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Back Toning Theraband

35 min - Class


Join Amy Havens in this dynamic Theraband class! You will use the resistance of the Theraband to intensify exercises at times and to assist you in others. You will mobilize your spine and shoulders and really focus on initiating challenging movements from the correct muscles. You will feel strong throughout your upper body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi everyone. It's Amy Havens here for a mat class with our TheraBand. I've got a medium tension TheraBand. Join me together. Here we go.

So I want us to reach down and just pick up that TheraBand, and we're gonna start by standing on it. So best way to do this. Get the TheraBand and pieces in your hands. Just step right in the middle. TheraBand is so wonderful to use for that elasticity, that feeling of opposition and kind of bounding, rebounding and coiling and recoiling.

So let's play with that today. We're gonna just start with a nice deep breath. You want enough tension that you feel a little bit, that the band is starting to pull you down slightly or your arms down. And so in opposition right away, we get a chance to lift up and take a nice deep breath. So we'll start here, everybody, where you're standing roll down, so letting that head, neck and shoulder girdle round.

Let's unlock those knees. No need to lock, and relax your toes also. I just want you to take yourself down into a forward roll down. When you're down here, just take a nice deep breath in. And I want you to bend your knees slightly and start to roll yourself up to standing.

You're gonna notice that tension starts to come into that TheraBand. So anchor your feet down, but just feel like the rest of the body pulls up nice and tall. And we'll do that again. Take a breath in. (inhales) And exhale the head and the neck.

Just feel how the shoulders easily round forward, that band getting lighter, looser. You can dangle your arms also, just letting that ease come into your body. Take a nice deep breath, let that head go. Same idea, we'll bend our knees, everybody. Let your back round.

Feel your feet, press into the floor. There's that tension of the TheraBand. So anchor your feet down and the work of lengthening up, up, up, up. I love to take a little extra lift in the sternum and the upper back. And we'll do two more, this time with straight legs as we come up.

Okay, so rolling forward. Start to get a little more lift of the abdominal muscles, kind of up off of your legs, up underneath your rib cage. See if there's any place in your neck. You can let go of some extra holding. Let's take a breath in as we're upside down and exhale with those straight legs.

Unlocking your knees. Feel the hamstrings active. There's that tension. Pull yourself up, but leaving the shoulders down, we'll take one more inhale. (inhales) And exhaling down. (exhales)

All of the way. Nice and easy. Inhaling at the bottom. And exhale as we start to roll ourselves up. There's that tension.

We're gonna add that upper back extension again just a little bit. Open up the collarbone, just a little gathering between your shoulder blades and then just come up to standing tall. Okay. So you can come out of the band with your feet, wrap your hands around it a couple more times. You want the band a little bit loose here to the begin, and I'm just gonna have you with your hands right by your sides or out down by legs.

So let's take our band just a shoulder height, and exhale, pulling down. Just working a little shoulder work. Inhale. (inhales) And exhale. Gonna change my stance to Pilates V.

Inhaling and exhale. Let's take one more. We're gonna hold it at shoulder level now everybody. So just feel the tension of the band. It's pretty light.

Let's increase the tension by pulling. I'm feeling my shoulder blades come together on my back and bringing the band nice and wide. Let's use this as the inhale. (inhales) And then the exhale is releasing that with control. We'll do three more.

Inhale as we pull. And exhale as you release with control. Two more. So I am working my shoulder blade muscles, bringing those blades together on my back, feeling the work. So the contraction on the back is the opening here in the front and then release.

Okay, take your arms down. And we'll do a full arm overhead. I like a full breath cycle with this. So we take a breath into shoulder level. Exhaling all the way up.

We'll do a full breath to come down. So as the arms come down, grow taller through your whole body. Feel your shoulder blades just naturally, somewhat rotating up and around your ribs on your back. It's not an elevation so much as it's a rotation. (inhales) And inhale and exhale, down.

We'll stay up on the next one. Inhale and exhaling lift. Okay, so now we're gonna do the pull again, but this time just one arm at a time. So this is my left that I'm waving at you with. This is my right.

I'm gonna pull it down just a shoulder level. And I wanna feel that that's coming from my shoulder blade and then bring it up. Let's alternate. Pulling down and bringing it up. I'm gonna change the breathing now to an exhale as we pull.

The reason why I want you to exhale, so you get your stomach engaging, your abdominals engaging to support your back because we've got these long, heavy arms up, right? They're long. They're somewhat heavy. Yeah, we'll do four more. Exhale, pull to shoulder level and inhale lift.

The other arm just stays energized, reaching up where it was. Last one, each side, exhale and inhale. And last one and lift, and let's bring it all the way down. We're gonna do a full arm overhead and maybe behind the back. So let's check this out.

(inhales) Okay, so we go farther overhead, we've gotta pull the band, but I want you to feel your shoulder blades come together first. If you're up for it, come along with me, I'm gonna take it all the way behind my hips. Only go as far as your shoulders allow you to go. If that right there did not feel good, you're gonna wanna stop probably just at shoulder height there. Okay, so again, it would be maybe your stopping place would be here.

But if you're okay, come all the way down. So focus on your back muscles. (inhales) Couple more. Shoulder blades come together. Wide, open chest and lower, and inhale, reach the band back and up overhead.

And one more time, everybody. Shoulder blades together, band all the way down and then reach the arms way back, feel that lift. Okay. And then bring it all the way down. Last pattern.

We're gonna add some tricep work with that, okay. So breathe in, exhale, above the head. We'll take another breath cycle all the way behind the back. (inhales) We got there. Now wrap your hand again.

One more wrap in, and then extend your arms long by your side. So by this time, your arms should be about framed, your body frame, and let's go ahead and just press the arms back and in. Exhale, press and in, and press. So really working the back of the shoulder, back of the arm between your scapula. Four more.

Anchor into those heels on the mat. Last two and press, return. And last one, everybody press and return. We've got a let go of the band. So unwrap that hand.

You got one more chance to reach those bands and the arms way back behind your back all the way up and down. Okay, good. I think you're probably warmed up there in your shoulders. Let's come on down to the mat. So everybody we're just gonna lie down on our back.

Get set with your feet parallel, knees parallel, and just kind of settle in for a moment. If you'll have nice and firm, your feet are rooted on your mat, you're parallel, you've got a good neutral pelvis. So let's take this TheraBand, guys, and make it just a little more taught. So I've wrapped my hand one more time around it. And you're gonna put it right across like a belt, right?

And you've seen me do this before. It's not that mysterious. But let's go ahead. Once you start rolling up into your bridge position, you're probably gonna have to stretch your hands down That first one's kind of a little awkward. Don't worry about it.

Lift your hips. You're gonna feel that resistance. Now, it's also some nice arm work behind your arms and your shoulders. You just felt that in the standing work. So if you can keep your hands down, if you need to hover, that's fine too.

But here's where I'll be. Let's take a breath. Okay. And keep that firm hand on the floor as you unroll your spine. So just like that standing work, you're gonna feel yourself go into the resistance and you'll come out of it.

All right, let's do a level, inhale. I'm gonna stretch my arms a little longer. Here we go. Curl the pelvis, press your feet. There's that press, there's that lift.

That use of the resistance for strength and a little recoiling as we come down all the way. Feel as though you're trying to get some massage through your spine. We'll take two more. Deep breath in. (inhales) And exhale. (exhales)

Just feel that nice flow through your spine, right? Kind of fun to feel the resistance come in. We're using it. And then going out of it as you unroll. And we'll take one more.

Deep breath in. (inhales) Lengthen those arms and exhale as you come up. (exhales) Okay, keep your hips up. Hold the band pretty firmly. I'm gonna have everybody just take it off of your hips and reach it straight in front of your shoulders or above your shoulders, and let's roll down the spine.

Okay. Nice breath here. Anchor your shoulders on the mat. Let's bring the knees up to table top and here comes the band on top of the shins. Okay, pull down.

If you can get your fist on the floor with this setup, great. You don't have to. That's enough resistance with what we're about to do. Everybody breathe. (inhales) I want you to press your shins up into the band slightly and a tiny little pelvic tilt.

I'm not doing much trying to use the press here. Also the press into my stomach to my spine. Like that's my stomach to my spine. Okay, and then inhale, you can release that. (inhales) Three more.

So the press of the band is also the press of the stomach to the spine. You should feel your back nice and flat, and then inhale, a little release to your neutral. (inhales) Twice more. (inhales) Feel the strength in that little tiny movement. Inhale, one more time. (inhales)

And exhale and press, press, press. Okay, good. Everybody release that. Now, let's see what this band feels like for footwork. We'll do a little bit of footwork with this.

So uncoil that band, reach it around, put the balls of your feet right on the center of the band. Let's go into our Pilates stance. Okay, so heels are together, toes apart. You wanna bring your elbows into the mat. Hands on the outside.

I'm gonna ask you to lift your head, your neck and your shoulders. You're just barely off the shoulder blades. And now press those legs straight and release. Eight times. Exhale as you press.

You can always make more tension by choking up on the band. You can always loosen it if you need to. I want you to feel that control as you bring it back, but the work as you stretch. Check your shoulder blades, let's do three more press. And bend, and stretch.

How long can you stretch that TheraBand? Last one here, and in. And then just let your head go down for a moment. I'm gonna have you close your knees. Put more flexion in your ankles.

We'll do one more set with parallel legs. Okay, here we go. And extend. Pull in. Now on this position, let's start to sneak in a little more of a flat back.

It's not a huge one, but I just want your back to get even more cozy on the mat. More imprinted. Good. Four more. Might have to check those shoulders, lower them off those ear lobes.

Last two and press. Okay. And everybody press. And then, and then just let that head go. Okay, I want you to rock yourself up to a seated position.

Keep the band on your feet. Oh, I think I'm in the perfect position for this. So a little half rollback. Everybody sit tall, dig your heels into the mat. We're gonna take an exhale and roll halfway back.

So you can get halfway back. Now if we stretch the arms straight, hold there, I need to get just a little more back on my sacrum. There I go Inhaling. Now try not to use your arms this time as you come forward in that flexion. Okay, so the arms are just holding the band.

Let's move our body. (inhales) And as we move our body back, you'll feel the tension increase in the band. Take a breath, and curl forward. Tension goes away of the band, but you increase your work in your stomach twice more. Take a breath, and pull back. (inhales)

Inhaling and exhaling coming forward. So all that kind of pull and release and pull and release is also kind of the quality of the muscle contractions. That's what's in my brain. That's what's happening there, right? Yeah.

Now we're gonna go all the way back. I want you to keep your knees bent. Let's try some rollups everybody. So arms are nice and straight. Here we go.

Head neck and shoulders. Try not to bend your elbows. Try not to bend your elbows. Use the stomach, bring yourself up. Inhale, sitting tall.

Right? So it's your body. You've got some support from the band. Feel that there is more tension. So I've gotta work more in the stomach muscles to massage that spine.

The length here now as we're coming up, the band doesn't really, don't use the arms, you use your body. Yeah. Okay, one more time. Inhale. (inhales) And then we'll stay down in this one, we'll be moving into single legs circle.

Always quite nice with the TheraBand, okay. So now everybody extend your leg straight, undo one leg. I've just let go of my left. And I'd like to bring that straight right leg all the way up. Okay.

Relax your hands for a moment. Just give your hands a break. They've been wrapped and held into the TheraBand for quite a while. And also I wanna try having us cross the band. So either piece goes on top, it doesn't matter.

I've got a nice long band and then pull the fist down. Okay. So we've got a different tension now. Pretty nice. I want you just to go side to side that little windshield wiper move, right.

And feel how the resistance increases and decreases when you're moving your leg in and out. Use of the band to connect into those inner and outer hip muscles, okay. Pelvis, isn't moving. I've just got my leg sweeping. Let's do a few little inward circles of the leg.

Let's play with that resistance, it increases there on the outer line. Increases here on the inside. (inhales) Couple more this direction. Try to keep the fist all the way down on the floor. Your last one here.

Okay, and five, the other way. Usually that inhale starts, so we exhale around. If your arms are tired, just let go of the work for a moment, come back when you can. Just continue to feel the difference of the resistance and then the release of it. Okay, one more there.

Good. And then just let your hands go. Undo the band. You're gonna step in with the other side. Here goes the right leg down, cross.

Get that just right on the ball of the foot. Okay. So as you've got your leg up, your ankle is in flexion. Fists are down, pelvis is level. And once again, just go in and out the little windshield wiper moves.

So interesting. Yep. So when we're doing leg movements like this in regular mat without props, it'd be kind of fun to see if you could recreate the sensation that the prop is giving you here. Let's start our circles, in and around and up. Cross in, circle out around and up.

Cross, circle out around and up, twice more. (inhales) Last time. And then the reverse. (inhales) Nice and dynamic. It keeps things kind of interesting in the quality of the circle.

Around there's some buoyancy, a little release, and that's your five. Okay, relax those hands. Now let's put both feet in again and just roll all the way up to sitting, okay. Now guys, we're gonna go into our rolling like a ball. So you can do several things.

You can roll up the band again in your hand. That's what I'm gonna have myself do, and pull those heels in. You could also cross your band across your feet just like it was for single leg circle. Let's go with six moves, right? Six motions.

Back and all the way up. We're gonna try not to put those feet down and we're gonna try not to push forward into the band. I'm actually trying to pull my heels back toward my sitting bones. So it's not the footwork where we push away. It's pulling in.

And that was my six. And now we can pause right there. Okay, good. Let that go. Take your hands out and just shake your hands for a minute.

Okay. I'm gonna sit to face you because we're gonna work into some more shoulder work. Here we go. We sit comfortably. I've just got myself in a cross position.

So band in your hands, palms face down, just sit right again tall. We did this in the warm up. So just practice this again or do this again, right? So you've just got this pull out. Think from the sides of the shoulders, you can exhale and then inhale release.

So because we've done so much of this already, we're gonna change the angle and do one and then the other. Okay. So for me that doesn't feel like as much work as I want it to feel. So I'm gonna narrow my grip. Now...

Oh, there we go. Yeah. So just play with that tension. If you need less, then you put your hands wider. Okay.

But now let's add this little diagonal pole with a lean back or a hinge back position. So I'm just gonna place my feet, open the knees a little bit, reach those arms forward. And then as you tip yourself back on the back of your tailbone and sit bones, look up to where that wall almost meets the ceiling. Arms are still in front of your shoulders, but relatively now they're up on a diagonal. Ready?

Take a breath. Here we go. It's that pull. Use the muscles around the shoulder blades again, right? And bring it back and front and exhale pull.

So I'm thinking shoulder blade, and shoulder blade. One more each. We'll come up and give it a little rest and pull. Good. And then come all the way up just for a moment.

We're gonna add rotation of the trunk. Arms ready, hinge yourself back. So then as you bend this elbow, turn your trunk with it. You can even look back over that elbow and then return. I don't have to tell you what muscles you're feeling.

You're gonna feel it around your waistline. Ready? Six more. (inhales) And release. And the oblique, those waistline muscles go from the front all the way around to your low back and everything in between, right?

Three more. So you pull, rotate and center. Last one, each side. Good. And last one here and front, and then come all the way up and stretch your legs.

All right, we're gonna go for spine stretch forward. A little back extension included and some saw. So we've already gotten some warm up in your rotation. Hands in line with your shoulders. Same place where you were, sit tall.

Okay. Don't have to pull on the band, just holding it. Take an inhale. And then as you exhale, you're going for that beautiful spinal flexion. Crown of the head kind of reaching in the direction of that strap.

Okay. Now if we go into some back extension, I'm gonna raise my arms all the way up, starting at that tailbone length and back, sternum forward. Same flat back that we just had, now we're leaning forward. Okay. Take a breath.

And now exhale, everybody, round over, the hands are just above those toes and you roll up to sitting tall. We'll just do it twice more. Deep breath, exhale. (exhales) So now I'm not really using the band other than just to hold and feel the connection that's unfurl and lengthen up into that flat back. Lift your spine, take a breath.

Exhale as you round. The band is just right above the toes, and roll up to sitting tall. Last one and then we take some saw. (inhales then exhales) Rounding forward. From the tailbone, the pelvis comes in, lumbar extension, thoracic extension and the cervical extension.

And exhale, let everybody come around and roll up to sitting. Okay. Just lower your arms for a moment. Relax your hands and your feet. So the saw.

The saw has a little bit of this one arm, one arm, action to it, okay. You don't have to change where your hands are. So I'm gonna rotate toward you first on the inhale. This back arm gets to swing internally rotated, front arm is gonna reach, stretch that bend. I'm just gonna look right down to my legs.

Now, careful, mindful, when you come back up, not to whoop, lose a tension, gotta control that. So twist. Back arm turns in, front arm reaches. Lots of stretch on the TheraBand. Lot of strength here.

Now, as you come up, really work to control how you bring your arms back in front of you. Four more. So we twist. Internally rotate the back arm, reach the front arm, drop that head. And as you roll up, control how you bring the band around.

Twist and reaching. Okay, everybody let's go for one more each direction. So let's twist, inhale. Feel that opposition, right? The front arm reaching, the back arm reaching.

It's slightly internally rotated. Really feel the dynamic stretch of the and then recoil with control. And then go to your second side for the last time, turn in the back arm, reach, reach, reach, and then roll yourself all the way up and just rest for a moment. Good. Shake your hands.

So that's one thing about the band, right? You have to hold it and your hands get a little bit fatigued. That's the way it goes, okay. We're gonna move into some side legwork now, okay. So I want you to put the band across the bottom of your foot and we're gonna hold a band in one hand, let's just kind of make this kind of a clean setup here.

So you're down on your bottom elbow. This palm is flat. Bottom knee is bent, and just get the band in a place where there's a little bit of tension. Not, not a huge amount, but enough where you feel that, right. Okay, leg is gonna come front.

Let's do front back. So as we kick kick to the front, not a lot of tension, but now I feel a tension in the band. I wanna stretch from my hip to my heel. So we'll come forward for an exhale and exhale back on an inhale. Inhale, exhale front and inhale back.

Couple more and front. So all the while, I'm really trying to stretch that TheraBand, but again, feeling the difference of the tension and the release. We're gonna keep the leg to the back this time here, okay. Turn your toes in your big toe, kind of internally rotate your thigh. And then a little bit of slow hot potato.

So heel down here and toes down in the back. Gonna feel a little resistance, right? There's a little up and bounce and up and recoil and a lift. So have that quality also in your own body without the tension next time you do this exercise, right. Up, so heel down in the front and toes down in the back.

We'll do three more, and heel and toes, and heel and toes. And one more time, heel and then toes, hold there, okay. We're gonna come down onto the elbow, off the elbow, fold the bottom elbow and have that band on top here. Okay. So we've all done clams, many, many thousands of times.

Let's do a slight change. So I wanna have you take this knee and the foot and put the foot behind the other foot. And then as you press back into that TheraBand, you may feel just a little different work in around your hip. Okay, so just keep going there. I've got my foot pretty firmly pressed into the floor, and press and press and press.

Let's take four more here, and a one, and two, and three. It feels so good, and four. And then stretch your leg one more time, back, back, back, and track your glutes a little bit there, everybody, and then you're gonna come all the way in. Okay. So if we come up off of that elbow and just let go of the band for a minute and just come into like a slight little mermaid, I'm gonna have you lean out, no band, feel the difference here.

And then just trunk rotation. Just feel some rotation with it. Any extra distraction of the prop, just change the quality. Couple more times. (exhales) (inhales) And then we'll take ourselves over to the other leg, the other hip and reach, okay.

So here we go. So right onto the ball of that foot, the sun's coming out, burning the clouds away. Okay. Down on that elbow, palm is flat. So once again, you wanna feel that there's some resistance and tension, but not a maximum amount.

I don't want you to overdo it. Okay, get yourself set. And so we just began with a nice, slow coming forward and then a slow going back. But then we pick up that tempo and do our little double kick kick here in a second, you'll contract contract, right. So we go, come forward two, and back for two, and forward two, and contract those glutes, and this is stomach, and those are glutes.

And one more, and front and front, and to the back toes go down. This is our little hot potato with support. So it's external rotation. Your heel comes down and internal rotation toes down. Feel the resistance down, that kind of buoyancy of the leg.

So you can free up your hip joint, so the muscles get a little bit more work. So you're not gripping into the hip joint so much, right. And again, four more toes, and heel and toes, and heel, then stay to the back with the toes and really reach, okay. We're coming down on that elbow, little clam and just press. Now that foot is gonna step behind the other foot and then just keep pressing the thigh back.

If you want more resistance, you choke up and you put your hand, you grab more TheraBand. Okay, this is plenty for what I'm feeling there. My foot is flat behind, press, and press. Let's take four more now. And a one, and two.

(exhales) Good. And last time, okay. And then close that. We're gonna come up, that little mermaid stretch with no tension. And then we get some prone exercise guys, okay.

So leaning down. Use this as just kinda transition stretch. Yeah. Open, you can follow your hand. We do three.

(exhales) Just easy. Sometimes there's a little adjustment. Sounds the body gives out, right. Yeah. And then around.

Okay. So as we go prone, we're gonna take this band in our hands and do some pretty nice big shoulder work again. Here we go. So I'm gonna come on down. Band is about where I've had it through most of the hands above the shoulders position.

So a little bit of resistance you're going to want, but not a ton. You gonna make that discretion. Okay. So everybody start with your forehead down, pelvis nice and anchored. You can do what you need to do with your feet and your leg.

Some of you are fine to come all the way together. Some of you need a little space. Every day is maybe different, okay. So I know it is for me. So first the hands are gonna be flat and we're just gonna start to work that upper thoracic extension, right.

So the eyes, nose, chin, and chest. I haven't lifted my ribs too high off the mat. I wanna focus on that upper back. Do that a couple times. So we can breathe in. (inhales)

And exhale. I am bringing my shoulders pretty low on my back, trying to, and coming down. And right now the hands are just on the floor. Okay. And then the next time the head comes up, we're gonna keep the head in the chest up and not too high.

So let's start one arm at a time right now and just start to lift one arm up and lower it down. Other side. (exhales) And lower. One more at each side. So you really feel, okay, that's my back.

That's where my arm meets my back, for sure, okay. Now, as you bring your chest down, keep your head down, fold your hands, lift your arms up. That's not easy, and lower your arms down. And exhale, arms and down. One more.

And then we're gonna add the head and the chest also. Pull on that band, bring that band just like we've done earlier in class, all the way back behind your back. Return the band. Get those shoulders to wrap together and bring the band all the way down. Okay.

Two more times. So it can be a little more of a fluid arms with the chest lift. And then the return, arms over the head and chest comes down. Let's take last one. And just like we did in standing, we're gonna add a little more tricep work.

So wrap your hand, extend those arms and press and press, and three and four. Let's take four more. And one, and two, and three. Good. Everybody, four, and then release your hands.

You've gotta bring that band around one last time and lower. Okay, everybody, let's come out of that and just let go of the band for a minute. And let's just take a quick little rest position, arms, stay reaching forward. But don't, don't get too comfortable. Sway your ribs a little bit.

Always that swan with arms overhead is kind of exhausting for the back. Well, let's keep moving for thigh stretch, okay. So come on up on your knees. This is definitely a great use of the band. So we're gonna put that right across the front of the thighs.

You're gonna have your knees all the way together or a little separated again. Take care of what you need. I like to challenge it with knees together and press the band back. So here as we go on into thigh stretch. Lean back.

Try not to break the line of your ribcage in your spine and bring yourself forward. And I'm pulling my hands back on my TheraBand using the back muscles again for some support, along with those abdominals. Let's take some breathing. I'm gonna exhale as I go back. (exhales) And inhaling up.

I'm gonna add a little challenge back there. So lean, let's just take arms, and arms, twice more, and lift. (exhales) Back. Oh boy. Last time.

Keep the band there and then bring yourself all the way up. Okay. I'm gonna turn to face you. Stay up on your knees. Lean over to one side, put one hand down, everybody.

Take this band in your hand and just stretch overhead. Okay. So this long band now. I'm feeling this stretch even all the way down into this hip, even though it's coming from here, it's kind of neat. Now we're gonna make a circle movement with this arm, a little arc.

Up and down, toward your hip, and then up and over, overhead. Feel how each one will get a little bit more intense in the stretch down your lateral side, your side body twice more. Yep. And up and over. Once more, all the way and over, and then just bring yourself through.

Up onto high kneeling and we'll take our second side. Let's anchor down onto that arm and just feel that stretch. It's so fun how it feels, even though the band is here, the stretch is in the hip. Okay and down. And then arm to arm, up and over.

And up to the hip and up and overhead. Stretch a little more. Last one here. And last one here. And last one.

And now the last one there, okay. Come all the way over. We're gonna let go of that band completely. And let's try one more rolling exercise. We're gonna go for our seal.

The reason why I don't want any attention is just, let's kind of let all of that extra dynamic quality go. Wrap your hands inside your feet, around those ankles. Be buoyant. Roll and be buoyant. And roll.

You don't have to do the claps of the feet and hips. You can, if you want to, which would be here. You can do two or three. Just let it go. Couple more, and we roll.

And you roll. And all the way up. And then guys, we're gonna just finish by just resting forward over your legs. Always with props, the added dimension of what they're offering, whether it's like the band today, sometimes the magic circle. You know, there's more kind of nervous system management.

I think we can call it on what all of that is feeling like and how you're using it. So just sitting still for a moment after all of that is not a bad idea. (exhales) Thank you for joining me. Hope you had some fun. I'll see you next time.


Irina R
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The nice class. Thank you
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I loved this class Amy! I forgot how useful and fun Therabands are. It is great to add props from time to time :) Thanks! 
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Amy! one of the best teacher I have ever seen , great lesson 
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Always love Amy's classes - just the right amount of fun and challenge!
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I loved the claw Amy. My arms feel great after that
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Great cueing and stretching the whole body; thank you Amy
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Such a great class - love your teaching .
Quick question - I always find the band too short - how long is the band you are using?  Thanks 
Lina S
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Great class. I appreciate your attention to details, and your precise cueing. There's one thing (the only one) I'm not sure I've understood, when we cross the band and do the leg circles. What are we supposed to feel? Why do we cross the band? We can do the leg circles without crossing the band? Is it to help us do the move or add more resistance? Thank you.
Cynthia G
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Lovely. I feel taller. Thanks again.
Cynthia G Cigdem A Kaz G AilsaB Valli Iga S Irina R thank you, so glad you all enjoyed this class!!
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