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Grab your hand weights and jump in with Meredith Rogers for a quick 20-minute Mat flow. This class encourages supple mobility throughout the spine while simultaneously building strength in your arms, abdominals, and back. Get ready for a workout that will leave you feeling strong and tall!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi, friends. We are gonna do a quick 20 minute reformer focus, reformer focus, math class, and behind my back, have a surprise. Waits. Okay. So we're just gonna start standing on the mat. With 20 minutes, there's not a lot of time to wait.

So what I want us to feel is that we're getting a little taller We're letting the arms hang, and we're right away gonna take the head down. And then as we roll down, I just want you to let the weight sit softly in your hands and just let gravity and the weight of the weights. They're only two pounds. They're not very heavy. But imagine that they're heavier than they are and let them pull you towards down and in you.

And lift. Connect through the center of your body. Push down with your feet. We're gonna do 3. Stand all the way up, tall. Press your arms back.

Find your mid back. Take your arms forward and chin to the chest and rolled down. Even though the arms are heavy, the collar bones remain straight across. The head drops all the way down. And always a good idea for me anyway and lift up is to feel the weight equal over the feet.

I say that all the time because mostly a reminder of 2 of myself, Stan Tall, press your arms back one more time, Stan Tall, and chin to the chest and round out. I'm letting my knees soften. I'm letting the weights pull. We're going down, down, down, down, down, and we're inhaling, and we're lifting back up. Really feel the rotation in the pelvis as a tuck funder so the spine can stack straight over the top.

Stand all the way up tall. We're going into footwork. I want this to bend, sit back, and take the arms forward. So just go one kind of slow. Want you to feel that you're weighted in your heels.

I'm actually lifting my toes up away from the ground just to, encourage that and stand and not so slow anymore. Bend. Stand then. Push and bend. As you stand, feel the arm push not just back, but down and bend. Keep that idea of staying active over your legs and bend. And push and inhale.

And Excel awaits her a nice way to give this a little bit of full body oomph 2 more and stand and one more and stand. Okay, everyone. No promises in this body that we're gonna be perfectly balanced, but we're gonna the heels just off the floor and bend the knees and press and bend. Trying to keep focused over our toes. All ten toes, not just the pinky toe, Meredith Rogers, and press and bend. And press and bend, sitting down as low as you can, and press And, yes, that was a little stall while I found my balance 5.

And 4. And, furry, press down and back until One more time bend. 1 more times stand, bring the heels down. Okay. Bring the heels together, keeping the toes apart externally rotating from the hips, 2 choices. Leave your feet on the ground, your heels, or go back up into that small heel position lifted and bend.

Small V shape. Squeeze the legs. The other press back and bend. And push. Even though the heels are lifted, can we still feel the sensation of finding the heal connection to the floor and inhale? And press and inhale and press back on 5 and press back trying to hold the heels still 4.

And press back. I slowed down because I'm finding my balance. If it helped you, you're welcome. 3 and bend to nice deep squat last time. Challenge yourself and 1, bring the heels back apart, take the right arm overhead. Slide the left arm down the left thigh and let that weight pull you into a side stretch.

Stand all the way back up, right arm comes down. Lift the left arm up. Take the side bend in that direction, pushing into the opposite foot. Come up. One more time through right arm up and lean.

Come all the way up and the left arm up and lean and all the way up, chin to the chest, roll down through your spine again. Bending over so you can let your knuckles and the weights reach down. So now if your flexibility is different than mine, do as you need to get your hands on the ground. Lift your heels and lower and lift. So we're not just pulling from the feet here in my imagination. What I wanna to think about is doing like a pike.

So pulling from the center of the body. Just two more here. Lift up. And down and up and hold, bend the right knee, take the left down, lift both and change. So full pointed foot really take advantage of that opportunity for a stretch.

Arms are just resting down. They create opposition for the abdominals as we find that Pike shape. And 2. Soft landing and lift. Soft landing and lift.

1. And 1 and both feet up both feet down Let go of the weights. Take your hands down to the mat. Bend your knees. Cross your feet. Roll over your feet.

Take your legs out in front of you. Find to the center of your mat reach all the way forwards. And roll. Reaching through the arms. Take the arms back.

Bend the knees. One and then the other. Lift the arms, the head, the chest, send the arms forwards. Lift the arms, the head, lift the arms, keep the head and chest up. Take the arms and head back.

Lift from the rib cage. Bring the arms up and then forward increasing in your imagination. The height of your curl, lift the arms, keep the curl, and down, and arms follow through, arms, and back and arms follow through and hold stretch your legs out and in you. And XL 2, 3, 4, 5, and in and let the weights feel like they're pulling you forward and in. And XL 2, 3, 4, 5, and in keeping the arms consistent and in.

I can't queue and count, so breathe 2, 3, 4, 5, and in. And breathe 2, 3, 4, 5, and in. And and in and 2 and in 1. And in 2, 3, 4, 5, Benjourneys keep the left. Take the arms up.

Put your head down. Externally rotate your hips come into a frog. Stret your legs and lift your head and chest. I'm gonna let my weights rest on the floor. You decide what you want. Bend, hip work.

And push 5. Pull your legs and push down and forward. I'm thinking about rolling the weights forward on the mat. 3. And push and pull and push and one and push point the feet, take the legs up. They go down.

Open and touch. And 4. Keep the height of the trunk. You didn't always put your head down or hands behind your head. 3. Around in touch and 2. Around in touch and 1.

Around and touch and reverse down. Touch and pull. Keep the arms active down. Touch, and pull. Open reach, and pull. Open reach.

And pull. Is that 4? I don't know. Last one. Lift up, bend your knees. Take your head down.

Take one leg down. Take the other leg down. Bring your arms over your head, lift arms the head, the chest, to reach forwards. Will all the way up through your spine. Keep your arms in the air as you reach out over your feet.

Lyft all the way up, take the palms face each other, bend your arms, knuckles together. Roll down to the small of your back. Open the arms. Press the arms back. Take the body forward.

Lift the arms. Bring the arms around. Lean a little further into stretch and then stack the spine arm straight out in front and bend and roll back. And reach, push the arms, lean forward, lift the arms, circle them around. Follow the weight forward with your energy.

Sit all the way up 3 more times. Bend and rock back. And reach at push. A little bit of more abdominal work, a little bit of a ab work, little bit of spinal articulation work and lift up last 2 full body integration. Here we go. Go down.

Reach. And push and lift and come around and sit up last time bent. And go back and reach out and pull back and lift up and come around. Keep the arms straight. Sit all the way back up.

Palms up, bend your arms and roll back bringing the elbows in towards the body. Inhale. Give yourself a little bit of flexion focus and then reach up with the arms, back with spine sit all the way up arms and front bend and articulate the spine down, let the waist drop heavy into the arms as the arms drop to the sides of the body. We inhale. We lift up. With tharms, the body goes back hinge to sit and bend and roll.

And India and reach out and sit all the way to tall and 2, you squeeze the weights with your hands. It will make your biceps feel like they're working harder fun fact you're welcome and lift up and sit up last time bent, last time around, and India. Oh, stop. And come all the way up. And bring the arms down.

Flex your feet, tiny arm break. Bring your arms back up. Elbows bent and open. And close and open and close and open. And close lifting the body and open and close and to and close.

And one stay right here. Reach up and drag the waist down to lift a little taller in your body and reach up and drag the waist down, lifting, lifting, lifting, and reach up? And pull down and reach up. I'm thinking like a lap pull machine and pull down and reach up and pull down, take the arms out, bring the arms down, Fold over your legs. Give yourself a stretch and then come up We're gonna bring the weights with us. We're gonna turn over onto our front. So what I want us to do is get organized on the mat.

The weights are gonna come out to the side. The forehead is floating away from the mat. The abdominals are engaged. The legs are energized. We're gonna lift the arms off the floor.

Bring the arms back to the thighs. Pinky fingers face and gaze just past the front edge of the mat. And arms out lower the body and lift the body. Press tharms close in and reach out and feel your abdominal supporting that movement and down and 2. And down.

And when those weights get a little heavy after a while, And down rest your arms, rest your body. Left your body. Lift your arms. Left arm goes to the left leg. Her right arm goes overhead.

Both arms come back to the side. Right arm goes right. Left arm goes overhead. Both arms come back to the side. Both arms go down.

Both arms come up. Left arm goes over, right arm goes sorry. I got him confused. One arm overhead one arm to the thighs. You know what I'm talking about.

Back to the side. Arms down. Body down. Only one more time through. Left up.

Arms up, left arm, back, right arm up, both arms out, right arm back, left arm up, both arms out, both arms down, bend your elbows. Bring the elbows towards the edges of the mat. Now we're gonna lift the weights and the hands. We're gonna reach out, bring that body up. We're gonna circle the arms all the way around, bend the elbows to the mat, lower the arms in the body.

Reach out with your arms in your body. Take the arms all the way around. Bend the elbows. Elbows in hands up, and the body goes down, please, one more time, everyone. First, the forms in the hand.

Then the arms reach, then they circle, then the elbows bend. We drop the elbows down. We drop the body all the way down, and we will remove our hands from the weights. Press with the form start to round your spine. Keep rounding your spine.

Keep rounding your spine. So take advantage of this pace, nice and slow get a nice stretch through your spine and then sit all the way back towards your feet with your arms reaching out in front of you, take your arms over towards the left and lean into that right side body. So just opening up the body, coming back through center, take the arms over to the right and let the body lean left. Breathe. Enjoy.

And then walk back through center. Roll up in the center. I'm just gonna scoop towards the middle of my mat. We're gonna do one more thing. So we're gonna bring the hands behind that.

Feel the head pressing into the hands, feel the hands guiding the spine up, let the elbows come in towards the eyes like blinders. And then round. So my, advice is don't yank on your head or your spine. Just let the arms guide. And then roll the body up, allowing the arms just to create a little bit of additional stretch, as the head comes up, let the elbows open, lift the spine, the eyes, the chest, center 2 more times, elbows in and spine rounds, not yanking, Just flowing into that gravitational pull and roll.

Oh, those open. Lift the spine up and back last time, my friends, for the for the day, for the class, elbows in, and round. And stack. Find your thoracic extension, and come back and bring your arms down. And thank you for taking class with me.


Melissa D
2 people like this.
Fantastic workout thank you!
2 people like this.
I felt the challenge and burn in this class!  Thank you Meredith!  The row was much harder than I thought it would be. :)
Mon W
2 people like this.
So creative and such a great quick burn!
2 people like this.
LOVE! Great quick arm workout. The reformer-on-the-mat moves are always challenging and a nice mix-up to the usual mat exercises.  I paired this with Gia's 4747 overball class.  Excited to take this one again!
1 person likes this.
What a great effective energetic class Thank you
1 person likes this.
Great fun!  A quick, arm and core workout using hand weights!  Very effective and creative moves  ----- Reformer-the-mat moves.  THANKS
2 people like this.
Thank you Meredith - that's a great way to learn the choreography for Reformer rowing series
2 people like this.
Thank you Meredith.   Only had my 2Kg weights with me - so was so tough!! 
Lina S
2 people like this.
I've enjoyed the standing exercises as well as the two rowing series. Perfect workout when you're short on time!
3 people like this.
Thank you so much for this Meredith, my favourite of your short vids so far! I can’t wait to try the light weight option on those guys who insist on the heavier options and fail  on great form …..sigh ( in the larger group class in gyms where no.s are up to 18 ) I enjoyed it so much I did it twice 😇xx
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