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Join Michael and Ton - the dynamic duo - in this all-around, feel-good Pilates Mat class. Their expertise and deep understanding of body movement make for a playful, challenging session filled with new discoveries. You'll be guided into easeful Teasers and archival Joe exercises that infuse your practice with energy and vibrancy.
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Hi. I'm Michael, and I'm Joan, and welcome to this mat workout. You don't need any props. So if you have your mat, you're ready to go. Then I think we should start. Why not? So you're just gonna start in a comfortable stance And all you're gonna do is make sure the weight's evenly divided on your feet, and you're just gonna start bouncing You're gonna wake up the fascia in the bottoms of your feet and your body.

You go, it's fast or slow or it's big. And I know Christy likes to do arms so you can lift the arms and the head. I don't really care. Whatever gets you moving, gets you moving. It's all about the fascia.

Wake it up. And then just slowly slow it down. And then just stop. Then take a little bit of a wider stance, and we're just gonna do a diag, and they'll stretch you're gonna take one arm, bring it up and open to the back diagonal, sweep that arm down around as the palm turns front turns the front diagonal. So it's just gonna be back diagonal and front diagonal up, and you can let it just swing and up and swing and up and swing the last time up and hold, and change our arms. So we go up and and up and up swing it down and up, swing it down the last time, swing it down and up, and just relax.

Then take even a wider stance and think of Joe in the woods in a swimsuit. Take that big acts of a truvia man. You open up the hips are going forward. Send the sits bones back, reach along with your fingers, into a tabletop position. And just hold that.

Reach. There's the bottoms of your feet. Reach to your fingers. Benjamin just relax. And roll yourself up. Big x hips go forward.

Reach long to the side. Hold that. Just reach the top of your head, your fingers, the bottoms of your feet, send your sits bones back, and then just bend. And one more time. Reach and send the sits phones back. Tabletop position, all that, then bend, and just slowly.

Roll yourself up. Feeling good. Then we're just gonna do a little side bend, fascia stretch. So pick an arm. I don't care which one. Just bring one arm up and just side bend over and bring it up.

And bring it down and up side bend over and reach. Bring it down. This time add reaching with the yule little finger and feel how that connects the back more if you think of reaching that little finger and bring it up, now we're gonna change it a little bit. We're gonna add a little fascia stretch. So we're gonna go up. Same side bend over. Stay in that side bend, reaching with that little finger, send your hips as you go, and bring it back down.

So let's stretch it out. Bring it down. We reach with both little fingers. Good morning or good afternoon or good evening world, whatever, and bring it up. Other side, bring it up. You side bend over.

Bottom arm comes up and you let the hips go and bring it down. And stretch. And, just really let it go down. One more time. Up and down. And just to relax.

Then we're just gonna do a little segmental roll down. So you're just gonna think of lifting the back of your brains if they're there. And from there, you're gonna bring your pubic bone up since you're wrapped up. You set yourself up. And from there, you're just gonna take a deep breath in slowly start to roll down.

And the minute you feel tension stop, Take a deep breath into that tension and then slowly exhale down to the next spot. You feel tension, breathe into that tension point, and just keep rolling down, stopping. It's gonna be individual everybody because everybody's gonna have a different spine, obviously, and just breathe into that and bring yourself down to the mat whenever you've gotten through the kinks. From there, we're just gonna go into a quadruped position you're gonna think of a long spine. So you wanna think of your head and your pelvis.

Do you wanna think of lifting the back of the brains to keep that nice and long From here, in this cat stretch, you're gonna think of the 2 poles moving. Think of the head and the pelvis coming towards each other. And then think of the sternum and the sits bones creating the extension. So you're not thinking of doing it. Your thoracic spine, you're thinking of doing it from the head and pelvis So you curl under and then think of the sternum and the sits bones creating the extension. Good. And, again, keep the head in the pelvis.

Now as you go into the extension, send the sits bones back, lift the sternum, but don't drop the ribs. Yes. You feel the difference? One last time with feeling into the suction. Then out extension and relax. Then we're gonna do a hip flexor stretch.

So choose the leg. I don't care which one I choose the opposite. From here, you're gonna curl the toes under. Knee is gonna be above the ankle. Knee in line. Tenancy that you'll wanna do is you'll wanna do this at home. Don't.

Do this. So you're here. From here, you're gonna think of pulling the pubic bone up and then send the sits bones back. So it's just a little release. So sitz phones goes down and try not to overuse those glutes. It's just a lift However, you wanna think about it.

If you wanna think, pull the pubic bone up or drop the sits bones down, I don't really care. Whatever works for you. And it's trying not to use the glutes. Does that make sense? Then I mean, so much fun, you're gonna move that foot a little bit more forward.

You're gonna pull up the pubic bone. You're gonna lunge forward. You can use your hands. And you're gonna press through the heel of the back leg to really enjoy that stretch. And take a deep breath and go even deeper into it.

Except like Eve's lunch on the reformer. But without the reformer, And from there, you're gonna come back up. No. You're gonna take the back leg. You're gonna turn it at a diagonal. So my body's still facing front.

But my hips are now at a diagonal. You're gonna move that foot a little bit more forward. We're gonna do an adductor stretch, so you're gonna take your hands and manipulate your soft tissue, and you're just gonna go forward and stretch. And forward. It's like making bread.

You just sort of manipulate your fussy. Very doughy. Most of us are very gummy. Then you add the age factor. And stretch. And now if you wanna make a little recoil, you can just go down, which will work the fastest.

You just go Sound effects are always off. Yep. There you go. Hands sound effects. Anything that works for you. Good.

And relax. Other side. So you're gonna bring the foot in front, back leg the foot and the ankle are gonna be in line. From here, you're just gonna think about pulling your pubic bone up, drop the sits bones down. So it's just that up and down. So it's just pulling it up and release. You think of Kathy Grant, she had the tight jeans image.

It's that same image. There's nothing new under the sun. It's just all the way you present it. There you go. You pull it up. You release it down.

Now keep that pull up Slide the foot forward, hands here, and you're just gonna bring it forward and enjoy that stretch. That's okay. Sometimes we need a kickstand. What can you do? And or 2.

And just take a deep breath, stretch in the front hip flexor and slowly get out of it. Then you're gonna take that back leg. You're gonna turn it, so it's now at a diagonal. Front foot's gonna go out a bit. Again, we're gonna manipulate the soft tissue.

You're just gonna and release and stretch it and release and just help with the external rotation to ask, get your body moving. Then we could add that little recoil so we can go down and, and we have Christie sound effects. Where are they? There you go. Sound effects are always helpful and relax.

Then you're going to sit down. And I know. You got you got really into that rhythm. That's good. No. It's fine. It's all good.

So hold on behind your thighs. What you're going to do is you're gonna press your feet into the floor. And that will help you get that curl. And we're gonna roll until our arms are, yeah, about straight. Then the head, remember of those balls from the cat stretch, the head goes in to roll up. Now imagine of pulling the yields towards you, that will make that pelvis go more on top of itself And then we can create a tiny, little arch, tiny push, and, well, I didn't even have to see it, and I knew it.

How freaky is that? Head goes in, keep that pressure on the heels. Now have the image of pulling the heels towards you, and that will help you tilt that sits bones down, almost like you're grabbing the floor with them and pushing it back, then push and push yourself back. The head comes in to roll up. And then one more time, you pull those heels towards you, lift the chest. And I'll slowly roll yourself all the way down.

You like about hip width apart, arms are down. We're gonna start that same way of pushing the feet down, curl the pelvis under, and roll the pelvis off the floor, but keep your lower ribs, your bottom ribs on the floor. So it's tiny and then roll yourself back down. If you keep it really small, you should be able to do this without using your butt. So you should have that same image of the pubic bone coming in, and that is doing the work, not your glutes in your legs. And roll back down.

Now same idea. Press your feet into the floor. And now think of the sit bones coming down to the floor. So you're creating a tiny little arch in a way, but just by tilting the pelvis, not by lifting the back of the mat. There's a difference. And then relax.

Let's do it again. Pull the heels towards you and think of the sits bones grabbing your mat and pulling the mat underneath you, and then relax back down. Let's do that one more time. Press. Let that fall in there. Yes.

So it's really in the hip joint and then relax back down. Now we're gonna curl back up on the height of our lower ribs. So we're gonna curl up And now we're going to release our pelvis while we are up here. So the lower back is not kind of touch the floor. We're just going to release our pelvis.

The sits bones come down to the floor. But the back stays off, and then we pull a pubic bone back in to get our curl again. So the height stays exactly the same. The pelvis just moves, and then the pelvis moves up again. Let's do that two more times.

Having a little butt check on this side and curl the pubic bone up. There we go. Reelaces its bone. And then curl it back up and then slowly roll through your spine back. Down. Once you're down, you're gonna bend your knees in towards you. Now we're gonna curl our upper body up.

We're gonna keep the the height of our upper body the same. We're going to lower the legs. We're gonna stretch them out over the floor, keeping our pelvis in our back the same position so they might be straight. They might not be straight. Coming back in and then pull the beast back in towards you. That's it. So the legs go down.

You stretch it out. Nothing changes. And then you curl it back in, and you give yourself a stretch one more time. We're gonna stretch it out. Pull it back in, give yourself a stretch, relax your head down for a moment.

Time for the 100, Here we go. Curl that back in. You've got enough warm up. We're gonna stretch the legs out same way as we started. Keep the legs on the floor. Aaron is going to be in charge of counting today.

So we're gonna start well, it is now. We're gonna start in here for 5 exhill for 5. So I always tell my clients to cancel, and I don't have to do it because we always mess it up. So now on your next exhale, you're gonna squeeze your legs together, you're gonna pull the abdominals in, and you're going to magically lift the legs off the floor. And now bring them the height that you need to to maintain that elongation that we had in our previous exercises. Are you still breathing? Okay. Are you fully inhaling, or are you just faking it? Yes.

That's what I thought. Where are we at? Brit 8. Inhale? And exhale. Good job.

Inhale. Exhale and then relax your self down. We're ready for our roll up. This roll up, you can have your legs in the pilates stance or slightly apart, whatever you feel like. I like apart, but that's just me.

We're gonna start with the arms up. We're gonna lift the arms up and you're slowly going to roll yourself up and stretch forward. Then you're gonna roll up to sitting up straight. Now from here, you're going to let your ribs move side to side. Right? So your hips stay still and your rib cage is moving side to side.

Make sure it stays side to side. And that we are not going to rotate and that we're not going to do our Vegas shimmy. Yeah. You wanted to do shimmy. I know. I know. But, you know, it's Pilates.

You're not in Vegas yet. So but this can prepare you for it. So we're gonna keep the hip still. You're gonna keep this wave going as you slowly roll down. So we call this the feathering, keep feathering, keep feathering, It's sort of like the fall leaves falling slowly onto the floor. Once you're down, you bring the arms up, and we roll ourselves up again.

Exhale stretching over. You're going to roll up to sitting, get that little flowy motion, and then you roll back down articulating through your spine. Let the pelvis kind of like curl under. Make it soft. Don't do so much. There you go. Just be easy. And then bring the arms back.

Let's do it one more time. Rolling up. And then sit back up and float yourself down. Now we have 2 more sets. What you can try is to do the same movement, this flowy movement on the way up.

It's going to be so exciting. We're going to bring the arms up. We're going to start our little floaty, and we're going to feather our way doesn't feel great. Yes. I almost believed you sitting up and start the feathering back down.

There's a reason why she's not an actress. We're all all the way down. And then stretch the arms back behind you one more time. Let's feather ourselves up. Thank you. You're welcome.

A little bit help of your friends and then sit back up. And then feather yourself down. The feathering down is nice. It's kind of like relaxing in the spine. Helping that spine to articulate as we go.

Then relax all the way down. Have the legs together. You're going to bring one leg straight up to the ceiling, choose. The leg that's on the floor, you're going to flex. Now you're gonna push through that heel as heart as you can. And that will move that hip out a little bit. Now allow the other hip to come up a little bit.

So you're gonna press this hip away, and that lifts that hip up a little bit, and then you relax it back down. So press through that heel that moves this hip outward and that lifts up and then slowly come back down. Two more times. Press through that heel so that leg that's on the floor moves into an outward spiral I would like to stay and then come back down. Now on the next one, you're gonna stay up.

You're gonna press and hold it. And while it's up in the air, you're gonna do three small circles with the top leg. Going one, going 2, going 3. Go the other way. Going 1. Keep pushing through that heel. 2. And 3 now slowly roll down, and we change legs.

Here we go. Press flex a foot. Thank you. And then we're gonna push and lift. Keep that length. Yeah. And then relax back down. So the more you can push through that heel, the easier it's going to be, and then relax back down.

So it keeps that bottom leg super duper active reach. There you go, and then bring it back down. We're gonna add the circles. So we're gonna go up and hold it and circle 1, circle 2, circle 3 all the way. Circle make it smaller. 21 and 2 day ago.

And 3 and then slowly roll down, bring your legs together in one way or another, get yourself back up. And then we're going to have our feet on the floor holding on to our ankles or in that vicinity. You're gonna curl your pelvis under, and that lifts the heels up. You're going to go deeper into your abdominals to lift the toes up. Rolling like a ball, one backing up.

Here we go. Gertland up. Then find your balance, place the toes back down, and then place the heels back down. So we're gonna slow it down. We're going to curl to lift the heels, go deeper into the abdominals to lift the feet, roll back and up, Toes come back. Heels come back one more time. Curls are lifted heels.

Go deeper to lift the toes, roll back, roll up. I think I might have light, bring the feet back on the floor, heal spec down because we're going to do it again. Curl, because it feels so good. And why would you not want to do it four times? We didn't go back and up, it makes no sense. Toes come on the floor, heels come on the floor, and roll yourself all the way down onto your mat for the single leg stretch bent. We're going to do Joe's good old version. So one leg goes in.

Outside hand goes to the ankle, and then stretch it out. We have one beautiful pool going, and then change to the other side. Go. And go 1 and 1. It is considered a single leg stretch. So the stretch part It's right into name. We want to give that a good pool. There you go. So sometimes you focus really on the abdominals. Focus on the stretch and then relax. I thought we were even.

Now we're going to do the double leg stretch. So pull it all in, We are not going to do the circle. We are just going to reach long and out and then bring it back in. We're gonna go long and out, bring it back in. Let's do it one more time.

Going long and out. Now if you want to do a little variation, when you go out, lie down on your side. So we're gonna go out and roll to our site. You're gonna go back and pull it back in. Then you're gonna go to the other side and go in one.

I'm passing inside. Houston, we have a problem. We go to one side and come back in. And we go to the other side. And if you wanna challenge yourself, make sure that you're Some people might make it more.

You're not gonna let your legs or your hands touch the floor when you go to your site. So we're gonna go off, and we're going to be off the floor and come back in, like little fish and going out like a little fish on the floor and come back in and then relax. Roll yourself up for your spine stretch. We're going to open the legs as wide as feels comfortable for you. Yep. You're fine. Hence go behind your head.

We're going to bring the elbows in and roll yourself forward as you go down, have a beautiful exhale. Then roll yourself back up. Then sideband to your right. The right elbow goes to the knee. And we come back up, and we go to the other knee because we have 2, and then we come back up.

And then we start again. Elbows go in to roll forward. You're gonna roll yourself up, make yourself as long as you can, then take that length with you to one side. Lift up and take that length to the other side and bring it back up. Exhale elbows go in and fold in.

Then roll yourself back up. Go to the right. Go to the left. We have one more time to go. When we go forward, imagine that the elbows point towards you so that the forearm can go towards the floor.

Look at that. Roll back. Oh, that's magic. Going to one side? Wake out to the other side. And then we come back up Then you're going to bring your legs together.

You're going to hold on to the ankles and find your balloons And then you're going to stretch your legs out, and you're going to do your open like rocker. So we're gonna roll up. We're gonna imagine to lift our sits bone up to the ceiling, curling up. Here we go. And then roll back down. Don't think back and up.

Think up and down. So think of the pelvis curling up to the ceiling, then bring it down to the floor. Right? So we curling up the 6 bones go up, and you can also think of it from the pelvis in the head. So the pelvis curls up now curl the head up. Ah, there we go.

Palvis curls up. The head curls up. One more time. The pelvis curls up. The head curls up. You find your balance. You hold. I think you're holding. And you just hold that balance, and we're holding.

And you can relax. I think it's time for a stretch. So let's do one of my favorite stretch, the leg crossover stretch. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna lie down and you're gonna have your palms up towards the ceiling. And you want to think of the little finger coming up because that will help keep the outward spiral in your shoulders.

Then choose a leg. I'm gonna take my down stage leg, and I'm just gonna cross it over. And you're just gonna try and keep both shoulders on the mat and just Let it go over to the side and just hang out in that nice stretch for a second. Just totally trying to relax. Keeping both shoulder blades on the mat, and then slowly, bringing it back up.

And change legs. So you're just gonna cross it over. And just think of that little finger, and it just crosses. And just as you breathe into it, your legs might sink a little bit more your back might give you a nice little pop. Mine usually does. But yours might not.

And just then slowly come back to the center. Then we're gonna do a TikTok. So you're gonna do it with bent legs. So your leg is gonna be at a tabletop think of the energy going through your heels. Now, as the legs go, I'm gonna go towards the camera down stage, my palm and my hand is gonna turn to the floor.

The other palm is gonna stay up, thinking of that little finger, and bring it back center, and the palm goes back up to the other side. So as you lift, the palm goes down in the direction that the legs are going, and you just bring it over and bring it back to the center, and the palm goes back at to the ceiling. Other side, as the legs go over, the palm goes down. And you bring it up, and the palm goes back up last time. Over.

Slowly bring it up. And then just roll over onto your side, and you're gonna sit up And what we're gonna do is just start in this way, bring your arms down and back behind you and you're just gonna have like a half roll up. Your feet might be flat on the floor. They might not be, and you're just gonna come up at a diagonal. Then you're gonna cross the legs to the other diagonal and bring the arms overhead and lower down.

Then you're gonna reverse it. So it's like an upper body cork screw across, bring it down, and we come up across and down the last time. I'm gonna bring it around. And just relax. And then again, slowly roll over to your side, and we're gonna come on to our stomach.

So we're gonna have a little extension. Yay. So you're gonna start with your hands down right by your shoulders. Head is gonna be down. You wanna think of lifting the back of the brains. Again, think of that sits bones dropping down or the pubic bone pulling up So and don't be a tight ass.

Don't squeeze those glutes. From there, press the hands down. I did say any names, Christy, and come up and slowly lower it down. So you come up. Keep lifting the backs of brains.

You don't lift that head up and lower it down. Then we're gonna come up, and then you take your hands off. Look, mom. No hands. And just hold it there. Don't squeeze those glutes. And slowly bring the hands down and relax.

That was so much fun. Let's do it again. So you push down. Think of rolling those shoulders back into that outward spiral, hands off, bring it down, and lower it down. No. We'll add on to this.

So from here, you're gonna go up. You're gonna shift the weight to the right, you're gonna take the left arm off, then you're gonna look back for your bottom heel So you have a little bit of a side bend and rotation. Come back to the center. Bring the arm in and relax it down. So we lift up, shift the weight to the side, take the arm off from there, think of that little finger as you do the side bend, you'll get more connected in your upper back.

Back to the front. Bring it back in and done. Let's do that one last time. So we lift it up, shift the weight, Take the arm off. Think of that little finger as you look back towards your heel.

Rotation. Nice. And come back and relax it down other side. So lift it up. Shift the weight to the side. Take the other arm off long. Reach with that little finger. Yes.

Yes. Reach Just don't want you overusing those glutes and come back and just sit back in a child's pose. Just push yourself back. Good. Then we're gonna come to a quadruped position. So we're gonna do a hinge.

And in that hinge, You're just gonna start feet are are just gonna be relaxed. You're gonna think of sending your sits bones back, trying to keep that elongation in the spine, and then come back forward. So you're just rocking back and up trying to just keep that This time, we're gonna go back and you're gonna stay. From there, you're gonna start by curling that pubic bone up and just roll up. Then you're gonna take one leg out to the side. From there, your arms are gonna be out long.

And you're just gonna tip. And the arm that's up there, leg stays there. You're just gonna bend if elbow, like you're marrying that, a puppet, and just reach between, and then your string gets pulled again. And you go up and look at this healing, and then you just let it melt and just totally use that rotation. The elbow again guides you up, and we do it one more time.

You just bend. And let it go. Slowly pull it up. Then you bring the arm back behind you. From here, you're gonna think of creating an arch.

So you're gonna think of lifting as if somebody's hand was here magically and release. So you lift Again, your strings are being pulled and relax. One more time. You lift up. Yes. And relax. Bring that leg in.

That's long. So you come back to both knees. Stretch the other leg out. I'm down a little bit, so I'm not on your way. And you just lean and you tip.

Crash landing on my part. From there, you just bend at the elbow, and it just relaxes down. And you just let that take you back up. It's sort of just like you're melting into that rotation, and then the up takes you up. And, again, just let it drop.

Reach down. Slowly pull it up. Then bring the hand back behind you. Best part of the exercise. Just think of side lifting up and relax.

So leave you with a stretch and relax and a stretch. And a relax and a stretch and a relax and relax down. Then we're gonna go on to our backs for a little release So from here, again, palms are gonna be up. Little fingers are up towards the ceiling. All you're gonna do is let your legs Let's make the legs the width of your mat.

So from there, you're just gonna let them fall to the side and the top leg is just gonna come up a bit, and then bring the foot back down. Go to the other side. And then you just turn that into a swing. Yay. And just let it swing in your own time.

Good. One last time, swinging, and you're relaxed. And we are swung out. Is that a word? I don't know. We're going to roll ourselves up.

There we go. Have your legs in what we like to call a diamond shape. Then you're going to do like a pelvic curl. You're gonna roll through the spine or low through pelvis and just keep going the same way. Gonna curl and we're gonna curl and we're gonna curl and stop. We're gonna pull our abdominals in.

We lift into teaser. Never say you're going to do the teaser. Bring your legs back in. And come back up here. We go.

Gotta go the other way. Going 1. Years of experience to never say the t word and stay back. Curl it in. Bring the legs out.

Burring the legs back. Come back up. Go to your right. How's that? Curling 1 and going 2. And going 3, and going stop, and lift. Bring it back.

Come back up. Left side. So it helps people really getting into that lower back. I'm getting the c curve that lower back, which makes it super easy to lift those legs off. Once you have this balance position, then it's just lifting it up, and it's easy peasy. And come back in. What?

It's a thing. And come back up. Go to your site. And what you're going to have is your bottom leg, your hip, and then hand all in one line. Then the top leg goes in front of it, and have quite a lot of space between both feet. Then you're gonna push through the legs and come into a side bend position.

So we're gonna be in that position. Now that the legs are wide enough apart, we can stay up and bend our knees moving towards. Don't sit down and come back up. You mean, like, when I sit, stay off the floor, it was like, as if you're not touching and coming back up, One more time. What? Preach.

And up. And then slowly come down. The bottom leg is going to the front the top leg goes to the back. So this knee is right in front of you, and that knee is right in line with you. This hand in line with your shoulder, move it a little out so your shoulder can be act. You're gonna do a dramatic look to your hand. And now you're gonna bend that elbow, making sure that your elbow stays in line with your middle finger.

So watch out of the elbow does not shoot out on you. Now keep it in line when you come back up. So we're gonna go down And, we have lots of drama. I love it. And brewing it up.

Oh, gee, my elbow going down and up. Now we're gonna make jumps. We're gonna go, and we're gonna push land and push, land and push, more drama, and up 2 more times, and up and up. Then you're gonna go all over the way down. You're going to what am I gonna do? You're gonna keep this leg pen. If you're gonna bring that top leg in, you're gonna bend it in towards your chest. You're gonna bring it up higher above your hip by in line with your with your body.

If you want to, you can flex that foot. We're gonna use the weight of that leg to push to the heel and let that hit Move out in a way you get a lovely little stretch there. Then I know what's nice. Bend the knee back in. Stretch it up, push to the heel, and move it away.

One more time this way, what I like to do is when I lift that leg up, kind of like contract here, make this space smaller. So when then you push, you really feel how it's getting being pulled apart and have that lovely traction. We're going to do the same thing but the legs slightly behind you. Bring it in. But the pelvis stay stacked on top of each other. So you're just gonna push it out, don't let the turn keep it on top. Just the leg is in a slight extension behind you.

Bend it in, lift it up, Push the heel and move that hip away from you all the way down to the floor one more time. Bend it in. Lift it up and then stretch it away. But wait, there is more. We're going to bend that knee in and the arm in. Now, the leg goes to the front.

Your body goes to the back. You're gonna roll all the way into a twist. Now circle the arm and leg and body up making that space short again. The leg continues to the back. The arm continues to front, and we have this wonderful diagonal stretch on the way down.

We're gonna bend it in, We're gonna stretch it out. We're going to go up, shorten, and then as you come push that away and make sure that hip travels out as well one more time. Bend it in. Circle, stretch this leg. When we come up, we shorten that space.

Continue to move that leg back behind you, and I'll let that hip move with that leg. Then we gracefully come up and go to the other side. It needs to be graceful. Otherwise, it does not count. And we have to start over again.

Bottom leg, hip, and arm in line. Top black in front, first your vegetables, then you dessert. Shoal that goes back. Into your side bend down and up. Have you feet a little bit more apart? Yeah. You want that space So when you bend, there's actually somewhere to go and bring it back up and going down.

Now watch for the shoulder. Make sure it stays open. Nobody wants a close shoulder, down and up one more time, going down and up. Gracefully sit down. Bottom leg goes front.

Top leg goes to the side. Arm is in line. Shoulders back. Dramatic look. And then the elbow goes down. And never waste an opportunity to dramatize.

And we go down and up. Gonna be my famous saying. Now let's have some jumps going down, push up. And push up. There we go. Have a nice little recoil bounce.

2 more times. And have a graceful slide down, but that was graceful. Sup. Here we go. Bottom leg goes in. It goes up. It stays in line with the body.

Push that heel, allow that waist to straight, to stretch, bend it back in. We're gonna keep it in line. We're gonna push to the heel and reach all the way along. One more time. We're gonna bring it in, bring the leg up high, press to the heel and reach long. So now we're gonna bring the leg behind us.

We're gonna bring it in. We're gonna bring it behind us, but the pelvis stays on top of each other, and we're gonna reach through it to come back down, and we go in. We're gonna go up and behind. And I'll really use the weight of the leg to get that stretch. Was that 3? No. One more time.

Bring it up. Reach. That was very subtle. Thank you, and to reach. So now we're going to do the big one. So So, and start with the leg bending, arm goes in as well. You're gonna stretch the leg into the front when you rotate back. Now circle everything up and just make continue your circle to reach all the way away and don't forget that hip.

So we go in, we're going to stretch back, lift everything up, And I'll if you want to, you flex that foot and I'll reach and let that hip move with the leg backwards. One more time. Bring it in. We're going to reach. Think of the hip being attached to the leg as it is, and then follow that leg with that hip for that stretch. So from here, you're gonna roll over to your back and lift yourself back up for our floating cat.

So you might think what is a floating cat? Well, here we go. And to clear your toes under, you're going to be in this quadri pet position, you're gonna press the heels back and lift just the knees about the height of the ankle. And they stay exactly that height as a round pulling the two poles together like Michael did in the beginning, and then lift the stern and back up to go into your extension. So the pelvis and the head roll in to create deflection, the sternum moves forward and upward to create the extension. Don't sink in the shoulders. Everything goes in. Everything goes out one more time. We curl it in.

Now this time we go to a flat back and we stop. From there, you're gonna lift the hips up and go into a downward facing dog. That is yoga. Yes. It is. So see if you can really lift the sit bones up.

Now just bend one knee and lift the heel. And push the other heel down. And then you switch. We're gonna do a little running. Go a little faster.

Going 1 and 1. And 1 and 1, and we're running, and we're running. It was not really running. We're not going that fast. So let's go. A little faster if you want to.

Then you end up with both heels back down. Gonna walk your hands towards your feet. If you want to, you can soften your knees a little bit, curl the pelvis under again to slowly roll yourself up. Once you're up, you're gonna have the legs together. And you're gonna cross your right leg over your left.

When the arms come up, the right arm is in front of the left. Figure that one out. And now we're going to have everything up, and we're going to breathe. Staying there for a couple of breaths. Then you're gonna bend the arms.

You're gonna flip the fingers towards you, then they come out the other side, and then you stay here. So having the arms and legs crossed while we're breathing, it crosses the right left brain with the left and right side of the party. And here you thought we didn't think about these things. And then you bring the arms down, and then we're going to change the legs. So now the left leg is in front So when you come up, the left arm is in front as well. The palms are facing each other or against each other.

You might wanna pay attention to your rips. Maybe. He said subtly, then you're gonna bend the arms and flip it around. Stay nice and long. Have a couple of big breaths.

Then you can bring the arms down. You stand with both legs back together And that was it. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Until next time.


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Great class ! It’s so nice to see you again. I appreciate your brilliant new approach in the way to build exercices! Very seemless. Greatings  from your former translater
in Geneva (it was about 10 years ago)…
Kay S
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Thanks guys, that was a fun Class!
Tanya P
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love this!  thank you Michael Fritzke  and Ton Voogt 
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Thank you Kay and Tanya. Glad you enjoyed the workout
Hi Evelyn, Thank you for your feedback. And all of your help translating for us in Geneva! Wow that was a long time ago.
Claudia D
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This was fantastic! I loved all the "drama" This goes straight to the Favorites...
Fun and creative class! I love how you both switch off teaching - thank you for a nice start the week.
Thank you Claudia, you know our motto "never loose an opportunity to dramatize" lol 
Thank you Marissa. Hope you had a great week
Thank you so much! That was a very well designed end fun class!
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