take us through bridging?

I'll go through some bridging. Finding your feet. I think of stepping on my feet, but also the shoulders or the upper arms. So I have those four points in my mind. We inhale.

Beginning that exhale, allow the abdominals to just sink. And that's what creates that tilt. I'm gonna go ahead and go all the way, stepping into as the knees reach out and forward over the ankles. And this is where you might need to remind yourself about standing on the upper arms as well, inhale. And then just melting your way back down.

Exhaling, allowing the front of the body, press into the back of the body, placing the bones of your back on the floor. Maybe with a sensation of a little further down the mat than they were when we started. Inhale at the bottom, starting that exhale, not a whole lot of effort here. Just feeling good, opening up a bit, standing into your feet, reaching forward, making those adjustments where you need to. Arms long, inhale and exhale from the throat, from the chest, the ribs through that middle part of your spine, noticing what wobbles and what just doesn't even wanna be touched.

And let's pass through it again. Inhale, exhale, tilting the pelvis to roll up. Going slightly faster, not by much. Paying attention to the knees and the inner seam of the leg. That they stayed basically where they started.

Inhale at the top and exhale, bringing it back down. Yeah, we'll do two more. Inhale, exhale, sinking, stepping into it, finding the hamstrings, right. So first few we've paid attention to the front of the body. Now I'm kind of focusing more on the back of the body.

Inhale, exhale, feeling the upper back come down, the middle back. Deepen your curve of the spine here, the round or the tuck, and then all the way down. Last one. Inhale and exhales. And up we go.

Up we go, spreading out those collarbones. Give yourself some space, some room. Inhale and exhale as we roll down. Go ahead and start to float the arms up. Spine is just coming to the bottom.

The arms will float up above your chest, rotate the arms. So they face each other. And reach out to that "T" position. Nice and wide, not quite to the floor, but really straight and long. Exhale, squeeze or bring them right back up.

Not too much energy involved. More like letting go, I think. Inhale, reach. Exhale, bring it up. Inhale, reach.

I am doing this one plus one more. And up. See if I can get that, what feels like a neural stretch to me sometimes across the chest. Take it out to the side or the "T," reach and then just set them down. It's okay if you wanna lower them a little bit.

That's all right. But let's bring the knees up together. Bolt them together. Ankles, knees, et cetera. Going towards the window, we rotate.

Inhale, lifting that opposite hip. Check out your knees. They're side by side. And then exhale and draw the knees back to center. Other way.

Inhale, reach long, both shoulders stay down. And exhale, bring it back home. So keeping it going, kind of noticing that you're just stable up top. That's nice, isn't it? No jokes.

And the rest of the body flows. I'm going to the back and to the center, to the front and center. Again. We'll change it a little just to see if we can get a tiny bit more out of it. So coming back to the starting position, go to the window.

Inhale and just extend the top leg. Keep the knees bolted together. Really reach though, now as if someone actually had your ankle. Reach into it more. Take everything just in that direction, refold the knee and come back to center.

So tight. I was gonna say, I hope the mic's not picking up all the popping in my back right now. Other way. Once you get to your range, extend the top leg and then take the whole piece a little further on the diagonal. Not necessarily lower, but further.

Refold knee and come back. Just one more each way, rotate to the window. Extend, somehow as if it was related to coming from the waist. Kind of is, I suppose. It definitely is.

It definitely is. Okay, good. We are all connected, yeah. Other side, last one. Okay.

Stretch it long. Top leg long. Refold it. Come back to the center. And both legs down.

Glide the hands behind your head, lace those fingers together. Feet together or apart. I have mine together. We inhale. Elbows are up off the floor a bit, except just lift your spine up.

Look forward, look at your thighs, perhaps. But then, drop your head into your hands, maybe curl a little higher. Hold and then take it back down. Inhales at the bottom, start that exhale. It's like you're gonna get up, kind of slowly.

Inhale, hold. Exhale, stretch your spine back to the ground. Two more like that. Inhale. Off we go.

Let the exhale really be one. You know, like let go of stuff you don't need right there. Just let the air out. Inhale and exhale. Take yourself down.

Inhale and exhale and up. Do you think about your feet? Like your legs? Maybe. My legs?

Yeah. What I think about is pushing down and pulling back with my heels. And somehow that helps me get higher. I like it. I'm happy.

I just cramped. Thank you. You're welcome. One more for Mary. Curl it up.

I see what you mean now. It's like you're pulling yourself forward in your spine by pulling your feet back towards your body. Yeah. Why don't you take it from here with that same idea or whatever you wanna do next. Okay, let's go down.

(both laughing) Yes. Okay, so we'll come up again. We'll take the hands from behind that head and just bring them to the back of the thighs. Think not necessarily of coming higher, but bending forward, more inward. Check out the connection of your feet.

Push down, pull a little back. See how that can help your chest lift a little higher and then let go, take your hands back behind your head. And we'll rotate towards the window. Keeping the elbows wide. Hi.

Hi. And center. This is fun and rotate. It's like peek-a-boo. Almost, I can't find you on this side.

This tells a story, doesn't it? Yep. Lifting as you rotate, stay lifted as you come through center and lifting as you rotate. And staying lifted. That's the hard part as you come through center.

Let's do two more. The hard part is not hiking with my hip on one side anyway. Oh, it's weird. It's like somehow I think I'm getting further. Keep your elbows wide, Kristi.

Last time on each side. Thank you. You're welcome. And go and hold yourself in the center. Reach your arms forward.

Take your legs out. I don't think that's gonna work. Take your legs out. There we go. And now, so let's try something.

Roll forward. Find that same rounded spine. We're gonna have to just shift our feet a little or we could move. Yeah, there we go. Sometimes life just asks us to move a little, I've got a hair on my hand.

There we go. And then we go down, rotating the pelvis under, taking the low back, taking the arms, taking the body. Breathe in as you lift your head and chest. Push down with your legs. And roll.

Tight today. And around and inhale, drawing the abdominals back as you're reaching the arms forward and go back. Squeeze the legs together. Push down into the mat with your legs. Find your chest, lift.

Take your arms. Take your spine. Three more, lift up. And curl. And inhale and roll back.

Push down with your legs. Reach forward with your arms. Let the pelvis rotate to find connection to the low back. Then take the body down. Last two.

Head, chest, arms. I had definitely been moving too fast in my workouts. Killing me here. Oh, we're slowing it down. Slower is not always easier.

In fact, slowing down can make things more difficult. If you are curious about making things more difficult-- Let's come up, last one, flex your feet. Reach all the way forward over your legs. And then as you sit up, take your arms out to your sides. Turn the palms face up and we'll twist to the ocean.

Center. And twist, twist. Feel that as the rotation is happening, we're working right from the center of the body. Other things to notice, that the feet stays side by side, that the sitting bones stay equally connected to the mat. We're doing one more to each side, pull, pull, center, pull, pull, center.

Now go rotate, take your arms all the way up. Lifting the ribs away from the pelvis and open and center and turn, both sides of the body are long. And reach up and open and center and spiral, and elongate and open and center and spiral and elongate. Can we do one more? Yeah.

That means one more to each side and center. How could I forget? This looks really good. And open. It's like the, somehow the arms reaching overhead, makes more freedom in the rotation, in the spine, in the lift.

In my imagination, anyway. Open and center. And then in the center around and in your round shape, bring your knees in, take your hands to your shins or towards your ankles. Get a little deeper into that rounded spinal shape and pick the feet up. And here we go.

Rolling like a ball. Squeeze your knees together, go back and balance at the top. I like to squeeze my knees together and also try to pull my legs apart at the same time. Yeah. It's a nice little dynamic there.

Are you pulling, you don't push? Okay. We could do either, I suppose. Back. I actually like to pull.

I like try to pull my legs apart as I'm trying to squeeze them together. So there's two things happening there. Yeah. Let's do three. Actually kind of lift too.

I like that. I like that a lot. Makes me do it better. Yeah, it kind of frees up the back a bit somehow. Okay, where are we going from here, Kristi?

One more. She falls back and then hang onto your right leg and extend your left. Pin it. So inside edge of the foot to the knee, let's do three rocks. It's gonna go a little faster.

Come back and forward. Hold it at the top. Whew. Again, two. Figuring it out.

It's funny. The little things we do are like, "Okay, where's my head?" Last one like that. Switch. We're gonna be able to stop each other if we need you. Here we go.

Roll back. Up. We're really kind of pressing in, just so when we go into the real deal, we have this sense of midline. One more. Switch again.

Whew. Roll down, hold it down. And maybe hug the knee in closer, or not, either way. And switch. We'll go in, in, out, out.

Little tiny bit faster. Last breath cycle. Inhaling for two, exhaling for two, both knees in, hug them in, reach the arms and the legs forward. Circle the arms back and around all the way. Hug the knees in and rest your head.

Everything comes up and forward. Arms and legs go forward. Circle the arms all the way around. Bring the knees in and then lower your head. Three more.

Reach, circle, holding the body still. Pull the knees in and then your head goes down. Two. Inhale and down. One more time.

Everything forward. I saw that, I saw that. Circle around and pull it in and down. Habits. You got it, take it.

Oh, curl the head and chest back up. Bring your hands back behind your head. Take the left leg straight. Rotate right. And center.

And twist and twist. Keeping the head with the hands so that the gaze travels just past that bent knee, the straight leg is very actively reaching. Boom, boom, and four, three, two, one. Center your body. Keep your hands where they are.

Keep your head where it is, where they are. It's just the one head, Meredith. Go down with your legs. Go down with your legs. Reach for me and pull up.

Five. Go down. As your legs come towards you, try to press your chest to your legs and three. And keeping the height of the body. Two and one.

Reach forward with your arms. Put your head down, take your legs forward again. Roll over. It's happening. Lift them to vertical, reverse crawl.

Separate the feet. Flex the feet. Maybe the legs will reach a little lower towards the floor. If you are interested in doing that. And then we roll down.

Oh my God. You're going so slow. I'm sorry. I got two in. I'm with you.

Okay, down. Together. I'm with you. Sorry. I'm a slow mover, Kristi.

I know. I love it. I'm a deliberate mover. Flex and open. Gives you time to think about what's going on.

Yeah. And down. Take the legs down together, touch and lift. And roll. Open, flex, separate and down.

That's about as fast as my brain will let me go. It's good. And down. Point. Reach down, come together.

Check your arms and shoulders. Lift up, roll over. Flex open and down and roll down. Let your feet soften. Lift your head.

Reach forward with your body, holding your legs in the air and put them down and sit up. Nice. Take it away, Kristi. My favorite. Arms parallel but facing each other.

Take a dive forward. Exhale, rounding your spine, folding in on yourself, and then just roll right back up. And so, inhale. I feel like I'm gonna rush you, but here we go. Go ahead.

Exhale to get all that air out, squeeze, make the shape, so the air goes out, out, out. And then you just simply inhale naturally and you come right back up. Just a couple more like that. And then we'll add. Exhale, round.

Proof to yourself that you get all the air out, going not so much forward, but down. And then sit back up. One more like that. And sitting up, we'll add on to this. Inhale, exhale, round forward.

Pressing gently the backs of the legs into the ground. From here, starting at your tailbone, we're going into that diagonal long spine, allowing the arms to just follow along, right alongside the ears, reaching forward and up. There's an inhale in there somewhere. Exhale, re round and start to roll back up to a vertical position, letting the arm bones just fall back into place. Inhale, exhale, forward.

It's a real sense of reaching, but again, getting out that air so that when it's time to inhale, which is now, we can elongate. We have the room and the body lean forward on that diagonal. Exhale, round forward and roll back up. Few more like that. Inhale.

Exhale. I do like to press down here with the legs. Me too. It just makes everything else so much lighter and longer. Do you know what else is nice.

What? Bend your knees. Now make your spine go more, now take your legs back to straight. Nice. And now go down.

Nice. That's just a little cheat for the people who are less flexible like me. But is it a cheat? I feel like I got a lot further. I mean, I don't know.

You could argue cheat, you could argue strategy. Strategy, yes. Reach out. Oh, I just took it from you. Go for it.

Go for it. Bend your knees. Stick your butt out. And then maybe they'll straighten, sucking the femur bones back into the hip joints and let go, down. And then we come up, up, up, up, up, up.

Again? Yeah, I wanna do the thingy. Let's go again. You take it. What do you wanna do?

What do you wanna do? I forget when you bent the knees. I think it was right here. I did it in the extension piece, but you can do it anywhere you want. Extension piece and then straighten when it's time.

Thumbs are back, right? And so we're gonna just pull the upper arms back for 10. Slow, two, three, four, finding the upper back. That's probably about seven. Lean into it, get longer.

Big inhale, exhale, round, forward. Roll yourself up. Start to roll back for open leg rocker. Can we just pick up our feet? I don't know.

That was not beautiful, but it was a success. We might have to move ourselves forward. Let's just move forward. Okay. So sitting behind the tailbone.

Remember we talked about doing the open leg rocker, picking up our shins? I do that very much here. So it's this idea that I'm assisting my position, really. My strategy. Ready?

We go. Back and up. Woo. And pulling the legs out, pushing them back in. And sitting tall.

Kind of relying on that position we were just in, in the spine stretch. And back. Let's do two more. Using that upper back there at the end. One more.

Holding it, holding it. Pull your legs into your hip sockets, so that you can let go. And sit them down. Sit up tall, we'll do the little saw. To the window we rotate, dive forward.

Nice long spine. It's curved, but it's really long. Sit up tall in the rotation and center. Rotate spine, spiraling high and reach outside that foot, opposite hip is down of course, back up and center. How do you cue it?

This one? How do I cue it? Like to cue it or how am I-- Yeah. Being taught to cue it. Those are two different questions.

How about, cue it like you like it? I like to go, twist. And then as you're coming up, use the front arm reaching forward and the back arm reaching back to maximize, maximize, maximize, back extension and then open. Nice. And then twist.

And here there's like a left pressure with the front arm or a weight pressure from the foot. And towards the other way, pressure with the arms. Think about it like a compass. Come up. And center.

So here we go. We go north and south and east and west. So the front arm pushes towards front to help the rotation and back arm pushes towards back to help the rotation. Front arm goes forward. Back arm goes back, north and south again and center.

That's what happens in my brain. I like it. I'm traveling. That's funny because it's the only place I've traveled in a really long time. It's good, it's good.

Let's just put feet together. I'm just gonna back support up and down. Prep for that. So fingers facing your heels or sideways, if you want. Engage the hamstrings now, straight arms, long bodies, lift.

Just inhale, lift up. And then hinge the hips and sit down. And I'll just flip the arms up. We don't have to, but I kind of like doing that every now and then. It's nice.

Now I'm cramping. And then I get to re-stretch out those wrist bones. Lifting up, strong bodies. Hinge, flex the feet. I like that a lot.

I don't know if I've ever done that. I am quite certain I got it from you. Oh, really? I don't know. I mean, yes, it was innovative of on my part, I'm sure.

No, it just feels good. Two more. I feel like I'm getting a little stronger on it each time I go. Me too. Good.

One more. And down. Lift, round forward. I'm thinking sidekick now. Yeah, let's do it.

Okay. So let's just turn on the side. I'm gonna do the sort of the basic version. So what that means for us usually is we're on our elbow. It's right below the shoulder.

Lower knee is bent. Top leg is long and lifted and we kick forward with the flex. It's kick, kick, point, reach back. And kick, kick, back. Finding the stability.

And back. Would you guess this is five? It definitely is five. Yay. Six.

Back. Nice straight legs. Seven. Back. Here's eight.

One more time. Get it to the back. Keep it back there. Maybe roll the top hip forward a little bit. Push the leg back further.

Check it out. The knee straight, looks good, Mary. And just lift 10. Two, kind of small. Seven, eight, nine and 10.

Should we do more made from here or go to the other side? Well, let's go bellini and cross the ankle. Take it up into the hand. Okay. Take the other arm long.

Looking for confirmation, looking for approval. I'm so in. Here we go. So come up. Come up into an arc shape, taking the eyes down.

Come back. Stay lifted through the underneath side of the waist. As you bend, bring the arm down, touch down lightly and lift up. And reach up and over. Pushing with that bottom arm.

And come back. Touch down light and lift up. Let's just do this last one and up and over. And back. And bent.

What if we went like that? Makes sense. And you could cue it. Mermaid, go back over there. Let your hand land softly.

Spiral the spine, rotate. Maybe you'll get both hands down. Then reopen. So basically the arm's just following the motion of the spine. And as if someone were on the other end here to pick you up, go ahead and put the hand down, reach up and side bend.

Again. We're starting on upright. We're kind of leaning into it. Reach into it. Hand lands softly, rotate.

Reopen. It's kind of mechanical, but you can really find a lot in there. Look for a lot of movement. Up and over. And again, we're tall.

I kind of use my leg. I don't know if you do. I know, you push your foot into your knee. Yeah. And rotate.

This time, once you're there, you can actually just draw the hips forward or the chest forward. Once you've done that, then push back. It's like the palms into the ground. Just kind of undulating back and forth for a couple there. Like extension and inflection, is what you mean?

Extension and inflection. Yeah, I like that. It feels good. Yeah, I'm doing about three. Okay.

I'm on two, just so you know. Same, same. Slow, slow. No, I think we're actually pretty close on speed on this one. Okay.

So I've come back to the sort of more rounded position, now heading into neutral, open it up, lift up, take the stretch. And we now have to do the other side at some point, right? Yeah, I think now is a great time. Now is a good time. So just slip and wanna reverse engineer it?

Like mermaid through orgo-- No. Nah, okay. Nah, I don't. 'Cause I like the stretch at the end. It feels like a finale somehow.

That makes perfect sense. I like the way you think. Thank you. We're set up, everything's long and lifted. Here we go.

Kick it forward. One, one, back, two, two. Just trying not to move your spine. You can make it really big. You could really keep it under control, whichever.

Four more, five more? Four. Here we go. Take it to the back. Keep it to the back.

I do like to roll the top bit forward a little. And then once I know my leg's behind my body, lift 10. Are you turning your body? Not really. I'm not supposed to be.

I mean-- No. Okay. No. Are you? I like to, I did on the other side.

I'm trying not to now. Okay, I might be unintentionally. That's enough. Bring it up, top leg over. Sliding up for our side bend.

Anchor from below, off we go, we lift up, finding the long line. And then from under the arm, under the waist, a little higher, urking over, looking down. Oh, hey. We're like making one of those heart shapes. Into the side plank and a soft, gentle landing.

I was actually trying to pull you over. I almost did. Thank you for being nice. Up we go. That lower leg, right, the inner thighs, put them together.

Up and over, up and over. Oh, now I'm all nervous. I'm not gonna pull you. Back to the side and down. We did one more.

Lift. Ooh. Over. Oh, come on. Pull that arm to the waist.

Thank you. To the side and down. And then Mary, you make them rotate this time. So we unwind through the legs. Arms come out to the side, pushing the foot and the thigh together.

Lean over, land soft and take the rotation. Taking the body around, landing onto both hands. You use that arm that just landed to help you get more rotation, if you're curious. And then unwind. And then come all the way up, like you're floating.

The other arm comes up and over. I just lacked a good way to say that. I don't know. Anyway, arms out to the side. Float in space and then lightly land on your hand and then take your spine around into that rotational shape, using the arms to help steer the spine.

And then unwind. The arm you're lifting off of, starts to lift up almost right away. It reaches over. It carries you into that side stretch and then back, arms out to the side. Is this the one where we did spinal movement?

Three? Number three? Yeah, that's right. Out and down. Yeah.

So this is the place where I really like to do leg into foot, foot into leg. Especially when we're moving the spine. So we're gonna lift the chest by sliding the hands back towards the body and pressing the thigh and the foot together. And then as you go to flex your spine, push towards me, like you're trying to stretch the mat. Yeah.

And then reach out, pulling the hands back, pressing the foot into the knee and vice versa. The knee back into the foot and lifting the chest a little bit more. And then push, stretch the mat, make it longer as you go into that flexion shape. And then last time. Reach out and forward.

Enjoy, as a suggestion. Good idea. And then make your way back towards more straight. Unwind. Float up, take the arm, drop that sitting bone as best as you can, as we take the body over.

Let's go into single leg, yeah? Yeah. Okay. So coming down onto your abdominals, forearms. I'm kind of stuck on moving my arms forward.

I really like it. So you can have them underneath like normal. I tend to like to go a little bit lower and thinking of how we were just sliding them out away or kind of pulling towards us on this one. Reaching our chest through, legs together as much as possible, float the thighs off the ground. And here we go with the kicks.

It's inhale, inhale, inhale and exhale, two, three, four. In and out. In, find in the back of the legs. I feel like I can really get into the upper back if I stay lower sometimes. I like it.

Okay. Let's do one more breath cycle. And then both legs straight. Take your hands behind your back, holding onto a few fingers or lace them. Face one side with your cheek, elbows down.

We kick three times. One, two, three. Stretch long. And change sides. It's kick, two, three, and up.

And one and two and three. Holding the body as still as possible. One more each way. It's kick, kick, kick, stretch, reach your chest. Looking ever so slightly forward.

Last one. Hold it. Let the arms come out to a "T." You can lower your chest a little. Feet are floating. And then just let everything come down.

Take a moment, rest. And then when you're ready, put your hands under your shoulders, press yourself back into a rest position. And from here, let's just shift forward and go into a front support. So hands are underneath your shoulders. Lifting yourself away from the floor, extend one leg back, curl the toes under, other leg back.

And now let's take the right leg and lift it up. Six and down. Five, four, three, and two, and switch sides. The foot that's down is flexed. Lift, lower, lift, lower.

Three, four. Was that five or six? Five and six. Perfect. And then from there, just take a little up stretch, and maybe come down to the knees and take it to where you want to take it.

Let's take it right back into that rest position. And then we'll roll up through the spine, coming right up onto kneeling. Do a little bit more back extension. Kneeling back extensions are kind of my favorite right now. And take the arms forward.

You gonna bend the elbows. So keep the elbows as they bend just a little bit in front of the shoulder joint and then take rotation. So elbows forward, hands back. So you don't wanna be too far back 'cause then you'll, it's just not as available there. Yeah.

Now take your arms up. Take your thoracic spine up, press your pelvis forward with the backs of your legs. Not to move it, but just to stabilize it. Open out to the side, continue lifting. Take up a lot of space.

And then as you bring your body upright, bend your elbows. Doesn't it feel so good? You are my friend. Take the rotation through the arms. And then as the arms reach back, it's the shoulder blades drawing down to send the chest forward.

Extension is maximized in that mid back area. It's not really a lean. It's more of like a guidance in that direction is what I imagine. Out to the side. And as we collect ourself to come up, we bend our arms.

You wanna do one more, two more? Two's good. Okay, reach. So you're not leaning back on this, right? I'm not, I'm not doing a side stretch.

I'm trying to like posteriorly rotate, press forward with the pelvis to keep the pelvis still. Okay. And then, I mean, you can make your back extension whatever you want it to be. But I really tried it, like make it from the bottom of the rib cage up. Got it.

Thank you. And then out. So it might look bigger like to the naked eye if you're watching. Yeah. But I feel nothing in my lower back.

Got it. I feel a lot of my hamstrings. Yeah. I feel lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot in my upper back. Yeah.

And then take up a lot of space. We collect some energy from the universe as we take our arms out to the sides. And then bring the body up right here. And then as you exhale, we'll reach forward. We'll round the spine, reaching for each other.

Almost like I'm holding your hands and you're pulling back away from me. And then take the spine up, the arms up. Take the arms around. You can let the chest lift again, any amount. And then reach forward for each other, sitting back, rounding the spine, any amount.

So I'm hovering, but you could do whatever suits. And then last, come up, let the legs help you, like the back of the legs, specifically. Any amount of back extension there that feels good in your body. Out to the side. Oh, right there.

And let's just take it all the way down from there. Thank you, my friend. Thank you, my friend. Thank you, friends. Thank you, friends.

That felt good. Felt really good. Thank you.


Gisela G
2 people like this.
Finally girl time again!! Love it!!!
3 people like this.
Thank you very much! I love you....
3 people like this.
Great to see you two working together and sharing so much goodness with us all again.  SO appreciated, thank you
2 people like this.
Great class! thank you
Katherine K
My two favorite teachers with a new class--hooray!  Thank you so much!
2 people like this.
Yay! Loved it. The perfect start to my day.
2 people like this.
Aaaawwwww, love it! Thank youuuuuu
2 people like this.
Great class, so glad you got to work out together!
2 people like this.
Loved this class!

3 people like this.
It was super:), love it. Favour teachers. 
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