Class #3673

Glute-Focused Mat

25 min - Class


You will work your glutes in this fitness-inspired Mat workout by Amy Havens. She teaches the final class with her peach pants, using Pilates intelligence to guide each movement. She starts by opening your hip flexors so you can find a release before awakening your lower body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel, Reformer Box

About This Video


Hi everyone. It's Amy again. And I have, I do have the third installment of the peach pants work out. I couldn't help myself last time I thought that was it, but I have one more in me....

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Excellent! This is a good glute, hips, and balance challenge but felt like a full body workout. Thanks, Amy!
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Super fun, loved this, Amy. So nice to be taught instead of teaching. Thank you!!
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I love this workout and I really like Amy's personality, her teaching style, her sense of humor! I especially love your words about "Pilates Intelligence. Often as a teacher, we repeat all those little cues about control, flow, navel to the spine, scapula alignment etc. etc and it feels like an endless repetition. Therefore I will from now on also summarize it (especially with my intermediate clients). I really liked your variations - will also implement it in my workouts and in the work with my clients. Thank you!
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Being a fitness girl first (prior to my love of Pilates) I just love this style of workout! I was just reading an article about “dominate butt” syndrome. Yes, it’s a true syndrome in today’s world! Thank you Amy.. love this! And did I hear you say massage......ahhhh
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This class was hot, still panting
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Just what I needed after a 3 hour car trip!!!
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Thank you Amy for this workout. We never work enough the glutes!
I have a question on one of your exercises (it starts around 20:03). Why are we taking this position apart from challenging our balance? Is the side bend supposed to increase the work in the glutes? Thank you in advance for your answer.
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WOW! i know i have to work on my glutes (physio) - and this is the Best class! I shall be doing this OFTEN! The exercises are so much more effective than others...thanks so much for the challenge!
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Love all Amy’s work 😀
Thanks Amy - such creative teaching and much needed glute work:)!! Sarah
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