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Quick Sculpting Mat

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Join Tracey Mallett for a focused and efficient Mat workout that will test your control, precision, and coordination. This quick yet challenging class targets all areas of your body, leaving you feeling long, strong, and lean in a short amount of time. Bring along 2-3 hand weights and get ready to set clear goals to maximize the benefits of your workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)

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Apr 02, 2024
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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Pilayas anytime. Got a quick workout. We are going straight into it. We're gonna start with some light dumbbells here.

I've got £3. You can up the weight when you feel necessary. We're gonna start with your feet slightly turned out to the corners of your Matt here, and we're gonna start with some plies. There we go. It's just like kind of leg work on a reformer, but we're standing. And now, of course, we've got those lovely weights.

We're gonna add the arms just to warm up, plie out and in. There we go. Little Pleas, shoulders, and open out and in. We're gonna do 4 more here. 4. 3.

2. Now one more. Holdy here. Arms facing inwards, hug a tree, down, and up. So we're hugging a tree. Your hands stay in the peripheral view, working those legs at the same time. There we go.

Breeze. Let's do 4 more, 4, 3, 2. One. Hold it here. Plie palms facing upwards. We're gonna go into bicep curl. Add the plie with the arms.

Now you should be able to see your hands. There we go. So not too far back. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders and working full range of motion, just giving that heart rate up, getting nice and warm, working those arms. 4 more here. 4 3, 2, 1, play it down. Hold it here. Little pulses.

Now bring the arms diagonally in front of you and stop. Present out and in, down and up. So in that presenting, serving a platter here, inhale, and exhale in. Albums coming in towards your rib cage. So you kind of externally rotated in that shoulder joint.

Work in your biceps and your shoulders. Okay. Let's do four more here. Keep the shoulders stacked over your hips. As we get tired, we tend to tend a little bit further forward. So keep your shoulder stacked one more, bring the elbows in, pli a down, little teeny tiny pulses. So we can see that full range of motion for 4 For 3, can you feel the burn? For 2, and 1, come up. Bring the legs into first position here.

Or in your Pilates V. And if you can, let's see if we can relevance a little harder on the mat, but we can. We can go into a demi pli in your diamond position here. Reach the hands down. Now we're gonna circle.

We do a 3, a 2, a 1, lift up, circle the arms around. And palms down, palms down, palms downs, palms out, circle down. 3, 2, 1, up and round. Go 3, 2, 1, up, and around. Keep breathing.

3, 2, 1, and up, slowly come back down, keep those heels connected together, duh, up. Bring you down. You got 2 more. We're ready. Ah, palms down. Last time.

3, 2, one hold of here, and slowly bring it down. Now little plies here. There we go. Now add a bicep curl. Dada. Now we're gonna add to this little external rotation and then center.

There we go. External rotation. Parallel. Do you feel you're in the thighs? Oh, yes. Your heels are connected.

4 more, and 4, woo hoo, and 3, keep the hills connected, and 2, and 1, hold it here. Extend. Extend. Extend. Keep the heels still with those in the thighs. And then lower your heels. Amazing. Let's turn to your side.

We're gonna get all the way down into a lunge position here if we can. Now hands are here right by your ears, palms are reaching forwards. Now we're gonna shoot forwards and back Now what I'm gonna ask you to do is you kind of pitch forwards and then you bring it back so you're pitching forwards and back. Now what we're gonna be adding on is a dynamic lunge here. So as we go, we're gonna lift up, and then we come back down again.

So you see how I'm pushing from that back leg and extending, shooting forwards, biceps, right, by your your ears, And back, can we do 4 of these? Extend that leg. Press that front leg down into the mat. Two more if you want. One more. And bring it back. Amazing.

Let's come round to the other side. So let's go the other direction. You're in your lunch, elbows high, and just go forwards. Now we hinge, bring it back, hinge, bring it back, hinge, bring it back, curl the toes back underneath. You ready? We're gonna lift up.

Go. Hinge forwards. Tap that knee down hinge forwards. Tap that knee. So it's a lot of strength to lift up, using your hamstrings, using your pelvic floor, to stabilize your abs is working here and reach diagonally forward. Just a couple more.

Last time really pushed into that back foot, lengthen that back leg, and then come back down. Beautiful. Bring the knees together. And just walk for, is this do a little stretch? And then slowly, we're gonna walk the feet forward. Knees are bent.

Palms are facing forwards and lifting up. We're gonna go into a seeker of position here. We're going to some bicep calls. Little bicep curls here. 4 more here.

4 3, 2. Now one more. Curle down as far as you can go, but we're gonna come back up again. Bisep curl for 4, for 3, for 2, Fwan, bicep curl, curl down, roll all the way up, retail's arms out. And again, curl down for 4 for 3.

For 2, last time for 1, go into a bicep curl, curl down, curl down, curl down, and place the arms down. Now bring your heels close towards your sit bones here. So you're gonna reach the hand straight up and lift your hips up. We press down, open the arms, and lift. So you're doing this little hip lift, and we're hugging a tree at the same time, little hug lift, There you go. A little hug lift.

I like that. Open and lift. Open and lift. I'm gonna do 4 of these, 4, 3, 2, and one. Hold it that. Cur yourself down.

Lift the right leg up. And scissor the arms. Now we go scissor scissor scissor. Keep the head down. Just sizzling the arm and the leg.

Sizz up. There we go. So it's opposite arm to leg. Now one lift. One, hip lift. That hip lift. So now you're working dynamically.

That stabilizing lag. 4 more here. Kinda gotta think about it. 2, and 1, and then slowly bring it down. Set yourself up with the other side.

Opposite leg goes up. Opposite hand ready for your scissor. Go. Scissor. Scissors. You can feel your arms working here, your shoulders, and your core is stabilizing in the center of your body. Now when we're ready, we're gonna try and make sure your heel is somewhat close to your sit bone.

We go hip lift. Hip lift. Hip lift. Keep breathing arms are nice and long. The leg is long.

And you're really trying to get your pubic bone up to the sky, press that opposite heel and foot into the mat, lift those hips up with power, Can we do 2 more? Absolutely. One more. And then bring that leg down. Reach the legs out nice and strong. Reach your hands over your head. Now, pull your shoulder blades down.

We're gonna go into your roll up. Head neck and shoulders, off the mat, curl forwards. You reach forwards, but you pull your abs back in our position, curl back down again. And back all the way back. Lift, curl, and reach, and then curl back down again. And lift, curl, and reach.

Now come back into the middle of that position here. Now draw, slide the sit bones underneath you. Hold it here. Hamm a curl. Ham a curl. There we go.

Keep the connection with your abs really pull in. Couple more. Hold it there. Continue your journey down slowly, slowly. Arms over your head.

And let's come back up transition in our excel roll all the way up. Now we're nice and tall. Now from here, we're gonna go into some rowing series. So we're gonna start with the elbows bent. So we curl down. We reach the arms straight out.

We internally rotate and take your palms back. And now from here, we can either lift the arms up and over if that feels too challenging, do not do it. Just bring your hands back. And up. So we curl down. Reach the hands out. Internally rotate.

Press the arms back. Palms are lifted. And you can lift your hands up and over, or just bring them back just like that. And curl. Everybody's different.

Listen to your body. Circle the arms or bring the hands back. Curl up, and curl down. Palms go out internally rotate, and in, lift up and down, handling the elbows up now back into a seeker, bend your knees, and we're just gonna open and close. Your feet are separated. Your knees are separated.

And the elbows are high. And we just open and close. Now be mindful. We need to get those, sit bones underneath you pubic bone to belly button. Couple more. Oh, one more.

Holy here. Continue your journey back up again and then slowly roll yourself down, down, down, down, bring your knees into your chest, drop one weight down, just down onto your mat, pop the other one behind the back of the knee, and just keep that weight there. We don't need it right now. Take your hands behind your head. Now lift the opposite leg out, so you're in your kinda like a single leg stretch here with the hands behind the head.

We're gonna tap and then lift that leg up. So you're tapping the toe down. You've got that little extra weight. So you're taking traditional MAP Pilates exercise and adding a little twist, a little fitness twist with it. Couplemo.

This is your last time. Holdy here, bring that knee up. Now we're gonna try and circle. This is the hard part. So you gotta keep that opposite side still.

Circle. Now reverse the circle, the opposite direction, down and back. Keep looking towards your thighs, so you still lift it up. Keep the opposite leg still. Keep your hips as still as you can.

Not as easy as it looks. One more. Hold it here. Lick comes up. Now take it down, down, down as far as you can. Holy there, twist, bring you back, twist, bring you back, shoulder to knee, shoulder to knee, for 4, 3, 2, 1, drop that leg down.

Drop your head down. Give yourself a little bit of a hug. Now we're gonna switch side. So just place that leg behind the back. Your weight behind the back of the knee.

Alrighty. Circle the hands. And just lift that leg out. There we go. Now, really try and clear those shoulder blades as much as you can. Hold it up, are we all there? Now we tap the toe down, and that leg goes in up in opposition.

And you're just gonna breathe in hell and exhale. And if you feel your starting to click a little bit. Just don't take the leg down so low. There we go. That's it. Keep your head lifted.

You've got like a little apple right here, and you're lifting up and over for 4 for 3, for 2, and for 1. Now lift up, drop that leg down. Are you ready for your circle? Let's go away from the midline of your body. Inhale and exhale. Nice big circle.

Remember your hip mobility is everything. We gotta keep your hips super mobile, flexible, Now we're gonna reverse it because we can. Ah, there we go. Keep that opposite side as still as you can hugging with your hamstring on that weight, one more hold it here, drop that leg down, ready rotation. Shoulder to knee.

4 more. 4. 3. 2. 1. Hold it there. Drop that leg down.

Grab hold of that weight. Now you've got your other weight here. Transition, reach your hands up over your head. Inhale, float your head, lift your head, and roll yourself all the way up. Nice and tall.

From here, let's turn to your side, We're gonna go up into the middle, and we're gonna reach the leg out to the side. So we're here. Now we're gonna pick up your weights, both weights overhead. We go side bend and back. Side bend. Just working in to those obliques.

Side bends, just a couple more just to stretch up and over. Contin your journey, separate the weights, come over into your side. Holy here. We go tricep kick out tricep kick out. So your palm is facing outwards. Kick.

Kick. Inhale. Exale. Couple more. Holy here, lift up, lift up, lift up, 8 more here, 8 and 7, 6, 5, keep joining those apps, 4, 3, to hold it here.

Drop that leg down. Rotate. Kick that leg up. And we lift that leg up for 8, and 7, and 6 in your plank, and 5. And for long body, one more drop that leg back the way it came.

Bring the legs together. Other arm, other leg. We go over and back. Think of that nice elongation here to the center of your body. One more.

Are we ready to work now? Come all the way over. Separate the weights. Lift that leg up. Palm facing outwards.

Draw the shoulder blades down. Lift that leg up. Yes. We are going. Let's go. Bend.

Push out. Bend. Push out. Look where my hand is. It's right in front of my face. My palm is facing outwards, and I am trying.

You are trying to get your leg to hip height That's the goal. We have to have a goal. We always have goals and tasks keeps us on point, keeps us motivated, 2 more, One more, hold it here and lift up. I have so many tasks, not task goals, If I didn't have goals, they have nothing to strive for. It's super important that you do think of your what what is your goal? What do you wanna get out of your workout? What do you want? Personally, that really helps you structure what your body needs, what your mind needs, not just about your body, it's your mind too. Couple more. No, I haven't forgotten you.

Hold it here. Drop that leg down. We go into our plank. Back leg lifts. Go, 8, 7, reach out to the crown of the head.

Don't drop your head. Couple more. One more. Now this time, bend your knees go up into a downward dog or an up stretch. Hold it there.

Fantastic. Now bend your knees, lift up nice and tall. Tilt the pelvis underneath you. Here we go. And we go forwards.

And then back into your side stretch. And back So you're moving as one piece from your crown of your head to your knees. Now one more hold here in that incline. Bring the elbows in. Come back tricep extension.

There we go. We're gonna go down and up. So you're taking your seat towards your heels. There we go. Up. Up. For 4. For 3.

For 2. For one, take those arms back, palms up, and lift lift lift. Lift. Up we go. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, m 1, hands down, curl yourself up, walk the feet to your hands, bend your knees, and roll yourself all the way up. Come back into center. How do you feel? Do you feel amazing? Finish off with the roll down.

Roll all the way up. There you go. Quick fantastic workout. You work your total body upper. Core lower body, all in a flash. See, there's never so singers no time.

There's always time for this workout. See you soon. Goodbye.


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Short and efficient, lovely flow. I particularly enjoyed the plies and lunges, as well as the ab work with weights behind the knees
Maria B
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You are superb 👌
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Amazing morning class! Especially for when I wake up late, haha
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Thank you Tracey.............ALWAYS enjoy your classes. 
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more, more, more please!!
Thanks Tracey Mallett 
Spot on. 
Erin P thank you! Check out my workouts as there are many like this. The last athletic mat had weights plus if you go into my program Kick it Up you will see some similar workouts. Enjoy xo
Full body in a short space of time. Love it
Sarah  H
THank you for knowing what exercises to share for a whole body experience in a time crunched day. 
Lina S
It went by in a flash! Fun full body workout. Nice one-legged bridge variation (with arm scissors)!
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