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CSI for Your SI Joint

50 min - Class


Michael and Ton guide you through Mat exercises using the push-pull concept to increase your length, mobility, and strength. This whole-body class emphasizes spiraling movements intended to strengthen and mobilize your SI Joint. Bring your Theraband, Tridad Ball, and Spikey Franklin Balls, and prepare to take your Pilates practice to a new level with their simple, yet profound cueing.
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball, Franklin Ball, Theraband

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Hi. I'm Michael. And I'm Tom, and welcome to the CSI for si. For the It's like a TV show. I know. It's gonna be on a channel near you. Anyway, the SI. The SI joint is all the way here where the pelvis meets our sacrum, and it's a joint here in the front. You can see it, and then also surprisingly in the back as well. I know. It's exciting. Yeah. Now, about 10 to 25 people, percent of the people have issues here or are related to the SI joint. And generally, it it's very, very stable. It has lots of ligaments to hold it all together.

So generally, it's not like out, but it does. It can get stuck, or there can be a lack of mobility, which then creates the problems. And the problems generally move up to, like, the lumbar spine or go down the legs And most of the time of the pressure above or below is because of compensation when people start to really contract those muscles in order to try to find a way around the pain or the discomfort. It generally doesn't go, It might go into the hamstrings generally not below the knee. That's sort of the area where we're at. Now in the SI joint and a normal joint, there is about 1, 3, 5 degrees of movement possible.

So it's very, very little. And therefore, it can be very tricky to to see if it's actually out of space out of place because the degree is so small. And we don't know. And from the outside, we will never know. So, you don't know if the client needs mobility or stability. So the more both or both.

So the best way to do it is to try it out and see what works. Focus on mobility, see how that holds or work on stability and see how that holds. However, when we are in a group class, Who knows what people needs, right, because everybody will need something else. So in the class we're going to do today, we're going to do a combination of mobility exercises and stability exercises for that specific joint. So, when you work with clients on your own, you can pick and choose the ones you want. But today, it's going to be a combination of both. And then I think it's time to start.

It's time to move. So we're gonna start. You're gonna just start with your feet in a comfortable stance, not too wide. It's about shoulder width. And you're just gonna, 1st of all, sort of feel your feet and really make sure the weights evenly distributed on those feet. And you're just gonna take deep breath in And on the exhale, I know, oh, I changed it.

You're gonna bring your arms up and inhale down. So we exhale up, inhale down and keep those ribs down ladies and down one more time. And now keeping that same breath, you're gonna exhale and go up on relevay. Oh, and lower down. See you exhale up.

Keep the weight on the big toe too. I see that rolling out. And so do they? That most important. Nobody's judging.

Last time, exhale, up, inhale, open, and relax. Then you're gonna take a little wider stance And you're just gonna choose an arm. We're gonna do a stretch for the fascia. So you're just gonna with a sideburn, you're gonna bring the arm up You're gonna just side bend over, then the bottom arm, you're gonna use your little finger, and you're gonna shift your hips, and you're gonna move and bring it back down. So you get a nice stretch and bring it down and just stretch.

Bring it down. Really reach with that little finger one more time and stretch. Bring it up. Other side. So we take the arm up, side bend over, then with the bottom arm, thinking of bringing that little finger up as you shift the hips and bring it back. Make it as big as you want and just really reach and really think of reaching with the little fingers, and you'll feel how that sort of attaches it to the top and then just relax. Then we're gonna do what we call pelvis loop.

I know a very creative name. I'm gonna stand in a wide stance, and normally implies we keep our pelvis square and the femur moves around. But what we're gonna do today is keep the femur square and the pelvis gonna move. Oh, so with the wide stance, you're gonna bend the leg from there. You can put your hands just right on your pelvis. You're gonna shift the pelvis on the stationary femur, and then you're gonna straighten that leg and the other leg is gonna bend, and then you're gonna go to the bent leg straighten that leg and bring it in, then you straighten it. You're always shifting that pelvis towards the bent leg in this version.

And then let's come back up center, and we're gonna change it to make you think. So from here, you're going to straighten that leg. So the other one bends, so it's the opposite. You're gonna go to that straight leg, then you're going to bend it, and the other leg is gonna straighten. Then you're gonna bend that and go to that straight leg. Yes.

There you go. Then bend that one. Now we shift to the straight leg. Bend it, shift to the straight leg. I know it looks so easy, but it's like, and then shift That's it. One last time.

Shift. There you go. Nice. And then just relax and come center. From there, we're gonna go down, and we're gonna do Eve gentry's, what we call push and pull. I don't know if that's what she called it, but that's what we call sort of like an isometric exercise. So you're gonna lie down. Your legs are gonna be in tabletop.

Fee can be relaxed or flex. You're gonna place the backs of your hands or your hands on the backs of your thighs and the backs of the thighs in the hands. From here, you're going to push your thighs out and pull with your hands and nothing's going to move. And you're gonna hold it for a couple accounts and then release. See, pushing holes and release and then push and pull, and you'll feel how that really activates the abdominals.

You feeling it? Maybe. Maybe not. I feel nothing. Then you're gonna change the hands and place them right on your tops of your thighs, and you're gonna do the same thing. Push your legs into your hands and your hands into your legs. And release.

Push and hold it. Try not to tuck in the pelvis. Keep it nice and elongated and relax. And push and relax. Now we're gonna change it. You're gonna put your hands on the outsides of your thighs. You're gonna try and open your legs up At the same time, good, and release.

So push the hands into the legs and that legs into the hands and release good last time. Then you're gonna place your hands in between your legs If you have long arms, you can cross them. I don't, so I'm just keeping them this way. From here, you're gonna push your legs in and adjust. Release and push it out and release.

Good. Push it out. And release the last time and release. Then you're just gonna grab your try it ball. You're gonna place it right between your thighs. From there, you're just gonna squeeze it, bring your head down, Good. From here, we're just gonna start the 100 this way. So we're just gonna draw the head up, reach the arms long, squeezing the ball, you're gonna beat in.

And let's see. Let's have Aaron one count. Because you're such a good counter. I have 2. This is 2. So now we get tricky. We add one leg up.

And we do two sets here. Oh, she's tricky. She changed legs. And I think it's time to change. If it wasn't, we changed anyways, other leg.

This must be second set here. Then we bring it down, then look, mom, both legs in the air, and you pump and you bring them down as low as you can go or not go, and I think we have one more. If not, that's what I think and relax. Now for the roll up, you're gonna start with your legs bent. You're gonna bring your arms up over your head.

You're gonna inhale and roll yourself up. Grab your feet that are flexed. From here, you're gonna stretch the legs out, and then you're gonna bend and stretch Bend and stretch. Bend and stretch. Keep the legs bent.

Let go and roll yourself down all the way to your mat. So you're gonna inhale roll it up Bend those legs and grab the toes. And then you're gonna think of stretching and then bend and stretch to the heels and bend, trying to bring your chest all the way down, bend, and try and keep it there. Did you stir it? Oh, that's what's up. Yes. That's what's up. Oh, that's what you wanted.

Why didn't you say something? And, yeah, shove your face in the ball. Someone wear it. And bend the knees and then slowly let go. And roll it down.

You have one more in you? So you're gonna roll it up, squeeze that ball without tucking grab those toes. You wanna think of bend and then stretch it out. There you go. And bend. So you keep trying to increase it each time.

So you bend and stretch. There you go. Ben, as you said, face plow into the ball. That's it. And relax. And slowly.

Then we're gonna get rid of the ball, and we're gonna do Cassie Grant's prep for the leg circle. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna lie down. You're going to take one leg up in a tabletop gonna grab behind, and what we did with Eve gentry's, the pressing in. That's what we're gonna do with this leg. The other leg is he may go up.

And both feet are gonna be flexed from here, keeping that isometric exercise going with the bent leg You're gonna open the leg as far as you can to the side without letting the opposite hip come up. So it really shows you how much you turn out you don't have, and it come back up. So you keep that hip down and press into this, and there's it. It's always an eye opener. People always think they have all this turn out. And last time, bring it down.

There's your turnout where it's shaking. Yes. And bring it back up. Now you just do little half circles three times down around and up. Without moving. You've got this, so the pelvis shouldn't be moving.

Good. And reverse it. You don't have to be quiet. Last year is good. Oh, I thought you'd say quiet to me and relax and change legs. You can. A lot of people have. And from there, just stretch the leg up and from there, slowly open it out to the side.

Now if you're watching at home, this hip should not move. Is it moving? And bring it up. Not that they're judging. It's a movie.

And out. Good and bring it back up. And then little circles just keeping that hip without moving. There you go. And reverse it.

Good. And relax. And come sitting up. For rolling like a ball. So what you're gonna do is you're just gonna start with the hands behind From here, you're gonna curl back, your heels are gonna lift off, then your toes are gonna lift off, and you're gonna think of lifts its bones up and drop them down. See, it's a lift and a drop and a lift and a drop and a lift and a drop. One more time, lift and drop and hold it there.

Don't touch. Hold it. Then place your feet gracefully back to the floor. And lie yourself down onto your back. Then you're gonna bring your legs up into a ninety ninety position and place both hands right about by your knees so your arms are straight and locked.

Now you don't have to press the legs and arms in. You just use this as a spacer. You're going to let the right leg come down to the floor, the right heel. Then you're gonna slide it out over the floor. You're gonna bend it back in and bring it back up against that hand, and we go to the other side. So we go down.

Stritz it out. Make sure nothing changes in your body. Are you brewing it back in and back to the hand? So we're going down. We stretch. We make sure nothing changes. Bring it back up up to that knee or the knee to the hand. Stretch it out.

Bring it out. Bending it back in. So you go down to the floor. Stretch it out. Bend it back in to Bahrain back home.

Already changing the exercise before she even start at the original exercise and then relax. Bend both knees in towards your chest. It's okay. We're gonna curl my head up. We're gonna stretch the arms and legs out to the front. The hands are gonna go to the side of your body. Then you're gonna move the hands to the front, and now you're gonna have that resistance.

You're gonna press the hands out as the legs come in, So we create resistance until the hand slide to the knee, and then we have a stretch. So we're gonna reach out long. We're gonna change. We're gonna resist our legs coming in. So you're in control of how much resistance, how much tension you're going to create.

Reaching long. Place it again. Give it a little at least and bring it back home 2 more times. Reach it long. Bring it to the front. Give it a little resistance and bring it home.

And maybe on the last one, you want to see if you can increase that resistance a little bit. Maybe you can. Maybe you cannot We're going to roll ourselves up and grab our tried ball again, and you're going to be with the legs wide open. So just sit as comfortable as possible and place the hands right on top. So the first thing we're going to do is curlock pelvis under, so we're gonna roll backwards, then we're gonna roll the ball forward into our spine stretch forward. And we're gonna stay here Now we're gonna bend our arms and lift our chest. So we're gonna stay in this angle, bend your elbows a little bit, and lift the chest up.

Then you're gonna push the ball away, and we're gonna round again. So the pelvis curls under again, and then we're gonna roll up, and we're gonna start back at the beginning. So the first part, the pelvis curls under as we reach. It stays curled under as we roll over. So now you're sitting right on top of your sits bones, with the pelvis in a slight rounding.

Now as you bend the arms, you're gonna stick your bum out the sit bones kind of like roll roll to the front of your sit bones almost. Then when you press it out round again, so now you're back on top of your sit bones, and then you're gonna roll yourself back up. Let's do that one more time. So we curl behind our sits bones. Then when we roll forward, we come on top of them.

When we bend our elbows and lift our chest, we roll to the front of them. Yes. Then we go back on top of them. And then we're going to roll ourselves up. Then you take this away, and you grab your Therabant. So you're gonna start with your legs bent, and you're going to wrap the fair band. Have the legs a little hip width Well, let's start hip width.

That should be fine. Now if you keep the bend nice and wide, it's not gonna irritate your legs as much. And what we like to do, because it takes too much time to keep, you know, creating nods and whatever. Wrap it around a couple of times if you have the space. And then instead of creating a knot.

Just fold it in and then wrap it around the other side if needed. And fold it back in somewhere. And that's if you keep the tension, hold it where it is, and then you don't have to create nuds and all that kind of stuff. Simplicity. Are we having technical difficulties?

Okay. So find attention. So we're gonna curl under. We're going to lift our legs. We're gonna walk ourselves up, and we're going to maintain this tension on our band as we do our open like rocker. So curl it under.

Keep the tension to come back up. And going back and up. There we go. So we have a couple more times. We're gonna roll back roll back up, and we do it one more time back and back up. Then once you're all the way up, You can bank your knees. Take it away because we're going to get the try of all back for our TikTok.

So when we are working with the SI, it's good to create stability squeezing and pulling open. So that's why we keep changing. So to bend, like to bend, we're gonna bring the ball between our knees. Our arms are open to the side. Just have, you don't have to kill the ball. Just have a gentle little squeeze.

And then you're gonna bring the legs to one side, trying to keep the shoulders on the floor, and then you bring it back up. You maintain that squeeze as the legs go to the other side and then bring it back in. Now as you go, Go to the first side again. Keep that squeeze. When you come back in, you can think of bringing the knees a little bit more in to activate those abdominals a little bit more. Right? So as the legs come in, pull them in towards you a little bit, to activate it.

Let's have one more set. We go to the first side, bring it back up, and then we have our second side as we only have two sides and then brewing it back in science. Vurring Alex, straight up for our corkscrew. So having that gentle squeeze again, we go to the side, down around to the other side, and bring it up. Now, depending on your abilities, you can keep the pelvis slow completely on the floor, you can lift one up as you go to decide if that's what you prefer.

So you just go at your own level, Again, maintaining that tiny little squeeze throughout the exercise. One more sec, we go around, and I think that we're even, right, every go to the other side and around and then you're gonna take the ball away from you. Once it's away from you, put it on the side, and we're going to do our one leg push and pull. I wonder what we're going to do. So we're gonna bring one leg up.

You can have an option. Behind the leg or above the knee. I prefer above the knee, but that's just me. Flex your foot. The other leg is going straight out. I'm going to push both legs away from me, so I'm gonna push the heels away, but my leg is I held it with my hands and I push as hard as I can and go on 5, 4, 3, 21. Then I relax it, and now I pull that knee in and getting a stretch in that hip.

Then let go, and I switch legs. Bring that leg up to, like, a tabletop position. Now press both heels away and go again 5432 and one. Relax and give it a pull in and change again. We have 2 more sets.

We're gonna press, push both heels away, push as hard as you can so we really strengthen and stabilize that pelvis and SI joint, then give it a stretch in the hip as you pull it in. And adjust easy change over to the other side. Bring it in. Press the heels away. Hold it for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and give it a stretch.

We have one more set to go. So this is the first leg. Or is this the second one? Ah, see, I love it when it all turns out. Push the heels away. Hold it. Hold it.

And give it a stretch. And then we go to the other side, which is also known as our last side press it away, activate those heels, really press those heels away, and then relax and bring it back in. Then get yourself back up and you're going to get your tried ball again and hold on and sit with the Lexus white as possible. So what you're going to do is you're gonna hold on to both of hand, both hands on the ball. I'll get there.

Reach up long. You're gonna rotate towards your left leg. You're gonna place the bottom the inside of that leg, and the right hand is going to stay on top. The other one is going to be back. Now you're gonna roll that ball forward.

The left hand goes behind you and just place it on the floor. Nice and easy. Now what you're going to do is you're gonna bend that arm and roll the ball in as the back hip comes off the floor. And now I'm gonna push my hip back as I stretch that ball back out. So as the ball rolls in and allowed it hip to release, and as I push the ball away, that the hip goes back and down.

Let it come off. And stretch them away one more time. Bend it in. Let the hip come off. It goes inward. And then the hip moves outward as you stretch it out, and then roll yourself up, and it's time to go to the other side. That was a nice saw going over.

Bring it down. Hand goes behind you on the floor as you roll it out. So the hip moves inward as you bend the arm. And then the pelvis moves outward and down. So think of the pelvis moving in and up when you go up, Now move it back to the back wall as you press that sits bone back home.

So it does two movements going in, go back and out, and we have one more to go. We go in and up, and then move it back and down, and then slowly roll yourself up, and you can get rid of the triad ball. And we're gonna get our little spiky balls What you're gonna do is you're gonna grab 2 balls. You're gonna find your hip bone, your ASIS, So if you think of the bone, it's gonna be slightly inside and down from it. And for ladies, yes, it will hit your ovaries, but Oh, well.

So what you're gonna do is lie down. Find that wonderful hot spot. And you're gonna probably have to wiggle around to make sure you're comfortable for Aaron too. You're gonna curl your toes under. From here, you're gonna think of pressing through your heels.

And then relax it down. Of course, you're gonna keep your head down. My head's up just so I can see that you're doing it right. And relax. Push through those heels.

Keep the weight on the balls. Oh, let go. Erin 2. Let go. And relax. Then we're gonna stretch it out again, and we're gonna add on Now you're gonna try and stay at the same level, and you're gonna point your feet without over squeezing the butt, Aaron, 1, and curl the toes under and relax back down. So And we stretch through the heels.

This is better. And point the feet. There we go. Curl the toes back under and relax everything down. Now staying there, we're gonna add on.

So you're gonna push through the heels, Now lift up an extension coming from the crown of your head lifting up and then point your feet like taking your hands off of steering, wheel from the bike, and curl the toes under, bring the head down, and then relax the knees down. So we stretch through the heels that elongates the legs. You come up into the extension pressing down with your forearms, then you point the feet, you're flying, You're enjoying it. You curl the toes under. Well, Aaron too, it wasn't, but that's okay.

Aaron one was and relax back down. Last time. So you push through the heels. Point the feet. There we go. Oh, better.

You saw me coming and curl the toes under, and then just relax everything down. And guess what? You can finally get rid of those balls. So what we're gonna do is a crossover glut stretch, and it's gonna be very similar in what you just did with tone with the saw, how the hip was going inward and outward spiral. So what we're gonna do is you're gonna lie down. You're gonna bring one leg up. The other leg is gonna be down long.

You're gonna bring that leg across and you're gonna grab onto the ankle and the hip will be up. Perfect. Now you're gonna bring the arm up and try and keep that shoulder on the floor in this position. Now in this position, you're gonna try and bring the hip back down to the floor without lifting the foot off and then release it back up. It's the same movement you did with tone, so it's got that inward spiral.

Then you have the outward spiral. So you go in and out. So in and out. Now we can make it more fun. As you go out, you open the knee and then release it and for the inward spiral, then you go down, open it up, but the foot has to stay.

Airman 2 foot stays. Yes. There we go. Of course, airman one's not there. It's your foot, Aaron, too. Aaron, one is having no problems. And slowly relax and let's change sides.

Maybe the second time. Maybe this time. Stretch it out. So you're gonna bring the leg up. Cross it over. I know. One side's always And if you wanna make it more fun, the further away your foot is from your leg, the more stretch you get.

So you stretch and down. So it's just, words spiral, inward spiral. And of course, she's keeping her ribs down very well. And up and down. Now if she wants to increase the stretch and who wouldn't, You're gonna open up the knee. There we go. Does that feel good? There we go.

I have to go to Erin too. I don't deserve it. No. You don't because you lift a foot. You cheated, but I'll give it to you anyways because it does feel good. And then slowly relax.

And we've got sidekicks. So all you're gonna do is roll over and face me. You can just face me. It's not gonna be that difficult. From here, you're gonna get the triangle.

And we're just gonna do a little piriformis stretch. So one leg's gonna be long. This leg is gonna be bent underneath. This hand is down. Other arm, head is down.

And what you're gonna do is just lift the foot up. Bring the knee up towards sternum, foot down, bring it back to 90. Lift, roll down down. So we just lift, roll it up, bring it down, go down. Yep. Lift up, down, down. Then we get rid of the Tri ball. Just put it behind you, then bring your legs both to 90. Lift the top leg off.

From here, you're gonna put your fingers on top of the knee. You're gonna bring it just a little bit in front so it stretches out a bit. Now comes the fun part. Without moving the knee, you're gonna go down to 3 4, 5, and touch, and up 2. So we go down 2, 3, 4, 5, up, 2, and down. 2, 3, 4, 5, and up.

And again, down to 3, 4, 5, up, 2, and relax. Good. And let's go over to the other side. So just flip yourself around. You can either face the camera, or you can face me. Oh, I am so honored.

So we start with side kicks. So all you're gonna do is bring the the piriformis stretch so you're long, and you're just gonna lift it up. Bring the foot down and slide it down. So he lift the foot. The ball rolls up. Foot goes down and around.

So lift up, down. Let's do it one more time. Lift up, down and bring it in. Get rid of the tripod. So what you're gonna do is just have the legs at 9090. Lift the top leg up, you're gonna straighten it out a bit, and you're gonna lower down to without moving three 4, 5, and up, 2. And for you lower down, 2 3, 4, 5, and up, 2, and down. 2, 3, 4, 5. You're cheating again.

Erin too. Oh my god. Slowly don't lift or drop that knee and bring it up the last time down to 3, 4, 5, up, 2, and relax. Then sit yourself up. You're gonna grab your fancy Theravant, and you're gonna have your legs bent. Have them a little bit less wide than shoulder, hip width, bring the Therabant on top.

You're gonna cross it hind your legs and you're gonna hold on to the ends. Then you're going to lie on down. And you're gonna move your legs to that hip width position. And now with your hands, you're going to regulate how much tension you're going to create. So I'm gonna pull out a little bit so that makes my legs wanna go in, and I'm gonna make sure that does not happen. So now I'm gonna roll myself up into a shoulder bridge, making sure my knees stay exactly in the same place. And then I slowly roll back down. So if you need more tension or less tension, just adjust, you know, curling it under, bring it up, keep that tension, keep those leg exactly hip width, and then roll yourself back down.

Now you might wanna add something special. So as you roll up, think of the knees moving away from you. So roll up and press them away as you pull the arms open, of course. Don't forget that. And I'll roll back down. And especially on the rolling down, the legs would want to relax and fall in.

Do not let that happen. So we're gonna press the Lex forward. We're gonna keep that open, and I'll keep them apart. As you are coming down. One more time, we're going to roll up maintaining the tension of the therapist and then slowly soften your throat, roll through the spine, And then once you're down, you can let go of your there, man. You're going to get yourself up. Grab your try it ball and place that ball between your knees.

You'll get there. It's a process. You're gonna place it down. Squeeze your legs together. Have a tiny little squeezey.

Then you're gonna press your feet in. You're gonna find that girl in your pelvis. Then you're gonna maintain that curl as you stretch the legs out and reach the arms up into your teaser. You're gonna maintain the squeeze as you bend the knees. Stay back there.

Place the hands behind your thighs. Roll yourself up. And then think of pulling the heels towards you as you sit on top of your pelvis, on top of your sits bones, and get a little extension. Push the feet into the floor, squeeze the ball to find that girl. Once you have it, don't let go of it as you straighten the arms and legs out.

Hold it there. Then maintain that squeeze as you bend the knees. Hold on behind your thighs, roll yourself up, pull it in to lift the chest one more time. Press down and squeeze, find the curl and go up into a beautiful teaser. Try not to pop your pelvis up again, then bend it back in. I'm not saying it was you.

I was just generally glancing in that direct and curling back in, but it was her. And then lift it back up. It's a speed woman. Oh, okay. Sure. Yeah. Whatever it takes. And then relax.

I take any excuse, but it has to be an original one. So then we go into our cat stretch. Here we go. So we'll start with a general generic little thing. We're going to curl the pelvis and head towards each other.

And then we're gonna lift our stirring them up. There we go. Let's do that one more time. We're gonna curl it in. And now we're going to lift it up. Now we're gonna curl it in, and we're going to stay there.

Now you're gonna continue to curl in more as you shift your hips back rounding the pelvis and the more hovering above your heels. Do not change your body at all, just lift the hands off the floor. Place the hands back down. Stay here as you now create a flat back. Lift thing to chest up, and then shift the whole thing forward again so we can start again.

So we're gonna round We're going to increase the pelvis curl as we go backwards hovering above our heels. Do not sit down. Lift the arms without changing anything. Place the hands back, lengthen the spine. And come back home one more time.

Curl it all in. Curl move it back. Keep the curl. Lift the arms, lower the arms, lengthen the spine, and then bring it in once you're in, curl the toes under. We're going to slowly lift the knees up and press ourselves back into that stretch.

Now here comes the fun part. We're going to lift both heels up Both heels move to the left, so we're gonna rotate them. Now we're gonna bend our left knee and press the outside of the right foot back to the floor and we get a fantastic stretch on that side. Hold that for a second. Enjoying it, loving it, and then lift the heel back up and come back to the center and press both heels down to find our center again.

There we go to the other side. We're gonna lift it up. Gonna move the heels to the right, the right leg bends, and that heel stays off, the left leg stays straight, and you press that in. See if you can press really with the heel outside of the foot into that, getting that stretch in the left side of the body. Then both come up again.

Come back to the center. Please both heels down. Mhmm. Walk your hands back. Soften your knees, and then slowly roll yourself up Then we're going to go to an exercise that we call the Beyonce. I know.

You'll figure it out why it is. So you're gonna have to stand both legs, hip width apart. You're going to bend to my knee and lift that heel up. And then that hand, the same hand goes onto your back in the palvis, lower back to make sure you stay straight. It's good to stay straight.

Arms are down. You're going to hinge forward and bring it up. Now only goes far as you can maintain that position. There comes a point where you might want to round, that is not going to happen today. And then you're gonna come back up. So you should feel a stretch on that hamstring as we go.

Now try not to shift the hip to that heel but stay as centered as possible coming back up. So you're rotating just in that hip joint going forward. Keeping that position and then coming back up. Let's change sites. He See, I told you.

Told you. Going back. And then bring it back up. Oh, the things we learned from Beyonce going up and back up. Now You might want to rotate a little bit. Please don't. We're gonna keep everything square.

So watch out of that hand is not rotating you. Keep it square and bring it back in one more time. Going into it, And then coming back up. Now for the rest, the next one, you might wanna be on the floor. It's gonna be a little bit more unstable on the mat. So choose carefully.

Notice. Notice. So you're going to have one leg bent, one leg straight. Industry leg is kind of like Hang. Then as hard as you can, you're gonna push that leg down into the floor. And as you push it down, that hip comes right.

You should feel that hip rolling almost right on top of that femur on that leg. When you relax it, it kind of like rolls away from the leg. When you push it down, it comes back on top of it. Now keep pushing into that leg. So terribly hard that you can lift that leg up without having to shift your body.

Then place that leg back down and relax that hip again. So push into that leg, press it, Push harder to lift it, stay nice and long, then place the foot back down. Relax that hip. We're gonna add on to this. We're gonna press stay, push into that leg, lift the leg up.

Cross the hand over and place it on the knee. Now I'm gonna press my knee and my hand into each other, as I push into the floor, creating a super duper, duper, duper long body, and then relax and we have one more to go. And we're gonna press, push that leg down, lift the other leg up, create the resistance of this leg going up, that leg going down. We're loving it, and then we relax and we do a switch to the other side. I know. Relax.

And I know you're good at that. And a push and reach long. It's a comp it's a compliment. I think. And relax.

Push down in. Do that leg push. Make sure you're really on top of it. And then relax. Now we're gonna add on. We're gonna press that leg down.

We're gonna push more to take that leg off. One leg might be easier than the other, and then bring it back down and then real exit. This is my hard side. Press it down if you hadn't noticed. We're gonna push into that leg to lift it up Keep reaching.

There we go. And then bring it back down and relax. Adding the leg pull. And relax. Push it down. Sorry. Push into it. Push more to lift it up. Cross the arm.

Press leg up as leg pushes down, and then we bring it down. And relax in the hip. We have one more. Press into it. Push more to lift that leg up.

Cross it over or not. And then press both into each other. Hold it. Hold it. Loving it. And then relax it.

Bring both legs parallel with the part. I'm screwed on. We're going to lift the arms up on the exhale, and we're gonna inhale, bring them down. Back at the beginning, reaching up, and then bring it back down. Lift onto the balls for your feet lifting the heels up as we go up. Exhaling as we go down.

Again, going up. And bringing down one more time. Lift it. And lowering it. Create a long body.

Stay center in your feet. So make sure you have even weight on both feet. And then Aaron and Aaron. Thank you very much for joining us. Thank you for joining us, and we'll see you next time.


Kay S
1 person likes this.
Another fun and effective class. Thank you Michael and ton
2 people like this.
Ton and Michael, what a fun, creative and effective class. THANKS
1 person likes this.
Ton and Michael, thank you.  Perfect work, nice education, nice exercises. With love from Slovakia.
1 person likes this.
Thank you all for your feedback. We enjoyed creating it and teaching it. 
Aria D
1 person likes this.
Great to have a class specifically for the Sij. It’s a hard one to work on! This was great!! 
1 person likes this.
Very thoughtful program. Thank you!
Satya Harmonie
loved it! the exercises were so unique and creative! felt perfect 
Gitta E
1 person likes this.
This class was so great and just what I needed today. Thanks!
Maria P
1 person likes this.
Extremely educational workouts. Please keep them coming!
Nancy H
1 person likes this.
Love this, plus the other videos you've recently posted on Pilates Anytime. Please can we have more. 
You were missed last year at Development Weekend in London. Wasn't the same without you. Hope to see you there for the next one!
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