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Power Up HIIT Fusion

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Join Courtney Miller in this invigorating HIIT fusion Pilates Mat class for a dynamic way to move your whole body. The class consists of three challenging Pilates Mat flows, each followed by a heart-pumping HIIT circuit. This unique combination aims to make you feel powerful and ready to take on your day.
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Jan 29, 2024
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Hi. I'm Courtney Miller. Welcome to my math class. I designed this class to have 3 cardio circuits that we're going to come back to at the beginning, middle, and towards the end of class. In between those circuits, we're gonna be doing some traditional Matt Pilates work. You will work your entire body, and you should also build up quite a little bit of sweat.

So let's get started. All you need for this workout is a mat. We're gonna start with our first cardio sequence. Each movement will be repeated ten times. First move is a front lunge.

So step forward with one leg and press yourself back ten times. I want you to keep your chest lifted and abdominals tight. And as you land on that leg, try to land softly toe ball heat So toe ball heal, power back. 4, find a breath powder that works for you. 3, That's 2 and 1. And now we're adding on. Remember, we're gonna do this series 3 times, so it'll become very intuitive. You'll step forward and reach your arms and lean on a diagonal, loading your glute with your upper body weight, and then power yourself back.

So I'm reaching on a diagonal pushing back. Same toeball heel landing. Try to get those arms nice and high behind the ears if possible and make your lunge big power back, 4 to go. 4, 3, 2, and one. Now we have another thing to add on to this cardio flow.

So lunge forward with the arms extended, power off the back leg and find this capital letter t balance, land back in the lunge, and push yourself up. Ready to go? Lean, lift, land, and push. Again, lean, lift, land, return. Keep the core tight.

It's gonna help with balance. Keep your standing leg just a little bit soft. Reach, push, land, and balance. 4 more. Reach. Lyft off.

There's the lunge. 3 to go. Reach. Find it. Land, push, reach, land, and push. Good. Now we're gonna add something even more dynamic. I want you to step forward.

Back leg comes up. Reach down. Come up. Do it again. Reach down. Come up. So I'm staying on that standing leg.

Reach opposite hand to ground, then opposite knee to elbow. 5 4, feeling ankle stability, glute strength, 3, 2. And one more like this. 1. But there's one more piece.

We're still on this side. This is called a lunge up. You're gonna be leaping off the floor on your front leg. You wanna get low to rise up. Here we go. 10987 6543 2, and 1.

We still have the other leg to do, but this is your cardio flow. So the first thing we started with was stepping forward, finding that lunge and powering back ten times, toe ball, heel, push, landing light return. This is a recovery time right now. So breathe. And push.

You've got 5. Adding that arm reach in 4, That's 3, 2, and 1, So continue to step forward, find that diagonoline, stretch those arms overhead, and power back. And back. Reach. Don't forget to take a really big step forward.

And then bring those legs to me. Almost there. 5. That's 4. Lean the chest down. 3, 2, and one. Now it's time to add that balanced position.

It's gonna slow things down a little bit. Step forward, Left the back leg, find it, land the back leg, and return home. Let's go reach, up, land, return again, reach, up, land, return. Long line, capital t, back to the lunge, and push. We've got 4, takes a lot of core strength to find that stability at the top.

3, 2. And one more like this, big step forward, Big kickoff, land, and back. Now we're gonna stay in that balance position. So step forward. Leg comes up. I've got opposite elbow to knee. I'm reaching down and coming up. 10, This is preparing us for those lunge ups, 9, try to lean in that flat back hinge, 8, 7, keep your standing knee soft.

6, 5, Almost there. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Good. Now here's the power move. The lunge ups. So the trick is to get really low so you've got the power to spring up. So down you go, opposite elbow and knee comes up.

10, 98, 76, 5, 43, 2, and one. Alright, that's our first cardio flow done. Now we're coming down to the mat for some traditional mat work. First move we're gonna start with is the 100. So lie down, extend your legs long, reach your arms overhead, and on an exhale, curl up, however the legs and pump in healing for 5 and exhaling. That's 10.

In healing for 5, and exhaling. That's 20. Shoulders are off the mat. Arms are straight. 30. Legs are straight.

40, the lower the legs, the harder you work, 50, 60, That's 70. Reminding myself to open my collarbones 80. That's 90. And 100. Hold, scoop, and take it down.

Next move is your roll up. Try to get your low back to connect to the mat during the roll down, and during the roll up. Big exhale. If you're having trouble rolling through the spine and are lifting up, try bending your knees. Exhale.

All the way up you go, and inhale down. Big exhale, and take it down. Last three. Try to keep those legs as still as you can on the mat. 2, finding a complete breath is really gonna help you when things are most challenging.

One. Take it down. One leg comes off the mat. Leg could be straight or bent. The work is really to keep the hips square across the body. Draw a circle on the ceiling. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, reverse.

5, 4, 3, 2, and one. Send that leg down and send the other leg up. The leg could be extended straight or bent. I prefer bent down and around. I'm just trying to work the stability of my pelvis against the momentum of the swing and reverse. Feeling both sit bones pressing down into that mat.

3, 2, and one. Good. I want you to circle your arms curl up into a small ball and remember to keep this shape throughout. Single leg stretch, one leg straight, one knee bent in. Switch, switch, exhale to switch, hug that knee and switch. Switch, pelvis down, chest is lifted, 5, and 4. That's 3.

2, one double leg stretch. Send them out. Big circle around. Avoid looking up. Send them out. Pull it in. Use your strong arms to scoop.

Use your strong core to stay in that lift. 5. 4, 3, 2, and 1 hug and hold. Awesome. Come up to a little scoop. Extend those legs long.

Feed or flex, spine stretch forward. For 10, you're sitting back against a wall, nod your chin, Exhale, scoop, inhale, rebuild to your best posture. If you're having a hard time sitting tall, bend your knees. Exhale to scoop, inhale to sit tall. Exhale, imagine you're going up and overable inhale to rebuild the spine, best posture, last 2.

Sitting tall, last one. And up, rock back off your sit bones, lift your legs to the sky. Legs could be straight or bent. This is called open leg rocker, you rock back to your shoulder blades and up to a balance. Back to the shoulder blades, up to a balance.

Inhale down, exhale up. Try to keep those legs long. Reach to the ankles. We're all right down the middle of the back, up to the booty. Last three. Last 2.

Last one. Send the legs down. This exercise is called cork screw. You go up an overhead. That's a breath in.

Turn the feet and legs to one side, exhale roll down the spine, finish with the booty in line with the shoulders, swing the legs around, and up the other side, you go. Come back down. Swwing it around. I think of making like a horseshoe shape with my legs. But I keep my spine as straight as possible. 3, up and around.

One more time. This will even me out. And then I always wanna roll straight down center. Straight legs, one bone at a time, lift the arms, one reformer roll up, we'll get you there. Separate the legs first saw. So come back to that spine stretch forward.

Nice and long spine. Arms out to the t. Inhale. Your whole upper body will turn to one side. Exhale. You reach opposite hand to foot. Set up nice and tall, and come on back through.

Legs don't move. Return. So I twist and I stretch and I sit and return. Again, twist stretch, sit, return, bend the knees if that feels better, reach, and return, lengthen one more each side. Big lift, big stretch, lift last time, And we're done, but not really. We're back to the cardio flow.

So come on up with me, starts off the same. First move is that front lunge, forward and back. So the cool thing about this flow is that you get to feel how the work you just did helps you to be more dynamic strong and stable when you're vertical. So all those muscles we are just activating, working now to keep your body alive, lifted and strong. Let's add the arms and the diagonoline.

Whoo. Take it back. Take it back. Layne into it and pull. Big steps forward remember. 4, 3, 2, slowing things down, with the balance tee.

So you go into it, lift off, find the lunge, step it back, lean, lift, land, take it back again. Lean, lift. This is a dynamic way to work the whole body, getting long, getting strong, and burning calories. 3. 2. One more time like this. Okay. So here's our balance move.

Step forward, that back knee comes up, opposite elbow to knee, lean into it, and rise. 10 is your goal. Kick it, rise. Kick it, rise. Cross body challenges.

Opposite arm to leg. 5 4, 3. It's okay to be wobbly. 2, And next, we have our power move. These are your lineups.

So get low. Opposite elbow to knee 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, leaving the ground at all is 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Recovery front step, opposite leg. Big step. Bring it back.

How you feeling? Working? Good. After this, we'll take it back down to the mat again. Step and return.

4, 3, 2, and 1. Slow and steady does it, reach find the line, and pull it back. Reach and pull. Big step forward, power back. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Here's our balanced tee. Totally normal to feel different. On different sides, get low, power up, get low, step it back. Left off, land, and back. Again, reach, Up. Try to find little pauses at the top of the moves.

Pause. Like there's an exclamation point. And pause. There you go. Reach up. And back, 2 more. Long line, T shape, one more.

And step it back. Good. Step forward. Knee comes up. Not our lunge up is yet. Just testing the water with balance.

10. 9. Think of your body. Or your spine that is very stiff, very stable, one shape down, one shape up, all the movement coming from your hip, on your standing leg. And up. 4 3, 2, and 1.

Alrighty. 10 times we got this. Get low power up. 1, 2, 3, 456789 10. Okay. Back to the mat, we go? So this next move is called neck pull.

I want you to think more about the combination of stability and fluidity. So we take the hands behind the head, feet are anchored. I'll lean my spine back. As far as I think I can stay stable, when I can't anymore, I think I'm gonna fall, then I round my spine and take it down to the mat. Keeping the hands by the head, exhale yourself all the way up for head to knees, inhale sit tall, and it starts again.

So you tilt tilt. Over you go and lift. And if you're having a hard time, stretch the arms forward. The hands being back really does make a big difference when it comes to intensity. All the way up and sit tall.

2 more. Lean, lean, round, Sit tall one more time, lean, lean, around and we're staying down. So we'll need to come into an inversion to get into scissors and bicycle. Arms pressing into the mat. Legs swing overhead. Make sure your arms are narrow for this so the hands are in line with your shoulders, then take your hands onto your pelvis to support your back.

Legs reach up to the sky for scissors. Notice there's no weight on my neck. One leg drops down. The other leg swings back. It's more important that I'm reaching my leg down. Switch. Really trying to reach through the leg that's low.

My hands are on my hips. I can feel like my hips are not moving at all. One more each side. And we go into bicycle. So hold your scissor position Bend the knee on the leg that's low, trying to reach that foot down towards the ground.

Switch. Switch. Reach toes to the ground. Toes to the ground. Toes to the ground.

And reverse. Scoop. Reach down to the ground. Down to the ground. Down to the ground.

2, 1, place a foot down, and opposite foot meets it. Let's start with a hip hinge, taking the hips down to the mat, lifting in that bridge position. 10, 9, stay wide in the chest, 8, drive your knees towards your toes, hips to the sky, We've got 4. 3 toes pointing forward. Fingers reaching long.

2, hold the hips up, one leg stretches to the sky, swing it down, swing it up, 10, 9, 8, keep the hips level. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bend the knee, place it down. There's definitely some power in these kicks and the opposite leg up, down and up ten. 98765 4, 3, 2, 1, send it down. Lift your hips up nice and high. And roll your spine back down to the mat.

Okay. Coming up to another seated position, This exercise is called spine twist. So again, you're finding your best posture as soon as tall as you can, bent knees, totally fine, arms out to the side, We do 3 rotations to one direction, twisting from the spine. 1, 2, 3, return back home. Other side, one, 2, 3, return back home. Other side. 1, 2, try to keep the chest over the hips. Inhale.

Inhale, inhale return. Again, in 2, 3, return in 2, 3, one more to the left, 1, 2, 3, one more to the right, one 2, 3, come to center, legs together. Time for another inversion. So roll yourself down, hands to the mat. On an exhale, legs go overhead. Send the legs all the way up to the sky and find your straightest longest line.

So think toes over nose. Then start to slowly roll the spine down. I'm inhaling here. And then when you feel like you can't control it anymore, act hale, legs go low, hips go low, and the whole thing starts again. All the way up.

Shoe. Legs to the sky. So you're using your glutes, your legs, and your hamstrings to find the shape, then control upper spine down, lower spine and legs, two more times. Big exhale to lift. Try to keep your chest open. Arms strong and use the legs to find the lift, then control it down.

And all the way you go one more time, big exhale, lift it off, lift it up. No tension in the head, neck or shoulders, easy movement here. Use the legs. Use the core. One bone at a time. Take it all the way down.

Alrighty. We're coming up for our next and last cardio flow. Come on up with me. Starting with the front lunge position. So you need room to move forward, land light, and power back, How does it feel to know this is the last circuit for your cardio? Get low rise up.

Down rise up. 43 2, and 1, adding the arms with a diagonal reach, and push, reach, and push. Try to really get into the backs of the shoulders. By lifting your arms up higher than your head, you're firing into that back body. 3 2, and 1, challenging air balance with that t.

Lean into it. Land it, push back, lean, shift the weight to that front leg, fine center return. Reach, lift, lower, and return. Reach, lift off, lower, 3 to go, lean, lift, 2 to go, long tea, and one more like this, reach lift and power back. Let's test our balance, opposite elbow to knee, reach.

10, 9, I always like to kinda find my edge. If I'm not feeling wobbly, and I might be able to push it just a little bit more. 5, 4, 3, 2, and last time like this. Lunging up on that front leg. Get low.

10 times 1. 2, take up the jump if you need to, 3. 4, 5. You're building bone density. 6, 7 strong booty. 8, 9, 10. Other side, last time, big step forward.

And back. The whole body is shifting and then returning to center. Don't forget about that landing foot. Land light. Land soft. 4.

3, 2, and 1, diagonally, with the reach, pull it back, and back. Reach. Power off that front foot, push yourself back into your start position for 3, 2, And one, balance time, find it, kicks in, land, return. Up and back. This one definitely is more focus.

On balance and precision, less on power and speed. And back, final 4, That's 3. That's 2. And one more like this. Dynamic balance challenge.

So we got leg up, opposite hand stretches, and lift. The more connected I am in my core, the more stable I feel during the move. It's not only important to train your body to be stable when you're moving slowly, but also in these dynamic momentum movement patterns too. 3, 2, and 1, lunging up, 10 times. 10 9, 8, 7, 6 get down to get up 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, oh, we did it.

That's the last one of those. Let's take it back to the mat. This time we're coming into extension. So lie on your stomach for swimming, separate the legs, find your turnout, arm stretch long. Everything lifts up.

Opposite arm to leg. Up, up, up. Stretch the legs as straight as you can. Keep the spine in the hips stable. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, one. Hands come under the shoulders.

Legs come together. Push yourself up to a plank. One leg comes up, rock forward, rock back, put the foot down. Other leg comes up, rock forward, rock back, put it down. Leg, forward, back, hips level, leg, forward, back, 2 more each side. Lift, shift, step, lift, shift, One more each side lift.

Last time, lift rock. And down to the knees we go, sidekick kneeling, then turning side to my mat, arms out to a tee, laterally flex, opposite leg comes up. Pulsing for 10, 9, 87, 65, 4, stack those hips, keep that leg high, circles, 5, 4, 3, 2. 1. Reverse.

5. Focus on the app. 4. 3. 2. 1. Take it down. Tilt up. Same thing other side.

Over you go. Leg up. This leg is an extension from here. So when you lift the leg, Feel it all the way up your side body. 4, 3, 2, let's circle, 5, 4, 3, 2, reverse, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and take it up. Good.

Coming to a seated position on your side. This movement is called side bend. I'm crossing my ankles. My top leg is forward. I wanna be kinda close and small in my shape to begin.

On an inhale, I press up. On an exhale, I sit down. 2 more like this. Inhale press up and exhale sit down. One more like this, find that bow shape and take it down. We're gonna add a twist like a little pike.

So inhale up, reach the sky, press the hips up, reach down, back to the sky, you go, and take a seat. Do it again. Reach up. All the way to the ceiling, thread, and one more time. You can do it. Big press up. Up to the sky, down, and over to the other side we go.

So cross the ankles, you want your front foot, your top leg to be in front. Be small so you can be more of that bow shape. Press over. Find that rainbow and sit. Again, the shoulder stabilizing shoulder down and back push over.

And sit. One more time, big push, and sit. Adding that little extra something something, reach up to the sky down to the ankle. Up to the sky and sit. Reach.

Up to the ceiling. Down to the ankle and one more big reach up down, up, and take it down. We're gonna do a teaser, lie down, legs long, arms overhead. So we're using a combination of our core and hip strength. On an exhale, float the arms and legs like you're gonna do the 100. Continue to roll up. Find your balance.

Leave those legs. Start to roll your spine down. Legs and arms lower. Do it again. Find the scoop. Roll through it.

Lower back touches down. Legs and arms, lower 3 more. Lower back first. Legs and arms. 2 more. Lower back.

Legs and arms one more time. Lower back. Legs, and arms. Alright. Here's a fun one. Your control balance.

Use your arms, swing those legs overhead. This time you're going for flexibility, you got those feet down to the ground behind you. Circle your arms around, grab one foot, or one ankle, send the other leg up. Bring that leg down and switch. So what you're using to lift the leg up is your glute and hamstring, just what you practice in jackknife leg up.

And take it down leg up and take it down one more leg up. And take it down. Last time. Leg up. I'm not on my neck. I can breathe. I can talk.

Easy peasy on my shoulders, start to roll the spine down, upper, middle. Trying to go slow. Lower and legs. Let's do a reformer roll up. And let's finish with our Pilates push ups with a walkout. So stay on the back of your mat. Reach your arms overhead, exhale, scoop to go forward.

Walk out into a plank position, knees up, or knees down, take the chest to the mat. Walk it back. That's one. Big stretch overhead. Putting it all together. Push ups are whole body.

Integrated movements. That's 2. Walk it out, shoulders under wrists. 3. And one more. What are we gonna do? Knees up, knees down.

Walk it out. 4. Come all the way up. And we finished. That was a doozy.

Traditional mat, hard, cardio, hard as a tough class. You did it. Come back and do it again with me soon. See you soon. Bye.


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A great HIIT class!! It was a tough workout and challenged my balance. I do think this class could have been labelled for advanced learners because of the speed of some of the exercises but overall greatly enjoyed - thank you!
Anne M
Wow! Loved this class!! Thank you, Courtney.
Marie R
For me, it was quite challenging. - But GREAT! Thank you!!
Lina S
Great cueing! I would have liked different cardio drills, but I understand we apply the Pilates principles each time we practice the cardio drill and each time we can feel improvement. Nice variety of exercises! Thank you!
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Great instructions! The difficulty and amount of inversions could put this in the category of “advanced.”
Just finished my 3rd round of this class. Love it for that energy boost! The speed of the class meant i suffered the first time around (lost control here and there so had to pause a lot to get the movement right) but i felt i did so much better today. Will definitely keep this on my rotation list. Thank you, Courtney ❤️
Molly M
Tough class. Agree that it should be categorized for Advanced. Love the challenging mix of moves.
Chanda Hinman
Robin Molly M thanks for the feedback! I'll connect with our team about the level.

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